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Masochistic Paradise

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Part 4

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Part 4

Nadia hires a mercenary and tells her plans to rescue Luba

48 busty nadia.jpg

Several weeks later, far from the Krak and that nightmarish country, Frederick Vouillé had a new client in his office. She had been talking for a long time but it was hard for Frederick to concentrate on her words. No wonder, because she was an imposing blonde wearing a short tight dress that showed most of her thighs and deep cleavage. He could see that she was not wearing a bra, which with those breasts would be quite uncomfortable. Frederick imagined that she wanted to be able to undress quickly no matter where she found herself, and that excited him even more.
It would be difficult to specify what Frederick's business consisted of. It was not entirely legal, it was more adventurous and mercenary. The services he provided were very varied and unusual.
His client was telling him it had been several weeks since the disappearance of a woman named Luba. It was as if the earth had swallowed her up. She was not answering her cell phone and at the Kemed hotel where she was supposed to have been staying they denied that she had ever been registered. Nadia did not know whom to turn to and after a lot of begging one of her perverted weekend masters had given her Frederick’s address.
- It's sounds bad, honey, said Frederick, smoking and looking worried.
- But can we be sure that they have her?
- Most likely, yes. And honestly I would not like to be in her shoes. Those Kemed people are fanatics and don’t take half measures. Your friend will be having a very bad time right now.
- I imagine so, but I have to do something. No.... I can not leave her in the hands of those beasts! said Nadia, sobbing.
Nadia’s mind was filled with the horrifying images that she had seen two days before on television; images that had shocked millions of people around the world. The fifteen western cheerleaders accused of immorality had finally been tried and sentenced to one month in prison. Apparently all of them had voluntarily renounced their right to be extradited and therefore the sentence would be fulfilled in the prisons of El Kemed.

However, before serving the prison sentence they suffered a savage ordeal before a bloodthirsty crowd that took appalling delight in the show. Not content with the punishment being applied publicly, the revolutionary government decided to broadcast the torture on television as a severe warning for all Western girls against carrying out immoral acts on their soil.

49 bald condemned.jpg50  bald condemned tar and feathers.jpg

First, each of the fifteen girls had her head, crotch and armpits shaved, then they were tarred and feathered and paraded through the streets of the capital completely naked and bound with chains. The condemned women had to walk in a long line, escorted by guards armed with electric prods and sharp goads. The girls were led through an excited and angry crowd that assaulted them with insults and humiliations of all kinds.


Apart from spurring them on with kicks, pokes, and the prods, a rain of spittle and rotten fruit covered these shaven women on their way to the place of punishment while a crowd of thousands of people gathered in the square to see the show. Finally, after more than two hours of the humiliating procession, they reached the main square where the scaffold had been prepared.

No-one could forget the horror and panic of those innocent girls when they saw the executioners waiting for them on top of the scaffold with their horrendous instruments of torture. Meanwhile at the foot of it, workers finished setting up fifteen large wooden crosses. Surely then the condemned recalled the cruel words of the judge when dictating their sentence.

As specified by the sentence, each girl would receive at least fifty lashes and after the flogging would be crucified for hours in the street in full view of the people. The girls would remain tied to their wooden crosses completely naked, their bodies striped with lashes. No one would be taken down from the cross until they were close to death. And this was for girls whose only sin had been to wear insufficiently modest clothing. Harsh justice indeed.
Actually, as the judge told them, they were lucky to have been born in a more civilized age, because until the nineteenth century it had been the practice to execute indecent women. They had done this by impalament or crucifixion, barbaric customs that had been abolished in colonial times by the European governors.

Now the new revolutionary regime had decided to revive the torture of the cross without taking it to the point of death. After all, crucifixion had been used since time immemorial in different and cruel variants. It was a hallmark of justice in the country.
The new laws provided for a somewhat softened version of the frightful punishment of the cross. Ropes would be used instead of nails and a doctor would always be present to avoid an unintentional fatality. Apart from that, the torture would still be extraordinarily cruel and would be preceded by the traditional lashes.

51 ass to fuck.jpg

However before the whip and the cross, another sentence was reserved for these condemned creatures. At the foot of the gallows the men had set up a long raised iron bar. Along this they were arranging the naked cheerleaders as they reached the square. For this they released their shackles and after forcing them to bend their upper body over the bar, they firmly tied their wrists to their ankles.

In that uncomfortable and humiliating posture the girls were kept bent double with their tits dangling and their legs half-bent, fully exposing their most intimate parts. Once they were bent over the bar, a woman sprayed them with a hose to wash the feathers from their body and clean them up for their public violation. Thus they were all exposed and defenseless with their asses sticking out in a row while a crowd of men paid the corrupt guards and lined up to fuck them in whichever hole they fancied.

So it was that the condemned girls each received dozens of cocks in both of her holes, while people crowded around them to molest them and do whatever they wanted. While some raped them, others kicked and smacked, pinched or spit, utterly humiliating them. The orgy lasted two long hours during which hundreds of men fucked the prisoners without any inhibition, to the delight of the excited crowd.

52 semen over bald.jpg

Finally, after those two long hours, Ahmed decided it was time for the flogging to start. The guards pushed the people back and after re-gagging the condemned with ballgags they selected the first victim.

The first to be flogged was Christine, the young woman with heavy, milky breasts and a round, pale face. The guards released her from the bar and, ignoring her requests for mercy, they marched her up onto the scaffold and handed her over to the executioners.
When they saw her up there, naked and her face was streaked with cum, the audience laughed and scoffed at her, demanding loudly for her torture to begin.

Christine wept incontrollably and begged for mercy at the sight of the whips and of all those people impatient to see her suffer.

53 show the bitch.jpg54 Show the bitch.jpg

55 Show the bitch.jpg56 Show the bitch.jpg

Before proceeding, Ismail the executioner took Christine and showed her off to the crowd, displaying her front and back, making fun of her shaved head, her heavy breasts, and slapping her white buttocks until her ass-cheeks were red.
The young cheerleader began to cry but did not fight back. Then, to complete her humiliation, Ismail forced her to bend over for the audience and to separate her buttocks with her own hands so that everyone could see her battered and reddened orifices both dribbling sperm. The men gathered there laughed at her.
- What does this bitch deserve? Ismail asked, laughing.
- The whip, whip her, go on!
- And then?
- The cross, then the cross, crucify her, come on, do it now, we want to hear how she screams!
People were really excited by the scenario unfolding before them and gave vent to their sadistic desires.
- No, please, no, I’m sorry... She was babbling as if that could help her.
Christine could not believe what was happening. She burst out in tears again and fell to her knees, pleading and crying. But Ismail made her get up and taking her roughly by the arm led her to the flogging frame where the ruthless torturers were waiting.
As with the rack, Christine cried a lot but did not resist, so the executioners had no trouble securing her to the frame. They tied her wrists together in front and passed the rest of the rope over the wooden lintel. Two strong executioners pulled her up. Poor Christine stood helpless as they stretched her arms over her head. Another pull and the rope lifted her body up off the ground. The girl felt a tearing strain in her arms and wrists. When they saw her being hoisted, people began to scream again.
Christine’s shaved and sweat-sheened body was now exposed for all to see. She howled in pain and kicked her legs. All that remained was for two other executioners to pull her legs apart and tie her ankles to the two vertical posts that supported the lintel. This only took a few seconds, leaving Christine’s voluptuous body stretched into the shape of an inverted “Y” with her naked sex completely exposed, dripping cum from both her holes.
Before she was gagged for her ordeal, young Christine had to repent and apologize publicly as her sentence required, on pain of having her punishment extended significantly. A request went out over the public address system for everyone to be quiet so that the people could hear her. The girl repeated the words, sobbing into a microphone that they held up in front of her face.
- I... I accept my punishment with pleasure to atone for my sins and I thank the judges and executioners who teach me with the whip and the cross to lead a righteous life. Please, pitymmmh

The prisoner could not even finish asking for mercy. Ismail would not let her add any further words. He stuffed a red ballgag into her mouth and fastened it around the nape of her neck.
Then they began to apply the sentence. Fifty lashes with a long bullwhip! No girl with Christine's constitution could endure such punishment without losing consciousness.
Ismail took the whip, unrolled it, and made it hiss through the air a few times, his eyes fixed on the body of the girl. Then he drew it back and with all his strength launched the first stroke.
The whip whistled through the air with a sound heard by everyone in the plaza and cracked on the girl’s naked body. The stunning whiplash unleashed a desperate wail and induced spasmodic convulsions of the woman's body. Ismail drew the whip back again, leaving a thin red line across the young girl’s delicate skin. He summoned all his strength and gave her the second whiplash.
This time the people responded with a shout of enthusiasm and some began to applaud with joy.
57 Christine whipped.jpg

The effect of the bullwhip was devastating. Wherever it landed, it left a burning trail of fire. After the second whiplash young Christine believed she was going to die.
There followed the third, the fourth, and then another, and another, and another, in a regular and unmerciful cadence.
- SSSSShaaak. MMMMH!
Suspended from the frame, the poor victim could barely move, only swaying her body, throwing her head back and trembling with pain every time the whip snapped across her. Her loud cries responded to the scourge like a desperate litany, as fiery pain consumed her entire being. Tears and drool dripped from her face as the leather left red track curving across her white skin. Sometimes the whip wound itself around her torso and Ismail had to pull even harder to unwind it. Between blows of the whip Christine pleaded for mercy behind her gag but when the whip hit her body she could only utter shrill screams.
- Harder, executioner, harder! The people were going crazy. The executioner, who was sweating from his efforts, smiled sadistically, and, drawing strength from their cries, began to lash even harder.
Young Christine suffered terribly, continually trembling and crying, until she had received twenty-three unbearable lashes. Then she fainted and her head flopped forward on her chest.
The rest of the girls still bent over the bar cried and trembled with fear when they saw what was waiting for them. Then when they saw that the condemned woman was no longer crying out some thought they had killed her.
Actually Christine was only unconscious for a few seconds because immediately they threw a bucket of cold water on her that made her regain consciousness. The girl awoke disoriented, but soon moaned again at the sting of her wounds. She had yet to receive more than half of the lashes but they did not continue to lash her, but instead released the second victim to play with her a little.

58 Yuliya untied.jpg

59 yuliya forced.jpg

Once unleashed, the blonde girl Yuliya climbed the stairs of the scaffold, numb with terror, forced by two guards. Before her head was shaved, the young woman had had luxuriant blond hair. Now she was nakedly bald, but she was so pretty that she looked like a model: blue almond-shaped eyes, doll-like face and beautiful curves especially her hips and ass. Her perfect body was now sticky with semen and the young woman was visibly terrified by the screaming mob. She was also embarrassed because she had come several times while being fucked at the bar.
The executioners took her to Ismail and the big man grabbed her arm and led her to where Christine was. Yuliya could see up close how her predecessor in torment had her entire body marked with vivid red lines.
Ismail murmured an order in her ear but people could not hear it.

60 Yuliya.jpg

- Please, no, no, she whispered.
Of course, Ismail not only ignored her pleas, but grabbing her by the nape of the neck forced her to put her head under Christine's crotch and made her suck her pussy. Like most of the young women, Yuliya had become a submissive slave in the last few days and barely resisted doing something so humiliating in public. She simply closed her eyes and ran her tongue over Christine’s pink sex.
People started shouting indignantly and cursing at them, but Yuliya continued with the cunnilingus.
Young Christine’s pussy oozed semen mixed with her own juices onto Yuliya’s tongue. Feeling the soft caressing of her pussy, Christine tried to control herself but after a certain point she lost the battle and began to sigh with pleasure. Yuliya spent a long time sucking her pussy until Christine came on her mouth. Yuliya could feel how her partner "kissed" her with the lips of her vagina.
After this they separated them again to continue with the punishment. Yuliya was kicked backwards, the whip whistled again and Christine screamed again with all her strength because the orgasms had brought her back to full consciousness.


61 Christine crucified.jpg62 Christine crucified.jpg

The young woman still fainted twice while receiving the prescribed fifty lashes. When they finally untied her, she crumpled on the ground so that an executioner had to carry her to the cross. After tying her arms and legs and impaling both her holes with wooden phalluses, the executioners finally lifted the cross to the applause of the people and the young woman was crucified, her body marked by the hours-long lashing. Meanwhile Yuliya took Christine's place on the torment frame and Ismail cleaned the whip, watching how they hoisted Yuliya’s beautiful naked body into the air.

These brutal images shocked millions of people around the world, but to Nadia they were like an erotic dream, driving her to masturbate and imagine that she and Luba were subjected to this long and cruel torture. The lashes and crucifixions continued for hours and the fifteen head-shaved cheerleaders remained crucified all afternoon until, one by one, they started fainting and a doctor ruled that it would be dangerous to continue with the punishment.
Frederick sensed Nadia’s excitement at remembering the scene. She shifted in her seat and crossed her thighs several times while imagining herself on a cross like that.
- What else can I do for you, young lady? He said, gawking, still looking at her legs.
- I want you to get her out of there. You can do it.
- I'm afraid that's not possible.
- Why?
- For the simple reason that I do not know where they have your friend and in all these days I have not been able to find out. They operate very secretly, you know?
Nadia was thoughtful for a long time. She had to do something. She had an idea of how she could help her friend, but she did not dare... Though Frederick seemed to have made it clear that there was no alternative. She had to act...
- Tell me, if you knew where they have her, could you get her out?
- Yes, that would make everything much easier. I have men who specialize in this type of thing. You bribe some people and that’s all it takes. With money you can do anything, you know.
- Yes, I know, she said thoughtfully.
In recent days Nadia had accumulated a considerable amount of money to free Luba, obtained by prostituting herself. Given her impressive physique and lack of inhibitions, she was able to charge sky-high fees for her services. Money was not the problem.
- Is that...

- What are you thinking? As long as you don’t know where she is there is nothing we can do, I've already told you.

- Maybe yes, ..... I've given it a lot of thought and I've thought of a possibility.
Nadia explained her idea to Frederick, and he was astonished. When she finished explaining all the details he exclaimed.

- My God, you're crazy! You really must love that girl ...

(to be continue)


Part 5

Nadia goes to El Kemed to rescue Luba

Several days later, Nadia flew to El Kemed in search of her beloved Luba. This time, unusually for her, she dressed in a very sober and not at all flashy way: long jeans, a shirt closed to the neck, and a vest that concealed her generous breasts. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and sunglasses hid her beautiful face.

Obviously, Nadia did not want to raise suspicions, let alone give them any reason to arrest her. Despite that, the customs officer looked at her with suspicion as he did with all Western women arriving at the airport, and after inspecting her suitcase he repeated the warnings about what she should not do, especially any form of public nudity.

After passing through customs, Nadia took a taxi and gave the driver the address of the hotel where Luba and Maria had disappeared. She would stay there and begin her inquiries while trying not to raise suspicions. Everything went without incident: the authorities did not mess with tourists who respected the rules.

Once at the hotel, young Nadia spent three days discreetly inquiring about the whereabouts of Luba but with no success. Apparently no one had seen her, no one remembered her and there was no sign of her in the hotel register. The waiters did not know anything about her or Maria either. It was as if the earth had swallowed them up.

Little by little, Nadia began losing her initial caution. She started offering money to anyone who gave her the slightest hint. Maybe she was risking too much by asking so many questions. And yet, everything was useless, it could go on for days or weeks and she would get the same result.

Then she realized that she only had one thing left to do .....


Deep in thought, the young woman returned to her room, showered and waxed her legs. She hesitated a long time before resolving to take that fatal step and prayed for courage. She knew that once done, there would be no turning back.
During the four or five hours that she was hesitating, the woman became so horny that before getting dressed she masturbated on the bed. Then she went out into the street.
This time Nadia chose an outfit very different from the airport: high-heeled shoes, loose blonde hair, lips painted deep red, and a thin strapless dress with a more than generous neckline and a short miniskirt that showed off her long legs. In her own country, Nadia would taken directly by a hooker to hunt customers, so we can imagine the impact that her outfit had in a repressed and conservative country..

The young girl walked the streets for a while, nervously feeling that she was being watched by a thousand eyes. Some passers-by turned to stare at her and muttered to each other, but for a while no one said anything to her or bothered her. She was hoping for a fateful encounter with the police, but this did not happen. Then she realized the streets were unusually deserted as if some extraordinary event were to occur.

Suddenly Nadia heard something in the distance, at first it seemed like thunder but then she realized that it was the muted rumble of a crowd that was screaming.

- What the hell is going on? She wondered, and attracted by the bustle she approached without hesitation.

The noise came from a large square. As she got closer, that threatening sound became more intense and deafening. The young woman wondered what all this fuss was about and when she got there she observed with a shudder that it was a public punishment. Probably the authorities had not foreseen it that way, but in recent weeks, the spectacle of punishing immoral tourists in public had become increasingly frequent and popular. People already took it as cruel entertainment.

In this case they were going to discipline two beautiful oriental women, thin and short but with large breasts. At first glance they looked like Japanese girls.

Waiting for the spectacle to begin, the torturers had tied them completely naked to posts, at the mercy of all those who wanted to touch them and abuse them. At that moment the two were having their heads shaved. Tufts of their hair were dropping to the ground around their feet. The two young women had their arms tied over their heads and had their crime and the sentence written on their bare skin. In this case they were accused simply of having displayed themselves topless, and for this they had been sentenced to three months in prison.

As soon as the order was given, the torturers untied the Japanese tourists and proceeded to apply the punishment prescribed by the judge in the slowest and most cruel manner they were capable of. The sentences were supposed to set an example, so the punishment had to go according to the fault committed. In this case they were going to punish the part of their body with which the girls had sinned, that is, the breasts. Therefore, after tying their hands behind them and their ankles together, the torturers put slings under their breasts to support them.

Probably the judge was inspired by the fact that both of them were full-breasted. That made things easier for the sadistic torturers who could adjust the ropes to perfection and after pulling the sliding knots left their breasts like round violet balloons.

Nadia started to get horny because she guessed what was coming now. The people were so absorbed in the ordeal that they did not even notice her, so the girl could see all the martyrdom of the Nipponese easily.

The men gagged the two Japanese with ballgags and led them under a wooden lintel supported by two vertical posts. The torturers then hoisted the two so they were hanging only from their tits.

The audience bellowed with excitement to see how they were lifted in the air, supported only by their own breasts.


The young women moaned and kicked, their bodies twitching with suffering. With a jerk the torturers lifted them about a meter in the air and left them hanging from their breasts for a long time, swinging back and forth like two bales of hay.

Both´s breasts were so deformed that it looked as if they were going to tear or burst. Nadia did not even have to imagine the pain that those two girls felt because she could easily see how their faces were twisted with suffering and could hear their desperate cries above the clamor of the crowd.

After an interminable minute hanging from their breasts, which were already almost purple, the torturers returned to lower them until the feet of the two condemned just touched the ground with the tips of their toes. Both of them had tears on their faces and were breathing raggedly, losing their senses while phlegm drooled from their mouths.

Then two torturers began to whip them on the tits using small whips with the tails soaked in salt and vinegar. The men beat with rage and force, and if it had not been for the hoods everyone would have seen the brutal faces of sadists who relished their work.


The two condemned women screamed helplessly while the whips beat their breasts without mercy, leaving bloody trails of stinging weals. It must have hurt like hell, and Nadia began to tickle the tips of her own breasts. The fabric of her dress was so thin that she felt her thick nipples become aroused, but again no one noticed her.

Meanwhile, the torture of the Japanese girls continued without pause. After covering their breasts with marks and even making them bleed in some spots, the torturers pulled the ropes again and lifted their bodies. They hung them again from the tits, this time for two endless and anguished minutes.

This process was repeated several times with extreme cruelty causing unspeakable suffering to the two girls who had dared to show their breasts in public. Finally, after raising and lowering more than ten times, they left them hanging for an even longer time.

It was then that one of the policemen who was prowling around spotted Nadia and ran to tell his officer who was none other than Lieutenant Mahmud. Escorted by two armed policemen, he came quickly to arrest her.

- Let's see, show me your papers.

Nadia was surprised to hear the authoritative voice of the policeman and was about to piss right there with nervous excitement.

- I'm not carrying any.

- Aren’t you embarrassed to go out like this on the street? Haven’t you been warned that it is forbidden to exhibit yourself in this way?

- No, no. I didn’tknow.

- All these whores are the same, cuff her.

The guards brutally caught Nadia and quickly handcuffed her hands behind her back. The young woman did not resist but while she was being tied, she experienced multiple chills of pleasure running all over her body. Now there was no turning back and she knew exactly what awaited her.

Meanwhile, on the scaffold the torturers had already taken down the condemned girls to apply another torture. Although the two girls were about to faint they did not let them rest. They were forced to kneel and their tits were thrust into semicircular recesses in a wooden plank and a top piece closed over them like a pillory, leaving them trapped. Then the women had to present their necks which were secured in another round recess in the top plank.

The two were thereby presented with their breasts, bluish and covered with marks of the whip, thrust forward like strange meatballs. At that point they were suffering so much pain in their breasts that they wished they would be amputated, however, the worst was yet to come.

The torturers started with the girl who had larger breasts. A young man used a brish to smear her tits with honey, he proceeded slowly and carefully until her nipples became very hard from so much caressing by the bristles of the brush. By that time her breasts were covered with a thick coat of sticky honey that dripped slowly from the tip of her very thick and swollen nipples.

Then another torturer brought a large transparent plastic box and fitted it with metal clips to the front of the pillory, completely covering her shiny breasts.

Finally, someone brought a plastic bag with two huge wasps, about five centimeters long, and showed them to the public that cheered enthusiastically, guessing the barbarous punishment. The two girls also guessed and cried out in anguish.

- After this these two girls won’t go around showing off their tits again, I can assure you, the torturer said to the public showing them the monstrous insects.
descarga (3).jpg
And then after shaking the wasps and swiping at the bag several times, he released them through a hole into the transparent box, closing it behind them. The angry wasps buzzed around inside the box. They landed on the girl’s bare breasts, and started furiously stinging them.

Her companion in martyrdom saw in horror how her friend screamed in agony while the two wasps buried their stingers in her tits and especially in her nipples. Then they began to anoint her breasts with honey and the young woman shrieked hysterically as she saw that they were bringing another bag with two more giant wasps. ...

Instead of taking her away immeiately, the officer let Nadia see the whole thing so she could get an idea of the tortures that awaited her.

The two Japanese girls lost their senses after several minutes of suffering the biting of the wasps. The torturers then detached the boxes and opened the pillory.

Seeing that they had finished with the giant insects, the officer ordered them to be brought over to where Nadia was waiting.

The police dragged the Nadia to the outskirts of the square, though an angry crowd shouting insults, and shoved her brutally into a police car. Just at that moment two large wooden crosses were brought to the square while the Japanese girls were brought back to consciousness by waving smelling salts under their noses.

- Come on, hurry, said the officer when getting in the car.


While Nadia was being taken to the medieval fortress of the Krak, the police followed the prescribed protocol in these cases and searched the girl's room. They requisitioned her luggage and erased the evidence that she had stayed there.
In the police car, Nadia was blindfolded as an additional security measure. Perhaps it was unnecessary but in recent weeks the police had become sticklers for the rules.
The Kemed authorities thought that their barbarous decrees were going to dissuade Western tourists from traveling to their country, or induce them to behave more decently. However, neither one nor the other had happened, and the number of arrests, far from diminishing, had increased in last weeks.

At the same time, governments and international human rights organizations had been pressing the Kemed government in every way. The world media continually criticized its new revolutionary laws. However, that did not prevent them from broacasting their cruel ordeals all over the world almost without censoring them, simply by pixelating the sex of the condemned. In this way they earned a fortune from those morbid images.

Meanwhile, during the two hours the trip lasted, Nadia could not tell where they were taking her. It seemd to her that just to disorient her even more, the car took a long detour.

When she arrived at her destination, the guards took her from the vehicle and by the time they removed the mask she could only see that she was already inside the fortress, in a courtyard surrounded by high stone walls and full of armed police.

While the lieutenant went into the prison, Nadia was left waiting for a long time in the courtyard guarded by several armed men. Thus the beautiful girl had the opportunity to see what Colonel Ahmed had prepared in those weeks. What she saw gave her a deep thrill of anticipation.

On one side of the yard, the Colonel had ordered up to twenty wooden crosses installed. They were in the form of tau as tall as a person. Every cross featured two long curved phallic protrusions, situated halfway up the vertical pole a little over a meter from the ground. Nadia knew enough about crucifixions to know they were called cornus. These, however, were double cornus, particularly suitable for the anatomy of women.

When the fifteen cheerleaders were crucified in public they were raised up on high crosses with their feet more than five feet above the ground so that people could see them well. However, in the prison they preferred low crosses so that the torturers had easy access to the bodies of the victims.

Next to the tau-crosses there were other vertical poles with shackles, up to seven X crosses and bulky wooden trestles that supported horizontal beams more than two meters off the ground, with shackles hanging at intervals.
1615658188113.pngimages (13).jpg
In front of the posts and the crosses there were two long timbers from which hung a great variety of whippes. There was also a panoply from which hung a series of gloomy metal objects: tweezers, pliers, clamps, etc. All these instruments seemed to be halfway between the tools of a carpenter, those of a surgeon and those of an torturer of the Middle Ages.

Finally, there were neatly arranged electric prods, dildos, electrodes and transformers with red and blue wires sprouting from them.

It was clear that the whole arrangement was not intended for one or two convicts, but to punish a large group of prisoners. The number of inmates had increased greatly, and torture and punishments were practiced in the Krak several times a day, in front of the other prisoners who were brought to the courtyard to watch.

The young masochist felt a rising heat as she registered the significance of what she saw. She was already familiar with all that paraphernalia. Well, with everything except the crucifixion. Nadia had long wanted to experience for herself the "pleasure" of being crucified, and had asked her sadistic torturers in France to do it. However, so far they had never practiced it with her. Her mind turned to Luba, and she wondered excitedly if she had ever been crucified in that courtyard.

Suddenly there was a noise and two torturers appeared, laughing and joking, dragging a woman with them. The two men wore long camouflage pants and were bare-chested, showing off their muscular hairless torsos. In public they would have worn hoods, but in the prison they had no need to hide their faces.

The woman was completely naked and loaded with chains. She had shackles on her wrists and ankles. Her body was beautiful body but the way she was shackled made her walk stooped, taking short unsteady steps. Her tits and buttocks trembled like firm custard puddings, and saliva drooled from her ballgag.

Deeply humiliated to be in the presence of another woman who was fully dressed, the young woman looked briefly at Nadia, but the two torturers did not let her pause for a moment and pulled her directly to the posts.

There one of the torturers was removed the shackles while the other choose one of the whips. Apparently they were going to punish her on the spot.

- What has she done? Nadia asked the guard next to her.

- Nothing special, they just made a draw and she was the lucky one.

- What?

- Like I said, usually prisoners are punished when they do something wrong, but if that doesn’t happen then it’s done by lottery. The Colonel says it's good to maintain order, ha ha, you'll get used to it.

- And what are you going to do ?.

- Well, she’s actually quite lucky. Usually when they are brought here they get lashes and crucifixion. The worst tortures are done out of sight in the dungeons. She’ll be on the cross until she faints. Three or four hours at least.


The guy looked up at the pitiless sun beating down on them.

- If we give her water she can stay there even longer.

Hearing him speak with such cold cruelty, Nadia felt her crotch getting wet.

Meanwhile the young woman who was going to be punished had already been tied to the posts with her arms and legs spread wide apart. As the ropes were tightened her body seemed even more beautiful.

Nadia was surprised by her passivity. The girl did not offer any resistance while they were securing her. She never begged for mercy. Her face showed something closer to excitement than fear. The torturers also continued with their work as if it were something routine.
They pulled on the ropes, snorting and straining, until she was suspended in the air, hanging from her outstretched arms with her legs separated and tied to the two vertical poles.

Once she was securely tied, the torturers did not hurry, after all they had all the time in the world. In fact, one of them began to caress her and even masturbated her for a few minutes, caressing her plucked pubis with his fingers and making her writhe with pleasure.

At this point the officer who had already notified Colonel Ahmed of the new admission returned and handed over Nadia's documentation.

- Come on, take the new one to the infirmary, Mahmud ordered. The doctor has already been warned and is waiting for her.

- One moment, Lieutenant, have you noticed the dress she’s wearing? It is of good quality, surely it costs a lot.

- Yes, so what?

- The doctor always cuts the cloths with scissors and then throws them in the trash. It’s a compete waste. I can sell it and split with you, 50-50.

The lieutenant looked at the girl and reluctantly agreed.

- Okay, but hurry up.

The guard unlocked one of the handcuffs.

- You, take off the dress, quick! He ordered, grabbing one of the straps.

Nadia was surprised by this request, but she did not give any sign of reluctance. On the contrary, she looked at the men with excitement, unzipped herself, and slid out of the dress. She gave it to the guardian, then the shoes, and then her panties. Even without them asking, she did the same with her thong. Young Nadia felt a tremor of pleasure as she undressed in front of all those men and watched them stare at her breasts. Nadia’s were large and prominent, very beautiful and proportionate, crowned by thick nipples with broad pink aureoles.

The guards did not remember seeing so much beauty in any previous prisoner. What surprised them most was seeing her go on to cross her hands behind her back and close the cuffs again. Then she looked at them again defiantly.

- Come on, take her to the doctor at once, said Lieutenant Mahmud, a little bewildered at he young woman's behavior and aroused at the sight of her naked body.

Before entering one of the buildings Nadia heard behind her the first lashes and moans of the girl and could not help turning around.

- Come on, walk. You’ll find out what it feels like, the guard said giving her a push.

The prison doctor looked like a quack with a white coat. When he saw them bringing in such a statuesque beauty, he smiled a lusty smile and ordered her to be prepared for the exam. For this, they laid her down in a gynecologist's chair, with her legs open and up.

- What an creature! Said the doctor, caressing both her thighs at the same time and staring at her tits. Then using a speculum he began to probe her sex, an unpleasant procedure throughout which she could feel the cold metal deep inside her. He also gave her great discomfort leering at her and poking at her crotch with his disgusting fingers.

When he finished with the speculum, he took some shaving cream, smeared it over her and shaved all the hair from her pussy with a blade, leaving her completely bare. During the shaving, Nadia closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at the continuous touching and feeling the edge of the blade brushing her sensitive skin.

Of course, the two guards and Lieutenant Mahmud not only did not leave but stayed to observe as much as they pleased, making coarse comments about Nadia's body. Of course the young woman got her clitoris stiff from both the touching and the admiring stares, and the guards commented aloud that without a doubt the new one was one of the best whores who had entered the prison.

The so-called doctor finished the exam, also highly aroused.

- Before admission you have to have a good clean, inside and out, you know.

The cleaning was even more unpleasant than the speculum. After lowering her from the chair, the guards made Nadia kneel, lean her body forward and press her face into the cold terrazzo floor. Her breasts also landed on the ground meekly like two large custards. Once in that ignoble posture they made her expose her anus by separating her buttocks with her still- handcuffed hands.
- Yes, she's a whore, the doctor said as he finished shaving her from behind and worked her sphincter open with his fingers. This ass must have already been reamed by all the cocks in her fucking country.

- Yes, ha, ha, look how it opens up, it has fully losen. The guards laughed while Nadia flaunted the most intimate part of her beautiful anatomy.

Then the doctor came to her with a huge plastic syringe and inserting it into her ass he injected an enema.
- AAaaaah

Nadia felt the warm liquid entering her insides and sighed with pleasure with her eyes closed. The guy took his time, slowly pushing the plunger down, and repeated the process several times until who knows how many liters were inside her. Once it was over, he took out the syringe and inserted a thick anal plug in her ass, warning her to keep it there and not let it go under any circumstances.

Once this was done they made her sit up and handcuffed her again but this time with her hands in front of her.

Nadia was then taken to a sink and suspended over it by her arms and well-spread legs. Finally, they gagged her with a rubber ball and left her hanging for a while, waiting for the enema to take effect.

Sure enough, in a few minutes and in that position the girl felt a painful cramping and a horrible desire to evacuate her bowels, but despite that continued to keep her ass clamped tight around the anal plug to keep it in place.

The guards continued to laugh at her and her desperate attempts not to start shitting in front of them.


Nadia knew exactly what that meant. The enema not only served to clean her back passage and prepare it for sodomy, but also meant that they would begin to torture her in a short time. From experience, the young woman knew that, during the torture, the patient can lose control of her sphincters and shit in the middle of everything, which is unpleasant for many torturers.
- It seems that this is all ready, said the doctor patting her on the belly. Then he extracted the anal plug. Come on, honey, you can let go of all the shit you have inside.

Almost without effort, a jet of brown liquid spurted out of her, squirting directly into the sink.

The young woman felt that pleasant release again because her intestines were incomfortable distended. She has ceased to care about humiliation long ago.

The guards laughed at her as they covered their noses and let Nadia pour all the liquid and fart repeatedly until everything inside was released.

Then one of them took a hose and after plugging in the young woman and removing all the shit from her with a jet of water, he did the same with the evacuated fluid until there was no trace left.

Without leaving her in peace even for a moment, the doctor approached the prisoner with a metal dildo plugged into a hose. He used it to blast water into her pussy and then into her ass.


After cleaning her two holes again, the two guards picked up some barbed brushes and after lathering the young woman they gave her a good scrubbing all over her body until her skin was red.


The cleaning with the barbed brushes was so brutal and painful that Nadia cried the whole time. The guards did not stop laughing as they rubbed her skin brutal and roughly and when they finished doing so they gave her another spray of cold water under pressure, probably longer than she would have needed.

In few minutes the guards had prepared the new inmate, clean and depilated, in perfect condition to be presented to Colonel Ahmed. Nadia was picked up and her arms tied behind her back. This time they did not put the handcuffs on her but tied her using a long rope with all the exquisite care of a work of shibari. Her wrists and forearms were tightly tied together, similarly for her elbows and biceps. The remaining rope was passed between her buttocks and the labia pressed firmly against her, and then wound to form a network around her torso. Nadia had her arms and shoulder blades uncomfortably close together and that forced her to arch her back so that her prominent round breasts were enhanced even more. Smiling with lust, the guards knotted the rope at the base of her breasts making their skin tighten and their nipples perk up.


Nadia closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure when she felt the pressure of the rope on her sensitive skin and how the knots were stuck here and there.

Then they carefully put a leather noose around her neck and gently tightened it.

The guards commented to each other how the new one had stiff and aroused nipples and her labia were already glistening with moisture. Lieutenant Mahmud could not help wondering if that bitch had gone out in the street dressed as a whore precisely with the intention of being jailed and mad eot undergo all these things.

- These tourists are crazy, he said nodding, but yes, the guy had a perfectly perceptible erection under his pants. Come on and now take her to see the Colonel, it's too late.

(to be continue)


Part 6

Nadia visits the Krak torture chambers.
When Nadia was taken out to the prison yard, the other girl had already been scourged and they were about to crucify her. Nadia saw the weals on her skin and her face shiny with tears. She was on her knees at the foot of the cross, panting with exhaustion and waiting submissively for them to finish preparing her ordeal.
At the sight of Nadia naked and tied up, the executioners had one of their perverse ideas.

- Hey, you, bring the new one here.

Nadia had the exciting idea that maybe they were going to crucify her too, but they only wanted her to perform a little service for them.

One of the executioners grabbed her by the nape of her neck and, thrusting her face towards the two phalluses that jutted out from the cross, said to her.

- Suck them and get them good and slippery. That’ll help your friend here.

As a good submissive, Nadia promptly obeyed and fellated the two phalluses, one after the other, while the executioners chuckled and patted her backside.

- You can tell she's a professional, look how she sucks. Nadia trembled and her breasts wobbled to the rhythm of the blowjob, which only increased her desire and that of the guards and executioners.

- Yes, today the colonel will be happier than usual, said the officer admiring the new girl’s physique as she worked. You should have have seen how he enjoyed doing the enema, little bitch!

Nadia enjoyed herself, sucking the two phalluses with delight and covering them with drool and saliva.

- Come on, enough bitch, don’t be such a slut, one of them said to her with a slap on her tits.

They then took hold of the other girl and prepared to crucify her. They made her get up on a bench to tie her arms outstretched to the patibulum. They took away the bench and the girl was left hanging by the wrists, moaning with pain.

They grabbed her legs and lowered her onto the two phalluses.


When the two phalluses simultaneously impaled her, the young woman tilted her head back and gave a long moan of pleasure. Thanks to Nadia, the phalluses were wet and well lubricated so they slid into her quite easily, without doing too much damage.

Finally, they tied her ankles to the stipes so that she was left with her legs bent as if she were squatting. She would have to remain in that uncomfortable position, neither sitting nor standing, exposed to the sun for about six hours.


Nadia only got to see the first few minutes of the crucifixion before they took her to another of the stone buildings.

Once inside, they dragged her quickly through the narrow corridor, encountering several inmates who were doing cleaning chores. Being imprisoned did not exempt them from doing that kind of work: all the inmates had to take turns cleaning, which they did all naked and chained.
Seeing someone new they all stared curiously at Nadia, then quickly looked down and continued with their work before the guards got angry with them.
They also came across another of the inmates entertaining the bored guards. She was a blonde girl with blue eyes, very thin and with small titties. She couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen years old but was kneeling and sucking on a guard as if she had been doing it all her life. In prison or you learned to suck well or you took a lot of extra punishment.

- Is this the woman they arrested in the square? The guard asked without interrupting the girl between his legs.

- Yes.

- Okay, she’s number 427. And the guy picked up an indelible marker and wrote the number on her groin. As he did so, the guard leaned down unexpectedly and the female servicing him could not help but scratch him with her teeth.
- Fuck, that hurts, you bitch! The guy took his cock out of her mouth and slapped her and left her lying on the floor. Don’t you know how to suck cock, useless cunt? Now I'm going to have to crucify you. Come here, stupid cow.
- No, please, no, they crucified me only three days ago and it was horrible. Please, no, I'll suck you well, I promise.

But the guard did not have mercy, he took the poor girl by the hair and took her to the patio to whip her and crucify her.

The screams of the girl were lost in the corridor and the guards nodded and decided to continue with Nadia.

A little further on they met Lieutenant Mahmud again. He had gone ahead a few minutes earlier.
images (18).jpg
- Just a minute, there is no big hurry, said the soldier, looking lecherously at Nadia.

- The Colonel is checking some documents. Before taking her to him, I will teach the new girl something. I'll take care of her.
images (17).jpg
The lieutenant excitedly took Nadia to a side corridor.
Just off the corridor there was a hall in which four women hung from the ceiling by their feet like cattle in a slaughterhouse. They were bound and gagged and their heads were covered with black leather hoods. The rest of their bodies were completely naked, their knees tightly bound together and their arms tied behind their backs with ropes around their waists.

The lieutenant grabbed one of them and swatted her ass, making her swing around.

- Been waiting a while, eh?

- Mmmmmhhh!

The girl moaned something incomprehensible through her gag.

Nadia wondered why these four women were hanging upside down.
images (16).jpg
- Over here, Sugar, come and see this, ... you'll like it. The lieutenant took Nadia to an adjoining hall lit with neon lights. The corridor was lined with four metal doors on either side, each with a small glass window through which one could see what was happening inside.
Nadia felt a chill when she saw what was written on each of the doors: Torture Chamber, no. 1, Torture Chamber no. 2, so up to 8. The prison was no longer messing around with euphemisms: they had decided to call a spade a spade.

That was another of the "improvements" that Ahmed had introduced in the Krak. The number of prisoners had grown so much that the original interrogation room was not enough, hence they they had specially commissioned those eight spaces for that dismal use.

The lieutenant was eager to show the new inmate what was happening in each of the eight torture chambers, since all of them were occupied almost continuously, day and night. Nadia quickly realized that the four young women who were hanging by their feet were just waiting for their turn to go inside and suffer torment.

Before letting her look, the lieutenant explained that on average, inmates suffered torture sessions of four or five hours in those rooms, however, these could be significantly lengthened with the help of drugs and stimulants.

The lieutenant roughly grabbed Nadia in a bear hug and made her look through the first window. She felt his hands running over her body and greedily caressing her soft skin. Little by little she felt the heat building up inside her.


Torture Room no. 1 was a sordid and depressing red brick dungeon. In the center a girl with spectacular dyed blonde hair and arms covered in elaborate tattoos was enduring an hours-long ride, her sex pressed against a hard wooden pony. The girl was gagged with a gagball, and rough ropes secured her arms, restrainted her boobs and kept her legs folded on either side of the pony. The girl had a very white skin which made gave heightened contrast to the red marks that a thin whip was leaving.

A man dressed in jeans and a leather vest with nothing else underneath was in charge of administering the punishment. He did it unmercifully, lashing her as he pleased. The pain was evident: the girl was continually crying and screaming, though from the outside you could not hear anything. The cell was perfectly soundproof.

Lieutenant Mahmud remarked that he was only an apprentice and did not yet know the finer points of how to apply torture, since the girl had already lost consciousness several times.

- We need more executioners, he told Nadia, sometimes the new ones use the prisoners as guinea pigs, they learn by practicing on them.
Then they went to the second torture room. There five executioners were torturing two girls at the same time. You could not see the girls’ faces because they both hung from a horizontal bar, facing the ceiling with their knees folded over the bar and their elbows hooked around it and their hands tied above their knees. This left their splendid round butts fully exposed next to each other.

- The Brazilians call it "pau de arara" or "parrot perch torture," Mahmud said laughing, grabbing one of Nadia's buttocks and digging his nails into it. The young woman responded with a start and looked at the torture.
An executioner had chosen a thin, flexible whip and apparently used it better than the one in the first room, judging from the reddish, equidistant welts that covered the two womens’ buttocks and thighs. The executioner was impressively methodical: Nadia could count the same number of marks on each of their bodies. He must have gone back and forth striking each one in turn. She could see the semen oozing from their exposed orifices, a sign that the beasts had repeatedly fucked them during the torture.

The two girls could not even shout, ask for mercy, or scream insults because they had been gagged with plastic balls. One could not tell if what dripped from their faces was tears, drool or sweat. Both of their faces were red and twitching.

- Ha ha, little whores, said the lieutenant watching the semen dribble down their buttocks. I’m sure they are enjoying it.
In the third chamber the victim had her head covered with a black leather hood through which only her eyes and mouth were visible. She had been crucified on a low cross with her crotch riding on a rough wooden wedge. Her knees were bent and her arms were bent backwards ever the horizontal beam with her wrists and ankles tied tightly together. She must have been in terrible pain for some time.
However the worst cruelty was being inflicted on her small breasts. She had been fitted with a kind of metal bra, except that instead of cups it had two clamps that were each tightened with two screws to her nipples, stretching them as far as humanly possible.

In this case the executioner was not an amateur because he had tightened the screws very slowly until her nipples were stretched by several centimeters, so that they looked like two pelts. The girl had screamed and cried as they stretched her nipples in that barbaric way but to her misfortune she had not lost consciousness.
images (28).jpg
When Nadia looked inside, the executioner had come to the second phase of the torment where he heated needles in a candle flame and pierced her nipples with the red-hot needles. The sadist did everything slowly that he could enjoy the screams and convulsions of his victim who prayed to lose consciousness.

This time Nadia got even more horny, especially when the lieutenant put his arms around her from behind and began to pinch and caress her own nipples at the same time.

- Can you imagine that they do this to you without anesthesia? He said.

The young woman did not have to imagine much, because she only had to see how the body of the young woman trembled while they introduced the fifth needle in the right nipple, piercing all the way through it .
- As soon as I get the chance, I'll do that to you, Mahmud muttered in her ear, viciously squeezing her nipples.


Nadia moaned in pain and pleasure at the same time.
In the next dungeon, a girl with abundant curly red hair was lying fully stretched on a torture rack, suspended in the air, receiving the attentions of four executioners at the same time. All four were naked like her and two of them were fucking her at the same time in the mouth and pussy. Another executioner whipped her torso with a short many-tailed whip. Small fragments of solid wax flew off her at each blow.

Meanwhile, the fourth executioner was melting more wax in a crucible to spray the young woman with burning wax again once all the old wax was removed.
The fifth torture chamber looked like a medieval dungeon with shackles on the brick walls. In this case three prisoners were waiting their turn tied to the shackles with their arms over their heads, naked and gagged with bamboo canes tied together at their ends. These trapped their tongues keeping them sticking out and causing them to drool continuously. Also, so that they would not "get bored" the men had clamped mouse traps on their nipples and labia.

Despite their own pain, each of the three girls tried to look away from what was happening in front of them. This was quite understandable, because in a few minutes an atrocious fate awaited them at the hands of a sadistic and methodical psychopath. In front of them was a spectacular "witches' throne" on which the fourth victim was sitting.
She was crying and drooling desperately, while her face was twisted with agony. The pointy wooden protrusions that covered the chair were sticking into her all over her body, but the worst was by far the sadistic torture that the sadist was applying to her fingers.


In this case the executioner looked western, tall and thin, dressed in black with a high-necked pullover. He had short white hair and a steely, cold gaze, and he administered the torture with scientific detachment.
This simply involved introducing small pins under the girl’s fingernails, but no so much deep because that would have made her lose consciousness. The man was content to puncture her under the nails.
Before they started torturing her, they had tied her arms to the clamps with thick leather bands and placed her hands with her fingers open, securing them one by one with wires.

The girl already had two pins under each nail and the executioner was introducing the twenty-first pin, pressing it slowly with his thumb.

Completely immobilized and defenseless, the girl could only shake her head uselessly as she let out screams that were inaudible from the hallway.
This time Nadia felt cold sweats. Nadia was terrified that she would be threatened that way. The young masochist could not bear to be punctured, heated or squeezed with a crushing vice or anything similar. She simply could not stand it.

Nadia did not stay to see it, but the girl remained conscious through fifteen more needles, and the emotionless tormentor only left her in peace when she finally fainted. Then he took out the pins, untied her and went to look for his next victim.

In the sixth chamber, Nadia saw the most spectacular and sophisticated idea that Ahmed himself had devised to torment his victims. It was a transparent tank, about the same size as a telephone booth, filled to the brim with water.

Above she saw the victim, naked of course, hanging there trapped in a cage that conformed to the shape of her body so that the iron bars squeezed her flesh. The girl was dripping wet and shivering with cold. Nadia could easily see why: large pieces of ice floated in the cage.

Taking advantage of the fact that the victim’s skin was wet, the executioner gave her repeated electric shocks with a prod. Then after tormenting her like this for a long time, he activated a device that caused the caged girl to sink slowly into the tank.

The victim screamed in despair until her head sank under the icy water.

Through the glass walls of the tank, Nadia could see the expression of horror on the girl’s face, and the bubbles bursting from her mouth. Lieutenant Mahmud told her they could regulate the temperature of the water in the tank: anything from its current freezing temperature up to levels where they could boil the victim like an egg.
Shaking with fear Nadia asked if they had already subjected any prisoners to being boiled.
- Not yet, replied Mahmud, for that they would have to approve the death penalty and have not yet decided to do so.

He led poor terrified Nadia to the seventh chamber.

In the next-to-last dungeon there was another torture rack bigger than the previous one, well suited to be used with two victims at the same time. On it lay twin girls, side by side, waiting for their torment. Both were blondes, tall and thin, with very white skin. Nadia noticed their small breasts and tiny nipples so pink they were almost invisible.

On the floor next to the rack you could still see two pairs of cutoff denim shorts, the tops of two bikinis and two pairs of running shoes. A few minutes previously the girls had undressed themselves and laid submissively on the rack, letting themselves be tied down by their hands and feet.

Nadia was very interested in the preparations that were under way. Suddenly, an executioner took the girls’ clothes and threw them into the fire while two others began to turn the wheel of the rack, stretching both the young bodies at once. The rack was tilted at 45º and in front of it stood a western man who looked about sixty years old, elegantly dressed, apparently present as a spectator.

- That guy came to Kemed with those two today, whispered Mahmud in Nadia's ear. As soon as they were off the plane, he went to the airport police and denounced them both as lesbians. He says that they are his two nieces and that he has brought them to this country to purge their sins. It is strange, they seemed to accompany him quite voluntarily. Without any torture they already confessed that they have been making love to each other for years and agreed to be punished. Ha, ha, they've been sentenced to a whole year. You will not believe it but as soon as they heard the sentence they both told the judge that they could not wait until tomorrow and that they wanted to be tortured on the rack today. They also begged their uncle to attend their torture to participate in it.

While he was talking to her the lieutenant stroked Nadia's thighs, brushing her lips that were already wet with their own juices.

- My God, the pears of anguish, Nadia whispered to herself when she saw an executioner clean and oil two golden metal pears.

- Yes bitch, I see that you know those toys, the old man himself wants to use them with his nieces, but just as with the rack they asked for the pear themselves.
The executioner gave one of the pears to the old man and he examined it giving his approval.

Just when they stopped looking, the executioners tightened the rack again and the two girls moaned together with pain and pleasure.

The sadistic lieutenant assured young Nadia that what she saw in the eight torture chambers was what she herself would soon experience.

However in the eighth dungeon Nadia got the greatest surprise.



In this case the victim was a thin blonde girl who was tied to an electric chair.
- Maria! Nadia recognized her instantly, it was Maria, that meant that Luba must also be there.
Poor Maria was suffering hell on earth with two electrified dildos stuck in her pussy and ass, and other electrodes clamped on her clitoris, nipples and tongue.

Maria’s naked body was shiny with her own bodily fluids along with a conductive gel that had been smeared all over her body.

- Look, beautiful, said the lieutenant slamming his fist against the little window, I'm going to introduce you to Ismail, the cruellest and harshest executioner in this prison.

Ismail was annoyed by the interruption. However, seeing that it was the lieutenant, he left the transformer on the table for a moment and went to the door.

- What the hell?, said the executioner very angry, but seeing Nadia's face changed immediately. Eh, where do you come from, beautiful?

- It's the new one, we've detained her today. Indecency and public scandal.
- What a shame, said Ismail, caressing her breasts and pinching her hard nipples. With those charges she’ll only spend a month with us.

Nadia screwed up her face and turned red as a tomato while a chill of pleasure ran through her body. Ismail scared her and she liked it. In general, Nadia liked women, but in the case of men, she preferred them to be big, muscular, sadistic thugs, and Ismail seemed just that type.

- Now I have to take her to the colonel but when I first saw her I knew that you would want spend some time with her. If you like, when Ahmed finishes with her, I will bring her here and we’ll have a good time.

- Are you going to torture me? Nadia dared to ask him.

- Of course, of course, we will torture you and fuck you all night, said Ismail, twisting the tip of her breasts with his fingers.

- I see that you;re very sensitive there, beautiful, I'll think of something to do with them...

Nadia shuddered with pain and pleasure because the guy not only insisted on twisting her nipples but he stretched them up almost lifting her off the ground and forcing her to stand on her tip-toes.

Normally Nadia loved it when someone played with her sensitive nipples, but that guy had steel fingers and it felt as if he was going to tear them off.
- Have you ever had your breasts tortured, beautiful?

- Yes, yes.

- What's happening lately that we only jail masochistic tourists? Ismail said to the lieutenant.

- I don’t know but I almost prefer it that way, Lieutenant Mahmud said. His erection grew harder and he couldn’t take his hands off Nadia's soft ass. Let go of her for now, Ismail, I have to take her to Ahmed, you know he likes to see the new ones.

- You're right, later we will enjoy this princess just as she deserves.
All right, get on with it then, said Ismail and went back into the torture chamber. Where were we? He said to Maria from the door. Oh yes, now it's a long shock in the ass.
Nadia could see Maria's anguished expression as Ismail picked up the transformer again.

Nadia’s heart raced as they walked the last meters to Colonel Ahmed’s office. When he reached the door, the lieutenant rapped with his knuckles.

- Yes?

- Can we come in?

- OK, come in.

(to be continued)


just as.
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All right, get on with it then, said Ismail and went back into the torture chamber. Where were we? He said to Maria from the door. Oh yes, now it's a long shock in the ass.
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- OK, come in.

(to be continued)

I’ve been thouroughly ebjoying this series but can’t get over you just turned up the heat so much! I can’t wait to see where this goes from here, those last two images are some of the hottest I’ve ever seen! Thank you!


Part 7 Nadia meets Luba
When he saw the prisoner was in, the Colonel stirred in his chair and looked at her closely. He was not yet got used about all the beauties that came before him naked and handcuffed.

The lieutenant took Nadia in front of Ahmed's desk.

He pushed aside the papers in front of her and watched her intently, intoxicated by her perfect curves.
Young Nadia looked back at him defiantly. She felt agitated and even a little aroused by everything she had seen. The French perverts who had subjected Luba and Nadia to all those BDSM sessions now seemed like nuns of charity compared to all these El Kemed psychopaths.

Then Ahmed made a circular gesture with his finger and the lieutenant abruptly made the girl turn around so that the colonel could see her well.

- Have they cleaned it properly? He asked, unable to take his eyes off her bottom as his cock grew under his pants.

- Yes sir.

- Let's see, bend your chest forward, let's see you well.

Nadia did it without resisting.

- Not bad, now separate the buttocks with your hands.
The girl did it immediately, showing him her intimate orifices as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

- This bitch is horny, has someone been playing with her?
- No, sir, I think she just got that way from seeing how we torture the others.

- Oh yeah? We'll see when they do it to her. Very well, now turn and stand up.

Nadia was red-faced, but only from being in that position. Many women would have felt humiliated and embarrassed to be treated this way, but for Nadia humiliation was synonymous with pleasure.

- Well separated legs, bitch, the lieutenant said, patting her between the thighs.

She obeyed immediately.

Ahmed marveled at her submissivenes. It was clear that Nadia was a trained slave. However, she still exuded a haughty and defiant attitude.

- First name?

- You already know, right there you have my documentation.

- Nadia Rurik, but here it says you're a French citizen.

- It's true, my parents were Ukrainians, but I was born in France.
- Do you know what is the penalty in this country for lesbianism?

Lieutenant Mahmud was surprised to hear that.

- But we've only arrested her for indecency.

- Shut up, Lieutenant, do you recognize yourself in this photo?
The Colonel showed Nadia a photograph of her and Luba on the nude beach kissing passionately. The girl immediately remembered that picture. She had persuaded Luba to keep it with her.

- Luba! So you have her here! Where is she?

- Calm girl, soon we will take you to see your lover. That photo is proof enough that you and your friend Luba are lesbians. Why did you come here? Have you come to rescue her?

The lieutenant laughed at Ahmed’s joke, but fell silent at the resolute response of the young blonde.

- I'm not so naive. It’s just that I love her and I want to share her fate. I know it's impossible for a beast like you to understand that.

Colonel Ahmed frowned.

- The same fate? Do you realize what awaits you ? Are you a masochist?

- You said it, pig. I enjoy pain.

The two men looked at each other.

- It's like an epidemic, sir, we have more and more of these.

- Do you know the sentence for lesbianism? It’s six months to two years.

- I do not care, asshole sadist. Just take me to Luba.

- That Luba is a pain in the ass, and you seem set to be one too. We’ve spent several weeks trying to get her to sign her papers, and still she won’t.

- What have you done to her?

- Everything, the same thing that I'm going to do to you if you do not sign this.

Ahmed showed Nadia a document and Nadia read it from cover to cover.

- If I sign this paper I will be completely at your mercy, do you think I'm stupid?

- No, but I imagine you will have a limit, all girls do.

- Test me, said Nadia defiantly.

The two men were again stunned to hear it.

- I can see that you stand up for yourself, girl, I like that. That means it will be more fun. Very well, take her to her lover and tell Ismail to prepare everything for tomorrow: three patients. These two lesbians and the other slut arrested with Luba, we'll see how much they stand before signing.

Lieutenant Mahmud was disappointed.

- Sir, why not start the "treatment" with this bitch right now? Ismail and I will break her in a few hours.

- No lieutenant, Ahmed said, winking at him. Let the two lesbians come together tonight and ... reflect on what awaits them.

Somewhat annoyed, the lieutenant led Nadia away. The Colonel's behavior seemed very strange to him. The new girl was gorgeous but he had not even touched her, and Ahmed usually took it on himself to initiate all the new ones. Ah he was leaving the office, it seemed to him that Ahmed smiled enigmatically.
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Again Nadia had to go through corridors where she met more guards and prisoners, some of them doing blowjobs or getting fucked by one or several guards at the same time.
In one corridor she could see the "aviaries": these were five punishment cages consisting of rectangular niches in the wall, closed in with bars. The five girls condemned to these cages suffered a perverse passive punishment, because the peculiar form of the niches prevented them from sitting, squatting or standing.

Nadia could not help but notice their despair because the girls had been there for several hours and begged to be let out. Finally they came to the cages where most of the inmates slept.
The number of cages had increased, but the rate of arrival of new prisoners was so high that they were still not enough. Sleeping in these cubicles was a torment in itself because they were claustrophobic iron cages measuring only 2 meters by 80cm by 60cm. Someone confined there would be very uncomfortable, but they put two women in each cage, totally naked and with their hands tied or handcuffed behind their backs to prevent them from masturbating.

- Nadia!

Luba got the surprise of her life when she saw her beloved Nadia appear nude and handcuffed in the hands of those beasts and in that infernal place. Suddenly she realized her mistake, and she fell silent, but there was nothing left to hide.

- Here’s your girlfriend, dyke, she has come to rescue you, she must be very foolish because she has come here of her own free will, ha ha.

The guards opened the cage where they had Luba and after removing their cellmate, they put Nadia next to her. The two young women had to make the best of that cramped space, skin against skin, and as soon as they were left alone they began to kiss each other voraciously.

- Nadia, my love, it’s so wonderful that you're here, but how? How have you let me ...?

- Shhhh, that does not matter now. Nadia lowered her voice and spoke in whispers. Luckily I found you, there was no way, in the end I had no choice but to give myself to these pigs.

The two young women went on kissing each other in the mouth while they talked.

- You should not have done it. Nadia, these guys are sadists, you can’t imagine the things they'll do to get you to sign that document.

- You have not signed, right?

- No, of course not, but if they continue like this, I know I'll end up giving them what hey want.

- Have you been tortured that hard?

- Every day. The guards come to pick me up and take me to that pig of Colonel Ahmed. He himself is in charge of torturing me, but first he always fucks me. At the beginning I resisted, but I can’t fight them any more. I'm just a plaything in their hands.

- But he's a disgusting toad.

Luba was ashamed to confess this to her.

- I was alone and I was afraid, Nadia, the time I spend fucking with that pig is the only glimmer of pleasure I can achieve. I almost want you to do it to me, thank goodness that you are here now.

- Listen Luba, I have a plan, they're going to get us out of here.

- What? That's not possible.

- Lower your voice and trust me. Before leaving France I had an electronic device implanted in a filling. To activate it, I don’t even need my fingers, I just have to clench my jaw at the right place.

- And what will that do?

- The plan was that as soon as I found you I would operate the device, it will send a satellite signal that will reveal our position.

Luba looked at her incredulously.

- I have paid a lot of money to a mercenary to free us and he will do it as soon as he knows where we are. Do not worry, my love, there are people ready for this.

Nadia had been trained to operate the electronic device so that by biting at the indicated point she put it into operation. Immediately a signal appeared on Frederick Vouillé's computer.

- That's it, he said, smiling with satisfaction as a blinking dot appeared on an electronic map. Frederick zoomed in on the map and little by little he was defining on his screen the unmistakable plant of the Krak .....

- Now we just have to wait, my love.

Nadia said this and immediately began to kiss her lover.
- Here’s your girlfriend, dyke, she has come to rescue you, she must be very foolish because she has come here of her own free will, ha ha.

The guards opened the cage where they had Luba and after removing their cellmate, they put Nadia next to her. The two young women had to make the best of that cramped space, skin against skin, and as soon as they were left alone they began to kiss each other voraciously.

- Nadia, my love, it’s so wonderful that you're here, but how? How have you let me ...?

- Shhhh, that does not matter now. Nadia lowered her voice and spoke in whispers. Luckily I found you, there was no way, in the end I had no choice but to give myself to these pigs.

The two young women went on kissing each other in the mouth while they talked.

- You should not have done it. Nadia, these guys are sadists, you can’t imagine the things they'll do to get you to sign that document.

- You have not signed, right?

- No, of course not, but if they continue like this, I know I'll end up giving them what hey want.

- Have you been tortured that hard?

- Every day. The guards come to pick me up and take me to that pig of Colonel Ahmed. He himself is in charge of torturing me, but first he always fucks me. At the beginning I resisted, but I can’t fight them any more. I'm just a plaything in their hands.

- But he's a disgusting toad.

Luba was ashamed to confess this to her.

- I was alone and I was afraid, Nadia, the time I spend fucking with that pig is the only glimmer of pleasure I can achieve. I almost want you to do it to me, thank goodness that you are here now.

- Listen Luba, I have a plan, they're going to get us out of here.

- What? That's not possible.

- Lower your voice and trust me. Before leaving France I had an electronic device implanted in a filling. To activate it, I don’t even need my fingers, I just have to clench my jaw at the right place.

- And what will that do?

- The plan was that as soon as I found you I would operate the device, it will send a satellite signal that will reveal our position.

Luba looked at her incredulously.

- I have paid a lot of money to a mercenary to free us and he will do it as soon as he knows where we are. Do not worry, my love, there are people ready for this.

Nadia had been trained to operate the electronic device so that by biting at the indicated point she put it into operation. Immediately a signal appeared on Frederick Vouillé's computer.

- That's it, he said, smiling with satisfaction as a blinking dot appeared on an electronic map. Frederick zoomed in on the map and little by little he was defining on his screen the unmistakable plant of the Krak .....

- Now we just have to wait, my love.

Nadia said this and immediately began to kiss her lover.
- How much I missed you, precious! And despite the narrowness and discomfort of the cage, the two lesbians spent the whole night kissing and fucking using their thighs and caressing each other's tits. Of course, no one came to rescue them that night and the two slept together, bathed in each others sweat.

(to be continued)
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Part 8
The next morning very early the guards went to look for Luba and Nadia and after awakening them brutally with jets of ice water, they took them out of the cage pulling them by the hair and giving them slaps.
The routine of the prisoners was always the same. First they took them to the latrines so that they would do their “business” in front of the guards.

After an enema to empty the intestines and an unpleasant shower with hose and brushes of prongs.
And finally the "breakfast". This consisted of a kind of porridge or cookies broken in milk that the prisoners had to drink in a bowl on the floor. Since they did not untie their hands at any time, the inmates had to lick it kneeling on the floor like kitties.
Normally, the guards demanded a blowjob and the girls had to swallow all the semen as part of the breakfast. In some cases, they put the semen directly in the bowls and then they had to finish everything.
Finally the girls had to cleanse each other the leftover remains that would have been left by the body with their own tongue.

If a prisoner dropped a drop of semen on the floor, she did not finish it all, or she simply shook the disgusting breakfast, was taken to the courtyard immediately and there she was whipped and crucified. That was the norm.
Luba and Nadia suffered the whole ritual and had to squeeze the cock of eight guardians and drink their disgusting concoctions.
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