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Mademoiselle Desiree’s overthrow

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In the 21st century, Mademoiselle Desiree became heir to her father’s kingdom. While appearing to be a respectable woman Desiree was a woman with a dark side.

d 003.jpg

Desiree seemed much like her father, being a leader with seemingly minimal involvement in her subjects’ lives. But she was skimming off the military’s budget to finance her harem of women lovers.

harem 006.jpg

This did not sit well with the military leaders who were use to generous pay and whatever ‘toys’ their enlisted men needed or wanted. Desiree’s rise to power was tinged with rumors that she had her father’s death ‘expedited’ though no proof was ever made public.

One of the women in Desiree’s harem was a woman named Helen. Desiree enjoyed her time with Helen though she felt Helen wasn’t putting forth enough effort to please Desiree’s insatiable desires.

les 069.jpg

In time Desiree felt she was wasting time with Helen and had the woman arrested by her palace guards for insubordination.

slave catch 056.jpg

Since being insubordinate to Desiree was not a crime per se in the land Desiree ordered Helen hanged without bothering to have her tried for any criminal activity.

hang 066.jpg

Little did Desiree know that Helen was the niece of the head of the palace guards. Helen’s gruesome execution was recorded by one of the guards.

Hang 991 C.jpg

It would take some time but Helen’s execution would lead to Desiree’s downfall.


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The wheels of justice turn slowly in this tropical country but they never stop. Desiree departs on a shopping trip escorted by only two of her palace guards. The guards, more faithful to the military commanders than Desiree, fade back when the police arrive and Desiree is arrested.

perp arrest 1.jpg

Desiree protests demanding if they know who she is. They certainly do and seem quite pleased with their successful arrest of Mademoiselle Desiree!

They take her to the military brig where Desiree is relieved of her clothing but the handcuffs remain binding her hands behind her back.

perp arrest 070.jpg

In the military one is assumed guilty of any charges filed against a prisoner and such precautions are taken both to insure the prisoner is restrained and to protect the well-being of the guards.

Still with her arms bound but otherwise nude, Desiree is posed and her mugshot is taken.

prison 012.jpg

Next, the cuffs are removed and Desiree receives a very invasive cavity search.

prison 078.jpg

At least a female guard performed the search, never mind that a dozen male guards and military officers watched as Desiree had her most private places fingered by the guard!

Next, Desiree is given a thorough medical examination.

inspection  004.jpg

Apparently, she is checked to make sure she is healthy enough to serve whatever sentence she is given when if she is found guilty at her trial. The final step is another cavity search to insure Desiree has nothing to harm herself while she awaits her trial.

prison 171.jpg

Desiree is placed in a cell to wait for her trial.

prison 029.jpg

She can’t believe she is locked in the barren cell as though she was a common criminal!


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I am brought to court, naked as the day I was born. The crowd around me- the court witnesses- seem unfazed by my nudity. Instead they participate in a prayer led by the bailiff beseeching their god that I receive the sentence owed to a traitor of our state.

court 19.jpg

The court grants their wish I will be hanged naked by my neck until I am dead and then at least an hour more for the take my naked body down.

hang 923.jpg

I have had several enemies of our state hanged. It is not a pleasant way to die. The weight of their bodies slowly tightens the…

“Come on, Desiree, we need to get you ready for court” a guard hollers at Desiree.

prison 216.jpg

“You haven’t been found guilty yet. We have to clean you up so you don’t look like one of those women you hanged.”

The guard’s words hardly gives Desiree any reassurance. She is drive to court. When the car pulls up in front of the courthouse it is easy to see the trepidation her eyes reveal.

abbey 031.jpg

Inside the court her attorney’s assistant hands Desiree the list of charges filed against her. She reads the over. They include murder of her harem slave, theft from the country’s treasure, and stealing from the taxpayers. At least they didn’t charge her with killing her father. ‘That was some damn good poison. They never could prove I iced my old man’ Desiree thought. But her mood darkened and she says “If I’m convicted of any of these charges I’ll be hanged!”

cook 061 d.jpg

“Ma’am, it will take an act of god for you not to be convicted on all of them” the assistant says. He seems serious!

Dsiree’s trial begins. The military officer shows a video of Desiree hanging her harem slave, then detailed how Desiree robbed from the military budget which confirms she stole from the taxpayers.

court 236.jpg

Desiree’s lawyer tries to brush off the prosecutor’s case.

court 206.jpg

It goes about as well as his defense arguments have back in Arkansas. Desiree is found guilt of all charges. The trio of jurors, all military officers, recommend Desiree be put to death.

court 237.jpg

The judge concurs and orders that one week from Saturday Desiree will be placed before a firing squad and be shoot to death. The prosecutor is livid. He screams “SHOT?!?!?! The bitch deserves the finest hanging that can be inflicted on her!”

court 238.jpg

The judge is not amused by the prosecutor’s outburst and admonishes him. Then he orders Desiree to remove her clothing and prepare to be a prisoner of what was her own court!


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Forced to strip, Desiree is again naked in court. Cuffs and irons are placed on her and it is obvious to her that there is little sympathy for her. Court officials and members, attorneys, and witnesses all are in a jovial mood seeing their fallen leader stand in naked shame, condemned to death by a firing squad in little more than a week.

court 252.jpg

Desiree is led out of the courtroom and into a crowd of story-hungry media people. Microphones are shoved into her face. Someone asks what she will wear to her execution. Before she can think of what to say the warden snarls “This bitch is wearing more than what she will to execution. She be wearing some bullets in her chest once the firing squad is done with her!”

perp walk 121 d.jpg

The crowd is obviously more interested in Desiree being executed ‘live’ on TV than they are concerned for her peril!

In the week prior to Desiree’s execution she becomes quite famous (infamous?) than she was as the ruler of the small island nation. She becomes an instant celebrity on cable news networks but a rather poor interviewee. Desiree was not open to answering questions such as ‘How do you feel about having to be shot by a firing squad while being your execution is broadcasted live around the world?’

prison 182.jpg

Perhaps having her body filled with bullets was something she preferred to keep to herself.

The cell Desiree is confined in offers no privacy. For a substantial fee, anyone can get a tour and view the condemned woman. A pair of visitors named Judith and Messaline came by to see Desiree. Bearing drinks they purchased for the prison visitors canteen, Judith questioned if they were going to use premium French bullets to shot Desiree. Messaline laughed and says “No, the Americans are supplying the bullets. They are amor-piercing rounds that won’t tear her organs up. They say she could last a quarter of an hour after she is shot!”

prison 254.jpg

Desiree is not comforted by such news.

But the week grows short. On Friday Desiree sits alone in her cell.

prison 210 B.jpg

She wonders what tomorrow will be like.


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Desiree did not sleep well Friday night. She wakes early Saturday morning and takes care of her needs the only way she can.

prison 231.jpg

Still early Saturday morning, her attorney T.H. Tree comes by. He is casually dressed and seems only remorseful that he still has not won a case in court.

waiting 003.jpg

He holds a drink in one hand and a Marlboro in the other. With a cold voice he says “It’s hard to will a case when there is a tape of you hanging the girl.”

Desiree replies “I don’t give a damn about your court record. I’m the one they are going to kill today!”

“Hey, look on the bright side. Being shot by a firing squad is a quicker way to go than the way you did Helen. You shouldn’t last but a few seconds after they shoot you” Tree notes. “It is an easy way to go.”

Desiree hopes he is right and more informed about her execution than he was on her defense.

After Tree leaves the guards come to Desiree’s cell and tie her hands behind her back where they will stay until she has been shot by the firing squad.

bondage 131.JPG

For a final insult the head guard rams his erect cock into Desiree’s mouth.

c 007 a.jpg

His member is sweaty, stinks, and taste like salt. It is no concern to him. He just got a blowjob from Mademoiselle Desiree!

With her hands bound behind her back and shackles joining her ankles she is taken by boat to the military’s island where her execution will occur.

Desiree looks at the leering service men and says “Haven’t you seen a naked lady before?”

slave 021.jpg

“They don’t get to see a pretty lady like you that’s gonna be shot full of holes” the lieutenant says.

It was a half-hour boat ride to the island. Desiree is brought to the brig where she will wait for her execution.

prison 257.jpg


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Late Saturday morning…

Military guards horde outside of Desiree’s cell. One unarmed guard enters the cell and orders her to place her hands behind her back. She does and he proceeds to tie them. Desiree stares out of the cell as her hands are bound. There is a dozen armed guards surrounding the cell.

prison 170.jpg

Once her wrists are secured a large armed guard drags her out of the cell and growls to his commander “Condemned prisoner Desiree is secured and prepared for execution.

prison 199.jpg

Two guards bring Desiree out to the yard where the firing squad will perform their duty.

j 100.jpg

The guards walk her past an empty casket. It will soon hold her body. Standing chilled in the cool morning air Desiree’s nipples stand out like targets. One of the soldiers says “Watch her and I’ll fetch a pole to tie her to.”

Angrily she snaps “I don’t need a pole! Can’t you do your deed without one!”

j 101.jpg

The soldier with the highest rank shrugged his shoulders and says “Are you going to stand and take your punishment?”

With a boldness that hid Desiree’s fear she replies “Be a man and call in the squad!”

He barks the order and four women march in carrying rifles on their shoulders.

j 102.jpg

Desiree is surprised by the women who line up in front of her. She tugs at the ropes that binds her wrists but doesn’t move. The soldier shouts “READY!”

The four women cross the guns across their chests.

j 103.jpg

Desiree feels her bowels churn but stands ready to be shot. She looks down at her flesh, still smooth as she has yet to be shot.


The soldier yells “AIM!”

The women point their rifles at Desiree. She barks at the women “Come on, you bitches! Shoot me!”

j 104.jpg


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The soldier cries “FIRE!” Like a well-oiled machine the four women squeeze the triggers of their guns. Desiree sees the muzzles flash but doesn’t flinch from the guns blast.

j 105.jpg

The four bullets tear into her left breast. The impact twists Desiree.

j 106.jpg

As her left lung fills with blood she drops to her knees.

j 107.jpg

In she says anything it was not heard over the muzzles’ blasts. Desiree slowly drops onto her ass.

j 108.jpg

Blood from her pierced lung begins to trickle from her mouth. Minutes after she has been shot, Desiree’s body its final twitch and falls to her left side.

j 109.jpg

Three minutes after she’s been shot, Desiree’s body moves for the last time.

j 110.jpg

The island’s leader is dead…

The End

Computer art by Langewapper
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