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Ivan ART

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First off I like your work and I’ve donated to your subscribestar! You’re very creative and good at Quotesetting up scenes! Keep it up!

Second, I saw you posted another pear scene but was using it for lighting tests. Will you be doing another pear scene?


Firstly thanks for supporting me, it means a lot and it helps me to continue creating.

As for that scene I do plan on making that a full scene where that woman takes the pear. The other lady is not really in medieval clothing but as people seem to like her I can have her use the pear. I actually like the pear so over time I will do more scenes with it. I like exploring the whole idea of a woman being shown the pear and reacting to it and her feelings as it is inserted then finally the pain and horror of it opening up.


Maybe not straight away I think she still has a little more fight in her yet.
She have 10, maybe 15 munutes.
Do not forget that air enters through the rupture of the posterior commissure. Horrific fate
Judging by the size of the thing from which it was removed, there is a complete mess inside. So 10 minutes sounds very optimistic.

A woman is so arranged that any injury to the pelvic organs requires urgent medical care.


I posted this on my substar site and thought I'd put it here as well as a lot of you ask me these questions.

Q & A

1, What happened with you working with www.Quoom.com?
I did sell exclusive rights to the first image set I made last year to the owners of Quoom.com and they paid me a sum I was very happy with. But they have not requested any more from me and have not communicated with me since January of this year. So I am instead focusing on my own site and have no idea what is happening with quoom.com nor is it my place to speak on their behalf.

2, Are you planning on making any more videos?
I would love to make more and make much longer ones but the only reason I was able to make the last 2 was because I borrowed a PC with a 3080 Graphics card. Even then 1 second of animation took about an hour to render. So I did the best I could with the weekend I had it. I would like to save up to get better equipment but that will take a while. I would like to get tot a point where I have the kit and the software to make really good animations but that might take a while.

3, Can you make a image set just for me or about my fantasy?
I am trying to please my supporters and make a range of different scenes, but each scene takes a lot of time and effort to make. So, I have to makes scenes that most people will like and will appeal to a broader audience. So its hard to justify spending dozens of hours working on a scene for just one person. However, I do like to hear what people like and if I feel enough like a certain thing then I’ll try to include it. I really value your opinion and will do what I can.

4, Have you tried other sites to sell your product?
I have contacted a few but given the extreme nature of my work most don’t want anything to do with it. Also I have found a few places to be unreliable and difficult to deal with so at this point I see the only viable option to be my substar site. But if anyone does have any recommendations or know of anywhere else please do let me know.


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