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Cayo Julio Orestes had finally decided to start beating young Silvia with something she did not expect. He was going to torture young Yeraspa in front of the two girls. Orestes suspected that between Silvia and Yeraspa there was something more than friendship, as it really was.

For even him it was a shame to torture that strong young man; for he had the body to be a good gladiator, but he desperately needed to teach that young Silvia a lesson, who exasperated him with her defiant attitude.

Orestes had a special mania against women who challenged him, and this came from long ago, when he had participated in the Cantabrian wars, and a Celtic woman with a sword had wounded him in the arm and the right hip. The woman was struck down by several arrows, but the look of defiance on the woman's face was never forgotten by Orestes.

Thus, two days later after their capture, the girls Silvia and Yara were tied to two posts in the Roman camp. They then tied Yeraspa with his whole body stretched out between two X-shaped posts. The muscular young man was beaten harshly with long whips. The two girls they wept silently at this terrible spectacle. Silvia was crying, but her gaze became even more defiant and with hatred towards the Romans. Silvia had indeed begun to love Yeraspa, but she told herself that both she and Yeraspa would understand that they wanted to bend her through the young man, and therefore they were not going to make it easy for the Romans.
As for the other girl, Yara didn't say anything during the whipping of the young man.

While the young Yeraspa was being flogged, he addressed the two women asking them not to beg, nor to bow down to the Romans for him. So did the two girls, when after the whipping they began to mark his body with red-hot irons. But with the third torture the young Yara began to ask for mercy for the young man; Well, the unfortunate young woman was also secretly in love with Yeraspa, although it was not reciprocated, and if Silvia. The torture consisted of gradually bringing a red-hot sword to the sexual organs of the young Yeraspa.

The torture consisted of gradually bringing a red-hot sword to the sexual organs of the young Yeraspa.

The young woman was crying her eyes out, but she continued defiantly at the request of Yeraspa who, while he was being tortured, begged the girls not to bend. When Yara did, Yeraspa kept repeating the same to Silvia. Finally, Gaius Julio angrily ordered the young Yeraspa to be castrated and wounded at the navel with a sword. Then I order the two girls to be released from the posts. Yeraspa would be left there bleeding to death, because they were going to leave for Caesar Augusta immediately. The young Silbia screamed insults at the Romans amid a sea of tears at what she had witnessed. But that further determined the decision not to bow to the young woman.

to be continued....
Cayo Orestes had decided to break the determination of the warrior Silvia, and for that the other young Yara would serve, and of course the trip to Caesar Augusta was long.

The morning after leaving Yeraspa, when they stopped for something to eat,
undertaking the road to Caesar Augusta, Orestes ordered the two prisoners brought before him. Yara was forced to kneel on the ground and watch what was about to happen. Almost all the Roman legionaries had assembled there by order of the general.

Orestes looked at young Silvia standing defiantly before him. He ordered the soldiers to remove the chains from his wrists and ankles. Silvia didn't even think about trying a useless escape.

-Undress you rebel whore! -the general ordered the young woman, - Yes, you don't, we'll whip your skinny friend to death, and she won't last long if we use the pre-crucifixion ones!

Silvia doubted only a moment, but she did begin by removing the short tunic that now consisted of her only outfit.

"You are sons of bitches!" the girl said to her captors as she undressed.

Little by little the young Silvia was completely naked before her enemies. Everyone could admire a skinny body, but more harmonious and admirable than that of her friend Yara. To better define her, the girl should have more meat on her bones for Roman taste, but the body that now presented itself before their leering gazes could be considered as fibrous.


General Orestes looked at that naked body of a young woman. Despite the fact that he liked them more plump, he had to admit that this young woman had something that he liked. Most likely, she was excited by imagining that body full of torture marks. A pity for a brave and beautiful girl who had to pay to rebel, and not become a simple slave, if the circumstances had been different.


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Orestes gave the girl two light slaps, but continued with his challenging gaze. Suddenly he grabbed her right nipple and squeezed it. She grimaced in pain through clenched teeth, but no moan escaped her lips.

"These little boobs can't feed a very large progeny! You must have been thinking of having children with the boogeyman we left bleeding to death, eh, bitch?" Orestes said.

-Take her to my tent and tie her to the center post, and force her to spread her legs wide enough so that she can see her "hole" ha ha ha! ordered the general.

With her hands tied to the central pole of Orestes's tent, the girl was tied upright. Then they spread her legs and bent her knees back so that her wrists touched her hands. They also tied ropes to her knees and stretched these to two small posts driven into the ground on either side of the tent. In this way the young Silvia could not even try to close her legs. Her sex was brutally exposed.

Orestes entered the store with a most sinister smile. She approached young Silvia. She was raped.

All this was witnessed by the young Yara who had been tied like a bundle and left on the floor of Orestes's tent. Later, the soldiers released a young Silvia who insulted them all and remained in defiance despite the rape she had just suffered.

Yara was tied to the center post in the same way. Orestes raped her.

Afterwards, two girls were led tied their wrists ahead, outside the store. There the legionaries formed a circle around them. They pushed them hard for a long time, and since Silvia made some attempt to defend herself, they hit her three times in the belly. The two poor girls were also slapped all over the body, but Orestes had no intention of ordering that they use their fists just yet.

When they finished playing with them, the legionaries tied them in the same way that they had tied Yeraspa, forming X paths and with their legs spread. They were repeatedly raped by the heartless legionaries.

The next day Silvia and Yara were taken back to Orestes's store. They were raped.
Later they were tied as the previous day before the legionaries. They were raped.

A day later they were tied with their legs open to individual tree trunks. They were raped.
The next day the procedure changed. The girls were tied upside down in logs as round as possible, and their years were generously displayed before those Roman scoundrels. They were sodomized by Orestes and her soldiers.

to be continued...

Julia Yaroshenko is the chosen model in the story, although I will use various other photos and illustrations.



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Tied to two posts in the center of the Roman camp, the two girls suffered in silence in their total nakedness, their previously soft skins covered by scratches, bruises, blood from their rapes and covered by the male semen of their torturers. But while Silvia maintained her defiant attitude, poor Yara had surrendered to her executioners.
Silvia, although defiant, wondered alone chained to the post, the reasons for her misfortune. Her entire body ached from the mistreatment.

Her boyfriend had been left bleeding to death, and they had been repeatedly raped, beaten and sodomized.
Silvia looked at Yara chained and crying by her side. The poor thing was too thin. Silvia knew that the Romans were more benevolent towards female prisoners, but they were not going to be condemned to slavery; for they had killed Roman soldiers, and they were also women, therefore the Romans would make them suffer greatly before killing them. But Silvia was willing to die with her head held high.

Silvía was dozing chained to the post around two in the morning, when someone approached the brave warrior's post. She was a young legionnaire, probably one of the Roman recruits in the camp.

Possibly he was also coming to take his share of the "loot," but he was immediately intrigued; then the young man was carrying in his hands a large container full of fabrics submerged in water. The young man placed the container near the post, then brought another container that could fit in one hand. From the container or bowl a strange smell was released.

Being chained, she could not prevent the recruit boy from approaching her with one of the cloths soaked in water. He began to wash her body by cleaning dirt and semen from her body.
The boy did not clean Silvia in a rough and brutal way, but he did it with delicacy. That surprised Silvia. Afterwards, he extracted from the small bowl a kind of ointment made with some herb and covered the bruises and small wounds with the ointment.

Then the boy did the same with young Yara. When finished, the young legionary returned to Silvia and said:
-Don't ask me the reasons for what I just did, I'm just not like most of the camp. And the most likely thing is that you will be sentenced to death, but I think that you have been a worthy rival of Rome and at least you deserve to be a slave and live, but not death! I do not hide, besides that he admired your bravery and arrogance, and of course your beauty, and that is why he now tried to reduce the damage that my companions have done on your fantastic body! Besides ......!
-But what are you doing recruit ?. They have to arrive at Caesar Augusta full of semen, dirty, rape marks and bruises, and be walked through the streets of the city like that! That's not funny! Gaius Orestes interrupted, emerging gracefully from his tent, not far from the two posts.
"Guards, let go of the skinny girl from the post and put this stupid recruit facing the wood in her place, and give her a dozen batons as punishment for her stupidity!" Orestes ordered angrily.

When Silvia heard the blows of the canes on the boy's back, she couldn't help thinking that even though he was an enemy, he had tried to alleviate them in his captivity. She hadn't been mean to them. The boy impressed her despite herself. During the punishment she emitted only a few moans at each blow.
Cayo Orestes ordered Yara to be chained to the post again. Then the general stepped in front of Silvia. She looked at him defiantly.
-Because of the imbecile recruit, you two are going to have a bad time again. I said I want to see you enter Caesar Augusta full of semen and dirt!

They would arrive at Caesar Augusta the next afternoon, so as soon as they got up the next day, the two girls were raped and sodomized. Orestes was the first to rape and sodomize Silvia. Yara just let those scoundrels play. She was totally dominated and submissive. But Silvia still left some scratches on a couple of those rapists. One of them Orestes. And for them the scoundrel beat her repeatedly with his fists.

When the group of legionaries had finished enjoying themselves with the poor girls, they were not immediately re-chained. They watched them for a few long minutes, as they crawled on the floor exhausted full of dirt, beaten, raped and full of semen.


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The brave Silvia finally dropped to the ground from exhaustion from what she had suffered. As for Yara, her gaze was one of utter indifference to what had been done to her again. Her gaze was serious and serene at the same time. She seemed to accept that cruel fate.

Orestes looked at the limp Silvia with pleasure. He gave her a light kick on the hip to see if she had lost consciousness, but she wasn't. She raised her head slightly and looked at him with hatred, weariness and tears. He couldn't help but admire her courage, despite what they had done to her. Then he ordered the legionaries to chain the two girls to the back of a cart, and thus they would walk to Caesar Augusta. He also ordered to attend to some important blows on the girls' bodies, and the cuts, but the rest did not have to be touched. The recruit who attended the first gang rape was again designated for it, although the poor man's back ached from the blows of his punishment. But he was a strong boy.

However, things were not going to turn out well for Cayo Julio Orestes. He wanted to get to the future Zaragoza with the two semi-dragged girls, dirty, with traces of semen and signs of rape and beatings; Then, when they had already traveled a couple of hours, the procession ran into the Roman governor of Zaragoza in the opposite direction, who was going in the opposite direction on a mission to Pamplona.

to be continued....


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Gaius Julio Orestes cursed himself to himself. For some reason, Governor Marco Belio Graco had delayed his trip to Pamplona. The day before he had sent a messenger to Zaragoza to make sure that the governor had already left for Pamplona, but he had not been.
What Orestes did not know was that the messenger had been captured by Governor Marco, and he had bribed him with a good bag of sexterces, so that he would inform Orestes badly. He had told him that the governor had already left for Pamplona, and that he had left through another door in the city with the excuse of visiting the villa of a friend close to the city. None of this was true. In addition, Orestes's obsession with captives had prevented him from noticing that the same messenger had fled from Orestes' camp as soon as he gave the false message.
Orestes could not bear the governor, and the governor did not like Orestes either. The reason for such rivalry came from long ago, when they were in love with the same woman. In the end the woman chose Marco, but seven years later the woman died of fever. But Orestes did not forgive Marco those few years of happiness that he did not have. And in turn Marco did not forgive Orestes for being the one who had deflowered his first. Since then, whenever they had seen each other, one tried to bust the other's plans.
Marco had learned of the capture of the Cantabrian rebels thanks to the traitorous messenger and had arranged to go out to meet Orestes to verify what that messenger had told about two captive girls. The trip to Pamplona was not so important, not to delay two or three more days. For this I notify Pamplona with another messenger.

Marco Graco thus reached the level of the procession of Cayo Oretes, greeted the latter in a mocking tone, and immediately set his eyes on the two captive girls.
I despise Yara right away, although I do consider her pretty despite the mistreatment she suffered. But evidently young Silvia attracted her attention more. I was like Yara totally naked with chains on her feet and wrists. A chain started from the wrists to connect to the back of a car, and also connected it to Yara who was walking behind her.
The girl looked at him with hatred and fierceness, despite the fact that he had suffered mistreatment by Orestes and his family. She was slim, rather skinny, but her body was wiry.
Those girls were already doomed beforehand; for the rebellion against Rome was paid for with death, but Marco also intended to enjoy the girl named Silvia before killing her. Besides, if Orestes brought her into the city like that, no matter how much he announced the capture of the girls, in time, in the short term, that would soon be forgotten.
However, if he now fixed the girl named Silvia well, he would place her well chained or tied in a cart, something striking, and totally naked, or with something that attracts attention; Orestes knew that this would be remembered for much longer.
Orestes had also noticed the pride and bravery of the young Sílvia and she had to be totally subdued and humiliated before being executed.
In the past, he had already fought against the Cantabrians and had been able to verify in some cases that Celtic warrior women, when they were exhibited naked in the slave markets, or gladiators, or in the slave caravans, sometimes sinned show their desirable bodies to men, so that they will admire their curves and attributes. And not only that, but he had been able to verify that even many of these girls, already slaves, competed among themselves for these reasons. But this was the case on some occasions, since the largest part of Cantabrian or Celtic women, once they were reduced to slavery, lost all their pride or courage. Especially when they had already been raped and mistreated for the first time.

Marco Graco showed his face with a sadistic smile at the thought of what had occurred to him.
First, I would show Silvia clearly visible to the people of Zaragoza. If his plan worked, the young woman would show all her dignity and pride of which she would be capable, and Marco Graco himself would take it from her in the dungeons. Later, she would be paraded again, this time in her new “look” and in a humiliating position through the streets. Then came the execution.

to be continued....
Everything happened as Marco had expected. Silvia was placed standing chained in a four-wheeled cart with Yara kneeling at her feet, but she had neither been healed nor cleaned. Two legionaries with drums marched in front of and behind the chariot.

Silvia was quite a show in the streets of Zaragoza. The naked girl was the new attraction. But just as Marco had predicted, the girl quickly went from the anger of seeing herself exposed before people, to being aware, suddenly, that her naked body was admired by those lewd men of the city who watched. The women just looked away. But not all did. Others insulted her, others felt that that naked and chained girl appeared to be a great dignity, and they wondered if she was a woman. A brave woman, who the Roman and Romanized women were subject to a world totally controlled by men. This woman was giving them back something of what it meant to be a female. This rebellious girl had been raised totally free of all this. However, Silvía also produced the effect of causing envy and other women began to hate her. But they hated her for the same reason the other women admired her.

Marco Graco smiled malevolently seeing the young woman standing haughtily on top of the car. He thought all of that would disappear, after a whole day he was going to spend with her in the dungeons. But first she would go through his chambers. He wanted to possess her first without torture marks for his personal pleasure. All this happened the next day.

When the parade ended the girls were taken separately to cells in the dungeons.

to be continued...
Once in the dungeons, they chained young Silvia to the wall. The somewhat loose ankle chains allowed some movement, but instead, her wrists were chained to two rings, so that her arms were raised above her head. It was about the girl not being comfortable.

Marco Graco and Orestes once admired the body of the young woman. Although rivals, both agreed not to execute the young woman by crucifixion, but they knew that she had to be exemplary and also durable. And first they had to break the girl.

Marco Graco advanced to the chained young woman, and put a small horse whip under her chin. He forced her to look up at him.
-Your look is still fierce girl, but tomorrow we will fix that, ha ha ha!
-Go to hell miserable Romans! -replied the young woman.

Meanwhile, the young Yara was put in another cell somewhat further away than Silvia's. They did not put them near, so that the young women felt the loneliness in which they were and that nobody was probably going to help them.

Orestes, very suspicious of his superior, exchanged a few words with Marco:
-It seems that tomorrow sir you will be busy with the brave young woman. Am I to understand, sir, that the skinny young woman will then be at my disposal?
Marco caught a certain reproachful tone in his rival. With the question Orestes also showed that he wanted the young Silvia for himself again the next day, when Orestes himself had already enjoyed her during the trip. But Marco wasn't going to let him. He would have to settle for the skinny blonde.

"You can dispose of the other girl as you please tomorrow Orestes, but the defiant girl is for me! Don't be too rough with the blonde, because she's too skinny and I couldn't give you too much satisfaction ho ho ho." And if you mistreat her too much, she will not give a worthy show on the cross. I have decided that the young blonde will serve the sentence for all rebels. She will be crucified, and the brave whore will witness her death. heh heh heh! Marco said with his sadistic smile.

With these words he gave a hard blow to his rival Orestes; Well, it was Marco who had decided Yara's fate and surely Silvia's. Orestes could only give himself the satisfaction of applying torture to one of the young women, and even he had not been the one to decide the fate of one of the two girls. Everything had been decided by Marco.
Orestes gritted his teeth in anger, but did not reply to Marco.


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Chained in the dungeon, Silvia received a visit from the Legionnaire recruit who had treated her bruises and scratches during the trip. The young man had orders to wash her and attend again to the ravages of so many violations that Silvia had suffered.
The young man was named Antonio Lucio Tulio and he had only joined the legion for a few months.
Silvia didn't say a word while the young man washed her and put a kind of ointment on scratches and bruises. From time to time the young man complained slightly about his back, since he had been beaten with sticks for doing what he had permission to do at the time. Serve the young woman and provide a good dinner for the girl.
Silvia sensed that this good dinner was due to the fact that they wanted her to be strong for the next day, when she would probably be tortured to death. She felt a chill at the thought. Also, I still did not know how they were going to execute it and what it was going to consist of.
Suddenly, young Lucio took out a small ceramic jar from inside her robe and said to the young woman:
-This is a fast acting poison. It doesn't matter how I did it, but all you have to know is that death comes soon and sweetly. Little by little you sleep and you don't wake up again. I suggest this solution because I liked you from the moment I saw you, even though you are an enemy and have killed Romans. But your body, courage and courage have attracted me, and also your beauty. Please, I recommend that you accept the poison; otherwise you will be terribly tortured to death. But dying will take time to do it, and now I can assure you that it will hurt to see what they do to you. Really.
Silvia, who had seen the delicacy with which the young man treated her in washing and curing her and even feeding her, replied:
"I told you the first time that I didn't want anything from any Roman, and not even from one like you!" But this time it even pains me to admit that you've been good to me. I'm not afraid of dying boy. I have lost everything in a few days, and I know I have no chance of escape. I don't care how I'm going to die. I only know that I will try to die with dignity and honor. They won't break me that easy. So I reject your poison boy!
"I can't believe you reject it, but I recommend that you accept it again! You won't be able to take too long;" Well, you do not know well the torture to which you can be subjected, and rest assured that you will break that temper of yours that you have and you believe that it will not fail you. Accept the poison and die with dignity and pride intact, and do not die sobbing, whining, begging for mercy and even to be killed quickly, which you will not get!
Silvia looked carefully at the young Roman, and could see that he had probably fallen in love with her. Love could have that quirk. A girl whom he had only known a few days ago, and who had already seen her suffer rapes, beatings and scratches.

to be continued...
Silvía, however, weighed the option that the young man gave her, and suddenly thinking about the boy's words, she allowed herself to ask him a question: -If I agree to take the poison, will you agree to add three ingredients to the concoction that I will ask for? The young man, surprised by that question, did not answer at first, but then he replied: -And the reason for this request is because it tastes bad? It does not matter much, because it is about dying quickly. -It is simply that my people do not like it, going to the other world with bad tastes in the belly, and an ancient custom of eons. -answered the girl hiding the lie that had just left his lips. Silvia had recognized by the smell that the concoction gave off. Among the Celts it was also used, and she had been somewhat instructed in certain medicinal and natural matters by a druid of her people. And so she also knew that by adding three ingredients that she knew, the poison no longer killed, but produced incredible pain resistance effects. The whole body from which he dared to drink the brew would remain almost insensitive to much pain for at least twelve hours. Silvia had made up her mind that they would not break it and it seemed that her goal would be accomplished.

The young Roman recruit looked closely at the captive. The condemned woman was beautiful and dashing, and highly desirable, despite the abuse she had been subjected to.

Antonio Lucio agreed to the girl's request, but not before he had another option to die quickly, and it was a matter of pretending a flight in which evidently she would receive a quick and mortal wound, and supplied with a sword or dagger made by the young man himself . Silvia totally rejected this proposal. She opted for poison. She would take it with the new ingredients, young Antonio would leave the cell, but he would not find out that he had not died until the next day when he was presented again before his torturers.

The only thing she regretted with deep bitterness and sadness is that first she would have to see how her companion of fatigue and friend Yara was going to be tortured and then executed in front of her. Orestss's pig had informed Silvia of this before putting her in the cell, and even before that she would be taken to Marco's rooms, where he would rape her in every possible way. It is just in these moments that Silvia saw Antonio Lucio leave the cell to get the ingredients that she had asked for. "Wait boy! I've agreed to take the poison and I to take it, but I'm still going to ask you for a favor that you might like! I've seen how you look at me, and I know you like me." And that's why I ask you to make love to me boy. Because I know that you will not mistreat me savagely, and that love will do it as young as you are! Do not worry, because unfortunately I am an expert in loving arts against my will; But this time we will make love with great pleasure! I want to take one last memory of a clean love in my body before being dirty again by savages! The young Antonio, surprised by that, agreed almost without replying to the young Silvia's wishes. S They loved each other intensely and sweetly for a long time, and then the young man left the cell to fulfill the assignment.


What neither Antonio Lucio nor Silvia had taken into account was that that cell was in a subway and only a small window at ground level above gave some light to the room, next to the small window in the door. of the cell where the torches of the corridors were seen. That little window on the upper floor of the upper cells, (since those dungeons had several levels of cells), was enough for the jailer and executioner, a Libyan freedman, who at the time that Silvia and Antonio talked and loved each other He was half asleep a drunkenness upstairs. The executioner could only hear something about a concoction that did something indeterminate to give the chicha and the moans of pleasure of both. But the executioner continued to doze. When Antonio Lucio returned to the cell, it was already very early in the morning. And the reason for his delay is that he had not been able to find those three ingredients that Silvia asked him for. Only two had the young man been able to find in the entire city. Silvía did not risk taking it. She only took a couple of sips and nothing happened. Thus then she would go to fulfill her destiny with all the strength, courage and dignity of which she would be capable and would resist as long as possible.

to be continued....
When the birds sang announcing the arrival of the new day, the guards went to look for the two girls. To Yara to have a little fun with her before spanking and crucifying her. And Silvia to take her to Marco Graco's rooms. Silvia's chains were removed, replaced by ropes, her hands tied in front of her. Then she was dressed in a long worn one-piece tunic; then Graco wanted to undress the young woman himself, and pulling her rope they presented her to Graco. Marco Graco saw the girl and noticed again the fierce and defiant look of her on her face. A pity that this haughtiness ended before the end of the day.

As he looked at the girl, Silvia noticed that she had been taken to the Roman's rooms, and that he had left his armor on a stool next to the bunk where the Roman slept. And in that armor a dagger was sticking out. She must seize the opportunity that her fate offered her, although she had little hope of escaping from there. But she had to try; despite the slim possibilities!

Everything happened very quickly. Marco Graco ordered the two guards who accompanied Silvia to untie her and tie her back with her wrists to the back of the bunk and her legs fully open to the underside of it, but when she had her hands untied, Silvia gave a hard kick in the crotch to Graco. At the same time, an elbow to the belly of a guard gave the girl enough time to run and grab the dagger in the Roman officer's armor. The other surprised Roman guard did not react in time. He received a brutal stab in the belly.

to be continued...
But there the young woman's attempted escape ended, as the Roman Marco Graco had quickly recovered, since he was a soldier hardened in many combats. He quickly fell on top of the girl and pinned her to the ground. She didn't stand a chance, and besides, he took the dagger from her in a jiffy with a blow to her wrist. But not before Silvia managed to slightly wound him in the abdomen, but her cut was not deep. More Romans quickly entered the room and began to beat the young woman, but Marco Graco stopped them by raising his voice: "Stay still, don't touch her! She will receive additional punishment for this escape attempt! Now immobilize her on the ground with her whole body stretched out from her! I will take her as many times as she wants as she planned!" The soldiers did so and tied up in this way, the young Silvia was repeatedly raped by Marco Graco. After her, Orestes and the Libyan freedman who would be her executioner enjoyed her.

Then Marco Graco sent her to be chained to a strange chair. They chained their wrists to the back of the chair. They tied her feet together and slipped them under the backrest, knees raised. But where she put her ass, little sharp points stuck up. The tips hurt her ass, leaving little bloody streaks, but she barely complained about the torture, she continued to look defiantly at her captors.


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The young Silvia was heavily guarded to the place where a farce was to be held against the girl named Yara. Thus, they tied Silvia to a post so that she could see what was going to happen to her friend. While Silvía attempted her failed escape, her friend Yara had also suffered at the hands of her Roman captors. Her soldiers had enjoyed her on other occasions, they had beaten her, they had made fun of her skinny body and they had applied some torture.

Yara was now chained to a ceiling board that held her arms apart. Yara was now chained to a ceiling board that held her arms apart. But it hadn't always been this way, since she was taken to that dungeon. First, they had suspended her from a hook on the wall with her arms together, and then they had spread her legs with ropes. She was repeatedly raped by soldiers who had not enjoyed her on the trip there.


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The young Yara was presented to a group of rich landowners, who were the ones who were to decide her destiny, already marked in advance. But Marco Graco had decided that way, because in reality he wanted the bound Silvia to contemplate everything. And that's how, after the landowners enjoyed insulting the skinny girl.

The farce of trial began immediately after, and at the end of it, as expected, Yara was condemned to die crucified. But as before they had to whip her previously. And again they made fun of Yara saying that she might not take even a dozen lashes because of her thinness. And at this point they discussed with what kind of whip they were going to whip her, so that she would have enough life for the young woman to dance on her cross.

"This bitch is very skinny! This bony woman won't take ten hits with the" scorpion ", because I think she'll die sooner! exclaimed one of the landowners. However she has to be spanked and of course seeing her blood is our wish! replied another. They finally decided to whip her with the hacienda whips used to punish the rebellious slaves. And there were from one to many queues. These whips and flagella began by marking the body of the victim with strong welts, and after receiving more lashes in the same places, little by little, these stripes ended up cutting the skin and bloody cuts appeared.

Slowly, Yara was approached to the post where they were going to whip her. She there she was tied with her hands above her head to some rings at the top of the post. Her body seemed to hug the wood. Yara's gaze was still serene, but already lost or surrendered to her terrible fate.

Graco told himself that even though young Yara had pointed hips, she was beautiful. Perhaps with a proper diet she was much more desirable and in the slave market they would have paid well for her, but she had killed Roman soldiers and was a rebel, and for that, she had to die crucified.


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However, Marco Graco would not let Yara stop trying the Roman scourge, and thus ordered that the young woman be lashed at least twice with it. It would be like something symbolic to make clear that in reality the condemned prisoner should have been flogged with the Roman scourge. Marco also wanted Silvia to see the damage that this scourge caused on her friend and Silvia would already see herself with those brutal wounds. The executioner approached the young Yara tied to the whipping post. He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to look up at the sky. The executioner struck out on the path of the blue sky. -I am not going to enjoy much with you girl, nor will the public; Well, the safest thing is that during the spanking you will faint shortly after starting, and I don't know if giving you the concoction so that you can hold out a little longer will do! said the executioner.

The brutal man released the girl's hair and now placed it on her skinny right hip. -You are skinny bitch, and because of that you will pass out soon, and give little satisfaction to your body writhing under the whip, ha ha ha! -added the executioner.

The first two lashes were to be with the Roman scourge. The executioner shook the scourge for a moment before beginning.
The brutal blow came wild through Yara's shoulder blades. Six tremendous bloody lines were drawn on the young woman's back, and also the pieces of bone and hooks brutally injured her skin and caused her blood to gush out, leaping drops around the pole. Yara screamed in an inhuman way. She silvía helplessly assist the brutal punishment of her friend. The second lash also scarred Yara's skinny back horribly. More blood spurted out around her. A few drops even fell on the executioner's cheeks. Later he switched to another long whip similar to those used to punish rebellious slaves.
Silvia, looking with horror at the terrible marks of the two blows of the Roman scourge on her friend's back, shuddered. She would surely try that instrument of torture too. The first blow with the long slave whip drew a scarlet line from young Yara's right shoulder across her entire back and ending the tip of her on her left hip. A reddish line appeared in the brutal signal, but no blood flowed yet, but a new whip in the same place, or another whip that crossed the first one, would cause drops of blood to flow. Wherever the lashes crossed, they were sensitive spots on already battered skin. The executioner smiled sadly when he saw that the second lash made the tail of the whip encompass the entire body of the girl, and even she curled a little before falling to the ground. The executioner was the first time that he spanked such a thin girl. And for that reason he did not put all the energy into the blows, because she had to arrive alive to be crucified.

Silvía saw the mark left by the third lash that the executioner gave; for the tip of her whip had hit her right tit. There her skin was thinner and a bleeding cut appeared across even the young woman's nipple. It was awful.

After another five lashes the girl could not hold out any longer without fainting. But that was planned, a bucket of cold water on her head was awakened. The torture continued. The whip landed three more times on her tortured back, and then Graco ordered to stop for a few moments. Graco decided so, because the young woman she had endured a little longer without losing sense, even with the added lashes of the Roman scourge. He did not expect that a girl with such a thin constitution would endure so much. Normally she would have passed out after the first or second lash with the long whip.

Graco approached the young Yara, who was still conscious after the last blows, grabbed her hair. She looked at her long, tearful face. That girl had deserved that little break. She could not help but be astonished, that even in that state, the girl could make a gesture of a certain hatred towards him with the look of her eyes.
The spanking continued until twenty-five lashes. Poor Yara went from the initial screaming to little by little moaning, and finally to just slight shudders. But when she finished receiving the lashes, the girl was still alive. And because of her thinness all the lashes had engulfed the girl's skinny body. The marks, like terrible bleeding ornaments covered Yara's body. Unleashed, the girl fell limp to the ground. Between two soldiers they picked her up again and gave her a bad-tasting concoction to drink. A kind of restorative to endure what she awaited. The final torture in which she would die:
Death on the cross.
But Graco had decided that he would not carry the heavy patibulum on his men due to Yara's thinness. However, if they placed a much lighter one on her bony shoulders, it was almost practically a stick, and they tied her wrists to the ends of it. Thus, even if it were symbolically, the girl would walk towards her final torture.

Graco and Orestes watched the girl walk slowly toward her death. They also looked from time to time at the bound Silvia, who attended the torture and execution of her friend. -We have enjoyed these two Graco girls- said Orestes- and the legionaries too. And although the skinny one does not matter to me, I recognize that she is beautiful. She would have been an important sex slave with proper nutrition, and it seems incredible that she was a warrior and killed Roman soldiers. And as for the other girl we should not rush to execute her. And I say it because of her attempt to escape and she also hurt you.
"True, Orestes, and she assured you that after her friend, her skinny one, has given her last breath, the whore will continue to pay for what she did to me in the dungeons with the instruments of torture!" Graco added.
"And won't I be able to dispose of it too, Graco?" I was the one who captured the two girls after all. Orestes said suspiciously, looking at Graco. This revealed that between the two of them, they did not get along very well.
"I don't know if that will be possible, after what he did to me! Maybe I'll lend you the girl just before the execution!" Graco exclaimed.
Shortly before, while poor Yara was being dragged to place the "patibulum" on her shoulders, Silvia glared at what the whips had done to her friend; and she saw that it looked as if they had drawn red lines of blood and red in whimsical shapes.

Silvia was untied from the post and later chained hand and foot was guarded between four sturdy legionaries. They followed Yara who carried the symbolic patibulum on his shoulders. They continued little by little until they emerged on the outskirts of the city. There they came to a place where there were several tall posts driven into the ground. They quickly tied Silvia to one to force her to witness Yara's execution. The Romans wasted no time. They removed the symbolic patibulum from her shoulders, and knocked her to the ground, where they extended her arms over the true one that would form her cross.

Yara's screams as her wrists were pierced by her nails were eerie. She then she was screaming while they hoisted her up and placed her body in her position. She passed out from so much pain, and she suddenly woke up again, when they nailed her feet.

Silvia was horrified at all this. Yara was crucified at last. Yara made the tremendous breathing efforts of the victims of all crucifixions. Skinny, and weakened by her rapes and whipping, the girl would not last long on the cross. Everyone knew that, and that's why the soldiers and many spectators began to bet on how long it would take for Yara to die. Silvía was disgusted by all that. And on her side, Graco hinted to Silvia that the longer the skinny blonde took to die, the longer it would take for the first part of Silvia's own ordeal to begin.
After two and a half hours, and little more, the young Yara had four violent extertors, her body trembled slightly and she was finally still. Yara had died. The poor thing hadn't held out long.


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