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Manipulations by Hammers

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I think they are good, hammers!

Only thing is, as Madi has said, keep an eye on the background as well. A plain background will show up any defects. CRX 21, for instance, has lots of white patches in the background, which spoil the overall effect.


I think that you might be better off perfecting your images one at a time before you go and produce a lot of multi victim scenes.

The placement of the bodies is pretty good but stay away from the faces where it is looking like the victim is enjoying themselves. It works in videos because the victim cycles through facial images. And it does happen in real life that sometimes when you are in real pain your face looks more like you are enjoying yourself (it has happened to me, I even started laughing once because it hurt so much to put weight on my ankle) but in a still image you lose the effect of pain, suffering and agony.




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For a first public showing I think they are pretty good. They remind me of a lot of early crux manips from the late 90s. I think you have a good eye for the image, the girls and poses are nicely chosen, you've done at least some manipulation with heads and such, someone said the nails are not realistic but this is a refinement, the ones you have would work fine with some adjustment. We can all remember our first attempts at passable crux manips. Practice, and learn.
These are very promising, particularly as you are using Paint which lacks so much for this work. You want something which gives you layers, opacity, control over contrast and saturation etc. Try free ones like Gimp or Paint.net. Old versions of Paint Shop Pro can also be found for free online. I can't over emphasise the importance of layers in doing sophisticated manips and making fine adjustments.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with better tools and some experience. Don't be afraid to show your work, ask advice and take suggestions, there is a lot of experience here, but make sure that you produce something that pleases you before worrying about anyone else!


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Hammers, as I said before, I think you definitely grasp the essentials of the craft. Your figures work and relate to the cross and the scene, and you've put that scene together very nicely. All the negatives come down to having better tools and learning how to use them. So, the arrangement of the arms and feet are good, the detail can be better. The ropes, whip marks etc can all be improved with better graphics software. Do keep going, I'd like to see what you can do.
Look at the work of Yupar, and Wragg, they both improved enormously over a short time with better tools and guidance.


I would lik to answer to Madiosi about the software used : it consists simply of the 'paint' function and everything is manually made
Thanks for attention
My first manips were done entirely in Windows Paint, each one in a single layer, with no facility for adjustment.
It is a very slow method of producing photo manipulations, but I understand how much work you have put into your pictures.

As Wragg says, considering the limitations of Paint, you have done extremely well.
Your results are good.
Keep on experimenting and trying things out - you will learn a great deal.


thanks to everybody for prompt replies/opinions/likings. I have downloaded 'paint.net 4.1.5 as suggested, but of course I need time to practice. In the
meantime please feel free anyone to use the images I posted and those I'm shortly going to post for other manipulations if of interest. Thanks again
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