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"Dogs, Roman bastards! You have no honor!" cried the young Silvia, seeing her friend expire. "Hush, you barbarian whore! Now we will start with you, but I'm not in a hurry, and your torture will be much more durable, and that girl I can assure you!" Graco replied, approaching the young captive, who was once again chained and guarded by the guards.

Yara's execution had not had much public, despite the fact that the victim was a girl, and possibly that people had not given much importance to Yara, when she and Silvia entered as prisoners. But if they had done it with Silvia; for she entered the city drawing her attention that made her proud and brave of her, and her furious glances. And bearing of a great fighting lady. For this reason, Graco had decided to give more publicity to Silvia's punishment through messengers who spread the news, that in the forum square the warrior who had dared to defy Rome, would be scourged to her death.

note: Sorry for the short summary of Yara's crucifixion, but the story focuses on Silvia's punishment.


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Silvia was chained back to her cell, and while a good handful of messengers out loud proclaimed to the four winds, and throughout the city of Cesaraugusta, that a dangerous bandit and rebel leader of the Cantabrian tribes was going to be executed in the forum square at the beginning of the afternoon.
During the hours she spent in her cell until she was taken out to serve her sentence, Silvia suffered Graco's revenge for hurting him.
The legionnaires rubbed her cunt with branches of rose thorns. She screamed during the torture, but still continued to insult her torturers, and when that was over she continued in her defiant attitude, although everything in her reflected the pain she suffered. She also she was very covered with male semen; she, since she had previously been savagely raped by Graco, Orestes, the executioner and a score of legionaries.

Totally exhausted, full of semen, bruises, but with a glare of fury towards her tormentors, the girl was an expectation that some could not help but masturbate right there, among them Graco and Orestes.
Graco told himself that he was going to be very sorry that this girl died. He would have preferred to make her her slave to torture her from time to time. He had never been aroused by watching a young woman get abused. But she was a legionnaire killer and a rebel and she had to be executed, but she would die giving everyone a great show.


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Chained again in her cell, after the abuse suffered, Silvía awaited the arrival of the hour of her torture and final death. Graco waited beside her. Orestes had gone to the place of her execution, and also commanded the troops who were to maintain order during the torture of the girl.
Graco gripped Silvia's chin tightly and forced her to look into his face. She tried to spit at him again, but her mouth was dry. He laughed.
He then added: "Rebel bitch! You won't be alive the next day, but I want you to know, that despite what you did to me, I still admire your determination! We haven't managed to break you yet, but you will, and that I can assure you!" Now I'll tell you what's going to happen to you, bitch! -First we will whip you twenty times with belts, then we will do the same with horse whips, then you will be flogged with a long whip a number of blows that I consider, and finally the flagelum will destroy your skin and tear it. We'll whip you with the flagelum until you've stopped breathing, bitch! Graco added.
Young Silvia was not washed this time, and therefore she was going to torture all dirty, full of semen, bruises and scratches. Traces of the brutal mistreatment of a young and pretty captive at the hands of ruthless Roman soldiers.

Sivia was heavily guarded even an old car. They brought it up to him. There she tied ropes to both of her arms, below her chained wrists, and those ropes tied in turn to the wooden sides of the cart. Her feet were also secured.

While they raised and tied her, Silvia thought long and hard about her misfortune. Her life for a few days was hell. She had lost her crush, her friends, and now she was on her way to losing her own life. She also she had missed the times when she had been raped, beaten and mistreated by the rogue Romans. But still, and knowing what she was waiting for, the girl she decided to resist what her strength allowed her. She was a warrior and she would not bow so easily. She showed an attitude worthy of her when they finished tying her up in the cart.

In addition, and shortly before getting her into the car, she could not prevent them from putting an iron ring around her neck with another chain that was attached to those of her wrists. The Romans witnessed all of her making fun of her, and bragging about how much fun they had had of her fucking and sodomizing her. They had also forced her, by blows, to suck some Roman poyas, and among them those of Graco, Orestes and the executioner.
She looked at all those bastard Romans, when the chariot was already moving towards her destination. She looked at Graco and Orestes, who on her horses accompanied the short journey of the procession. She kept her glare from him.
Graco moved to the side of the cart, stretched out her muscular arm, and gave the chain around the girl's neck a tug. The chain tightened. She groaned at the pressure on her neck, but she didn't cry out. She made an effort not to. Graco laughed. He liked that attitude of the girl and was going to enjoy her breaking it.

When they reached the forum square where Silvia's execution would take place, she was untied from the car and abruptly lowered from it. When she stepped on the ground, she stumbled through her limbs numb from her chains, and she fell to the ground. One of her guardian legionaries wasted no time kicking her and pulling the chain around her neck.


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The reaction of the Roman populace to those events had been that of people, to whom the propaganda spread earlier warned that that girl named Silvia was an enemy, who was an attempt against the peace established by Rome. A peace, that if it was broken, not only the Roman citizens and settlers would be harmed, but also the already Romanized population, and also detrimental to the slaves; since they could tempt their luck and rebel and many of them would pay the reprisals. So that; for these reasons, poor Silvia was booed and insulted during the short journey to the Roman forum square. However, if a group of people did not raise their voices from her, not giving an opinion if that mattered to them or not, and another group of people silently expressed their disagreement by looking away or shedding the occasional tear. Those were recently made slaves, both during the Cantabrian Wars, as well as other conflicts.

"Look at the rebel whore! She's full of men's fluid! The legionnaires have had a great time!" cried the people.
In the middle of the forum plaza the legionaries had erected a wooden platform. In the middle of it was a large horizontal pole ending in a vertical one. The latter ended in an iron ring, through which a very thick rope passed through the eyelet. Silvia was brutally placed under the pendant rope, and her wrists were quickly tied with it. Silvia was tied so tightly by her wrists that her hands took on a violet tone. The executioner gave the rope twice so hard that the brave girl moaned loudly; she then she felt her thin arms and her entire body tighten so brutally that her pain was totally unprepared and stabbing. Another strong jerk lifted Silvia off the ground. The rear of her did not touch the wood of the platform, and swayed briefly in the air. Her mob laughed.

All could admire that slim body, almost skinny rocking like a pendulum.
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Men savored every detail of that female body placed before them. They lasciviously savored every bruise, blows and mistreatment on the girl's naked body. For their part, women also looked at the naked woman in public. They saw her serene and furious look, despite her mistreatment, and they realized that she was a warrior woman. She was a Celtic woman, and that they, the Romans, envied her freedom and independence within her people. Something that they, the Romans would never have. That is why they began to envy the girl, and to hate her courage and bravery, but it was that they could not obtain what the warrior had before being captured.

The executioner approached the girl's back armed with a hardened leather strap, while Orestes unfolded a scroll and read aloud the sentence that was to be applied to young Silvia:
- "This young woman is a Celtic woman who has rebelled against Rome, and has killed Roman legionaries, and therefore is condemned to die scourged, but first she will feel various types of whips on her flesh, before applying the definitive , which will be the flagelum! The Executioner will begin the punishment with the leash! "
Orestes ordered the executioner to begin sentencing Silvia. The executioner struck hard against the girl's ass, she was startled, and shook her legs, but she did not scream, since she had concentrated and prepared for it
-I won't scream, I won't scream, I won't scream! she-she was repeating herself gritting her teeth and tensing her body in an effort to hold the pain. Other blows came with the rhythm set by the executioner to add a total of ten. Afterwards, Orestes paused in punishment look at the young woman. She already had the pinkish-purple welts from the marks on the strap, and her eyes, although they expressed suffering, remained serene. She looked at him calm and brave. Orestes and everyone could admire the welts that were already running down her back. Orestes smiled wickedly; then the next ten blows were to be applied to the front of the young woman's body.


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Orestes and Graco admired the girl's courage. She barely complained about the belts they gave her, and also insulted from time to time all those who were watching her punishment and execution. "You wretches! You Roman scoundrels! All of you go to the underworld!" the girl screamed between blows.

Graco and Orestes had not been able to wait any longer to see that barbarian be executed in that way. They would have preferred the amphitheater of the city, with a greater number of people; but it would have taken a few more days to prepare the show, accompanied in addition to gladiator fights and other spectacles.

When they finally finished whipping her with the belts, the executioner stepped in front of her and showed her a long whip made of hippopotamus leather. They were going to spank her with it. And she knew that that whip did much more damage than the straps, Orestes and Graco would also take turns whipping her with this whip; Well, they had already done it with the straps.

The executioner approached the suspended girl and placing the whip on the young woman's skin was gently sliding the leather down the girl's back.
"You fucking feel the chill of the leather of this whip? Never before has this whip" caressed "the body of a woman! Now is the time! said the executioner.
At the same time he caressed the front part of her body with the whip. When the executioner slowly slid the whip across her small breasts, she flinched slightly, but several more insults escaped her lips:
"You are a coward! I am not afraid, Roman! You are the son of a hyena!"
It was Orestes who replied to the girl's insults:
-I admire your courage, bitch, but this whip will draw blood and your skinny body, they will no longer be welts from straps, and also in the event that we let you live, the marks are already lasting for life, but it will not be like that !

The executioner was going to be the first to whip her. He placed himself behind the young woman prepared to give the first lash, but the very scoundrel first gave a strong lash against the ground to increase the suspense and terror in the victim as he did not know if the next blow would be against her or the same as the previous one. . Silvia tensed her body, ready to receive the first lash. But again the executioner smashed him to the ground. The executioner and everyone laughed when they saw the tension of the young woman's body before a lash that did not come this time either.
The executioner drew back his arm again and struck again; and this time the whip hit Silvia's back. When a line of blood was drawn from the girl's left shoulder to her right hip, she flailed in combustion, and made a tremendous effort not to scream.
My partner Silvia urges me to continue the story; she because she already wants to see herself screaming like a ripped woman under the hippopotamus leather whip and bleeding from the cuts, but I told her that everything will come in due time for her, and that patience is a virtue!

And meanwhile you can play with your imagination with these images that I am going to hang! Imagine the wonderful body of Julia Yaroshenko full of blow marks, and sewn with lashes! Gods how this model makes me!


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"Executioner, the whore knows the pain of the long whip, now I want you to go on to whip her with a horse whip! Have you not remembered that I promised to whip her with four types of lashes?" exclaimed Orestes.
-Nerd. We want to see her blood now. Watching her flail and scream in pain. Spank her with the flagelum! demanded the impatient crowd.
-Everything to hers because of her time her people, well if we finish with her soon, you will not enjoy as you say her gestures, her movements, and her girl's suffering! said Orestes.
"Mangy Roman pigs! You only know how to torment defenseless and unarmed people!" -replied the brave young woman shouting towards the public.
"This bitch insults the Roman people, but not for long! She's going to be whipped to death!" Orestes replied to the mob.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed:
"I think they should crucify her! See her beautiful body dancing on the cross!"

The vast majority of the populace supported that idea, but they complied with the sentence and punishment of the young rebel. If they had decided to punish her like this, no one would go against Roman justice. And Orestes, Graco and many others thought that the naked crucified young woman was certainly an erotic spectacle, but it was not the favorite torture, neither his nor Graco's. It was the flagellations and the whips.

The mob kept calling for Silvia's crucifixion. She continued to insult the Romans, even though the horse whip had already fallen on her slender body several times. But nevertheless she kept trying not to scream.

Ha Graco had an idea and stepped forward to shout to the crowd: -The fox will die under the Roman scourge, true, but still we will answer your requests; Then when the rebellious whore is dead. her body will be crucified at the entrance to the city, as a warning to other possible rebels. The scavengers and vermin will give a good account of what is left of it!

Silvia heard all that under the blows of the whip and shuddered. They weren't even going to give her a burial worthy of her. At this point, she gave a little moan; for the tip of her whip had almost bitten her right nipple. She could no longer fully control herself in the ensuing lashes, and she was moaning loudly, though she was not screaming at all.

Silvia obviously felt much more pain with that whip, but she told herself that she had to hold on without screaming openly as much as she could. And she felt the sliding of her own blood on her back, since the marks of that leather were already intertwined with the welts of the previous type of whip, and at the crosses cuts were opened in her already wounded skin twice.

Silvia wondered the reasons for her bad luck. Her life for days had turned into hell. The memory of that young legionary was the only pleasant one among the times that she had been raped, beaten, mistreated, to now be being whipped to death and being the enjoyment for those Roman scoundrels.

note: Silvia, my partner now shows me her bare back and asks me to imagine her crisscrossed with purple lines and welts from the lashes.
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The next lash went through his shoulder blades, and the next two hit his hips, drawing lines of reddish welts, some already bleeding from previous blows. And the executioner at this point passed the whip to Graco. He smiled sadly and gave the first lash of him. It was brutal. The girl watched as the tip of the whip damaged her small right breast. She couldn't help a groan of pain this time.
The next lash hit her other breast and she moaned again.
The whole body of the girl was sweating from the tension when being spanked. And Graco, the Roman scoundrel, wielded the whip very well. From that moment Silvia cried and moaned with each lash. And she writhed in pain and therefore shook her entire body suspended naked from her.
The assistants to that ordeal thought it was a very erotic scene. Especially among the male audience.
"Damn bitch barbarian!" Graco exclaimed. "I want to scream at the top of my lungs!"
"The bitch is brave! You have to admit that!" Orestes replied.
- Executioner I want you to drive wooden blocks into the platform, and tie the heels of the whore at a distance, so that she opens her legs at an angle and cannot close them. That her pussy is well exposed! Graco ordered.
The executioner carried out the orders given. And soon Silvia found herself with her sexual organs fully exposed for the enjoyment of the Romans. Almost everyone laughed at her when they saw her tied up like that. She glared at them, furious, but at the same time terrified, for there was no doubt what they meant. And the confirmation of it came to him like lightning would have burned her crotch. Her sexual organ had been whipped.
The first lash there was a surprise and Silvia only moaned, but finally the second one felt it with all the rawness and strength of it in her crotch.
Silvia finally screamed at the top of her lungs and her scream was heard throughout the square and beyond.

-Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeehhhhh! Silvia screamed again with the third blow to her sexual organ.
Now both Graco, Orestes, and the executioner took turns whipping the young woman's crotch. She screamed like a rip, cried with thick tears that mixed with the sweat of her young body.
Between lash and lash, Silvia repeated in her mind that she shouldn't beg. She would repeat it over and over again, but ... it was so hard!

Six lashes had given him in the "parts" of the girl, when the seventh, given by Orestes, hit the girl's clothes with great success, and damaged something else.
-AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH! Silvia screamed as a thread of blood gushed from the wound on her sex. That turned out to be too much.
Silvía buried her head in her chest and whispered weakly:
-Please please. No more there.

Orestes and the other two floggers laughed at the girl. Then it was Orestes himself that he approached the young woman and jerked her head up, pulling her hair. "I think you said something, but we didn't hear you very well! Shout it out loud so we can all hear it bitch!

The tearful young woman looked at Orestes, but her lips did not utter a word.
Orestes gave the executioner the whip again and told him to take his time aiming well at the girl's sex.
The blow fell and Silvía screamed dreadfully again.
And after the scream this time if she than she was heard to say louder: "Damn sons of bitches! Please, please, stop it ....!"
Silvia was crying bitterly, and she was still twisting from the blow. They had finally broken it. Bowed down.
Silvia could no longer resist screaming loudly. The lashes in her crotch had been enough to bend her, and she also thought to the inside of her that she had felt a strange sensation of ecstasy while she was being whipped in that part of her body.

Five more lashes had struck the girl, when Orestes again ordered a pause in punishment.
"The whore barbarian has finally been broken, and yet something else is missing." And I think I know what she is! She will provide us with a greater spectacle! cried Orestes to the mob.

Sadly Orestes placed himself in front of the girl again, and with his right hand began to touch the damaged sex of the young woman, running his hand along the bleeding lines of the lashes that had struck there. Orestes's hand moved little by little at first, but then he increased the movements.

- "By all the gods, Roman bastard son of a bitch .... I can't help this unhealthy feeling that runs through me .... I think, I think ... he's trying ... to make me come! to be able to hold out a lot! " -the young woman thought all tearful and already noticing as unintentionally her moans of pleasure already appearing in her vocal cords.

Finally, Silvia with a long moan of pleasure, even not wanting and resisting as much as she could, "ran" and everyone could see how his semen fell between her legs. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the show. And only a small group of slaves, and some of Cantabrian origin did not have fun.
The small group of cantabros watched in terror at the terrible punishment of that brave compatriot of hers who had rebelled against Rome.

And after that, of course the lashes continued until 30 had fallen on his slim naked body, desecrated, beaten, tortured. When she had finished receiving the second spanking, Silvia had lost consciousness of it, but they quickly woke her up with several buckets of water on her head, and forced her to drink a bitter liquid. A kind of "restorative" whose mission was to make the victim hold out as long as possible. Orestes ordered that the last part of the girl's punishment not begin until everyone had a good look at each and every bleeding lines on the girl's body.


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Well. Now the time of the Roman Scorpion, the fearsome scourge has finally arrived. Silvia will be destroyed by him. The flogging of her will be savage and brutal. Surely they will space the blows so that the wild spectacle lasts longer.
The executioner asked Orestes:
-Do I untie the girl's legs sir, or do you want to whip her with the Scorpion in her sex?
"No, and don't think I'd like it, but surely she would faint fatally and I don't think we can enjoy her anymore seeing her suffer! The punishment should last as long as possible to everyone's delight!" Orestes replied.
"Roman mangy dogs!" Silvia thought as Orestas gave the order to release the girl's legs. Then Graco stepped in front of her and showed her her instrument with which they were going to whip her to death.
This time it was a six-tailed Roman scorpion. There were even more or fewer queues, but in the end Orestes himself had opted for that scourge. But the first to strike at her was going to be Graco, and Orestes and her executioner were going to take turns in the task of slaughtering her to death.

Graco got behind Silvia's back and waved the scourge. The pieces of bone and iron crunched sinisterly, when little by little a deathly silence invaded the forum square. - "Gods of my land give me strength, please! Hold on, hold on a little longer Silvia. You can do it!" she was repeating the girl to herself, even though she knew she wasn't going to be able to do it.
Graco hit:
Silvía opened her mouth to the maximum, but incredibly she only emitted a moan. She had endured the first. However, she noticed how her back was covered with blood where she had been hit. The second blow landed on her ass, which was immediately covered with six terrible bleeding marks. And strangely, the girl only emitted a few moans as well. Orestes and many others were amazed at that. Even though they had already broken her, she was still behaving admirably.

But after the third blow she could no longer hold on. And the blow was savage and brutal down her spine.
-Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeegggghhh! Silvia yelled wildly. Six brutal lines of blood appeared on her back, and deeper than the wounds from the hippopotamus skin whip. The blood this time was pouring out abundantly.

The fourth hit already made blood splatter around the girl. She screamed again in a horrible way. The fifth lash hit her on the left hip. More blood splattered. And the sixth of her tortured her again on her misca hip. And this time it seemed that apart from the drops of blood that put everything lost around her, some thicker pieces jumped from the terrible wounds. Possibly they were chunks of meat or skin that was ripped off by that savage blow.

Silvia's right hip received another two terrible lashes where she felt that she was skinned. Her blood flowed in abundance.

On the ninth blow, Silvia fainted again. But those Roman scoundrels revived her by throwing a bucket of brine water over her this time. The salt in her terrible wounds produced the desired effect, and the girl woke up howling and this time begging for mercy that she was not going to obtain. They had totally broken her and she knew it.
The tenth blow was on her ribs and Silvia felt as if they were being ripped from her by the roots. Graco enjoyed seeing how small pieces of skin and meat had caught on the iron and bones that formed the tails of the scourge. Then he passed the instrument of torture to the executioner who would administer another ten blows.

The executioner moved the pulley more and Silvia rose higher in the air. It was terrible. The young woman moaned pitifully. And the executioner whipped her on the legs of her, both in front of her and behind her. A savage whip struck her stomach at her navel. The executioner saw how one of the sharp irons had accidentally struck inside that navel. He smiled sadly.

By the time the executioner had administered his first five lashes, young Silvia had gone from screaming to agonizing moans.
The executioner continued to punish her back, legs, and buttocks. And one of the blows was on the girl's right arm.
Silvia's body hung from the pulley bleeding from her terrible wounds, where in some places the target of some of the young woman's bones could be guessed. The floor of the platform was covered in blood. In addition, some drops had stained, of course the torturers, but also people from the public who attended that macabre spectacle.
The executioner struck the entire length of the girl's spine. She stirred. Silvia trembled with sheer suffering. She tried to scream, but she couldn't anymore. Her mouth was already dry and her eyes filled with tears of pain would soon stop holding him. They were also tired, as well as her owner who became less and less agitated when receiving the lashes. The Roman "scorpion" was wild and inhuman.
People enjoyed the brutal spectacle of young Silvia being flogged. But some already considered that they had seen enough and retired to their homes. The girl didn't have much time left anyway.
The executioner whipped Silvia's legs and anus. Those parts were filled with bloody red. Blood was already pooling at the foot of the scourged girl. She still moaned slightly with each blow, until the executioner finished his turn.

The executioner's ten blows had been mostly to the anus and legs, since Orestes would be the last to beat the girl, and under his blows, she would die.
Orestes took a couple of laps around the bleeding Silvia. She, despite the state she was in, was still able to look at him with hatred. Orestes told himself that he would always remember this girl for the rest of her life.

Orestes stepped in front of her, and raised the fearsome scourge. He smiled sadly. And Silvia knew that her small breasts were going to be punished. Sure enough, the "scorpion" struck the young woman's right breast. Blood and some skin leaped from her wound. Orestes looked at the tear produced by the scourge. Then he spanked the left breast with identical results.
Silvia could not stop a plea from her mouth:
"Gods, gods! Pie ... give ... please!"
She was totally broken, defenseless, and she knew that she no longer had a solution. She would die in that awful way.

Orestes spanked Silvia's tits three more times. With these lashes, her breasts were already totally destroyed. Orestes smiled sadly when he noticed that when he removed the scourge from her with her last blow, he noticed that the girl's right nipple was torn and torn by the sharp bones or irons of her scourge.

Silvia saw all his bleeding wounds. Her pain was so immense that even she had gone beyond unconsciousness, and possibly that was due to the concoctions that she had forced him to drink before and during her torture. She begged him to plunge into the darkness of unconsciousness, but for some strange reason she couldn't faint.
Silvia saw how her small breasts had been destroyed and her right nipple plucked.

The young woman's mind was racing, her head turned more and more slowly from one side to the other, covered with the sweat of that hot day. Sweat mingled with the blood already covering her entire slender body. She was crying silently.

Silvia with her voice barely and a few whispers begged for mercy a couple more times.
Orestes was now whipping her stomach and the lower part of her ribs. The damage was horrible. Orestes could see that the girl's right rib was already so damaged that he timidly showed the white of the bone of her unfortunate woman.
Orestes gave such a brutal whip that Silvia stopped moving. Her head fell on her ruined breasts. Orestes stopped the punishment for a moment.

"Executioner, see if the girl has died!" Orestes ordered, looking at the young woman's stomach. If he had to land a few more blows they wouldn't be there.
He didn't want the victim's intestines to come out. That would be the mission of the vermin, when the dead body of the girl was exposed crucified on the outskirts of the city. The executioner rested his head on the victim's chest and touched her wrists. Silvia was still alive, but her heart was beating very slowly.

After receiving the executioner's confirmation, Orestes approached Silvia, raised her head, pulling her hair, and looked at that face that was all pain. Her eyes were closed, tears were running down her cheeks, drenched in sweat, and a trickle of blood mixed with saliva escaped from the corner of her lips. Possibly her flogging had caused some internal injury, and perhaps localized to the whipping received on her stomach and ribs.

"You barbarian whore! To die in this horrible way, when if you had been like most slaves you would have been to me! Yes, the life of a slave is hard, but you would have preserved your life, and maybe with some luckily you would have reached the status of "liberta"! But I am having fun for nothing; Well, your Cantabrian people are too hard and proud! You have to end up like this bitch! there was Orestes.
Orestes had given six blows of the scourge, and he had three more. He wasted no more time. He whipped that slim body that was no longer moving. More chunks of meat, and skin leaped from the places where he had struck the torture device. And there was already plenty of blood on the wood of the platform. It seeped into the wood and dripped onto the plaza floor.

The executioner certified this time that the girl had expired. Silvia, the girl who had been raised to be a brave warrior, had died.
The executioner released the girl's right wrist. Her body was only hanging from one arm. It was a pathetic spectacle. The executioner pushed him on purpose and her body swayed from side to side, making everything lost in blood.

The young woman had died when Orestes gave him the first of the three blows that were left to him.

And as had been established, the young woman's bleeding body was crucified and exposed on the outskirts of the city as a warning to all those who dared to challenge Rome.

However, the body did not remain crucified for long. Pu It is after an hour, four hooded men, and in broad daylight, pounced on the two guards in charge of guarding the body until the vermin had the remains, and defeated and dead the guards could not prevent the hooded men from lowering the body of the cross, and they will take it away. It was never known who the hooded men were.

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