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Chronicler of Crux
Staff member
She’s been burned, hanged and slaughtered before,
She always comes back for Moore..
So no need to worry
If I seem in a hurry,
There’s always more torture in store.
Yes, Barb suffers repeated commotion
That serves to increase our devotion
Her secret is known
And already shown:
Tis Polly Perkin's most Potent Pep Potion! ;)

This substance, effective and fine
Can be purchased (well some of the time)
From a place we adore -
Nailus Martyrs Store
For the price of just 12.99!


Rebel Leader
Staff member
How nice to have been missed
And see no one seems pissed
I took a nice break
T’was all I could take
From always being here dissed
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