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Karen Butler’s strange desire

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I got myself in this mess. I just wanted to be hanged before a crowd of people that would be entertained by my final dance as I am put to death before them. It has become a more frightening event as my hanging draws near. Everyone who seems to know about hanging someone to death relishes in the suffering I will experience in my final minutes as I hang by my neck. I’d talk my way out of this if I could but tomorrow I will be hanged just like Margo was. The evidence- and the expected crowd- makes my execution a done deal!

It is midmorning when I am taken from my cell and brought to the constable’s office. I am dressed only in the cuffs that lock my hands behind my back. In the constable’s chair sits Ms. Carnage. She is the woman that is in charge of seeing my hanging will be up to DMA standards. That means she will oversee my hanging is more than a swift way to terminate my life!

Ms. Carnage has a mound of papers on the desk and looks up at me. With an evil smile she says “Ms. Butler, I have reviewed your case and it seems you designed it to insure you would be hanged.”

There is no point in lying. I admit since they hanged Margo I have wanted to be hanged just as she had been. Ms. Carnage lights up a Madame Wu and calmly states “I’m sure we can achieve that. In fact, you are a smaller built woman. I think you should take minutes longer than she did to die.”

Her words would have excited me weeks ago when I was planning this and even now my pussy reveals my excitement of being hanged by my neck. But today fear creeps into my stimulation. I ask Ms. Carnage how long I might last once I am hanged. She cheerfully responds “Ms. Butler, I would be surprised if you expired in less than twenty minutes. A half hour is certainly possible!

“But I have another concern. You seemed to have had intercourse almost every way possible with our agent Mr. Sharp. You even sucked his member after the two of you fornicated, yet you avoided anal sex. Ms. Butler, is there a reason for this?”

I am taken aback by the question. I stammer “I don’t do that!”

Ms. Carnage tisks at my response. She replies “We can't hang a slut like you with a virgin ass, can we?”

h 358 D.jpg

“Guard, take Ms. Butler to the courtyard and remedy this situation” Ms. Carnage orders with a sadistic laugh. I clinch my hands in fists but what can I do?

I’m taken to the jail’s courtyard where my handcuffs are removed. The guard stands by a pillory and says “It isn’t going to come to you. Put your neck and wrists in the cutouts or we’ll do it for you.”

I realize I am about to have my first anal sex bent over in the pillory. There is no avoidance of what is to come.

stock pillory 021.jpg

One of the guards lowers the top crossbar and latches it to the bottom one.

stock 132 B.jpg

One of them sways my butt and says “Lots of women get off on this!”

I hear a pants’ fly open and a pair of thumbs pull my buns apart. A head of a hard cock burrows between them and presses against my cinched rectum. The guard says “Relax, Karen. You might enjoy this.”

I let out a terrified scream as the oiled hard-on drives into my anal canal.

stock bugger B.jpg

My buggering lasts a few long minutes before his cum is pumped up my bowels. He withdraws and I think my violation is over, but there are two more guards left. The last one they called ‘Bull’ forces his hard cock into my ass. Damn, he is aptly named. His cock feels like it is tearing my butt apart and he drills my ass longer than the first two combined!

I think my ordeal is over but they leave me in the pillory and take turns whipping my ass and thighs.

whip 091.jpg

They show no mercy on a condemned prisoner. I am removed from the pillory and the shackles and handcuffs are locked on my ankles and wrists. ‘Bull’ takes me back to the dungeon. He assures me the welts from the whipping will disappear by nightfall and I will look ‘perfect’ when I am hanged tomorrow.

cuff 090 D.jpg

That night I sit in my cell. It is less than a half day until I am hanged.

dungeon 083.jpg

Bull was right. The welts have disappeared but they still hurt!


Staff member
It is my last night in Little Brampton’s jail. I don’t know if they treat all condemned prisoners this well on their last night before they are hanged but I am placed in a far nicer cell than I have been held in. The cell is big- bigger than the sheriff’s office- and pretty clean. My bed has a real mattress and a blanket! There is also a pair of guards watching me the whole time. Tomorrow they are going to hang me. Do they really think I would spare them the effort by killing myself before then.

prison 203.jpg

If they want to hang me, I certainly won’t deny them the chance! As I have said I got myself in this situation. I seduced ‘Spike’ Sharp and he delivered turning me over to the DMA. They responded by condemning me to death hanged in Little Brampton’s town square. There is suppose to be several thousand people there tomorrow to watch me strangle to death hanged my neck from a premium French noose, whatever that might be. I don’t care if the guards are watching, my pussy needs some attention and I give it some.

mastur 002.jpg

This only draws the guards to the cell’s door. One of them says “You are going to wear yourself out before we can hang you.”

The other quiets him saying “She’ll still dance when she’s hanged by the noose. Leave her alone.”

I keep stroking myself and hiss to the first guard “Listen to the man. I’ll still dance from the noose tomorrow!”

mastur 013 b.jpg

After taking care of my desires, I manage to get some sleep. I know I arranged to get myself hanged tomorrow, but I really had not considered the ‘to death’ part of it that well. You could say I had vivid dreams or terrible nightmares if you had the same dreams, but I did get some sleep!

Early in the morning the sun shines in the tall, barred window. It wakes me from my dreams. You could say sleep before you are hanged is mush overrated.

prison 277 C.jpg

Hours later the guard they call ‘Bull’ comes to fetch me. I ask him if we have time for a ‘farewell fuck’. Bull seems somewhat surprised since he watched my self-satisfaction via a hidden video camera placed somewhere in my cell. He says “Haven’t you taken care of that already?”

I say “I get hanged today! Can’t I get a last fuck around here” I ask.

Bull accommodates my request rather thoroughly.

couple 060.jpg

To thank him, I surrender my ass for my final fuck. I am surprised how gentle he is though no less ‘fulfilling’ than the first time he buggered my ass!

bull 006 A.jpg

My pussy (and ass!) are quite satisfied when he prepares me for the gallows. He gently ties my wrist behind my back, taking time to remind me my breasts are now ornaments meant only to please the crowd that will watch me be hanged and serve as weights to help my body tighten the noose around my neck.

bondage 135 D.jpg

I look down at my tits standing proudly on my chest. With my wrists bound behind my back I can no longer touch and fondle the melons. I thank Bull for his ‘kind’ reminders of the uselessness of my breasts.

Ms. Carnage comes into the cell. She looks down her nose at Bull and says “I hope you are satisfied. I really don’t care if this bitch was!”

Bull doesn’t answer and Ms. Carnage takes me by the arm and pretty much drags me into the dark corridor. She hisses “Try and hold his cum in. I’d love to see it run out of your cunt and ass while you are hanged!”

prison 283.jpg

Her words hardly comfort me. She leads me down dark, stone-walled corridors and comments “You must be damn important! Mistress Melissa is hanging three local girls and roasting them for the visiting big whigs.”

I don’t know who ‘Melissa’ is or why she is roasting three girls on behalf of my hanging’s guests.

prison 281.jpg

I’m suddenly beginning to miss the jail! -Karen B


Staff member
I have been pushed out of the Little Brampton jail and the door is shut behind me. I wear only the rope that binds my wrists behind my back. Before me is a handful of Little Brampton’s deputies and a cart to bring me to the gallows. There is no escaping being hanged to death.

owp 328 b.jpg

I arranged all this! The thought of me being publicly hanged thrilled the hell out of me once I saw Margo hanged. Now I stand on a Little Brampton street with less than hours left to live. I pray they don’t touch my pussy. It is still hot and wet and only my squeezing it and my ass shut is keeping a river of Bull’s cum from running down my legs.

I am loaded onto the cart and taken a round-about way to the gallows. To the crowd watching my procession I am merely a condemned convict. My body is only for their viewing pleasure and to weigh me done as I am hanged by my neck.

mary to gallows E.jpg

Ahead of me the gallows and the hangman draw closer. My gut is in knots but my pussy screams with another orgasm! -Karen B

An Editor’s note: Due to the large gathering of high-ranking DMA officials that have visited Little Brampton to witness Ms. Butler’s execution by hanging, Mistress Melissa requested a number of the DMA’s condemned prisoners so she could hang them then roast them over open-flame pits as a special barbecue for the guests. The DMA provided three woman who indeed were hanged early the morning of Karen Butler’s scheduled hanging.

kkk 005 h.jpg

The women were hanged for one hour before being taken down and have a baking spit driven though their bodies and placed over a flaming open spit to be barbecued. This was so their bodies were still soft and warm when Mistress Melissa cooks them. However, one of the three seems to have survived her hanging and was spitted while she is still alive.

cook 073.jpg

Fear not, Melissa is an excellent chef and compensated for the live roaster! In fact a fourth woman was indeed roasted alive! She was pulled from the slave stock of Little Brampton and forced to walk to her own barbecue!

bondage 146 D.jpg

The spit was pushed through her very much live body and she was barbecued for more than a half hour before she succumbed to the spit through her body and the intense heat of her cooking.

cook 067.jpg

Don’t worry, the DMA guests all claim she was cooked to perfection!

cook 069.jpg

But we need to return to Karen Bulter’s court-ordered execution by hanging!


Staff member
It took an hour to get me to the Little Brampton gallows. I could have casually walked between the jail and the gallows in twenty minutes but getting me to the gallows quickly was not the deputies’ main goal. They guided the cart in a zig-zag pattern winding through the crowd that has to be double the size that came to see Margos hanging.

The crowd is not shy about reminding me of what a slut I have been accused of being. In a bedroom with a lover what they call me could be a turn-on, but I am bound standing against a thick stake and their yells from the side of the road are meant to demean me and not excite me. I look down at my ample breasts. With my hands bound behind me, they are presented to rile the crowd. Tied as I am, I cannot touch my bouncing orbs!

owp 351.jpg

At the gallows the deputies untie me from the stake and quick retie my hands behind my back. The hangman is a guy named Tree he guides me up the tall stairs that lead to the gallows deck, reminding me the is a schedule to be kept between his sips of his drink. He is more worried that I am hanged at the appropriate time so the Crux Chronicle video team broadcasts my hanging on time than he is concerned that my hanging is my execution!

HANG 1284.jpg

I look at the noose dangling before my face. I don’t know what a premium French noose consists of but this noose is made of one thick fucking rope. It could be nerves or excitement of me being about to wear it, but I toy with the rope binding my wrists. It holds firm while Bull’s cum starts to ooze from my pussy. I nervously ask Tree “Do you think it will hold me?”

He takes a drink and casually replies “Your body would have to break off from your neck if it doesn’t.”

hang 1255 C.jpg

Runny stool squirts from my ass. I look back at Tree and boldly lie “I am not scared! Put the damn rope on and get this show on the road!”

hang 935 D.jpg

Two deputies grab my arms and move me towards the noose. Fear overtakes my ‘bravery’ and I cry out “DON’T DO THIS!”

hang 1229 B.jpg

They don’t stop. One of them pulls my hair back and ties it behind my head. A pair of matrons take over holding my arms as the noose is slipped over my head and pulled tight enough to secure it around my neck.

hang 1182 C.jpg

The light-haired matron assures me “That is tight enough. It will keep you from falling to the ground but loose enough you will slowly strangle to death.”

Her words do not comfort me. They only preview the torture of me hanged by noose! More of Bull’s cum leaks from my cunt as I come again… -Karen B


Staff member
It was my fantasy. I have long been going to the DMAs hangings of women. I found them erotic affairs where women were bought naked to the gallows and have the noose placed around their necks. The charges they had been found guilty of were read and the person in charge would announce the women were sentenced to death and they would be hanged by their necks until they were dead.

How different they would act! Some seemed near panicked they were about to be hanged and screamed and begged for mercy. Others seemed more resigned they had been caught defying the obscure laws of the DMA and more or less surrendered to their fate that awaited them as they would hang with the rope slowly squeezing their necks and choking the life out of them. Others were quite defiant. It was that they had deliberately been caught and condemned to be hanged to demonstrate the waste of womens’ lives that happens as the condemned woman is hanged for ‘punishment for their crimes’.

I am somewhere in that mix of emotions. I certainly felt somewhat sorry for the women who would beg to be forgiven before they were hanged. As to being resigned to being hanged, I certainly can blame no one but myself. I fucked the hell out of ‘Spike’ Sharp (and even gave him a blowjob to top it off!) knowing he was an undercover agent for the DMA. I trusted he would turn me in and he did not fail me!

I was tried in the regional court and found guilty of the charges presented against me. The next day I was presented as a convicted criminal that I have been convicted of being. Bound and near naked I was presented before the sentencing tribunal where the prosecutor made an ironclad case that I should be hanged to death for my crimes. The tribunal agreed and condemned me to be hanged from Little Brampton’s gallows until I am dead and my body is to be left hanged the balance of the day both to insure I am dead and to display me as the punished criminal that I am to the crowd that witnesses my execution.

I had a major orgasm when my sentence was read plus a fierce knot in my stomach as I realized I would soon be put to death by strangers who sole mission was to execute the women that violated their laws.

I have been led through Little Brampton bound standing naked on a donkey cart. The spectators have called me every vile name they could think of. Guards with no more concern about my well-being have led me up the stairs to the gallows’ deck (curiously I counted- there are thirteen steps from the ground to the platform). They have placed the noose around my neck to hang me from.

I stand with my hands bound behind my back and a premium French noose uncomfortably caressing my throat. I am no longer a prisoner of the DMA. I am condemned prisoner Karen Butler waiting to be hanged to death from Little Brampton’s gallows.

belle 017.jpg

I look down my body. The rope binding my hands prevent me from taking a final touch.

barb hang 9 A.jpg

I watch my breasts heave on my chest as I take my last unrestricted breaths.

belle 020.jpg

I glance up at the beam the noose is attached to. The rope and the beam will do their jobs.

hang 46 c.jpg

In a few moments I will live my dreams- or will it be the nightmare they have promised? Ms. Carnage steps before me. With a triumphant smile she says “Ms. Butler, you look quite ready to be hanged to death!”

Perhaps discomfort from the rope biting my hands or perhaps dread filling me, I struggle with rope binding my wrists. Defiantly I hiss “You bitch, this is exactly what I wanted!”

“Really, darling? I wonder if you change your mind when you are hanged but not yet dead. I made sure the hangman makes sure you take a while to die.

hang 1251 H.jpg

“And I think you’ll find your pretty body does little to swiftly bring your demise” she adds.

I stammer a bit. In a soft voice I say “I really need to take a dump…”

Ms. Carnage gently but mockingly strokes my cheek. She smiles and says “Karen, don’t hold back on my account. The crowd would love to see you shit!”

She is such a bitch. I don’t care if it takes me a while to die hanged- I think so, at least… -Karen B.


Staff member
Karen stands naked on Little Brampton’s gallows wearing only the rope that binds her wrists behind her back and the premium French noose around her neck she will soon hang to her death from…

Tree leaves the gallows’ deck. It will be a masked DMA official’s ‘duty’ to pull the lever and open the trapdoor that stands beneath my feet. He looks up and takes a drink and hollers “You look good, Karen. You’ll put on a great show while you are hanged!”

hang 1096 D.jpg

It takes all my effort not to defecate as I stand on the gallows. My need to relieve myself is only exacerbated by Bull’s cum swimming in my bowels. I close my eyes and pray I don’t soil myself as I stand on the gallows.

hang 607 c.jpg

But I have forgotten what I have witnessed from hanging I have witnessed! Madame Hangem walks up to my carrying a scroll. She opens the document and loudly reads to the crowd what crimes I have been found guilty of committing.

hang 1263 B.jpg

I fidget on my feet. She has no idea how badly I need to purge my bowels! I look at her as she finishes reading the scroll. With contempt she announce “…and Karen Butler will be hanged by her neck until she is dead!”

hang 1239 B.jpg

There it is over! I have been condemned to hang to death for my crimes. The crowd cheers loudly and screams up their last insults. The two DMA matrons calmly step back from the gallows’ trapdoor. They don’t wish to be injured when it opens. I have another- my last?- orgasm as the constable orders the hang man to pull the lever and release the trapdoor from beneath my feet. I can’t help the steam of my pee that runs down my legs.

hang 1264 c.jpg

I feel the pins grind as they retract from the trapdoor. I scream as loud as I can “DON”T HANG ME!”

hang 1286.jpg

But the trapdoor falls from under my feet. For a brief moment that lasts an eternity I fall from the gallows.

hang 1241.jpg

They hanged me! -Karen B


Staff member
They hanged me! -Karen B

hang 1241 A.jpg

Karen Butler is hanged by her neck from the gallows in Little Brampton’s square. She has been dropped a foot and a half. It is a fall take stuns her but neither breaks her neck nor tightens the noose enough to suffocate her. For a moment she hangs dazed by the jerk her neck felt as it broke her body’s fall.

hang 136 d.jpg

In Little Brampton, hanging women dates to the witch-hunts from the Middle Ages. An unfortunate woman would be accused of some form of witchcraft and with only testimony she was indeed a witch she would be brought bound and naked to the square where she would serve her punishment. From the gallows in the square she would be noosed and strong men would hoist her nude body up the derrick where she would hang by her neck until she was dead.

hang 262 q.jpg

The women were left hanged so other women could see what fate awaited them if they too were accused of such crimes as witchcraft.

hang 937 g.jpg

Little Brampton was not against trying new hangings methods of executing women. In the late 1800s they experimented with long-drop hangings that had swept the civilized world.

hang 206 B.jpg

They discovered while effective, long-drop hangings were far too merciful on the condemned women, killing them almost instantly, and their sale of adult beverages was rapidly declining at such hangings.

Therefore, in the almost 200 years since women such as Karen Butler would be put to death by a short-drop lynching. We return to Karen’s hanging…


Staff member
Karen has been hanged early afternoon of Little Brampton’s market day. She has been given the full Little Brampton ‘send-off’ before she was hanged. Do not pity Karen. She had a fantasy about being hanged before a crowd that wanted to see her death dance. She fucked and sucked ‘Spike’ Sharp and was tried and condemned to be publicly hanged to death. Now a premium French noose holds her many feet above the ground that her feet dangle helplessly.

It has been a couple moments since the trapdoor opened and left her hanged by her neck.

hang 265 D.jpg

The rope presses against her throat but has yet tightened enough to strangle Karen. She starts to thrash and struggles with the rope binding her hands behind her.

hang 1198 A.jpg

She starts to twist and kick, desperate to find footing.

hang 1108 d.jpg

Karen has been hanged more than ten minutes. The crowd watches her futile efforts to free her hands. They all believe she wants her hands free so she can grab the noose slowly closing around her neck.

hang 523 g.jpg

Little do they know Karen wants to rub her clit and drive herself to that last glorious orgasm! She pulls her legs up and gives a gurgled scream.

hang 210 d.jpg

The bell tower chimes once, signaling Karen has hanged for a quarter hour. She doesn’t hear the bell toll. Her ears ring in her head as she has the longest and best climax of her life. Her body droops as the orgasm passes.

hang 297 e.jpg

The crowd cheers from below as Ms. Carnage stares down as Karen starts to strangle as the noose closes around her throat. Karen looks out at the crowd and thinks ‘You’ll never guess what just happened to me!’

But Karen’s fantasy has met the reality of the tightening premium French noose. With her throat closed, Karen bucks her last. Her final pee swings out over the crowd.

hang 1283 d.jpg

Twenty-five minutes after Karen was hanged, she has kicked her last.

hang 1133 d.jpg

She would be left hanging till nightfall when the sanitation workers would take her body down.

bodies 011.jpg

An anonymous donor who goes by Tree paid to have her buried instead of her body sent to the pig farm to be used as feed,

buried 001.jpg

And, no, he didn’t spring for a casket!!!

The end


hang 1286.jpg
A highly entertaining tale of woe, illustrated with some remarkable manips! Well done Tree! :D

THT Karen Butlers Strange Desire hang 1286 cf presenting.jpg
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