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Latin required....

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"tribulor peior fieri" could be an abbreviated motto, expressing in three words what you would like to convey?

Latin short phrases are the death of me. @Eulalia is needed for a good translation.
Tribulor - one in trouble
Peior - worse
Fieri -makes

My best effort would be "One who gets in trouble and then makes it worse" e.g. Singapore!

Tribulata peius facit 'she (who's) in trouble makes it worse' would be what you're thinking of.
Another thought, Dum spiro plango 'while I breathe I complain' might suit :D
My translation was of Loxuru's suggestion, which I thought fit Barbara to a "T" (speaking of crosses! :D )


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My idea for @Barbaria1 ’s motto would be
Nunquam parva scripturam legitur
(Never read the small print)
Though my Latin is so execrable this suggestion should probably go in @Eulalia ’s “How Will You Torture Me?” thread
Numquam minusculos lege would be 'never read the small print' (scriptura is 'a writing' in the sense of a text, a piece of literature, as in the Bible, minusculi are 'small letters')
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