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LUBA BEAUCHAMP Captive of the perverted Marquise and his friends

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Luba Beauchamp, a young innocent girl whose father had lost all his belongings, was offered for sale. Her father, Count Beauchamp, had become hopelessly overindebted, and had fallen into the trap of the diabolical Marquise Vauxhall. The Marquise had already developed a diabolical plan for months to get the young, innocent and at the same time beautiful young woman into his hands. The Marquise resided in a medieval castle, and for years rumors had been circulating about debauched orgies and perverse parties that the Marquise and his noble comrades held there. So the unsuspecting Luba was brought to the medieval castle under a pretext, and was now at the mercy of the Marquise and his friends.
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The young woman was led through the castle and then forced by her tormentors through a dark passage into an old cellar vault, which eventually turned out to be a medieval torture chamber. A young woman was naked and her hands were fastened in chains to the ceiling of the old vault. A man in a monk's habit was mercilessly whipping the defenseless woman. Several nobles bustled about in the dungeon, dressed in the finest robes, they followed the martyrdom of the young woman and fired the monk to strike even harder Luba looked fearfully at the Marquise and his henchmen who repeatedly groped the flawless and almost naked body of the defenseless woman. Especially the large full breasts of Luba excited the Marquise "welts on these full breasts will suit you well my child" Luba remained steadfast she did not want to give these beasts the triumph, at least not immediately.

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Trembling all over her body, Luba was quickly stripped until she stood completely naked in front of the slobbering men, who with perverse lust, however, turned again to their other victim.... Then the monk took a few steps aside to the winch and turned the crank. Her hands went up. Pleasurably, her tormentor watched her young naked body tighten, her full breasts straining and heaving from the weight of her womb. She stood on her toes, he followed the curved lines of her long, stretched legs with his eyes. The monk noted the winch, she just barely reached the rough stony floor with her toes. The torturer reached for the whip. Luba now practically took the position that the other young girl had taken before, the completely merciless nobles now had other things in mind to do to the other young woman. Meanwhile, the monk whipped Luba mercilessly, preferentially on her full white breasts, which were becoming more and more pink from the welts . . Luba looked fearfully at her tormentors, what would they do to her? And what would the brutal men do with the other girl who was freed from her chains and now had to entertain her tormentors in other ways. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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Marquise Vauxhall met his nephew and they both stood before the chained beauty. "Well, began the Marquise, Madame Beauchamp I may introduce you to my nephew, he has had his eye on her for some time and I now leave her in his care." "Yes, my dear uncle, and I will personally subdue this pretty dove, with whip and if necessary tongs and branding iron, but I will then leave these rougher measures to our Father," while enjoying the spectacle the nephew replied. "With these words, the nobleman stroked the naked and defenceless upper body of his pretty prisoner with his riding whip, and she turned away from her tormentor in disgust.

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The sadistic monk returned with a small pair of pliers,
grabbed her left nipple with his large hand and clamped it
between the jaws of the instrument. He squeezed it hard and Luba
cried out in pain. The priest began to twist the tender flesh
the delicate flesh of her pink nipple and the naked woman wriggled and
cried out in a cold sweat. He let go of the left nipple and now took
the right nipple with the same sadistic effort.
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The young woman screamed and trembled, but her resistance was not yet broken, curses and imprecations kept coming from her lips.
Meanwhile, the other nobles forced the other girl to satisfy them orally, only reluctantly did the young woman open her mouth to the amusement of her tormentors.
The Marquise and his nephew watched the spectacle with relish and kept switching their gaze to both victims.
The Marquise spoke with a sneer" Father can torture you like this for hours, and if you still don't come to your senses, t.
we will heat the tongs a little, what do you think dearest nephew?"
"Good idea dear uncle, young Miss Beauchamp is a real challenge for our dear father,
but our reverend Father loves a challenge, doesn't he, Reverend?
The priest noted the comments with a disdainful grunt while the second young girl was forced to her knees with a rope around her neck.
The poor girl was forced to her knees, and the men all forced their oral satisfaction at once. The men alternately whipped their hard cocks
Into the beautiful face of their pretty captive, who finally gave up all resistance. As soon as she tried to close her mouth or stop licking with her tongue, her tormentor tightened the rope around her neck and let her go.
The rope around her neck and left her no choice but to endure the perversions.
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