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the story continue....

For the rest of the day the girl was no longer touched; at least those three heartless, but it was done by a fat and ugly woman, the wife of Victor Israel, to tend to the wounds of her sex and clean it of semen and a little of the blood that flowed from the wounds of the needles in her breasts She would return at dawn to reduce that blood again, for when she went out to the barracks courtyard to fulfill her cruel destiny.


Tied hand and foot, the young woman was thrown into her cell naked and mistreated. She was still crying with shame, because when that fat woman had touched her sex to heal her, Silvia had not been able to get excited. I couldn't help it. She knew that her torturers would laugh at her expense when the fat woman told her.

That night, which was to be the last of her life, Silvia did not sleep well. He had horrible nightmares in which she was tortured in various ways.

In one of them, she was tied with her arms in the shape of a cross to a log. It was as if she were crucified, but her feet were resting on the ground, and her ankles were tied.

In that nightmare they tied ropes around her breasts with fragments of rose bushes. They squeezed them. Blood oozed from his wounds. Then, amidst the ropes that gripped his boobs, another rope attached to a pulley foreshadowed another horrible torture.

The cruel executioner pulled on the pulley, so that it also lifted his body, but only pulled on his breasts. She was lifted up by her breasts. The blood flowed more and more. Lifting her breasts, she felt the rose bushes stab into her with unheard of cruelty.

That nightmare ended, but the rest of the night did not sleep well. 1


The following morning, Captain Peralta, Lieutenant Pedro, and the executioner Victor appeared in his cell. Previously the fat woman had already fulfilled her mission. The rope from her ankles was untied. The one on his wrists too, but then they restrained them with shackles.

She was dressed in a threadbare and dirty robe. Another chain was attached to that of the shackles. This served for the executioner to pull it.

Pulling the girl with the chain, they left the cells toward the barracks courtyard.

to be continued...

1: The nightmare described here is inspired by Quoom drawings. See the example:

In the courtyard of the barracks the entire garrison of Migueletes, many regular soldiers, people in favor of the absolutist regime and only a few ordinary citizens of the middle and lower classes were going to attend Silvia's execution.

With the threadbare robe open at the breasts, so that everyone could see the cruel needles stuck in them and the blood that flowed from the wounds, the girl was taken out into the courtyard.

Silvia walked with her head held high, and with great dignity despite what she had already suffered. She looked at those present with a certain hatred, but when she saw the group of townspeople like her, she felt a kind of anguish. They were going to see her die in a brutal way.

In the middle of the patio was a frame made of three woods. Two vertical posts joined at the top with another horizontal one. At the junctions of the horizontal with the verticals, they had placed chains with shackles that hung in the void.

She and her guards and torturers arrived in front of the platform. And suddenly, without warning, Lieutenant Pedro held her from behind with his arms, and slowly, despite his efforts to free himself, the lustful executioner extracted the four needles from his breasts. A couple of slaps were enough to keep her from moving as much. She was exhausted from the torture session from the previous day.

He published gave a cry of amazement. Some of those scoundrels were already excited when they saw the girl appear with the needles, and when they took the girl off they were even more excited. Others stared in fascination at that torture, and only a few disapproved of it. Among the allowed crowd sample to see that, many began to feel pity, pity, and hatred for what they saw. Someday they would pay for all that. Liberals would triumph.

Captain Peralta read the sentence condemning the girl to be flogged to death.

They undressed Silvia slowly in front of everyone, so that they could contemplate her naked body.

A nude Silvia was presented to people. Everyone saw the signs of beatings, bruises, rapes and torture to which she had been subjected. They saw the blood from her wounded tits, they saw her battered and bleeding pussy, and the traces of the rapes.

Most made fun of her thinness, her small tits, and made fantasies about how they would take it. Others looked nonchalantly, and fewer looked disgusted at what they had done to the brave girl.

Silvia's wrists were chained to the shackles hanging from the corners of the horizontal pole. Then they put shackles attached to the ground at the end of the vertical poles. The other ends were placed on the girl's ankles.

The four shackles were far enough apart that the girl and her entire body were stretched out as if it were a Saint Andrew's cross. It was a very annoying pain, but it was just about causing discomfort more than anything.

Captain Peralta had decided to start lashing her with the horse lash of the first lashing. He would administer them himself. After ten blows, they would move on to the bull's leather long whip. Victor the executioner would come into action here. Twenty blows with this whip would already make her bleed. That whip was drawing blood. And the rest of the lashes would be given with the three-tailed whip with irons and pieces of medieval bone.

to be continued....

Captain Peralta whipped the ground to indicate that the flogging was about to begin.

The young woman waited in tension for the first blow. It did not took her long to arrive. He hit her on the right hip. A welt appeared.

- "You must not beg, Silvia. Stand firm. They won't break you, they won't break you!" the girl thought. She was saying it to herself. She clenched her teeth to keep from screaming. But she knew she would end up doing it, but she would give those bastards that satisfaction against later better.

Silvia received the first five blows to her back with only a few moans emitted by her. Blood flowed where the welts had intersected with the wounds from the previous beating.

"Damn you fucking bitch! I swore I would break you and I'm going to make you a whore!" exclaimed Captain Peralta.

Captain Peralta inserted several fingers of his right hand into the girl's punished pussy and shook it violently.

- "God, I can't ... I can't take it ...!" the girl said to himself at that. She couldn't take it anymore and moan at the terrible sensitivity in her pussy. Furthermore, her sexual organs were already badly abused.

"I like you better, bitch! Now that you're excited, we'll continue your flogging!" Peralta shouted.

This time the captain stood in front of the girl and lashed her body in front. He gave her the remaining five lashes with the horse whip. Three of them had hit her already tortured breasts, and she had finally screamed.

-Aaaaaaiiiiieeeehhhhhh ....! Damn bastards! the girl shouted.

The first round of lashing of the sentence had been completed. Now it was the turn of the second with the bull's leather whip. It was long and the spanking was going to be given by the executioner Victor.

The first blow was hard, and made the young woman scream in pain:
-Aaaaaiiiieeeeehhh! She felt hit from the back to her left hip.

Silvia received another hard blow to her right shoulder, and the leather curled around her body. The tip struck her again on the left hip.

The whip was long and each time it hit it curled around the girl's slim body. Sometimes several times for the power of the blow.

Again the piercing whistle of the whip was heard:

-Aaaaaaiiiigggghhhhh! Silvia screamed again to feel hit in her ribs.

to be continued...
The eyes of those present caressed the girl's bleeding body.

Silvia felt her blood slide slowly from the cuts of the lashes. She couldn't believe they were whipping her to death. Their only crime was wishing for a better country for their compatriots, and even for those who now enjoyed this wild scourge.

- "Didn't those heartless people understand that absolutism meant backwardness for the country?" Thought the girl.

Another brutal lash went through her back and hit her chest. She screamed wildly.

The executioner varied the rhythm of the blows so that the girl felt the fear and the indecision of not knowing when the next lash would arrive.
These were the blows to the young woman's back, but the lashes in front were more terrifying, since she saw how the brutal leather of the whip approached her body.

She had already endured the ten lashes of long leather on her back. Now the third lash ahead hit her again in the crotch again damaging her sex.

This time at last, after screaming brutally, the girl exclaimed:

"Aaaaaaieeeggghhhh! No .... please! Stop, please! You sons of bitches !.

Everyone who enjoyed that barbaric spectacle snorted and laughed at the girl. They had finally broken it.

Especially Captain Peralta enjoyed it, although it had been the executioner Victor who had finally broken it.

Sílvia looked at the few spectators who embraced her cause and wept for them. Her tears were of pain from the lashes, but also because they had seen her pleading to stop whipping her. They had humiliated her, breaking her at last. She tried to writhe in her bonds because of the rage that invaded him.

This seemed funny to Peralta and his torturers, and they decided to untie the girl's ankles. Now she twisted her entire slim body to be hit by the whip. It just hung on the chained wrists.

to be continued...
Silvia looked at her crotch and was horrified by what she saw. The bleeding mark on the whip was marked terribly from her navel through her sex, down her ass. Blood dripped onto the floor mixed with that of the other torture wounds.

Releasing her legs, her entire body twisted under the blows of the lashes. She screamed and screamed. It was awful what they were doing to her.

Silvia had already lost control of her initial determination. His bravery had evaporated under that whip. And if he wept with rage, he was only the fruit of impotence.

Several bleeding lashes were already crossing her two boobs already marked by the wounds of the needles.

Her whole body was sweating for that hot day and the tension she was in when receiving the lashes.

Silvia saw the impeccable leather coming towards her and turned her face away as she had done before, but this time the brutal blow indicated her from her abdomen to her neck. Her neck was bleeding.

Executioner Victor raised his arm again to strike again.

- "By all the saints! Was it that the cruelty of those scoundrels had no limits, and were they also going to spank their faces?" the girl thought in horror.

But at the last moment, Captain Peralta stopped the executioner's execution arm.

"Quiet, Victor! Don't damage the pretty face of the girl! Her face must at least go to the other world intact! Her suffering is more pleasant to me if you don't mark her face!"

to be continued...
-I love how the girl kicks, complains and screams at the punishment, but I notice that she has already lost strength in her whining and kicking! It means that her forces are already diminished, and we still have to use the last type of whip! Peralta said.

So it was indeed. Silvia, had already gone from the last three lashes to screaming with less force, and her reactions to pain were less effusive.

The girl had already received eighteen terrible lashes. Two more were missing to complete the score with that kind of whip.

They decided, in the absence of two lashes with the long leather, to change to the fearsome three-tailed "cat". This whip, although damaged, was going to fulfill its sinister function in the slim body of the girl.

Silvia was first taught the instrument with which they were going to cause death.
Her heart sank as she saw the pieces of bone and iron tips that marked that three-tailed whip. She knew that with that they would skin her alive.

The young woman pleaded for her life. She was no longer the proud and brave girl who had come to the barracks captive.

Lieutenant Pedro grabbed that barbaric instrument of torture and looked for a moment at Silvia's body, which was now glowing in a sweat bath and was already sewn with reddish lashes, with bleeding and purple lines. The young woman also looked at him panting and pleading, her face stained with tears.

The lieutenant brandished the scourge and smashed it against the hardwood floor. It took a little effort to detach it. The pieces of bone, irons, and hooks had caught on the wood.

The lieutenant removed the wood fragments that had been embedded in the scourge. He smiled sinisterly.

Meanwhile, the public who attended that unusual show wondered when seeing that whip, if the punishment was enough for the girl. They knew that she had been sentenced to be flogged to death, but they thought that this type of flogging was too strong for a young woman of twenty springs. The girl's liberal sympathizers wept at what they witnessed. Some had attempted to leave the barracks, but the soldiers and Migueletes had ensured that no one left the barracks during the execution.

However, others present, the most sadistic, enjoyed watching the girl writhe in pain. Some had already masturbated several times and were going to do more in the final part of the execution.

Lieutenant Pedro approached the girl and taking her head by the hair, he forced her to look at him. She saw a pleading, weary, sweaty, resigned face, but despite all they had done to her, he was still beautiful. Captain Peralta had been right not to want to spank the girl's face.

"What a pity to see such a beautiful creature turned into a bloody pulp!" said the lieutenant's scoundrel.
-Dies disgusting, we die ... all of you ... others! poor Silvia stammered.
She had managed to reply, in an unprecedented streak of hate. But then she said put an end to that torment, because she couldn't bear the pain of whips and wounds.

The lieutenant no longer wasted any more time. He stood behind the girl and hit her with that horrible instrument.

Pedro swept his first blow down diagonally from the point of his left shoulder. The hooks and bones clearly trapped in the skin produced small scratches that ran down his back. She immediately screamed.

The second lash hit her on the right buttock. Blood gushed out immediately. A piece of meat was ripped off by the brutal hooks.

The third lash hit her behind her right leg. It left the mark of a deep scratch. The fourth scourge hit her back again. Blood and bits of meat leapt into the air.

As she screamed and screamed, the young woman wondered the reasons for so much evil of the man towards his fellow men. And it was even worse if the victims of atrocities like that were women.

The girl pleaded again, not to be harassed like that, but two more blows, shattered her left buttock and right hip respectively.
The seventh and eighth lashes fell on both of the girl's side ribs. The hooks and bones ripped out the meat and revealed a little of Silvia's white bones.

Some among the crowd, disgusted by what they were seeing and no longer wanted to look.

Although absolutist, that was too much even for them. The liberals, however, covered their faces with their hands and began to shout: "Assassins, assassins!" and they cried with grief and rage for not being able to do anything for Silvia.

It was just horrible. A girl in her early twenties, tortured to death in a savage way.

It was brutal, wild, and she howled and howled. She was whipped on the back, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, and even her calves, tearing at her skin.

Lieutenant Pedro had all his clothes stained with the blood that splashed on poor Silvia, and even some spectator of the public had been stained with drops of blood. And on the wooden platform you could see small pieces of the girl's meat, fruit of the brutal whips.

She was barely moaning in agony anymore and was writhing badly. Lieutenant Pedro spread the blows further; for the punishment should last longer.

to be continued....
The girl was being torn apart by that scourge. Lieutenant Pedro now spacing the blows further noted that the girl was losing strength. He was barely kicking anymore, and his screams became hoarse screams. The blood was already forming a considerable pool at the feet of poor Silvia. Blood was also dripping down the length of her slender arms from scrapes produced by the shackles of her chains.

When the girl was only shaking her feet, and she moved with great difficulty, showing that she was whipping, the sadistic lieutenant started to hit her in front of her body. His tits weren't going to be saved from being ripped apart.

-No Please. Piety please! moaned the young woman.

Five blows to the girl's chest and abdomen left them already covered in blood and with terrible bone and hook injuries.

At this point, Silvia was no longer screaming, but she was still moaning or just opening her mouth, but she was no longer screaming.

"Do you think I can't get any more screams out of you little slut?" exclaimed the lieutenant.

Laughing in a strange frenzy the wild lieutenant lashed out at the girl's crotch, and immediately afterward did the same on her tits. From both terrible wounds spouts of blood and some skin emerged.

Silvia screamed wildly. Possibly the last of her young life. A second hit to her breasts no longer made her scream.

Silvia looked at the entire front of her body. It was just a big yaga. And curiously, not long ago she wondered what the poor women of centuries must have felt. Women who had been tortured by alleged witches, heretics, or simply for the mere fact of being. And those same women had suffered the abuse and ridicule of soulless subjects. Subjects who often tortured them for mere lustful and sexual pleasure.

Silvia had never imagined that she herself would suffer such torments. That is why the liberals were fighting to have a country free of many attitudes, which she knew had been eradicated elsewhere. But Spain and other countries still had a long way to go, but they were to eliminate forever their many dark spots.

She felt that her back was like something big sticky, and it was only her blood that flowed from the multiple wounds of the lashes.

Lieutenant Pedro Pablo continued to whip the girl, destroying her tits, pussy, chest, and abdomen. From some wound in his ribs the young woman's bones appeared.
Silvia was barely accusing the blows. Only slight tremors of her skinny body.

A Silvia, tearful, pleading, surrendered, raped, humiliated, and flogged, saw herself in images that came to her mind from her past life. She saw herself as a newborn cradled by her mother in a poor little town house, she saw herself living a difficult childhood, but with some games with other children, she saw herself trying to learn something from what the good Jacinto, the village priest was trying to teach her, and she saw herself falling in love for the first time in the person of Antonio Lince, a young peasant from a neighboring village, and finally she saw herself cry for the death of the young man for fevers. Later she saw herself acting as a young messenger passing information to the parties that were fighting against the French, and after the war joining the liberal cause with her new love guerrillero, Luis Torralba.

Now she, Silvia, was hanging there naked, tainted, humiliated and tortured for the pleasure of a few heartless and as an example to the few liberal supporters who were horrified to attend this savagery.

Lieutenant Pedro kept hitting the girl. She was no longer making a sound, and she didn't seem to be moving either. Only her body moved when she was flogged.

Captain Peralta ordered to stop the punishment, and ordered Victor to check if the young woman was still alive. The executioner listened at the young woman's chest. He noticed just two or three light pulses.

Victor confirmed that the girl was still alive. The captain now took the scourge herself and whipped Silvia three more times with all her might. Then he ordered Victor to check the girl's condition again.

Silvia was finally dead. Only the first lash had already killed her. The other two blows had been delivered to a body, once beautiful and harmonious, now turned into a piece of bleeding meat.

Captain Peralta looked with contempt at the group of poor and vulgar townsmen almost forced to witness the execution of the young woman, and ordered:

"I give you this human spoil so that you can tell everyone what happens to those who oppose the king! But if among your supporters there are more beautiful young women as she was, do not hesitate to send more against us! We will enjoy them." , Hahaha!

Shortly after those scoundrels and the spectators withdrew when they finished watching the brutal act. Only a few stayed. Among them three liberal supporters lifted the wretched and bleeding body of the unfortunate young woman. Previously, Peralta had ordered the girl's body to be unleashed from the posts.


A couple of years later, Captain Peralta, Lt. Pedro and a group of Migueletes fell into an ambush by the liberal bandits and were massacred. But they were taken prisoner and tortured with razors and other sharp weapons until they bled to death. They also tried the whips.

As for the executioner Victor, one day he was found dead hanged from an olive tree, and with the sexual organs cut off at his feet.

It must be said that in the party of liberal guerrillas who had committed those murders, there was a young man named Arturo Orlan.

The End
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A clarification on La Bandolera history:

This whole story is the result of my imagination, but with the permission of my partner Silvia, because she sometimes has this kind of erotic dream.

In fact she, Silvia has encouraged me to write another story set this time in ancient Rome. And I have wondered what the Bandolier would have been set in times of the ancient Romans.

North of Hispania. Around the year 21 BC

During the Cantabrian Wars, a party of Cantabrians under the command of a chief named Teraco attacked a Roman convoy, where the wife of an important Roman officer was traveling. The wife had not wanted to leave her little girl in the care of a nurse in Tarraco, and now she had brought it to the area for her father and husband to see.

During the assault all the Romans died, including the girl's mother, but not directly at the hands of the Cantabrians, because When the chief Teraco saw the woman, he did not want to kill her, but she, desperate to flee from those barbarians, took a bad foot on the edge of a short but deadly cliff. The woman who had the little baby in his arms had protected him with his body from the blows. The girl came out miraculously alive except for a slight bruise. The mother was in agony for a short time with a severe blow to the head. He murmured the name of his baby girl until she died. The girl was called Silvia.

The Cantabrian chief decided to pick up the baby. He would educate the girl in the customs and customs of her people. He would also teach her to fight. But for the girl to prosper he had to remove her from that atmosphere of war against the Romans. So then the Teraco family decided to hide deep in the woods.

Teraco knew that its independence as a people had its days numbered, because seeing the Roman power it was impossible to defeat them. Better to hide until the war was over.

North of Hispania.
Around the year 1 BC

For twenty years Chief Teraco educated and cared for his adopted daughter.


to be continued
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It was true that many Cantabrians had become auxiliary troops for the Roman Empire, but the Cantabrian chief had spent twenty years hidden away with his people in a small valley lost in the mountains and forests.

During those twenty years, Chief Teraco educated his adopted daughter in the arts of war, and in many other things, but he also instilled in her a hatred of the Romans.

Chief Teraco had decided not to change the girl's name. Silvia was the name her dying mother spoke, and Silvia would be the one to attack the Romans. The Cantabrian chief smiled at the irony.

Also during those years the Teraco chief had not started the fight against the Romans. But when his adopted daughter turned twenty, the boss decided that she was ready for the fight. It was then that she and Teraco committed various acts of guerrilla warfare against the Romans by attacking a couple of convoys.

Silvia had become a very beautiful young woman. She was tall, slim, but shapely. Fibrous one could have said. The young woman was strong, of equal character, and brave and daring. Her hair was light brown, but tending to a blonde hue. With her wild, messy hair that fell to the middle of her back, and her blue eyes, Silvia was a temptation for men, but until now Teraco had been more concerned with her upbringing than finding her a suitor.

Silvia and her adoptive father Teraco led three more attacks on the Romans until mid-summer. After tragedy struck the young woman, Teraco died during a hunt for a fearsome bear.

to be continued....


Assistant executioner
First time i'm reading stories set here in Hispania. We have lots of history and barely a decent exploitation. :p
If someone wants to know more about the Cantabrian Wars, consult several pages:

Since practically no Roman had survived the attacks of Silvia's party and the Cantabrian chief, the girl made the decision to suspend the attacks for a while. Then she moved to the lands of her Asturian neighbors and made several more raids for another month, to later move her attacks to the Galician area. Later she and her party attacked again a couple of months later in the territory of the Basques. With this tactic she puzzled the Romans and prevented many retaliatory actions against the Cantabrian population, since the Romans did not know who was attacking them. Everything was going well for Silvia and her Cantabrian party until one year after the death of Chief Terasco, Silvia herself suffered a spectacular accidental fall in the mountains and had to remain in a hidden cave with her departure for a long time. But she was well cared for by all her men, and mainly by Yeraspa, a young Cantabrian with whom Silvia had fallen in love, and by another young fighter like her named Yara.

Yeraspa was a muscular young warrior, very agile and a good fighter. He had a good body.

Yara was a young woman who knew how to handle a sword, but the weapon was also light like its owner, as a blacksmith had made it especially for her. This was so, because the girl was skinny, with pointed hips and small tits. Looking at them it seemed that he could not hold a sword. That's why this weapon was for her. Yara was blonde with blue eyes.

Unfortunately, when he stayed for a time in that cave in the territory of the Basques, Yeraspa, something impatient attacked several Roman convoys, and then other attacks of various kinds in the same territory. Some of these Basques had already come into contact with Silvia's group and they knew who were attacking the Romans.

One day an important event occurred for the fate of Silvia's departure. Two Roman centuries had been sent to scour the area for clues from the bandits. They entered a Basque village, interrogated the locals, and believing that they were helping the Cantabrian rebels, they set the town on fire and massacred its inhabitants, leaving only less than a dozen to see them as slaves. Obviously that caused the Basques who knew Silvia's departure to denounce them to the Romans. They did not want to suffer their wrath.

to be continued....
The girl Silvia recovered from her wound, but when she did, all the Romans in the area of the Basques were already on the trail of her and her Cantabrian party. And so one bad day the inevitable happened. Silvia and her family were cornered in another cave in the mountains, and there they were captured by the Romans.

Silvia and Yara fought together like lionesses, killing seven Roman legionaries between the two of them, but in the end they prevailed and they were captured.

Yeraspa, the young warrior was also bowed down and captured.


Cayo Julio Orestes was the Roman general in charge of the Basque zone, and the capture of Silvia and her people had been carried out under her command. Now, Silvia's entire group was chained hand and foot before the gaze of Julio Orestes, who was a cruel, ruthless and sadistic man with the prisoners. He looked at the survivors of the game. They were Silvi herself, Yara, Yeraspa, and three other Cantabrian warriors.

The general ordered the last three warriors to be crucified without any regard, to the surprise of the rest of the prisoners. Later, he decided for the moment to preserve the life of young Yeraspa. He looked at the two girls carefully. They were both too skinny for her liking, and young Yara was skinnier than the other. As for Silvia, her lust increased by admiring her beauty. Although she was slim, her body was a wonder of harmony to behold. That was what was guessed under the tunic he wore.

All remaining armor had been removed from their clothes. Only the tunic covered that body that he imagined to enjoy little by little. But, he did not want to be impatient and would wait for the trial for rebelling against Rome to be completed. That would be in the next major city in the area: Pamplona. The city had been founded a few decades by Pompey in his fight against Fifth Sertorius. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sertorian_War

They would surely condemn the two girls to die on the cross, but Orestes had certain influences and he would manage to take them to Caesaragusta or Tarraco to be executed in front of a crowd in an amphitheater, but he would enjoy both during the trip to one of these cities. The two girls glared at General Julio Orestes fiercely, but especially Silvia. He knew her name thanks to the Basque informants who had spied on Silvia's departure. She had an insolent look, but he would remove that insolence with torture. He was convinced of it.

to be continued...
General Cayo looked at the young Silvia running through her body. She was looking at him defiantly. Suddenly, he grabbed her chin with one hand, squeezing slightly. She spat in his face.
-Paaff! The slap Orestes gave the young woman sounded, but she continued to look defiantly as she recovered from the blow.
-You are a haughty whore, but don't worry, because the Romans and I especially are experts in taking the insolence away from people like you, and if it's a woman even more! I don't know whether to take you along with the other prisoners to Pompilium (Pamplona) or Caesar Augusta (Zaragoza) so that you can be tried. Gigia (Gijón) is not so important and also surely you prefer this last whore; then you have to cross Cantabrian and Asturian lands. This option is therefore discarded. Ah, by the way bitch; your trip in any case will not be comfortable! The slap is nothing! A slight bruise of nothing, and also I have not hit you so hard!

Orestes released the girl's jaw and continued speaking:
"She assured you that you will not reach your destination unscathed, whore! I have decided not to torture you during the journey;" Well, it would delibit you a lot. But rest assured that I will take you whenever and however I want, and this is just what you will go through during the trip; Well, I do not want you very mistreated to the destination. We will give you a poor but nutritious meal, also with the aim that you are strong for what awaits you, when we arrive. ha ha ha! Gods, you too need a little more meat on your bones to make me like you that much more. And your friend's sow is skinnier than you even. Haven't you been eating well lately in the mountains? Hahaha!

to be continued....
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