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Karen Butler’s strange desire

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I had just turned nineteen when the law passed. The Department of Moral Authority (DMA) was formed to enforce the law. Women accused of promiscuity were arrested and taken to the town square where they would be executed. They would be brought to the square wearing only the ropes that bound their hands behind their backs and were taken to the gallows to be hanged by their necks until they were dead. Many, no- most, resisted the efforts to hang them.

hang 1229.jpg

It didn’t matter. With their hands tied and strong guards escorting them, the women were quickly placed in the waiting noose and they were hoisted up and hanged.

hang 1221.jpg

The women would take several minutes to more than a quarter hour to die and they would be left hanged by their necks the rest of the afternoon until that evening when their bodies were removed by the sanitation crews.

h 056.jpg

Their bodies were brought to the pig farm to be used as feed for the swine.

h 058.jpg

It was good to know some good came from their deaths.

As time passed, more women were brought to the square and they had to build a gallows that could hang more than one woman at a time. With a long beam they could hang seven women at a time. I would go to the hangings to see the women do their final dance as the ropes slowly strangled them. That me in front of the third woman from the right.

hang 1230.jpg

I easily could say the women got what they deserved and that’s why I came to watch. I would wander beneath their hanged bodies, marveling at the beautiful bodies hanged above me.

kkk 006 B.jpg

I could justify my inspecting the hanged women’s bodies by saying I was admiring the fine work the DMA had done by hanging these women but there is more to the story than this.

mastur 010.gif

After each hanging I witnessed I would go to my room and remember their final dances. It caused me to do things best not discussed!


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The last Saturday of the month is hanging day for the accused women. They of course had a fair trial where they were allowed to prove the charges against them were false, but I have never seen a report of any woman successfully doing so therefore they were hanged to death. You never knew how many would be hanged. Sometimes it would be only a few women but I was there for each of those special Saturdays!

h 1051 A.jpg

That’s me on the far right of this picture. I would never miss the Saturday near the change of seasons. It always was a ‘group hang’ when the gallows were always full of sinful women to be hanged.

hang 1217 a.jpg

It is a special day when the condemned women are pushed off their benches one at a time. A few would still be in their final throes before the last woman was hanged.

hang 328 G.jpg

The sight of them strangling made me wet was most stimulating!

Other Saturdays it might be one woman hanged. It didn’t matter. Even with one woman dangling from the rope around her neck, it was always a good show.

hang 1231.jpg

I would still hang out after they kicked their last. I would look up at her body and wonder what she thought as she died.

hang 1218.jpg

I would spend the night after the hangings taking care of my desires…

mastur 005.jpg


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Perhaps I owe you the back story. I went to private schools and we had to read some obscure books in our language class. One was a story about a queen that was accused of being unfaithful to her husband. Apparently it is not a good idea to cross the king. He ordered his wife to be hanged to death before the royal court. The book did not detail what she wore to her execution. I imagined her being brought nude to the gallows.

h 033.jpg

The noose was placed around her neck and the king’s crier announced her crimes and that she would be hanged for them. When the crier finished the guards hoisted her by her neck until her feet dangled uselessly beneath her.

h 035.jpg

The queen was hanged and she did her last dance before the king’s court as the noose strangled her.

h 039.jpg

I could picture slowly strangle as she hanged naked before the people who gathered to watch her die.

h 044 a.jpg

Needless to say, my pussy gets soaked each time I imagine her hanging.

Not that all my reading was school assigned. I had found hanging an erotic way to be executed. I read one where a woman hanged for being a witch. This book was very graphic describing how the young woman was brought naked to the village square and she was hanged before the town’s folk. The book described the brutal, slow death she experienced while she was hanged. It told of the obscene dance she did as she choked as she hanged by her neck. It told of her spitting and drooling in her last minutes alive.

hang 262 m.jpg

The book even explained that they hanged an innocent woman. That only made me come harder still. I wonder how many innocent women I have watched the DMA hang each hanging Saturday. Damn, I get wet thinking about that.

Then I read some graphic novels all about women getting hanged. My favorite one was about a woman stealing from the bar tab where she worked. They brought her out to the town square to hang her. She was naked, of course, and her hangman was more interested in stringing her up than he was her bare body.

hang 999.jpg

The poor bitch pissed all over when she got hanged.

hang 881.jpg

So that is how I got fascinated by women getting hanged. I must admit that watching a woman being hanged is always a thrill for me. But there is something missing still…

I’ll tell you more later…

-Karen B.


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You see, as I reached womanhood, I had a very active sex life. My mother always told me that good sex is better than anything I could ever own. To say I was promiscuous would be a bit of an understatement. I fucked whenever and with whoever I felt attracted to.

couple 001.jpg

I did things that would be considered slutty today. If a guy wouldn’t fuck me, I could suck his cock and make him wish he had.

head 48.jpg

I had no objections to having group sex. I must say it was best when the group was all guys and just me.

group 026.jpg

My late teen years were quite fulfilling as you can see.

group 006.jpg

Then the law passed just before I turned twenty. A woman could be arrested and hanged for the sexual activity I engaged in. My mother added a new piece to her sexual advice- “don’t get caught”.

Where we lived the DMA chief was Captain Sloecumb- we called him Capt. Slowcum because he seemed bent on wrecking our fun. He looked like a nice guy.

sheriff 001 A.jpg

But don’t be a woman and get caught fucking around! He’d make sure you got your trip to the gallows!

hang 1091 e.jpg


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After high school my mother determined it was best I attended the University of the Virgin Martyrs, a private college in a very blue state. She figured that would be the most likely school that I could keep my sexual appetite under control. She couldn’t have been more wrong. I became friends with Margo Rush, a ravishing lesbian who convinced me that sex with another woman did not violate the DMA’s rules. Like I said, Margo was beautiful.

opp 103.jpg

She convinced me that having an affair with her was not in violation of the law. We had a marvelous time together!

opp 106.jpg

Whether we were breaking the DMA’s laws or not, our affair still got us in trouble for violating the UVM’s code of student conduct. We ended up in the university’s detention hall more than a couple times. I don’t know if they enjoyed tanning our ass as much as we did having it done to us!

opp 41 A.jpg

We may have cried when they spanked our bare butts but we came every time they did!

Then one day I received a letter that Friday after class I was to report to Dean Wragg’s office for a meeting.

c 028 b.jpg

Dean Wragg is over the Discipline Department and has quite a fearsome reputation. I figured I was in for at least a sound thrashing with one of his fierce canes! I got to the dean’s reception area and was told by his assistant Bull that I would need to undress.

cook 061 d.jpg

The dirty bastard watched as I did. I could see the lechery in his eyes as I peeled off the last of my clothing.

c 013 c.jpg

He even groped my bare ass.

cook 062 C.jpg

Thank god he didn’t touch my pussy. He’d have found it wet from my excitement of undressing before him! I went into the dean’s office naked as the day I was born! You would think I was defenseless that way but it really showed off my finest ‘assets’ quite nicely. I was taken aback by his gorgeous assistant also in the room. Ms. Messaline suggested the dean subjected me to his special discipline.

court 205.jpg

I didn’t know what that would be and he led me into his private chambers. There he tossed me face down on a bed and brutally fucked my ass.

bull 006 A.jpg

His balls bounced against my pussy and the sheets stroked my clit. It took all my resolve not to scream with my orgasm as his cum filled my bowels!


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I had been given an ‘emergency’ week off school my senior year at the UVM a couple of weeks before spring break. It was serious. They even gave Margo the week off so she could travel with me. The school paid for our travel back to my hometown. It turned out the MDA had arrested my mother and she had been tried and condemned to be hanged to death in the town’s square.

As you may have guessed my mother was not an angel and had seduced an undercover agent of the MDA to bed her.

couple 066.jpg

Perhaps I inherited my sex drive from her. But the fact of the matter is they were going to hang mom for her indiscretion. This had me turned inside. I very much love my mother and hate that the MDA was going to hang her. But I have never seen someone I have been intimate with be hanged. Her being hanged to death is both my worse nightmare and fulfills one of my dark fantasies- my mother being hanged and someone I have loved being hanged!

I visited her in the prison the night before she was to be hanged. She could see I was upset but tried to cheer me up saying “After tomorrow you might not be taller than me. Listen, Karen, I’m happy it is me they are going to hang and not you.”
prison 059 B.jpg

She looked so young and peaceful. How could I tell her I was jealous of her?

At eleven o’clock the next morning they escorted her from the jail to the gallows. She wore only the rope that tied her hands behind her back. She looked quite brave as she climbed the steps leading to the gallows’ platform. While the hangman checked the rope binding her wrists, mother looked up at the scaffold and the thick rope she would be hanged from.

hang 066 c.jpg

A look crossed her face. Was she afraid of being hanged? I have never seen her scared. Maybe it was fear. But she seemed composed as the noose was slipped over her head and cinched around her neck.
hang 058 f.jpg

Some woman stepped in front of her and mom stood there bravely as the crimes she was about to be hanged for were read.

hang 1175.jpg

When the woman finished the hangman steps up to mother and calmly says “It is time.”

Calmly she replied “Get the hanging done. I’m tired of standing here!”

hang 709.jpg

The hangman fills her wish and kicks the stool from beneath her feet. Mother was hanged.

For almost a quarter of an hour she thrashed as she hanged by her neck. She drooled and spit as the noose closed tighter around her neck.

hang 517.jpg

She was done fifteen minutes after she was hanged. The son-of-a-bitch hangman pressed his lit cigarette against her thigh. She did not move.

hang 526 d.jpg

I cannot believe I came watching mother hanged!


Chronicler of Crux
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The last Saturday of the month is hanging day for the accused women. They of course had a fair trial where they were allowed to prove the charges against them were false, but I have never seen a report of any woman successfully doing so therefore they were hanged to death. You never knew how many would be hanged. Sometimes it would be only a few women but I was there for each of those special Saturdays!

View attachment 1038516

That’s me on the far right of this picture. I would never miss the Saturday near the change of seasons. It always was a ‘group hang’ when the gallows were always full of sinful women to be hanged.

View attachment 1038518

It is a special day when the condemned women are pushed off their benches one at a time. A few would still be in their final throes before the last woman was hanged.

View attachment 1038517

The sight of them strangling made me wet was most stimulating!

Other Saturdays it might be one woman hanged. It didn’t matter. Even with one woman dangling from the rope around her neck, it was always a good show.

View attachment 1038520

I would still hang out after they kicked their last. I would look up at her body and wonder what she thought as she died.

View attachment 1038519

I would spend the night after the hangings taking care of my desires…

View attachment 1038521

This town is an incel's paradise.


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I bought several copies of the Crux Chronicle. They did a very thorough coverage of mom’s hanging.

mom hanged.jpg

I bought the DVD of it too. I can’t help but getting off on watching my mother hanged to death. Is there something wrong with that?

I also bought a rope. I made a noose out of it. I fantasize being hanged from it.

hang 162.jpg

I place the noose around my neck.

hang 156.jpg

I tighten it around my neck and tug on the rope.

hang 160.jpg

I adjust the noose until it is uncomfortable against my neck.

hang 161.jpg

Then I step off the stool and hang myself for a few moments.

hang 163.jpg

It gives me a rush. I always come. But there is something missing. My hands are always free to grab at the rope. I could use handcuffs but then I couldn’t stop the hanging. I don’t dare ask Margo to hang me. What would she think?!?!?!

I guess that will have to do.

One afternoon after Margo and I… um… did something together she cheerfully says “I found you Crux Chronicle magazine. You get off on women getting hanged, don’t you?”

I tried to explain that it featured my mother and she hisses back “Bullshit! You love watching women dance and fight the choking of the noose!”

My arguments went unheeded. She says “I’ll bet you’d come watching me hanged!”

“Margo, when they hang you, you end up DEAD!” I say.

She laughs and bites my nipple.

les 029.jpg

With an evil laugh she says “Yeah, and I’ll die having the best orgasm of my life!”

We engaged in what lovers do the rest of the day. She leans over me and whispers “You will come to my hanging, won’t you?”
les -kissing-wallpapers.jpg

My pussy is soaked. I whisper back “Certainly…”


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I answered Margo that certainly I’d be there for her hanging. How was I suppose to know she had a hanging fetish every bit as strong as mine? A few days later she seduced Pastor Longrope of the Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship.

couple 026.jpg

Everybody knows he was a civilian member of the Department of Moral Authority. Margo must have been a hell of a partner in bed because on Monday the DMA came to her work and arrested her for moral transgressions.

perp arrest 003.jpg

They brought her to their station where she was stripped of the last clothes she would wear before they hanged her to death. I visited her as she waited for her trial. The trials are really a formality. If you get busted by the DMA, you are going to be hanged for whatever they charged you with. I had seen Margo naked many times before but seeing her nude behind bars was something of a shock to me. The only thing she wore was a heavy chain around her neck that was tethered to her cell’s wall.

I asked her how she was doing and she said she was sure she’d be fine until they hanged her. I shook my head and asked “Aren’t you afraid? You know when they hang you it is till you are dead!”

She sighs “It is something I have always wanted to feel. I’ve got friends that play hanging games. We use a fat rope and you’re hanged for as long as you say you can or you pass out or piss.”

hang 248.jpg

“I can do it for ten minutes” she beams “so I know I’ll last at least that long as long as the hangman knows what he is doing.”

Emphatically I tell her “He knows his job! You know you are going to hang until you are dead?”

“Yeah, and the rest of the day after I’ve choked” she says. “You are going to be there?”

I don’t tell her how wet my panties are. I sigh “I told you I’d be there when they hang you!”

“Good! Make sure you get close enough to see my body after I’m dead.”

hang 250.jpg

Damn it, I had an orgasm when she said that!

“Hey, Karen, don’t buy a DVD of my hanging” Margo says.

prison 028.jpg

“I bought you one before I fucked the pastor!” -Karen B.
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As described earlier, Margo has been arrested and is in the custody of the DMA. Karen Butler has visited her friend at the jail Margo is being held at. The rest of Margo’s stay at the jail will be described in this installment.

The day after Karen’s visit, Margo’s trial took place and she was found guilty of Moral Transgressions and sentenced to death hanged by her neck. She was returned to the jail wearing only the handcuffs locking her hands behind her back. Her ‘official’ mugshots were taken upon her arrival.

prison 090.jpg

After having her pictures taken she was brought to the warden’s office. The warden listed the jail’s rules and what was expected of Margo. Margo was in not mood to hear the warden’s litany and barked at her “And what are you going to do if I say ‘fuck you’ to your rules and regulations- spank me?”

The guard escorting grabs her cuffed arms. Margo grunts as the guard puts a tight hold on her arms and the warder smiles and says “My dear, I am not one of your parents.”

perp arrest 079 B.jpg

“Sergeant Smith, take this bitch to her cell.”

The sergeant grabs Margo’s hair and jerks her head back.

perp arrest 078.jpg

The sergeant growls “Don’t make your last week alive be a living hell!”

Margo was (forcibly) removed from the warden’s office. Sergeant Smith led her to her cell, reminding Margo that the only requirement that the guards have is that a condemned prisoner appears healthy enough to be executed when she is brought to the gallows to be hanged. The guard mentioned several punishments that she could inflict on uncooperative prisoners, describing in some detail various electronic tortures and use of a vaginal pear. By the time Margo reached her cell she was convinced good behavior was in her best interest.

When Margo arrived at her cell she saw the barred room where she would spend her last week alive. Margo commented “There isn’t any privacy here!”

prison 097.jpg

Sergeant Smith smiled and said “You are a condemned woman. People pay to come here to see what our prisoners look like before they are hanged. They pay extra if we have to disciple a prisoner while they watch.”

Margo had her handcuffs removed and she was place in her cell. The guard sadistically said “You behave. I think people would pay a lot to watch me punish you!”

Margo felt it was best not to cause any trouble and quietly entered her cell.

prison 070 f.jpg

For the week she was held in the prison, Margo was a model prisoner. Visitors seemed to enjoy looking at her naked body and making comment about what a show she would put on as she thrashed from the noose when she was hanged.

prison 279.jpg

Margo thought of Karen’s warning ‘you know you are going to hang until you are dead’ and began to doubt being hanged to death was such an erotic event.

Friday morning a guard came to Margo’s cell. He ordered her to stand and place her hands behind her back. As he locked handcuffs around her wrists Margo felt her pussy warm and get very wet. She asked him “Is it time?”

prison 058 b.jpg

With a calm voice he said “Not today. I have to put you on a train to Little Brampton. They have a new gallows with a premium French noose. You’ll be the first bitch hanged from it. Too bad my kid’s first communion Mass is tomorrow. I think you’ll look fantastic when they hang you!”

Margo is led from the jail through the court’s main entry. Crowds of media people shout questions at her, asking if she was scared and how would she look as she was hanged. The district attorney scowls and she says “This bitch can answer all you questions tomorrow when she’s hanging by her neck from Little Brampton’s gallows.

perp walk 121 kathy.jpg

Margo felt a stream of her pee trickle down her legs.

It took most of the day for the train to get to Little Brampton. Wearing only the cuffs binding her wrists, Margo is led naked through the train station.

perp walk 45 a.jpg

The people at the station paid little attention to her. They know Margos’s show is tomorrow…
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Margo is held overnight in Little Brampton’s jail. If the DMA’s prison was a humiliating place, Little Brampton’s jail’s only redeeming feature is it is not the gallows that Margo will be hanged from tomorrow. The sun breaks over the horizon and shines in Margo’s cell. She wakes when the light shines in.

prison 277 C.jpg

It is only hours until she is brought to gallows… and only hours to live.

Still in the morning, a guard leads a very pretty but barely dresses woman to Margo’s cell. She remains outside Margos’s cell and looks longingly at the condemned woman’s bare body. She thinks it is almost a waste to hang such a pearl of perfection but then pictures how spectacular Margo will look as she does her death dance while she is hanged by her next. Margo’s visitor can feel the warmth growing in her pussy.

Margo breaks the spell, asking her visitor if she has come to hang her. The woman huffs and says “Do I look like an executioner? I am Messaline. I have only sold the premium French noose they will hang you with. I don’t do such manual labor as hanging you!”

Margo seems somewhat relieved that there is still time left. She sighs “I thought it would be exciting to be hanged before a crowd. Now it scares the hell out of me!”

“I can’t do anything about your fear, but you are a beautiful woman. You will look wonderful as you do your last dance while you are hanged” Messa exclaims.

“I got myself into this. I fucked a pastor knowing he would turn me over to the DMA. I thought being hanged would be sexy but it is really my execution” Margo says.

“And your execution can still be sexy” Messa insists. “I am certain the crowd will watch in admiration as you twist while you hang, your tits bouncing and swaying and legs wildly kicking as they search for the ground they cannot reach.”

“FUCK, I just came!” Margo hisses.

Messaline gives a small smile but doesn’t tell Margo she had too.

prison 183 A.jpg

Messa is certain she will come again while Messa is hanged.

It is now around 10:30 in the morning. A guard comes into Margo’s cell and tells her it is time to get her ready for her walk to the gallows. He ties her wrists behind her and fastens a collar around her neck. It is only buckled around her neck but with her hands tied it may have well been locked there. With the heavy chain attached to the collar he leads Margo from her cell for the last time.

prison 161 C.jpg

Margo follows the guard praying the wetness of her pussy cannot be seen. As they approach Little Brampton’s square she sees the crowd gathered to see her hanging. The tall structure she will be hanged from towers over the crowd. She shows resistance to proceed even as her pussy oozes with yet another orgasm. The guard tugs on the lead and he drags her forward.

bra 11.jpg

“Come on, you slut. You are getting what you deserve” he growls. He drags her into the square. Margo is surrounded by the people of Little Brampton. They are curiously dressed. She wonders if they always dress this way or are they in costume just for her hanging.

The guard removes the collar and its chain lead. Margo asks “What now?’

The guard smugly grins at her and say “You go to the gallows and get hanged, slut!”

perp walk 150 A.jpg

He hoists her onto a wagon and a pair of donkeys pull it through the crowd.

hang 1235.jpg

As the cart passes through the boisterous crowd, the gallows and the waiting hangman draw ever closer…


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I have a spot in front of the crowd. When I bought my ticket to Margo’s hanging I mentioned I am a friend of hers. It is somewhat of an understatement but if I had told them she and I were lovers there could be the two of us being hanged today. The cart arrives at the foot of the gallows. They help her climb off it and escort her up the gallows steps. I think I would have shit climbing the stairs. I wonder what she is thinking. -Karen B

hang 1237 A.jpg

The cart arrives at the gallows’ base. The guards pull me off the cart and I am led to the stairs. A guard tightly grabs my arm and convinces me to climb them. The gallows looks strong and stout but the higher I climb I can feel it sway underfoot. I consciously resist pissing as I climb. -Margo

Margo has climbed the steps and is on the gallows platform. The post rises behind her and two guards grab her arms and brings her to the noose dangling before her face. Is she hesitating fearing the thick rope waiting for her neck or are the guards grabbing a bit of her naked flesh. I’ll never know… -Karen B.

hang 1229.jpg

The whole gallows shake as I am dragged towards the noose. My secret wish is about to become reality. The guards pull me towards the noose. Did I just come or is that my pee running down my legs? -Margo

Margo has been placed on the trapdoor. Once they put the noose around her neck, the lever will be pulled and metal pins will retract. The front of the platform will fall from beneath her and she will be hanged. She seems to squint when the noose is pulled over her head. I wonder if she came. I certainly did! -Karen B.

hang 1234.jpg

They push me onto the trapdoor. The thick noose brushes against my face. The rope is heavy enough to pull a car out of a ditch. Someone pulls the noose towards my head. The rope is softer than I expected. I close my eyes as he tightens the loop around my throat. They are serious! They are going to hang me! I know it is pee running down my legs… -Margo

Margo stands on the gallows. She is now its prisoner. She is naked but for the rope binding her hands and the noose around her neck. Down here I am conspicuously barely dressed better than she. What is going through her mind? -Karen B.

hang 1238.jpg

Hands tied and the noose tightened around my neck I am the gallows prisoner. Below me a crowd has come to see me hanged. Karen is down there dressed way skimpier than the townspeople. I made her promise to be here when they hang me. I wonder what is going through her mind… -Margo


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Margo wears the noose she will hang from around her neck. Her hands are bound behind her back. She waits for the hangman to pull the lever and send her dangling to her death. But the officials of Little Brampton have yet to complete their routine that occurs prior to Margo’s execution. A woman in what would be an old-fashioned attire walks onto the platform. She unrolls the scroll she carries and with loud contempt reads the charges Margo has been convicted and that she will be hanged by her neck until she is dead.

hang 1239.jpg

Margo fidgets as she stands on the trapdoor. As long as the woman talks the longer until she is hanged. But Margo has more personal problems. Though hungry as she has not been fed since lunch yesterday, her bowels are churning and she desperately needs to relieve them. And can she possibly be working towards her next and perhaps last orgasm?

The woman finished reading from the scroll and turns to Margo. With scorn in her voice she hisses “May you take hours to die, you slut!”

Margo’s hanging still waits as the mayor of Little Brampton steps up next to her. He asks “Was fucking the pastor worth being hanged to death?”

With surprising boldness she snaps back “I’m sure it was time better spent than being fucked by you!”

hang 1240.jpg

“Pull the fucking lever and hang me!”

The mayor is somewhat offended and snaps “Execution team, hang this bitch!”

Uniformed officers of the DMA gather around Margo. The hooded hangman takes his place by the release lever.

hang 1264 B.jpg

Margo looks skyward and prays ‘let this be over quickly’.

hang 46 A.jpg

The hangman pulls the lever. It makes a loud ‘clunk’ at it pulls the pins from the trapdoor.

hang 1265.jpg

Margo feels the pins slide free and the trapdoor begins to fall from beneath her feet…


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The hangman pulls the lever. It makes a loud ‘clunk’ at it pulls the pins from the trapdoor. There is a loud bang as the door opens. Margo free-falls for a moment…

hang 1241.jpg

...before the noose grabs her neck and breaks her drop. She hangs motionless for a few moments. I think ‘Is that all?’ but soon she moves. She must have been stunned when the noose jerked her body and stopped her fall. But now there is a look of panic on her face.

hang 1278.jpg

For someone who has played ‘hanging games’ being dropped a few feet must be different from what she has done before.

Margo starts to thrash more violently. Is this because the noose is closing around her neck?

hang 1176 B.jpg

I really want to ask her but she doesn’t look like she can answer. Minutes have passed since she was hanged. One of the DMA matrons is staring down at my hanged friend. She looks quite pleased with Margo’s hanging. By now Margo is really kicking and twisting from her noose. I don’t know how long she has been hanged- they require you check you cell phones and watches- but it has to more than ten minutes and Margo is not slowing down! -Karen B.

hang 1267 b.jpg

This bitch might just break the record! She has been hanged for a quarter hour and I can still hear her gasp for each breath and she’s drooling when she exhales. The crowd below can’t hear her fighting for air. They’ll have to buy the DVD if they want to hear and see this! -DMA Matron Susan Smith

She is starting to slow down. She must have hanged for a quarter hour.

hang 1176 C.jpg

I wonder if she had an orgasm. I certainly have! I walk under Margo. She spreads her legs.

hang 1242.jpg

One of the guys from crowd control suggests I move because Margo is about to take her last pee. I step back and sure enough she lets loose with a huge piss!

hang 360 f.jpg

It wasn’t must longer after that Margo twitched her last. The noose won this battle!

hang 1176 F.jpg

Margo looks peace as she hangs form the noose. My pussy is soaked from watching her hang. Somehow I have to figure out how I can get them to hang me… -Karen B.


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It has been over a month since they hanged Margo. I have the DVD that adds sounds and close-ups of her final struggles. You might think I am sick but I have found her dance form the noose an erotic fight between life and death. I even went by the gallows later that night. Margo’s body was still hanged from the noose. I took a picture of her.

owp 405 c.jpg

I think she looks quite at peace.

But this has caused a new problem for me. My ‘hanging games’ no longer stimulate me. I desperately want to executed by being hanged to death- to be brought out to a gallows wearing only the rope binding my wrists behind me with a lecherous crowd demanding I am hanged!

This is a very real problem for me. Sure, I could hire someone to hang me but it wouldn’t be same as an ‘official’ hanging. Besides, the perverts could want payments I am not prepared to give them. I did research on the web and found a list of DMA donors. It wasn’t hard to find. The DMA must be proud of them! I’m hardly a computer wizard but I found the DMA’s donor list. It had addresses and phone numbers of all their donors.

I called the one close to me and suggest we meet. I have to admit I had a very active sex life. I bedded young bucks…

couple 078.jpg

…and obscenely rich bastards.

couple 073.jpg

But I must have been awfully good in the sack. Not one of them turned me in to the DMA! I did some more research. A name popped up that I wasn’t expecting. The guy wasn’t near me but he covered Margo’s hanging for the Crux Chronicle! I thought ‘Spike’ Sharp is an undercover agent for the DMA!

c 028 d.jpg

I called New York City and he answered! We talked for a bit and then he said “Listen, lady, I have to get to work. You want to tell me what you want?”

I told him I had seen his company’s DVD of Margo’s hanging and how excited I made me. Then I got very dirty with him.

phone 006.jpg

I told him if he was even in my part of the country I would love to show him how appreciative I am of his work.

He muttered something about changing a direct flight to LA to a connecting flight where he’d spend the night in my town. I think I’ve hit the jackpot!!! -Karen B


Staff member
Spike’s flight lands around 10 PM. We don’t leave the airport until an hour later as we had to wait for his luggage. He complains that when he was younger he could have stuffed it in a locker. With a huff he asks “Who would have thought you wouldn’t be able to do that today?” Since my place is over an hour from the airport and his flight tomorrow is at nine in the morning, we decide to stay at one of the cheap hotels near the airport.

It was less than a ten-minute drive there and I don’t think his eyes came off my body. I’m pretty sure I’ll get laid tonight and, if my research is right, I’ll soon be in in the DMA’s custody!

We get to the hotel and check in. Spike lights a cigarette and says “I think you wanted to show your gratitude.”

tree noir 004.jpg

Not wanting to look too anxious. I remove my blouse and shirt. I start to pull off my panties and with very faked shyness I purr “I don’t do this for just any guy!”

strip 020 A.jpg

He peels off his cloths and says “And I don’t fuck just any dame.”

So I show him my ‘gratitude’. We have sex in every position I can think of.

c 005 a.jpg

I must admit my motivation for doing so was for Sharp to have me arrested by the DMA but the guy really was quite satisfying. I even sucked his cock!

c 007 a.jpg

It was deep into the night when we finally got some sleep. I wake up and the sky is just starting to get it morning light. I look up at ‘Spike’ Sharp. He’s already dressed and enjoying a morning cocktail (or was it left over from last night?) and a cigarette. Sleepily I groan “Your flight isn’t for hours. What’s the rush?”

bar in 034.jpg

With a steely cold police voice that sends chills do my spine he says “Miss Butler, you are under arrest and will be turned over to the DMA. I suggest you get dressed before my team get her to take you to our headquarters.”

I hurriedly put my blouse and skirt on. I didn’t put on my panties- they would just get soaked- and Sharp cuffs my hands behind my back. I cum again when he locks the cuffs!

A bunch of DMA goons pull me from the hotel room. There is a bunch of media folks there too.

perp arrest 003.jpg

I thank God I got dressed. My upper thighs are shiny wet! -Karen B


Staff member
I am held only a couple of days in the DMA’s jail until my hearing comes up. I am treated with unexpected respect that would be shown to a guest of theirs than a perverse criminal woman. There is a camera aimed in my cell (for security?) that prevents me from taking care of urges I need to satisfy. I am dressed rather well as I am brought to court, though the cuffs around my wrists do not help my claim of innocence! There is a large collection of media folk at the court entrance.

They yell cleaned-up questions suitable for broadcast but clearly suggestion they have little doubt of my guilt! I twist my body around, showing off my cuffs. I yell to the media folks “Get a picture of me wearing them now. After my hearing I’ll be a free woman!”

perp walk 146 B.jpg

My optimism is part of my ‘innocence’ act. A little over an hour later the judge weighs the evidence presented against me and orders me held until my sentencing hearing that will occur tomorrow. I am brought back to the DMA’s jail where my outfit is removed and a pair of thugs cops escort me to the bowels of the jail.

perp arrest 052 bw.jpg

One of the cops says “Don’t get too comfortable here, Butler. I have a feeling you’ll be heading to Little Brampton for your hanging before too long.”

The next day a trio of guards come to my cell. One binds my hands behind my back and ties the rope around my body while the other two lecherously watch him bind me.

bondage 135 D.jpg

They load me in a panel van and take me to the courthouse. Instead of taking me into the building using the police entrance, they park on the road out front. They pull me from the van, presenting my bare body to the hordes of media people there. It was only the dozen cops that kept them farther than arms-length.

perp walk 143 A.jpg

I am led into the courtroom where a female prosecutor gives a cold presentation of why I am guilty of all charges. I have to say she could have convinced anyone I did what I am accused of.

court 234.jpg

Then she presents my diary! That son-of-a-bitch ‘Spike’ Sharp must have gone through my car and found it! The tribunal of judges listened intensely as she read passages that detailed how I planned to seduce him and then showed pictures from inside the hotel room where it appears I had succeeded! It did not take the tribunal to sentence me to be hanged by my neck from Little Brampton’s gallows until I was dead!

court 237.jpg

I am removed from the courtroom. My rope bondage is removed and my wrist are locked in irons behind my back. The prosecutor leads my out of the courthouse through its main entrance. Media swarms around but the prosecutor barks out “Show up in Little Brampton next Saturday. I’m sure Miss Butler will have far more intelligent things to say while she’s choking to death hanging from her noose!”

perp walk 121 k.jpg

Jesus, I have another little orgasm… -Karen B


Staff member
I am held overnight in the DMA’s jail. It really is a disgusting place, not kept clean enough to ward off gross insects that creep out of ever crack and corner. The next morning a guard comes into my cell. I complain their facility is horribly unfit for human occupation. As he secures my hand behind my back, he laughs and says “I think you will find this a five-star hotel when you get to Little Brampton’s hellhole.”

perp arrest 075 g.jpg

‘How could it be worse than here’ I wonder. The head matron comes to fetch me. Her walking pace seems oblivious to the face my ankles are shackled together with a short chain limiting the length of steps I can take. She hustles me down the corridor, seeming unconcerned with my rapid short steps.

prison 280.jpg

There is a trace of sadness in her voice when she admits she couldn’t get a ticket to my hanging. She laments “I guess I’ll have to watch your hanging on the Crux Chronicle channel.”

“You know they are going to execute me!” I exclaim. I try to sound concerned but that is what I have sought all along. If the matron would touch my pussy she would find it warm and wet! She replies “Watching someone like you getting hanged is exciting but nothing beats seeing it live. I’ll bet you kick and piss for more than ten minutes before you choke to death. And seeing that death dance live cannot be equaled on video!”

Fuck, I hope she doesn’t notice I just came!

I am taken to Union Station, our town’s train station. I am loaded into a cage that I have to stand upright in, it is too small to lay down in much less sit in. At least I am freed from the wrist irons for the trip to Little Brampton. The cage is loaded onto the baggage car. It is apparently cheaper to ship me with luggage and postal good.

p5 w bethany caged 1 temp jpeg.jpg

It is only a few hundred mile trip but the train’s crew most have made a fortune selling tickets to the passengers to take a look at their ‘condemned naked cargo’.

c caged III.jpg

Thank goodness the trip took only a day to take. My legs are wearing out. The cage is opened and I am ordered to turn my back towards the guards who promptly replace my wrist cuffs. The baggage and postage is loaded onto covered carts and are removed through freight doors. I am taken naked through Little Brampton’s main terminal.

perp walk 45 a.jpg

My escorts tell me to ignore the lewd comments. My display is helping sell the last walk-up tickets to my hanging!


Staff member
I’m being led through Little Brampton’s train station to help sell tickets to my hanging? This was MY idea to be hanged before a crowd of strangers and they have to show me off naked to sell tickets? I demand “What is going on here? Isn’t the enough interest in seeing me hanged that you have to parade me around naked to sell tickets?”

“No, ma’am, there’s plenty of interest. Regular tickets have sold out even as Lord Jollyrie doubled ticket prices. These are ‘standing room only’ tickets. There’s going to be a thousand extra people here to see you hanged” the cop leader says. There could be five thousand people here to watch you hanged!”

jjb3 A.jpg

My cunt is wet but my stomach knots. There could be five thousand people here to see me hanged? This is getting bigger than I thought it could be!

It is late evening at Little Brampton. It is an old-fashioned town, sort of a medieval holdout to the advance of time. I’m sure it would draw tourists… besides those coming to watch me get hanged to death.

The wagon we are riding in stops before the constable’s office and town’s jail. The outside and the main office is old like the rest of the town, but it is well maintained. I am encouraged until so guy in American work clothes walks up and looks me over. He takes a drink then a drag of his cigarette. He asks “Is this the one I’m going to hang?”

A man who I’ve never seen before replies “Yeah, that is Karen Butler. There’s going to be a big crowd to watch her hanging. Will she give them a good show?”

The hangman says “She can’t weigh much more than fifty kilos. She’ll wish she was dead long before she is!”

perp arrest 067.jpg

I think I have to shit!

The hangman says “Get her to her cell. She’s got a few days before the gallows.”

A plain clothed thug leads me out of the office. I ask him “Is he really going to hang me?”

“Lady, with the crowd coming you’d need the devil himself to spare your neck from the noose” he calmly replies.

perp arrest 081.jpg

Why should he be excited? It is my neck that will wear the noose!

We go through a gate and into the basement of the jail.

dungeon 001.jpg

The cleanliness of the office disappears as we enter the dank, rusty bowels of the dungeon. Perhaps trying to cheer me up he says “You’ll only be here a couple of days.”

prison 161 B.jpg

He doesn’t mention what waits for me the third day.

I’m put in a cell and my wrists are chained above my head. My cushion is dry straw. The iron door is closed and locked. I cannot escape this cell. I cannot touch my wet pussy!


All I can do is think about the rope I will be hanged with and a crowd of strangers there to watch it work on me… -Karen B.
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