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Male Crux Animation: Erection While Crucified

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Due to some discussion on whether it is possible to get a erection on the crux I have here the answer: Yes, it is :)
It's something like a Daz'animation, not real!:confused:

Yeah not to belittle a splendid piece of animation but it is a piece of animation and cannot be submitted as 'evidence' due to being fundamentally made up.

That said I am surprised there is still a 'debate' about the idea of males getting erections on the cross at least some of the time. Maybe it is just newbies who have yet to investigate the available evidence? The body of which from both male crux players and medical investigations into male physiology is overwhelming.


Chronicler of Crux
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Jerkbot, that video must have taken you ages to produce, and though I prefer female crux, I have to admit that the extra (ahem) 'element' of male crux does add something in an animation!

Very well done, sir!


Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
OH MY GOD,I just spilt my coffee in my lap . oh Penispaain you naughty boy , i have just enlarged that special part up and up (i wish it was) and am just gazing at it , you have convinced me, and i have a big stain on my skirt where i spilt my coffee. i must crucify Jimmy


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So did I, that's what's rattled me! :eek:


Hey Wragg, a bit of vicarious pleasure is nothing to worry about :)

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