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Addional pic LA BANDOLERA story. IIt is the lifeless body of the unfortunate Silvia destroyed by the Roman scourges. have added a photo retouched by me. I also leave it loose so that you can download it if you want. Thanks.


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You have read in history like this, that it no longer has an ending where the bad guys pay it at the end. She is brutally beaten to death, and the bad guys are still rampant at the end. All I have allowed is to give the brave girl at least one decent burial. This is a not so bad ending. Like a middle ground. I know that some would have preferred that Silvia's body was not taken down from the cross and consumed by crows and others little by little, but such a brave girl at least deserved a dignified understanding.
"Dogs, Roman bastards! You have no honor!" cried the young Silvia, seeing her friend expire. "Hush, you barbarian whore! Now we will start with you, but I'm not in a hurry, and your torture will be much more durable, and that girl I can assure you!" Graco replied, approaching the young captive, who was once again chained and guarded by the guards.

Yara's execution had not had much public, despite the fact that the victim was a girl, and possibly that people had not given much importance to Yara, when she and Silvia entered as prisoners. But if they had done it with Silvia; for she entered the city drawing her attention that made her proud and brave of her, and her furious glances. And bearing of a great fighting lady. For this reason, Graco had decided to give more publicity to Silvia's punishment through messengers who spread the news, that in the forum square the warrior who had dared to defy Rome, would be scourged to her death.

note: Sorry for the short summary of Yara's crucifixion, but the story focuses on Silvia's punishment.
Another image that could also somehow illustrate the skinny young Yara crucified.


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