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Well so far so good, here's the next.

After something of a slow start, this slave girl cutie gets a savage, thorough standing ass-pounding with the Singapore judicial paddle. Shortly thereafter, and what really gives me a stiffy about this particular clip, is the utterly humiliating piss-face throat-rape scene. Can't say I've ever really seen anything before that quite compares, I guess most subs really don't much enjoy gargling urine wearing a mask of blinding, burning salty mucus whilst a pistoning cock throttles her breath away... :aplastao:

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Next clip features yet another sweet-tempered angel-faced submissive young Japanese cutie, subjected to a regimen of remarkably brutal corporal punishments interluded with obedient acts of unspeakable sexual degradation. Perhaps you are starting to detect a certain pattern running through my favorite kinks here, yes?

Note you'll find many of these Night24 clips posted all over the pornoverse. But most are blighted by annoying genitalia pixelation, and muddied from repeated reencoding. Here I can I assure you no pixelation, and relatively high-quality due to just first-generation re-encode from source files.
This twin-screen preview set suggests how I generally like to perv clips -- really luv enjoying 'how it started, versus how it's going'... :aplastao:

01.png 02.png03.png 04.png05.png 06.png07.png 08.png09.png 10.png
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Interrupting my regularly scheduled 'Extreme Jap Sadomasochism' programming to bring you my personally-curated 'Best of Insex' playlist compilation posted by others, and currently available on 'Spankbang'. Again, Spankbang.com is another porn site that fits my criteria for cautiously sharing content others, essentially no evidence or notoriety for spammy pop-ups or malware traps. Please advise if you've had a negative experience with this site.

Many classics found here, a surprising number of which were posted only over the last year, and the video quality is mostly good. Credit to pandemic boredom? Some of my all-time favorite clips are missing, so I may endeavor to upload them and update this playlist from my own 'Private Reserve' going forward.

A couple of notable highlights:
  • Hydrophobia, Parts 1 & 2. Slave 922 endures terrifying caged cruelty as she's lowered and submerged while shackled into a tank of no doubt chilly water. Later, she's strapped to what might best be described as The Inquisitor's Gyno Chair, and suffers an extreme, extended, and most sadistically-satisfying spread-labia clit-strangled pussy-flogging & shock-torture.
Part 1
Hydrophobia 1.PNG
Part 2
Hydrophobia 2.PNG

  • Maine At The Farm (original title: Maine Visit), Parts 1-4. This genre was always among my favorite Insex productions, an epic multi-episode 'kidnap, torture and humiliate' tale of inescapable bondage and unspeakable terror. Part 1 begins with Kassy kidnapped from the airport, then strapped to a metal dildo chair in a black van, stripped of her clothing for the rest of her life, and transported to a processing facility somewhere in the Great City of Golgotham. Here she is introduced to the disciplines of the cattle prod and asphyxia bag, then loaded into a sarcophagus with electrodes buried deep in her nether orifices for final transport to 'The Farm'.

    For the 2-3 hour duration of her electrically-tortuous journey, she screams from the peaks of the programmed shock profile while listening to the ominous drone of her kidnapper reciting the following mantra on endless-repeat loop:

    "Welcome to the remainder of your worthless life. Henceforth you are learning what it is to be a slave. You are now a powerless and devoid creature. You are no longer human. All that you have known, done, owned and desired is lost. In this new state you only exist for the whims of a master. Your body functions are controlled by others. Wakefulness, sleep, exercise, eating, defecating and urinating is controlled in regimental discipline and atonement. You will receive pain and torture to destroy the organization of your brain. You know nothing but the rattle of horror and terror that fill your empty head.

    Hopelessness and despair is your constant state. Your body is used for sexual gratification by humans and animals. You will labor and toil at the command of your superiors. Punishment and deprivation is all that you expect and hope for. You beg for worse while tortured as you know this will please your master. Your sham existence is experienced only through deprivation, pain and sexual service. You no longer have the use of your arms and legs. You crawl to your destination. You clean the toilets and floors with your tongue. Your bowels are cleaned and flushed with soapy fluid. Your asshole is stuffed with plugs. You will only eat animal feed. Urine is all you drink. You exist in cages in constant bondage. Large probes are locked into your ass hole and cunt.

    Your cunt will be prodded and stretched as you carry the weight of your sexual lust. You crave beatings for the release it promises from the isolation of cramped confinement. Hoods and gags cover your mouth. You gasp for air that does not come. For lack of oxygen your brain cells wither and die. Beginning with fingers and toes your limbs are severed one-by-one and fed to you. Your tongue is removed. Your teeth are pulled, and your jaw is wired open so that your face becomes a new cunt-hole. Your eyelids are cut away as your eyes dry-out and blind you. Your fetid eyeballs are removed. Your eye sockets become new fuck-holes. Your limbless near-corpse will be hung in a leather harness and lightbulbs inserted into your eye sockets, while electric current is applied to a spike inserted up your ass hole until the light bulbs glow brightly.

    Welcome to the remainder of your worthless life..."
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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