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Madbob (a.k.a Jdr) Torture Pictures Thread

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  1. The emission of visible light by a hot object.
  2. The light emitted by an incandescent object.
  3. A high degree of emotion, intensity, or brilliance.

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The action depicted in this images has encompassed all three definitions. Pure genius, sir. ;)

Beautiful work, and thank you for sharing.


Slave Trader
Oh wow!! how did I miss this? This is spectacular.. a beautiful tribute which I don't begin to deserve. Thank you MadBob!! I absolutely love it! :enamorado: Naturally I think it is by far your best work.. I might be a little biased... but it's a very strong piece, I hope you agree. Thank you for keeping it monochromatic too, I appreciate the gesture. :thumbsup:

If anyone didn't know already, it's MadBob's version of my drawing "Abducted":
...which you can find here:


Assistant executioner
"No, mein liebling, this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." ;)
Takes too long for anyone to watch

Naja - your Brrrittt-Grrrrrmnnn is improvable, but you shouldn't try to see old American Nazi Movies to learn it,
wherrre the Gerrrmanns arrre stupid butt at the same time adorable especially for the mentally forever 13y boys
like from the National Rifle Assoc
(is it a one cylinder two stroke motor bike?)
All in all I wouldn't want to be there "Yyeess -
and it wouldn't be adviseable -he-he-sshlck!
( :-D)
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