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Julia, saint and martyr

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Chapter 15. Julia's Trial
During next two days following her questioning, young Julia rested and recovered in the dungeon..
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Varinia was not tortured either, although she was visited daily by the guards who abused her in every possible way.
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On the second day, Julia was finally able to get up from bed. Her whole body ached and her innumerable wounds stung, however, the woman practiced Christian charity with her slave. She shared with her the meager food provided by his guards, and also gave spiritual comfort. After each rape, Julia washed poor Varinia's body with a sponge and water, gently removing the remains of the guards' sperm and giving her the courage to face martyrdom.....
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Of course they found enough time to give pleasure each other

Finally, the third day the trial was held.

The praetor wanted Julia's trial to be public and for the main noble lineages to which the young woman belonged by birth be present.

Apart of these nobles was outraged that a young patrician had been arrested and locked up in the dungeons of the praetorium, so they appointed an old patrician, Gaius Marcio, to act as representative and express his protests aloud.

The courtroom was full of people nervously arguing about the matter as they waited for the praetor to enter. He finally appeared surrounded by several guards and then everyone was respectfully silent although there was a great accumulated tension.

Looking at the people, the praetor sat in his chair and flanking him were placed the lictors with the imperium, that is, the symbol of the power of life or death that the judge had over the condemned.

- Let the trial begin, said a master of ceremonies.

- Bring the slave first, ordered the praetor.
The guards and executioners then brought Varinia to the court. The young woman appeared before the judge completely naked and loaded with chains with shackles on her ankles and wrists. A guard was pulling her with a strap tied around her neck.

As she entered the room, Varinia saw all these people and was reluctant to enter. However, the guards dragged her to court. The crowd gathered there stared at the beautiful slave girl. Despite her youth, the marks on her skin indicated that she had been severely tortured and that impressed the men and women who had gathered there. Some recognized her as Julia's slave.

Varinia felt all those gazes fixed on her naked body and tried in vain to cover herself with her hands.

The praetor's question surprised him.

- Are you the slave of Patricia Julia ?.

- Yes, ... yes sir, she said lowering her head.

- You're Christian?.

Varinia did not answer immediately.

- Come on slave, answer, said the praetor fiercely, it will no longer do you any good to deny it.

She affirmed with her head sobbing.

- All right, and now tell me. Is your mistress also a Christian?

Varinia lowered her head again without answering. The centurion took her by the hair and forced her to look at the praetor,

- Answer what they ask you!

- Please,…. moaned Varinia.

- Confess at once, is your mistress Julia a Christian or not?

Varinia continued crying without answering, she could not betray her mistress like that.
- Centurion, said the praetor. Give the slave twenty lashes so that her tongue will be unleashed.



The soldiers brutally seized Varinia and dragged her into a column despite her complaints and kicking. They smashed her chest against the spine and tied her hands and feet to it with her arms stretched straight up and a rope wrapped around her waist so that she could not move while they whipped her. A guard took a whip and began to beat him mercilessly on the back and behind.


Gabriel Roman arena 170.1-.jpg

Varinia screamed in pain at each lash, begging her executioners for mercy, while another guard counted the lashes.
The audience watched the scene between excited and violent. The young slave struggled, foaming drool from her mouth and crying uncontrollably as the whip marked her skin again and again with reddish lines. On the tenth lash Varinia screamed that she would speak if they stopped beating her.

- Enough, I can't take it anymore, she shouted.

The praetor motioned for the soldier to stop and untie the girl.

- Well? He said.

Varinia confessed sobbing.
- Yes, my lady is Christian,… .. She is Christian,…. please don't hit me anymore, and after that she started crying.

The onlookers muttered loudly upon hearing that.

- Very well, said the praetor, that was all he wanted to know. Bring Julia now.

The guards went to find Julia. After a few minutes they appeared with the young woman and a tremendous murmur spread through the crowd.
Julia appeared in court completely naked, her arms tied behind her back with shackles at the wrists and ropes at the elbows. The young woman had to stumble because of the shackles at her ankles and the rope around her neck that allowed the soldiers to pull her.
The beauty of young Julia left everyone speechless. The soldiers brutally dragged her to the center of the room and the audience was quiet.
Everyone was looking at the young woman who, unable to cover her nakedness, lowered her flushed head, hiding her face.

Some of those in the public knew her, and even some of the men had pretended. More than one had already imagined her naked and bound as she was now and the situation was making her horny.
Feelings were also mixed among women. There was no shortage of envious women who were internally glad of Julia's martyrdom, however, most of them felt pity and terror...... Some of them felt a deep excitement without knowing why.

The fact is that the marks on her skin were perfectly visible and indicated the kind of things the executioners had done to him.
Gaius protested to the praetor.

- She has been tortured. How have you dared to treat her in this way?


Galba replied severely.
- This woman is a traitor and my obligation and yours is to fight against Christian traitors with everything we have.
The patrician flinched at these words and the praetor changed his tone.
- If I have ordered she to be tortured because of her stubbornness. She states she is a Christian so that refuses to make sacrifices to Caesar.

Old Gaius turned to Julia.

- Is it true?.

She nodded in utter embarrassment and a murmur rose from the crowd.
- Silence!, ordered the praetor. I appeal to you to make her see reason because she has not been worth anything, neither good words nor threats, nor torture. This is your last chance to save her from the cross.

The old man approached Julia, took her by the face and forced her to lift him up, she had tears in her eyes.
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- Poor girl, what have they done to you ?, and then he began to caress her face. You must abandon those mistakes my dear, he told her in a fatherly whisper. You must be faithful to your family and the state. Julia finally spoke.

- No sir, she said. I must be faithful to Christ, my lord, and to my brothers.

Hearing this, the old man separated his hands from her as if she had leprosy.

- See? Said the praetor.

People kept quiet

Gaius Marcio charged again and this time spoke to her in a low voice.

- Wretched. Do you know what awaits to Christians?

- Yes sir, she said, the cross.
- Is that what you want? Do you know how long it takes to die on the cross? It could be days…. Do you want to die like this amid horrible torments?

Julia shook her head.
- No sir, I am very afraid, but my religion requires this sacrifice.

Suddenly, shouts arose from the audience.

- Traitor!.
- Crucify her.
- Yes, to the cross, she doesn´t deserve to be called "roman".

Opinions were divided but more and more people asked for Julia to be crucified. The praetor then smiled when he saw that there was not so much opposition.
- For the last time, girl. Will you make the sacrifice to Caesar as your only lord?

- Christ is my only lord, answered the young woman serenely.

Hearing this, the cries against him were redoubled, but the praetor rose and demanded silence. The leaders also got up and showed their axes to the court, the judge was going to pass sentence.

Ceremoniously the praetor said.

- By the authority of the people and the Senate of Rome I decree that the condemned woman is guilty of treason to Caesar, and therefore I sentence her to lose from this moment the Roman citizenship and all her rights and privileges. Also, all her assets will be confiscated by the state.

The praetor looked severely at Julia, who was listening to the sentence with her head lowered.
- From this moment the accused is only a slave. Tomorrow at sunrise she and her former slave will be taken to the amphitheater along with the rest of the captured Christian slaves and there they will be tortured and crucified for the entertainment of the plebis.

The two young women felt a chill upon hearing those words and the audience listened to the sentence in silence.

- The execution must be exemplary, thus it will serve as an example for anyone who wants to challenge Caesar, so that it is written and that it is fulfilled.
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The praetor dictated the verdict before the impressive silence of the room, then he left it followed by the rest of the judges and the lictors.
Meanwhile, the guards led the condemned women back into the dungeons amidst the murmurs and shouts of the people. However, when they were already walking through the dark and damp corridors of the fortress, two young women were separated from each other by the guards.
Two sobbed and looked at each other in anguish, because they thought that at least they would let them stay together until the execution.
In fact, Julia was not led into the dungeons, but was put in a cage with other girls who who were waiting their turn to be taken to the torture chamber . After several hours cowering in a tiny cage hearing the screams of the interrogated slaves Julia was taken to a less sordid place, to the praetor's personal quarters.
The group came to a door behind which there was light, and the centurion rapped his knuckles.

- Go ahead, answered a voice from within.

The centurion opened the and gestured for the soldiers to enter. The praetor was sitting reading some documents and did not even raise his eyes when he heard the noise of the chains that Julia was wearing.
- Come out and leave us alone, he ordered without looking up, and let no one bother me…. but first,… .. free her from her chains.

The centurion bowed his head and did as he was ordered. He released Julia's shackles and they fell to the floor, then he left the room accompanied by the rest of the guards.
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The praetor went about his business so that Julia stood naked for a long time in front of him, not knowing what to do. She was cold and all the hair on her body stood on end. Noticing how her nipples stood up and became hard, the young woman felt pain and shame and tried to cover herself with her hands as the first tears came to her face. Julia's sobs finally drew the praetor's gaze to her. His cruel eyes roamed at pleasure the naked body of the beautiful Christian and his member spliced in anticipation of the pleasure he expected to receive from her.
- Come closer slave, he finally told her dryly.

Julia was startled by the brusqueness and by the fact that he called her a slave. Anyway, he obeyed and walked over. The praetor finally rose and removed his robe. He was a mature but well-built man. He was still wearing his panties, but to his surprise he took it off as well and was completely naked. His cock was completely stiff and shiny with desire. He slowly approached her without taking his eyes off her.

- How beautiful you are, he said. It's a shame crucifying you, and saying this he began to stroke her buttocks.

Julia refused the caress by slightly pushing her ass away, but the man insisted,

- You know? I have come with pleasure many times in secret while you were tortured, he said in her ear, and she turned her face away, dead in shame.

The praetor took a glass of wine and, drinking a little, offered it to her but she declined.

- Come on, baby, what are those airs about? Now you are only a slave condemned to death, but before you taste the "pleasures of crucifixion" you will give pleasure to your master.

- You know that I will not do it voluntarily, you will have to do it by force if you want something from me, Julia answered.

"I told you to drink, bitch, and the praetor pressed the cup to his lips."

Julia swallowed something, but expelled most of the wine that slid down her body like a thin red film.

- Okay, roared the praetor angrily, throwing the goblet.

Then he picked up a riding crop and turned angrily on Julia.

- Hands up, slave. Julia looked at him but she dosen´t move.

- I have said arms up!, on the nape!, that your slut tits look good!
And saying this he struck her on the thigh. Julia finally listened and slowly raised her arms above her head.

- Yes baby, that's how I like it, said the praetor, stroking Julia's skin with the whip and tracing the marks of whipping and burns on her skin. I'm going to tell you what you are going to do, Christian whore. Now you're going to suck my cock and then you're going to let me deflower your pussy and anus. You are going to do it voluntarily and you are also going to enjoy it.
- "You must be crazy," answered Julia, alarmed. I will never suck your dick, I will never commit that impure act, and less with you. This earned Julia a blow to the buttocks.
- Disobedient slave. The praetor grabbed her furiously by the hair and forced her to duck down by rubbing his cock across her face.


- Leave me, I will not do it, leave me, Julia shouted, turning her face away from the praetor's member.
- Christian pig!, he said angrily, there are many ways to die crucified. It can be a matter of minutes or days, you decide, but if you don't suck my member right now, all of you will suffer a terrible and long ordeal.

Hearing this, Julia shuddered, for herself, but also for her companions in misfortune, so she parted her mouth and shyly stuck out her tongue. The praetor smiled triumphantly, but as soon as Julia touched him with her tongue, she felt the warm, soft touch of his penis, and she avoided contact by closing her eyes and mouth.

She stood up with the intention of fleeing but did not
- Suck at once or your beloved Varinia will be crucified just know in the cortyyard.

14 (1).jpg
This time Julia could not resist, knelt and entered her entire member down to her throat.
- Yes, that's it, roared the praetor, feeling the warm moisture on his member.

For a moment it seemed that Julia was resigned to sucking, but as soon as the praetor relaxed the pressure, she opened her mouth and took a sharp bite on the tip of his penis.
A burst of pain then shook the man, who out of sheer rage gave him an impressive slap on the face. She fell to the ground and the praetor put his hands to the injured part, gritted his teeth and glared at the woman.
- You will pay me, bitch, you will regret what you have done. Guards!, guards, help me!, he yelled aloud.

In a few seconds some soldiers came who opened the door to find both the praetor and the young woman naked on the floor of the room. The praetor pointed at her.
- Take her back to the torture chamber and tell Sifax to come immediately.
The guards brutally bound Julia still on the ground and dragged her out of the praetor's chambers.

Sifax arrived at these a few minutes later and found the praetor lying on a cot while the doctor and some servants tended to him and treated the wounds. The judge was visibly enraged.

- Listen to me, executioner. I want tomorrow's execution to be very special, we are going to give the people a beautiful show. First of all I want you to make sure that Julia doesn't die too soon, do you understand me?

- Yes sir, said Sifax seeing the bloody penis of the praetor and guessing what had happened.

- I know very well what the guards do, as soon as the fun is over they break crucified women´s legs or give them a spear. No way, we must ensure that she remains alive on the cross for as long as possible. This time Sifax hesitated.

- I don't know, sir, that's very difficult.

- I don't care how you do it, put a good sedile in her crotch, give her drugs, but let the ordeal be very long. Suddenly, Sifax smiled devilishly.
- Your Honor, we haven't used the cornu in a long time.
Phallus Cornu.jpg
The praetor's face lit up and a little quieted. The cornu or horn was a painful addition to the torture of the crucifixion. It consisted of impaling the anus of the condemned on a horn or wooden stake once they were crucified. The unfortunate women subjected to such torment impaled themselves slowly as strength failed them and their arms were unable to hold their butts away from the sharp wit. It had been a long time since the cornu had been used in the city, because of its cruelty it was something reserved for the worst offenders. Hearing the proposition of the executioner, the praetor was internally glad and felt partly avenged.

- You have pleased me again executioner. The slave is now yours, do with her what you wish until the moment of her death. Oh, and don't forget to ring her nipples and clit, it will serve as a lesson. Sifax bowed and left the praetor's chambers.

To be continue


Chapter 16- The Rape

On the way to the torture chamber, Sifax laughed internally at the praetor and that he had not gotten anything from the young Christian woman. The expert executioner knew how to get from Julia to be his sex pet.

In fact, when he arrived at the torture chamber, Aurelio and Brutus were already preparing Julia for the torture ordered by Galba. Sifax approached the young woman and caressed her face.
- Hello my princess, I inform you that from now on you are only mine ...... Release her, he said to the others. This beauty is going to suck my cock of her own free will, right darling?

- No, groaned Julia.

- Yes, little girl, you will suck my cock before I put it in your aristocratic ass.

- You can rape me if you wish but you won't get anything from me.
- We'll see that, Sifax replied. And while he was saying this, the guards appeared with Varinia and Alba.

- What are you going to do? Asked Julia, alarmed when she saw them.

- Now you'll see. Tie these two.

The guards seized Varinia and Alba and rushed to tie them to two wooden posts. These were like little tau-shaped crosses with a wooden cradle.
- Why don't you leave us ?, Alba said sobbing when they tied her up ... I can't take it anymore, I can't stand it anymore…. kill us at once and end our suffering.

But his executioners did not heed her pleas.

- Very good, said Sifax. You choose Christian. Either you suck me well or we start caressing these two with the red-hot irons.

Varinia and Alba started screaming hysterically.
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- They are not to blame for anything, why don't you leave them? If you want to make someone suffer, torture me, said Julia.

- I don't know why but I imagined you were going to answer this, but it doesn't matter.

Sifax then went to a corner and brought a board with two hooks and brought it up to Alba's post. He mechanically hooked the wood to the post itself at the height of the girl's torso and fixed it with the bolts, accommodating the girl's breasts so that they rested directly on the board.

- Please don't hurt me, Alba moaned.

And the young woman continued to deny and sob when she saw that Sifax took some small nails and a hammer. The girls followed the executioner's movements terrified and when he put the tip of the nail against the edge of Alba's chest she began to scream hysterically.

- Stop, Julia said, don't do it.

But nothing stopped the executioner who raised the hammer to drive the nail into the young woman's breasts. The blow was sharp and direct and the metal point penetrated cleanly into her tit until it touched the wood. Alba screamed in pain, her face twitching at the desperate gaze of her companions. A stream of blood ran from her breast as the executioner secured the nail with a few hammer blows. Sifax immediately picked up another nail and set about repeating the operation. Alba desperately begged for mercy, but that didn't help her.
- Leave her, please, Julia cried while Brutus and Aurelio kept her immobilized.
But the executioner ignored the pleas and continued his sadistic work slowly and methodically. Two nails in each breast secured these against the wood and that was when the real torture began. The executioner took a red-hot awl and prodded her breasts at will. Alba screamed like a madwoman because she couldn't bear so much pain. When he removed the iron there was a small wound about an inch deep from which hardly any blood flowed. Sifax grabbed another iron and plunged it into his other tit, drawing hysterical screams from his victim. As he tortured her, Sifax brought her stinking face close to sweet Alba.
- Scream for me, my girl. I know you want to die, but that will not happen for now, I can make your pain last forever. And telling her this, he pierced her left nipple with a sharp hot awl.

In this painful agony Alba shouted incomprehensible things, shedding tears and drool.

- Please, Julia cried crying, don't go on, I'll do whatever you want, but don't hurt her anymore, please.

Sifax ignored him immediately and with another awl went to work on her right nipple.

- Mercy, have mercy on her, Julia kept saying when she saw Alba's contorted face. Suddenly Sifax turned to her prisoner.

- Will you finally obey slave ?.

- Yes, I promise you, I will give you all the pleasure you want but leave her.

Finally, Sifax stopped tormenting Alba and left her crying and looking pitifully at her breasts still nailed to the board. Sifax went to Julia who was still on her knees and took out his huge cock.

- Very good my girl. I want you to do a good job for me with your little mouth.

Julia looked at the executioner's huge cock, then looked into his eyes imploringly. It was gross and dirty. However, she raised her hands without deciding to touch his member. Finally it was Sifax who brought her hands up to his cock.

- Come on, don't be afraid, you will like her despite your squeamishness.

Julia took his cock with her hands and caressed it timidly, she was surprised that it was so hard and soft at the same time and she felt the pulse of blood that swelled her blue veins.

- Like this, like this, slowly.

She started crying and looked up again.

- Let me die virgin, please.

- Don't even dream of it, darling, I'm going to deflower you and then I'm going to sodomize you, it's bad luck to crucify a virgin. And now suck it, I want to know how Christians of your rank suck it.

- No, Julia said, not that.

- Okay, if I haven't persuaded you enough, maybe Varinia's screams will. Prepare her for torment. The slave screamed in alarm, and so did Julia.

- Stop, please, said this one.
But Brutus and Aurelio hastened to place another board under her breasts. Julia had no choice and firmly grasping Sifax's cock, she opened her mouth to lick it. He did so trembling and when his tongue touched the glans she closed her eyes in disgust. Meanwhile, Brutus and Aurelio did not stop and continued to prepare Varinia's breasts for torment, deaf to her cries for mercy. Brutus picked up a pliers, a hammer, and nails. Meanwhile Julia made efforts to overcome her disgust and tried to lick the executioner's foreskin, however, she turned her face away and spat. The young woman was so ashamed that she covered her breasts and her crotch with her hands.
- I can't, I can't, leave me, I beg you, she said embarrassed, with the salty taste of cock still in her mouth.

Sifax smiled at the girl's modest reply.

- You will give in, young lady, but for now you have managed to make Varinia suffer extra torture. Start when you want.

Brutus glared at Varinia cruelly, and using small pincers he grasped the nipple of the young woman's left breast. Then he closed the clamps tightly and without paying any attention to her screams and screams, he began to twist his nipple on itself until it was almost completely turned. Varinia screamed and cried, begging her executioner not to rip it off her. But Brutus smiled sadistically, stretching and stretching the slave's little nipple. Meanwhile Aurelio took the hammer and the nails and prepared to nail his right chest to the board. Sifax then caught Julia by the arms and forced her to watch the scene closely. The young woman had no choice but to watch it all while Sifax beat her up and told her obscenities.

The two executioners savagely tortured Varinia who would not stop screaming and asking for mercy in vain. After nailing both breasts to him, the executioners began to pierce them with hot needles.
gabriele dungeon 873-1-_l.jpg

- Do you like to see her suffering? Asked Sifax as he caressed and kissed the young woman on the neck.

- Please, stop now, I'll do what you want but have mercy.

- You've already had your little chance. Come on, Sifax said laughing.


Varinia's breasts had already been pierced by three long needles, and as the young slave screamed like a madwoman they had to gag her. The next thing was to stick two small needles into the tips of her nipples. Brutus rested the tip of the first needle against the girl's hard and turgid nipple. She began to twitch and cry when she felt the point of hot metal penetrating her flesh. Julia thought she was dying hearing her lover's screams and in tears she turned her face to desperately kiss Sifax.
- Leave her, please, I will do what you want, I will give you pleasure. Don't hurt her anymore. And while she said this she kissed him and desperately sought his lips.

- Tell me that you love me and wish me, noble Julia. Let's say it.

- I love you and I wish you, she said crying.

Slowly, the cruel executioner made her kneel and while she was still enjoying the torment of the slave she began to notice a warm and humid brush on his cock. The man sighed with pleasure, and lowering his eyes he saw Julia with part of his cock in her mouth, eyes closed. Varinia screamed desperately again and Julia let go of the executioner's tail.

- You already have what you want, pig. Leave her alone. Sifax signaled to the executioners and they finally stopped torturing Varinia.
- Now fulfill your obligation, slave, Sifax said forcing Julia to take his cock down her throat. She still resisted at first, but inadvertently began fellatio without of her own free will. Sifax noticed it instantly, he realized the submission of the girl and that made his cock get even harder.

- Like this, baby, keep it up.
Julia went on and on giving the blowjob without removing the member from her mouth, she was ashamed but now she couldn't stop. On the contrary, he would stick it deep inside, filling in its salty taste and its strangely hard and smooth texture at the same time.

- How's the Christian sucking it, Sifax? Asked Aurelio amused.
- She's a real bitch. Come here, it's going to eat you too.
And saying this, Sifax pulled out his cock a little to cum on Julia's face. The young woman was surprised by that hot and thick liquid that splashed all over her face and got into her mouth.
A Shameful End.jpg
- No, please, how disgusting.

The young woman began to run her hands over her face to shake off the executioner's cum, but Brutus and Aurelio would not let her and they tied her arms behind back again. Brutus grabbed her hair violently and forced her to face him.
- I see you like semen, Christian sow, so suck my cock as you know how and extract every last drop.
Telling her this, he forced to put his cock deep into her mouth, and she had no choice but to face the new and disgusting fellatio, because Brutus had grabbed her hair and was moving his head back and forth with his hand over and over again. . Julia had to fight her nausea and do her best not to vomit. Brutus must have had some skin disease that made his penis smell like rotten eggs. After sucking for a while, Brutus allowed the young woman to take his cock out of her mouth and Julia began to spit in disgust.

- Just once, I can't take it anymore, it's disgusting.
However, when she looked up she found Aurelio's penis in front of her that forced her to suck it. Despite the grossness of double fellatio, Julia almost preferred this last cock to having to put that disgusting piece of meat in her mouth. However, within seconds, Brutus once again claimed his slave's mouth. It was the height of perversion, sucking two cocks at once and alternately. Besides, in a short time Julia realized that she was finding some pleasure in all this and that she had her own wet and excited sex. However, those beasts would not let her, but insisted over and over again putting and removing their cocks from her mouth. Sifax cruelly mocked her.

- You no longer make it so disgusted, Christian. You like to suck cocks, don't you? Ha ha, her nipples are full of wrinkles, what a masochistic bitch!

Julia looked at him with watery eyes but could not remove either limb from her mouth and continued with forced fellatio.

While the executioners abused Julia, they rubbed and flogged her, intensely enjoying the fellatio. Two men lengthened the moment of ejaculation as long as possible but finally Brutus threw a huge slurry inside the girl's mouth without allowing her to open her mouth or spit out any semen. The poor thing nearly choked on that disgusting, thick spill of cum that flooded her mouth and throat. A few seconds later, Aurelio also poured all his milk down her breast. Brutus finally pulled his cock out of Julia's mouth and Julia let out a torrent of slime mixed with sperm, spitting and complaining about the abuse.
gangbanged slut 2.jpg
- Leave me, please, I can't take it anymore, said the poor woman crying, but the executioners would not let her.

- We just started with you, bitch,


And saying this he forced her to lie on the ground to rape her. Julia resisted kicking, but then the other two executioners grabbed her legs to separate them well and leave her pussy open for penetration. Sifax, who had already fully recovered his erection, began to caress his crotch.
- This sow is very wet, he said showing her fingers wet with vaginal juices. The executioners laughed.

- And look how her nipples are stiff and hard as stones.

- I think she will be very receptive to your cock Sifax.

- I already imagined it, he said, wielding his huge cock. I smell a remote whore.
Julia blushed when she saw that her body was betraying her and that she unconsciously wanted to be raped by her torturers. However, she shook her head in despair as Sifax was inserting the tip of his penis into her pussy. Indeed, the executioner's cock entered with ease thanks to the lubrication and with a single push he deflowered it.
Ravaged 2 10 10.jpg
Julia screamed in pain as her hymen broke.
Ravaged 1 10 10.jpg
- One less virgin in the world! Sifax said triumphantly when he saw the blood slide down his cock.
The man continued to rape Julia while her companions grabbed her by the legs. She screamed and shook in pain and humiliation. However, slowly the pain subsided and she began to feel pleasure. Sifax smiled when she saw the girl's gesture change, and continued to fuck more slowly. Moments later he ejaculated bellowing with pleasure inside her body… .. In a few seconds Aurelio replaced Sifax and continued raping the young woman.
2663120-t3-enh.jpgimages (9).jpg
This time Julia came in the middle of her rape.

The executioners abused her in turn and eventually left her exhausted on the ground.


- Come on, taste my load, my lady ha, ha.!

The martyr cried now, humiliated naked and bound on the cold ground. However, his rape was not over yet. Sifax approached her with a large iron stocks and forced her to stand up by cutting her ligatures with a knife, then put the stocks on her ankles and her wrists, closing them with a hook. Then before she knew it they forced Julia to rotate around herself so that her face was flattened against the ground, on her knees and with her butt held high.

- Well noble Julia, said Sifax brandishing a riding crop. You have committed a grave sin, haven't you? A Christian virgin like you has enjoyed her rape and for that she deserves punishment, ha ha ha.


As he said this, he gave him a painful blow to the rear. Julia screamed, for the whip had left a hideous red mark on her. This was followed by a few more whips, and finally Sifax knelt before her crying victim.

Suddenly, Julia noticed something horrible. The executioner began to smear his finger in her vaginal juices and immediately began to insert it through the hole of his anus. The woman screamed in alarm as she guessed what was going to happen to her.

- Not there please, not there, I beg you, she said crying.
- Your ass is stiff and closed, said Sifax smiling. I think this is going to hurt you.

- Please don't bugger me, please don't fuck my ass.

- Are you kidding? Sifax replied. I always give the ass to the young women that I am going to crucify, and you are not going to be an exception.
And saying this he got into position and began to penetrate her. She was completely defenseless and the only thing she could do was scream like crazy as that beast savagely assfucked her. Sifax's cock was slowly penetrating, yielding the sphincter of Julia's anus millimeter by millimeter. The tearing sensation was bestial and she kept screaming, while Sifax pushed and shoved inward with a sadistic face and sweating from the effort. Finally the girl's anus was completely torn apart and she let out a tremendous scream of pain. The executioner laughed triumphantly, sticking his huge cock in and out again and again.

- Look, I'm fucking a Roman noblewoman, the dream of my life, ha ha.

The poor girl suffered crying and screaming the humiliation of her rape, feeling terrible pain every time that huge piece of meat pierced her rectum. Actually, and although it seemed like an eternity to the woman, Sifax didn't take long to come because her anus was stiff and tight enough to accelerate the man's ejaculation. He finally pulled out his cock and showered Julia's body with a shower of cum.

- What a pleasure, bellowed Sifax. Come on, now it's your turn.

Aurelio also took out his member and began to asshole the young woman again, looking at the hole in her anus open.

- No please, not again, Julia said between sobs as the executioner was penetrating her.
The poor girl was sodomized six times, as each executioner penetrated her anus twice. After their long and painful rape, Sifax approached Julia's face and cruelly showed her three golden rings.

- These are your new jewels princess

To be continue


Chapter 17 Via Crucis

- You have been a good lover, so you deserve to wear these jewels on your tits, ha ha, said Sifax to Julia smiling with sadistic lust. Let's tie her to the cross!
The executioners removed her stocks and carried her to the third cross. Of course she continued without showing any resistance and in a few seconds she was tied up like her companions, with her arms pulled back in a straddle and her wrists tightly tied to her ankles.
Sifax placed next to Julia the tray with the rings and the brazier where she put several punches to warm them up. When he saw that the needles were already bright red, he began to ring her.
The Romans of the region were very fond of putting rings on the most beautiful slaves. The custom was to place rings on the nipples and in certain cases also on the clitoris. These rings had an ornamental function, but they were also a sign that the wearer was a sex slave, a submissive masochist ready for the most aberrant sexual practice. Likewise, the rings had a practical purpose as they served to torture the slaves in the most sensitive parts of their bodies and teach them obedience. In general, the ringed slaves felt how the sensitivity of their nipples grew with the years and became a source of pleasure. Alba and Varinia had been ringed when they became teenagers, but the rings had been placed on them by a physicist who took good care to put them to sleep with narcotics to lessen their suffering.
Julia was not going to be so lucky, as Sifax posed her ringing as yet another painful torture. In this way he took out of the brazier a red-hot pincer and cruelly showed it to her up close. She was looking at him with wild eyes crying and begging for mercy.

- There will be no mercy Christian, ready to suffer.
Then Sifax took a pair of tweezers and, catching the young woman's right nipple, she stretched it so that its aureole tightened. Then he jabbed the awl through the exact half of the thick appendix of pleasure. The iron hissed and humiliated on contact with the skin and began to penetrate easily through Julia's nipple.

The pain was so excruciating that she began to scream and flail like an animal. The executioner smiled with pleasure and lengthened the piercing as long as he could so that it lasted longer than normal. When the tip of the needle appeared on the other side of the nipple Sifax moved it back and forth, turning it over and over again to enlarge and cauterize the wound at the same time.

In full agony Julia felt that she was going out of her mind. The pain was so intense that he could barely coordinate hER thinking. Tears and drool fell uncontrollably on the girl's sweaty skin as she trembled uncontrollably. However, the young woman did not lose consciousness. Once the wound was over, Sifax inserted the ring and then went to work on the other nipple.
The second perforation was analogous to the first, Sifax's pig began to lick her neck and chest while the young woman's expression of pure pain was dislodged and she screamed crying without stopping. Tears and drool gushed from the condemned woman's face, but nothing diminished the cruelty of Sifax who continued with the punch back and forth, over and over again.

After this, the executioner carefully analyzed the wound and prepared to place the second ring. Julia wanted to die. The torment was inhuman and the pain far beyond bearable.
When the young woman looked at her chest between sobs, she saw the two rings now hanging from her nipples like a vulgar slave destined for the pleasure of their masters. He suddenly guessed the fate of the third ring and began to plead through his gag as Sifax heated a somewhat thicker needle very carefully.

Finally he pulled it from the embers and showed it to the young woman, red and bright and smoking.
- Not there, not there, please, Julia pleaded crying, but with the gag she couldn't understand anything.

Brutus then dislodged the wedge from his crotch and left it open. Sifax inserted his fingers through her vaginal lips, searching busily for her clit. He found it and caught it with the tweezers, stretching it with all his might. Julia screamed again in despair and twisting her face in a grimace of pure pain. Sifax then brought the punch closer and said.

- Are you ready?.
But she began to deny and redouble her requests for mercy. Nothing could prevent him from that dreadful torment. When the needle began to penetrate her prickly member exactly in the middle, an unbearable suffering caused the young woman to lose consciousness of herself. She howled again with her face directed towards the sky, trembling like crazy and in a second it was all over. Julia stopped screaming and her head fell heavily onto her sweaty body.

- You killed her, Aurelio said.

- Don't be an idiot, Brutus answered, she just passed out.


The Christian martyr lost consciousness and that released him momentarily, but when he recovered it after a few minutes a terrible pain came from her pussy and breasts. Julia lowered her gaze and saw the golden reflection of the rings piercing the most sensitive parts of her body. Lead weights now hung from the three rings, each weighing one kilogram, painfully stretching her clitoris and nipples and threatening to tear them apart. Of course Sifax had put the wooden wedge back under her crotch. At her side Julia then heard Alba and Varinia moaning, suffering in the same posture. Although the needles had been removed, lead weights had been placed on them just like her.

The hours passed slowly for the three young slaves condemned to the cross. The praetor's revenge had reached them, and for this reason their martyrdom was proving especially cruel.
Finally, after an eternity of pain and suffering, the door of the chamber opened and a few drunken soldiers appeared who began to scream and whistle when they saw the three condemned naked and tied in that grotesque posture.

In the city it was customary to give a special dinner and wine to soldiers taking part in an execution, and it was also tradition for them to guard the prisoners the night before.

Needless to say, it was also customary for the guards to take certain liberties with the prisoners, especially if they were as young and beautiful as those girls. That is why the three Christians were freed from the crosses, but only to re-tie their arms behind their backs. Laughing and mocking, the men led the three girls to the guardhouse, and when they opened the door, more than twenty soldiers shouted with joy when they saw the three beautiful girls naked.
The orgy was long and merciless and Julia, Varinia and Alba were raped by these beasts in the wildest and most abject ways in an unbearable gangbang that lasted several hours.
images (10).jpgana-dp.jpgimages (65).jpg
With her body covered in cum and urine, Julia lost count of the blowjobs she had to practice or all the times she was sodomized. In addition, the soldiers forced the slaves to make love to each other or to serve as a latrine. Finally, when they were tired, they were dragged and kicked to their cell and locked there.


- Try to rest slaves, tomorrow will be a great day for you.
Solitary Confinement 2 (1).jpg
Silence and darkness took hold of the cold stone cell. At last they had been left in peace and the three young women remained embracing, trembling and crying.
Despite being exhausted, none of the three could sleep. The night before the ordeal was eternal because they could not get rid of the hell that awaited them in the amphitheater the next day.
Sífax had been very cruel to them because he had explained to them some of the torture that he was going to apply to them while showing them infernal instruments such as the "breast ripper" and the hooks with which they were going to skin them once they were crucified.
30B (1).jpg
As soon as the first rays of light came through a small window, Varinia and Alba lost their nerves and began to cry. Julia had to comfort them with kisses and caresses and only then did they calm down a little.

- Do not cry sisters, we have to show integrity and dignity before those pagans, who do not see you beg.
madiosi 2016 - 241-roman carcer.jpgpri1 (2).jpeg
Suddenly there was a noise of hinges that were being moved and with a great noise the guards and executioners entered who came to look for the slaves. Between shouts and insults, the executioners opened the doors of the cells and took the slaves out by pulling their hair or pushing them. Julia and her companions gave each other one last hug, but soon they also went for them.

All the slaves were brutally taken to the courtyard of the praetorium where several dozen guards awaited them with their prey dogs, who began to bark like crazy. The guards dragged them by their hair and cleaned them of the dirt from the dungeons by throwing buckets of water on them or by throwing them into the basin where the horses watered. Then, still dripping water, they forced them to form in lines as if they were legionaries and, prodding them with the tips of their spears, forced them to stand still, on tiptoe, with their legs wide open and their hands on the back of their heads.
So they had them for more than an hour at 3 or 4 degrees Celsius temperature. The girls were shivering with cold but none dared to move because if one of them lowered their arms or touched the ground with their heels, they would receive a whip or a puncture on the buttocks.


Finally after a long waiting guarded by the fierce hunting dogs , Sifax appeared with his assistants and Centurion Quinto.
4d51ea5597bec.image.jpgimages (14).jpg
The executioners were laying the patibula on the ground, that is, the short crossbar of the cross that the damned girls would carry on their shoulders to the amphitheater located outside the city walls.
174505037_1.jpgdescarga (2).jpg
Likewise, the blacksmiths brought several baskets and dropped their contents next to the timbers. With a clang of metal, several hundred great iron nails splashed onto the stone slabs.

- Ha, ha, have you seen these nails? they willbe used in your wrists and feet. ouch! they have a very sharp point!
The women looked at each other in anguish when they saw those huge black nails with which they were going to be crucified and some were on the verge of losing their nerves and bursting into tears. However, none of them dared to change their position for fear of dogs.
Meanwhile, the centurion was going through a review, checking that all the slaves had sex and perfectly shaved armpits. Many of them exhibited nipple rings and some on the clitoris. Likewise, almost all of them had been marked with the iron in the shape of a cross that the noble Sabina had given to the praetor Galba.
Each slave was assigned as torturers four guardians, that is to say half contubernium commanded by an optione. These guardians were in charge of tying the patibulum to their arms and were responsible for ensuring that the prisoner reached the cross alive. They also had to scourge her, crucify her and subject her to all kinds of torture before and during her crucifixion.

Four soldiers were too few to put the crosses upright so each group of eight legionaries should be responsible for hoisting two of those crosses.


Considering that it was to be a massive crucifixion of more than fifty female slaves, six whole centuries were necessary to guard the prisoners and to help in the crucifixion process.
Greek Girls 04.pngraped.png
The choice was made by lot as those in charge of such sadistic work were envied by the rest of the garrison. In fact, the night before, each contubernium had enjoyed the body of the pair of slaves that had been his lot and would obtain similar pleasures during the torture.

Oddly enough, most of the condemned women accepted the humiliation of fucking with their executioners at the foot of the cross and in front of the public gathered only under the slight promise that their executioners would alleviate their suffering somewhat.


- How old are you?, little christian? Do you remain virgin?

- I was virgin when I was arrested but I was deflored in the dungeon during torture.


- Say hello to your last lovers, slut, if you behave properly perhaps we will alleviate some of the tortures that await you

- I´ll,...I´ll obey, I´´ do whatever you want but be fair with me, don´t make me hurt, please .
- Put this whore aside, Quintus ordered, pointing to Julia. The noble patrician will go first and carry her cross in full view of all.

By order of the praetor, Julia was going to receive special attention which meant that Sifax himself and his assistants were going to be in charge of applying creative tortures, she had to suffer more than the others.

While they brought her patibulum, titulus and nails, the centurion was caressing her beautiful body with both hands.

Julia could no longer resist so she held her arms up and let the centurion touch and caress her at will. Thus the officer ran over her butt and hips and then fingered her round and tender breasts, twisting and pulling the rings with a certain cruelty.
Julia endlessly endured the pain in her sensitive breasts while her sex was getting wet at times.

To her shame the centurion noticed it as his hands descended again to caress her sex.

- So you are one of those, said the centurion, smiling when he felt the warm humidity of the girl's sex.

Quinto had a lot of experience crucifying slaves and knew that some were turned on and even orgasmed during or before torture.

Julia blushed when the executioners laughed, because her sex detonated vaginal flows and her clitoris and labia were excited and swollen.
With some brusqueness Sifax forced her to kneel and then they placed the rough wood on her shoulders and stretched her arms lengthwise, tying her wrists to the ends of the log.
- It is a patibulum puellae, Syphax clarified to Quintus, a little lighter than those used for men. It is important that it is not too heavy so that the victim can carry it without assistance to the place of the torture.

As they tied her, Julia stood ashamed with her head lowered but suddenly felt something soft touch her face. It was the centurion's member, also hard and erect, demanding a blowjob.
So many hours of forced sex with the executioners and soldiers had tamed the proud patrician and Julia agreed to do the fellatio without resisting in the least. Actually now she found it pleasurable to suck a man's cock even if it was a sin.

- "Gods, what a bitch! She sucks her better than the whores in the forum," exclaimed the centurion in full ecstasy.

Young Julia was not even offended by the insult and continued to suck on that piece of divine flesh that throbbed on her lips and did not stop until a warm liquid flooded in her mouth.


unnamed (1)ab.jpg
Meanwhile Julia sucked, the soldiers were getting the rest of the slaves ready for the via crucis.
scourged_by_montycasino-d7r3t4y.jpgGreek Girls 07.png3.1 Adonia & Calla rtw 2 pwr1-2.jpg
Although the main torture was reserved for the public in the arena, some contubernium could not resist flogging the slaves just for fun. Thus Julia could hear the first lashes and the wailing of her companions who hung naked and defenseless from her arms while the lashes marked her skin.
- Please. don´t flafellate me, I obey, please.

- No, christian slut, it is the tradition people must see whipmarks in your bare skin when you carry the crossbar
So they tied the patibulum to their spread arms and then the titulus and the nails were hung from their necks.
Greek Girls 08.png00000.jpgGreek Girls 09.png

- Can you see the nails and the crown of thorns?, you will carry also them to the suplice place, but before this I want to fuck your ass again.
- Please, no more lashes I can´t stand any more.

- Ha, ha, now I haave a gif for you, untie the slave!


Just untied form the whipping post the slaves fell down on their knees and then the soldiers put the patibulum over their spread arms. By tying them up in this way, some soldiers did not cease to wonder at this patient Christian submission. The girls were obviously terrified but tried not to show it. Some said that this was due to the example of integrity given by Julia and that she was a noble woman who had voluntarily accepted her martyrdom.


However, that did not free her from the special torments, so Julia's titulus was hung directly from her nipple rings. On the small poster they had written "Julia seditiosa ad crucem damnata", since her crime was effectively sedition and betrayal.

Much worse than the titulus was the crown of thorns. Sifax knew perfectly well that the Christian tradition said that Christ had been crowned with thorns, so he considered it opportune to subject the young woman to that cruel torment.
a thorn B cr.jpg


The young woman's face was deformed when dozens of thorns dug into her temples causing several trickles of blood.

The executioner smiled thinking that this unnecessary accessory would please the praetor.
Finally, they forced her to stand with the log on her shoulders, tied her ankles together with a short rope, and tied a noose to the ring that hung from her clitoris.
- Come on walk, bitch, said Brutus pulling the chain that bitted her clit.
Julia screamed in pain and took the first step, realizing that she had to stumble because of the noose that tied her ankles together.

Behind her stood Aurelio with a whip of tails and Syphax with a retiary's trident.

The two executioners spared no punctures or lashes as Brutus urged her to walk by pulling her clit over and over again.
The three executioners forced her to go around the courtyard of the praetorium so that the other slaves could see how they should walk and after this they formed the condemned for the Via Crucis.
Opening the procession was Centurion Quintus himself riding a beautiful horse.
Behind him came the signifer and the musicians, marking the pace with their drums and horns.
Julia was behind with her cross on her shoulders, preceded by a dwarf disguised as a centurion who carried a crucified rag doll that she was showing to the public. Its only function was to make people laugh and thus further humiliate what seemed to be the leader of the Christian women.


CFR 2014.jpg
Almost thirty meters behind the rest of the slaves walked in two lines and receiving more lashes than necessary to make them walk.
The procession of the condemned was flanked by large lines of legionaries with shields and lances at the ready, whose function was to break through the crowd.

At a signal from the centurion the heavy doors of the praetorium were opened and Julia saw in dismay how a shouting crowd awaited her.
Alice & Koshka ctc The_way_by_makar013 140pc.jpg
The lashes redoubled and the women began to trudge.
As we say, Julia led the way and the three cruel executioners insisted on making her walk quickly. The amphitheater was half a Roman mile from the Praetorium, so getting there that way would already be a terrible torture, but also the Praetor Galba had arranged a painful itinerary for the young Christian woman that would end in the forum. Julia would have to perform a ceremony of reparation before the divinities she had offended with her betrayal. For this, it would be taken to the respective temples and it would be marked with a hot iron with the initial letter of each of the main deities of the Roman paton: Jupiter, Mars, Minerva and Venus.

Finally she would be taken to the forum where they had prepared a podium to be flogged and tortured in front of the city plebis who had not been able to access the amphitheater.
Walking in this way was in itself humiliating and painful, because the lashes and punctures were joined by the insults and shouts of all those people who lined the street.
03 (4).jpg
It seemed that everyone had gone mad with lust and sadism seeing the Christian martyrs like that.
As we say, many insulted the woman and others demanded her crucifixion, but those who threw rotten fruit or dirty water at her as they passed.
There were also those who got excited and shouted obscenities about their naked bodies. The way their ankles had been tied forced the girls to walk awkwardly which made her flesh tremble provocatively.
via crucis.jpg

In the midst of that irrational and cruel shouting, the young women were blushing because many people laughed at them and especially at the permanently shiny bald sex from vaginal flows that did not stop distilling between thighs.


While the cross parade, Julia felt a permanent excitement and tried to hide her crotch, but the incessant lashes and punctures did not allow her.
On the Way 3.jpg
With her arms tied to the crossbar, the young martyr could not hide her breasts. Her beautiful tits trembled left and right like great jelly puddings as the titulus that hung from them trembled as well. The spectators laughed at them and especially at her pierced nipples grown and hard as big strawberries. People pointed at them with a mixture of mockery and desire in their eyes.
zerosenlike walk.jpg

- Ha, ha, what a boobs you have slut!.

That made Julia permanently horny and drops of vaginal fluid slid between her legs.

Final Walk 7 3.jpg
- Have you seen?, her pussy is wet the very slut has pissed.

- No, this is not urine, she's a masochistic whore!

On Market Day 7 9.jpg

- Come on bitch! keep walking or I'll skin your back, the public awaits you in the forum

During that painful and humiliating via crucis. Julia fell to her knees several times but had to rise to her feet before the incessant lashes.


- Stand up slave, hurry up, stand up or I'll skin you, we don't have all day
Madiosi-2020-080-Last Day-01.jpg
After several hundred meters, the young martyr was separated from her companions, because while they were going to the amphitheater, Julia was taken to the temple of Mars, and there in front of the steps, Syphax marked her with a small M on her buttocks.
images (5).jpgunnamed (1).jpg


Of course the young woman screamed in pain when the red-hot iron bit her skin while the crowd cheered for the executioner.
After repeating this operation three more times, she was taken to the forum and there were so many people that the guards had to make their best to break through.



That day the forum was unusually full of people as thousands from nearby villages had attended the games.

Logically it was impossible for all these people to enter the amphitheater so the praetor Galba had arranged that they at least attend the torture of one of the most important slaves.

- Have you listened? It's that Julia, they are walking her through the streets naked carrying the cross on her shoulders.
- That proud Christian? Are they going to crucify her?

- Yes, but first they will whip her in front of everyone in the forum.
- Hurry up, I want to get a good spot.
4 (2).jpg
- Come on, hurry up or it will be too late.

At last Julia entered the crowded square and a chill ran through her naked body at the sight of the gallows and the torture instruments they had prepared.

- Come on, bitch, walk, we want to hear you scream.
The executioners dragged her to the scaffold and after releasing the patibulum they forced her to climb the scaffold and showed her to the screaming crowd.

The young woman tried to cover her breasts and sex with her hands but at an order from the executioner she put herself in a submission position. Sifax came up behind her and stroked her lasciviously.

- How much would you pay to fuck this beautiful patrician?
- Twenty copper coins.
- Thirty.
a4.jpgdescarga (4).jpg
Thousands of throats offered different amounts of money while the executioner's hands caressed her ringed tits and pulling on their rings caused pricks on her sensitized nipples. Julia couldn't hide a sigh of pleasure.

To be continue
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