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Masochistic Paradise

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And yet, that was what they had to do. As they still had a little time before unloading their intestines, some guys had played the right way to flip them like that. So they approached them with their dicks out and happy with their good luck. Some undressed completely to fuck more comfortable.
They penetrated two girls almost simultaneously and with little resistance because they were hot. While they were being fucked, the rest touched and sobbed at pleasure everywhere. The guys had to have balls full because they did not take long to finish. As those beasts ejaculated inside their vagina with violent jerks they were replaced by others with their cock already stiff. Luba came a couple of times, but to Nadia the violent pains in her intestines would not let her.

In the end they had been fucked seven or eight guardians each, the truth is that they lost the account, but the fact is that when they decided to remove the anal plugs the two distilled abundant sperm from their bare skin.

- I want you to keep it in there, do not even think about getting yourself to shit before I order you bristles, the guy in the hose shouted. As good slaves, the two girls obeyed and that they were dying to loosen their bowels and twisted in their bonds as worms in the hook.
The men scoffed at his gestures of despair and laughed heartily after hearing a loud fart that escaped Luba. Finally she could not take it anymore and a jet of pressure shit came out of her anus into the sinkhole. The enema was this time so powerful that the young woman felt a deep dizziness and writhed in her bonds, rolling her eyes. Nadia did not take long to imitate her, no matter how humiliating and disgusting it was.

These pigs laughed at the two beautiful young girls, letting go of that filthy diarrhea, while they covered their noses and made obscene and despicable comments about them. Two girls took a long time to release everything with loud rasps and when they finally finished they turned on the hose and did not stop showering until there was no trace of the crap.

After the toilette came the soaping. One of the guards sprayed the two girls with gel all over their bodies while another six armed with brushes arranged themselves around them smiling like naughty children waiting for their turn.
Effectively each of the two was conveniently "attended" by three guards who left no corner of their body unbrushed. The brushes must be made of metal bristles or at least it seemed to the two poor masochists who shouted and cried in pain while rubbing them with rage until they almost skinned them.
More than ten minutes they invested in washing the two slaves well until they left all the skin reddened. To their relief they finally stopped brushing and then another abundant spray of water came to remove the soap.

This time the "shower" lasted almost an hour. When they finally let Nadia and Luba off, they were both so faint that at first the guards continued to stagger.

Again they tied their arms behind their backs with thick ropes and took them to the close room for breakfast. There they were handed over to a different group of guards. Some of whom already had the dick outside announcing to the two slaves what breakfast would consist of. In fact, as soon as the gag was removed, two girls crouched down to lick the usual milk from two bowls. They were already bent to start licking, when a very rough guy kicked the bowls spilling everything on the floor.

- Ha, ha, ha, today you will not take anything all day, so if you want to fill your stomach it will have to be with what comes out of our cock.
The guy pulled his smelly cock out of his pants and put it on Nadia in front of her face. The young woman looked at him with her beautiful eyes and submissively began to lick the glans as she watched as four other guards approached her with their cocks outside.
Two feet away Luba was also kneeling with one limb bulging her cheek and her pussy soaking wet even though it had been cleaned recently. The two lesbians had never eaten so many cocks in a row or swallowed so much, but they spent almost another hour felting it to everyone who passed by.
Although two women tried to swallow as much as possible, in the end they had their faces and torso full of liquid sperm, so the guards forced them to lick each other until there was no drop left.

Anyway, in the multiple blowjob, the girls could not prevent a certain amount of semen falling to the ground. A guard cleaned it with a couple of rags soaked in sperm and then put them in the mouth of the two slaves, making sure they could not spit them with insulating tape.
Then with some brutality they put on leather hoods that completely blinded them and gave an unbearable heat to the head.
Then, after disorienting them by making several turns on themselves, the two young women were dragged with blows and tippings through the corridors of the Krak, to the corridor where the torture chambers were lined up. Since they were all occupied at the time, the guards hung them from the ceiling upside down after six other women waiting for their turn. So hung up they opened some small side zippers and put a pair of phones on their ears so they could hear everything that happened in torture chamber number one.

In this way, Luba and Nadia spent about four hours hanging from the ceiling like two cattle, savoring the semen of the guards and without being able to avoid hearing the desperate cries of the victims who suffered torment in Chamber number 1, which was where they themselves were destined

When it was finally their turn, Nadia and Luba were taken off the roof and dragged to the place where hell was waiting for them. Before closing the door of the torture chamber, Ismail removed the hoods because he wanted them to see what awaited them.



The two girls were momentarily blinded but instinctively recoiled back when they saw the torture they had prepared for them. These were the witches' chairs, two wooden thrones bristling with spikes at the base, the backrest and the clamps. Several leather straps were untied at that moment.
Behind the chairs was a large cauldron full of water to the edge on which hung a metal cage. That was truly sinister because it looked like a dungeon of the Inquisition.

In front of the witches' chair, there was a table with a box of pins with the round head of different and striking colors.

Finally there was a video camera on a tripod to record the entire session. Ahmed wanted to make sure that everyone saw that Maria would be solely responsible in case of death.

- Start with the blonde, ordered Ismail.

The executioners did so and after untying her hands they forced Nadia to sit on one of the thrones.
The girl tried to kick, but they had caught her between four and could not do anything to prevent it, then forced her to sit on the throne. When Nadia felt the dozens of wooden spikes sticking all over her body she screamed and protested but that did not help her. The executioners immobilized her completely with leather ribbons on her arms, legs, chest, and so on. and finally they tied their hands to the clamps and each of the fingers fixed it with wires exposing their nails to the pins.

Totally defenseless Nadia sweated very nervous trying to endure the pain of the tips.
Luba looked at her lover sympathetically, but she herself was next and took the chair next to her. Luba also screamed in pain as she felt the tips of the chair digging through her skin. She also had her fingers prepared for the torment by adjusting each one with a wire.

The two lovers looked at each other trying to encourage each other.
Then, Colonel Ahmed brought Maria. The girl was also brought naked and handcuffed. She came directly from the guardhouse where she had spent the night in the hands of eight guards. Maybe Maria had got rid of being punished but not being fucked by anyone who wanted her in prison. In fact, her body was all smeared with sperm and the hole in her anus was sagging and aching from all the times these beasts had sodomized her.
From her throne, Nadia saw her arrive and gave her a look of hatred and contempt.

- Untie her, Ahmed ordered then. And while they were doing it he explained the conditions. Do you see this clock? You have eight hours to force them to sign, if at the end of this time they die or you do not get them to sign, then I will send you to the courtyard and they'll crucify you, then nothing can free you from serving your sentence. You've understood?.

Maria nodded very nervous. Then she glanced briefly at the two prisoners on the thrones and could not even keep their eyes on them. Instead he set out to start the torment, so sitting on a bench in front of Nadia, picked up a pin from the box.

Maria's hand was trembling with the pin between her fingers, she did not even dare look Nadia in the eye.

- Please sign, said with the needle a few inches from Nadia's fingers, do not force me to do this.

- Fuck, Start now, what are you waiting for?

Maria did not hesitate this time, took the needle and put it diligently under the nail of her right little finger.


A frightful howl came out of her mouth when Nadia felt the tip of the pin pricking her flesh under the nail.

The beautiful Nadia looked reproachfully at Maria's eyes, they had never inserted needles under her nails.

- Daughter of a bitch!, God the pain!, how it hurts !.

- Are you going to sign?

- Go to hell, bitch, BITCH!.

Then Maria prepared to nail her the second one.

This followed the third on the middle finger and then the fourth on the index finger.

- AAAAYYY Whore, sow, you'll see when I get caught GGOOOODDDD

Nadia cried with rage in a hell of suffering, but that did not break her and she continued to maintain an obstinate resistance. The young woman was already in a sweat bath with a strong stress and breathing with rage while waiting for each new needle.
As she had been taught, Maria started by inserting a single needle into each finger until she reached ten, but then introduced a second needle and then a third one into each nail.

In spite of everything Nadia continued resisting the torture, that yes, without stopping to insult to Maria neither to cry and to complain to raw shout ..

- Hold my love, hold said Luba a few meters causing the laughter of men. Nadia tried to smile at her but then another needle was inserted and the woman cursed again.



- SSHHHHIIITTTTT. Fucking bitch, stop doing that, you whore.
When Maria finished with Nadia's fingers she ordered the guards to gag her with a rubber ball and put a brazier with burning coals under the throne. Then he picked up another needle and with tears in her eyes he showed it to Luba.

- You know I do not want to make it my love .... sign it please.

For all answer Luba said no with the head.

- Please sign, no, I do not want to hurt you, not you.
- Do you know something? Nadia is right, you're a whore, I do not know how I could feel the love of a vermin like you.
This response finally decided to Mary that clenching her teeth began to drive the pin into her little finger.

Young Luba cried even more desperately when her former mistress nailed the first needle and did not stop crying or begging from the third. Unlike Nadia, Luba did not insult Maria. He simply could not believe that his lover was so cruel as not to take pity on his entreaties.

- Please Mary, please, no, do not do it NOOOO, NOOOOOAAAAAAYYY.

That was the number twelve needle and this time Maria squeezed the thumb with her thumb a little more.

- Come on, sign, now, do not you realize that I'm not going to stop ?.

Luba followed and continued to endure the torment between tears and screams so that after more than half an hour she had thirty pins stuck under her nails.

- Come on, sign the document, I told you to sign. Maria watched the inexorable passage of time on the clock. She had to get them to break or she herself would become the victim. She had to get it anyway, so she squeezed all the pins of Luba's hands with his hands.

- Come on, you have to sign, you have to sign, do it ..

The poor woman could only respond to that wave of pain with a low moan because the executioners had gagged her so she would not bite her tongue.

As she saw that she still did not get anything from Luba, Maria came back with Nadia and squeezed all the pins at the same time.

Nadia also shouted and stirred but that was not why she was bowed down.

- Come on bitch Ahmed said impatiently, make them sign at once or you will try the pain in your nails.

- Yes, yes sir.

As the pins did not work, Maria decided to move on to something else that Ismail had taught her. So she took a soldering iron and plugged it into the power grid.
While waiting for the resistance to heat up, Maria approached Nadia, who at that moment was soaking wet from her own sweat with that brazier burning her buttocks under the chair. Maria stroked her face and whispered in his ear.

- Come on Nadia, I know you have given yourself to save Luba, you knew that you risked this and in spite of everything you did. Look what I'm going to do now, I'm going to heat the pins with that soldering iron and now you will scream because the heat will be transmitted to your fingers, do you want to see her suffer in that way?

Nadia looked at her with hate and overcoming the unbearable heat in her butt said no.

- If you do not want me to do it, sign, sign once.

Then Nadia made a strange smile that the gag still deformed more and again denied.

Very impatient, Maria gave him a slap and instead of using the soldering iron with Luba she did it to Nadia. The young woman looked at how she placed the soldering iron on several pins at the same time and in a few seconds an unbearable heat penetrated the sensitive endings of her four fingers.


With a horrifying scream Nadia shook with pain thrown her head back and immediately fell on her chest.


Seeing her, Ahmed put his fingers on her neck.

- Has she died?

- For your sake I hope not ... she is alive , although she has fainted.

- Stupid, said Ismail, I already told you that before that you had to inject them with a stimulant, now it's there so calm.

- It's okay, inyect it to Luba, meanwhile make the other to turn awake.

Poor Luba shook with fear when she saw how Ismail injected her with the cocktail of stimulants. Maria waited a few moments for it to take effect and then she started to apply the soldering iron. As hypnotized Luba followed the trajectory of this in the air. But at the last moment, Maria stopped.

- Luba, my love, do it for me, sign the document, for what you love most.

- Mmmmmh

The beautiful girl shook her head.

- Then you do not leave me another alternative.


A few moments after the welder made contact with the needles, poor Luba felt an unbearable pain and began to scream and cry without stopping. Unlike Nadia, the beautiful Luba was not lucky to lose consciousness immediately so she had to endure trembling that inhuman pain for several minutes in which Maria did not stop urging her to sign.

- If you want me to remove the soldering iron, sign the paper, she said desperately. Luba rolled her eyes while the slobber escaped the ball-gag and she cried out to stop tormenting her, but the young woman did not give in. Finally she was also unconscious.


Maria was desperate. Two victims had fainted despite the drugs and they continued to refuse to sign the document. They were already almost two hours of torture and did not get anything at all.

Finally the young woman realized that she had no other choice.

- Light the fire, said resigned pointing to the cauldron.

- Are you willing to submerge your friends in boiling water? Ahmed said. It would be a terrible death, do not you realize?

- Yes

- Higher, say it louder and to the camera ... Come on, do it or command them to crucify you.


- Okay, said Maria looking at the camera. I'm going to make these two whores sign the document, and if I do not I'll boil them in that cauldron, and then start crying.

After a few minutes the executioners managed to revive the two women. While the water in the cauldron warmed up Maria wanted to exhaust all possibilities and continued torturing them mercilessly for another three hours.
So she inserted pins in the toenails. Then she put some splints with which she trapped and deformed her breasts and finally pierced her nipples with heated pins in the candle.

This time neither victim passed out at any time, but both endured the prolonged torture crying and screaming.
- How long will it take to boil the water? Maria asked very impatiently.

- It still needs half an hour, but it's already quite hot.

- Let's do it, untie Luba and put her in the cage, Maria said as she extracted the pins from her body.

In a few minutes the executioners had put Luba in the cage. First they made a ball with his body, forced him to bend his legs and tied them to each other and to the chest. On the other hand, the arms were tied to the back with two sets of handcuffs on the wrists and forearms. The cage had been specially designed by Ismail so that once they put it inside, only the head poked out.

Diligently, they hung the cage of a hook and hoisting it thanks to a small motor, placed Luba on top of the cauldron.
- No, please, no, Luba was sweating with fear when she saw the huge cauldron full of hot water and felt that intense heat in her legs.

Before proceeding, María wanted to check the temperature of the water and put in a finger. He took it out almost of the same and putting a gesture of disgust shook her finger in the air and looked at Luba as she put it in his mouth.

- This is already very hot, come on, put her on now.

- You will have to put her yourself, you are the murderer, remember it.

Then Maria, ignoring Luba's cries of mercy, started the engine and dipped her body in the hot water.

As soon as the lower part of her body came in contact with the water, Luba began to scream.
- AAAAHH, AAAAAAAAYYYY please, NNNNO NOOO get me out, ....... is, is very hot ..... I scalded ... SACK ME please.

- Are you going to sign?

- No, Never!.

Maria submerged her even more and decided to leave there in a whole minute to give her time to think.

- You'll beg me to let you sign bitch.

Luba kept asking for mercy, but nobody had her with her

- Tell me Ismail, Ahmed said loud enough to be heard above the cries of Luba, how long can it take to die one of these whores submerged in boiling water ?.

- It's hard to say because I've never seen it done. Ten minutes? A quarter of an hour, maybe? However, I would not submerge her all at once, I would go little by little, ten seconds into the water, then fifteen, each time a little more, so the ordeal could last for hours.

The women heard those dead words of terror.

- Please take me out, get me out of here I can not take it anymore, Luba shouted desperate.

The seconds passed slowly and painfully in the hot water, but Maria did not spare a single second of suffering from her former lover.

Finally Maria thought that it was enough for the moment and by actuating the device she managed to hoist her only a few centimeters above the water. Anyway, Luba did not stop screaming in pain, because the bars of the cage still took a while to cool down.

Really pissed and nervous, Maria turned to Nadia and after pressing again the pins of her fingers she said grabbing her hair.

- In a while you will see how I submerge your lover in boiling water, and as Ismael says I will do it little by little so you can see how she screams until she dies, and then, later I will do it to you, damn you.

Nadia stirred screaming in pain again, but finally turned a look of hatred towards Maria accompanied by an insult.

During the following minutes, the water in the pot kept heating up. From her cage Luba felt perfectly the intense heat that came from below. The young woman was in a sweat bath as if she were in a sauna. She could not believe what was happening, Maria will not dare so much, she told herself.

However, yes she was capable, his former lover did not have his courage and would do anything to get rid of all that.

- Come on bitch, Ahmed reminded Maria, the water is already boiling, what are you waiting for?

Sure enough, for a while you could see the bubbles on the surface and every minute they were thicker. Luba also saw it and a shiver of terror ran through her body. Nadia could not see it but she could hear the gurgling perfectly.

- It's your last chance, said Maria next to the button that activated the cage.

Luba did not answer but again said no with her head.

Then Maria activated the small engine and the cage was slowly going down into the water.
- No, no, please, NNNOOOOOO.

- Sign the document and I stop it

- No Please.

- Firm

- For this, ... do not let me burn, PLEASE.

- Well, sign it

The drops of boiling water already splashed on Luba's butt and when she was only a few centimeters from the surface the young woman began to scream hysterically.

That was enough for Maria to stop the chain.

- You will do it?


- Wait a little, not so fast, teased Ahmed, they have to sign both.

- What about you, so fucking? Are you going to sign or what?

Nadia looked at her again with hatred, She wish it were Maria who was about to be cooked in that pot like an egg.

- Please, Nadia, sign now, come up for mercy, said luba crying.

The pot was getting hotter and the boiling water splashed on Luba's ass and feet

- God that pain, sign it please.

Finally seeing the suffering of his mistress Nadia gave in.

- Okay, I'll sign, but upload it.

- Yes, lift her but only a few centimeters, Ahmed said, before this bitch has to sign, I do not trust her.

- In this way, Ismail took the pins from Nadia's right hand, drawing a painful cry with each extraction.

Done this and without even releasing her hand, Nadia had to badly sign the paper that ensured that she would fulfill her foreseeable sentence in the Krak. Only after this they agreed to lift Luba away from the boiling water and after removing her from her cage they made her sign another paper like it.

With a smile, Ahmed kept the two documents satisfied and ordered the session to be closed.

That same night, the two lesbians were returned to their cage and Maria freed. Indeed, as Ahmed had promised, hours later she was on the plane back home.

(to be continue)
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Next day Luba and Nadia were judged in a hall of the Krak by a stern and ruthless judge. In order to respect the court, two women were allowed to cover themselves for a few moments with rough prison uniforms, but they had to go to the courtroom chained.

Actually, that was a mock trial, and the defendants were only granted a lawyer ex officio. Nadia and Luba thought this guy had done the law career by correspondence because he barely opened his mouth to defend them and all the time he behaved before the judge in a mendacious and submissive manner. Meanwhile, a rosary of witnesses from the prosecution related in great detail the depraved crimes that these two lesbians had committed against morality and the law, most of them unfounded. Convicted were not even allowed to remove their gag in order to speak or defend themselves.

Finally, after an hour of trial, the judge found them guilty of all charges and sentenced them to one year in prison. Two young women heard the sentence with their heads down and could not avoid a chill when the judge told the details of what would be his first public ordeal.

As the sentence said, Nadia and Luba would be taken the next day very early to the main square fully naked and chained and there would suffer public torment on a scaffold ... "until the sun is at its zenith. Then the executioners will proceed to their crucifixion and they will not be lowered from the crosses until sunset unless their life is in danger ".

Two young women looked at each other, excited and ashamed.

In addition, the judge considered that stubbornness in confessing their faults should be considered an aggravating circumstance for which he sentenced the two lesbians to a special and unusual punishment.

"... finally, once they are crucified their skin will be marked with a red iron. The brand will reveal to all of them their depraved lesbian condition for the rest of their lives. "

Upon hearing this poor Luba stifled a scream and almost fell to the ground. Even the brave Nadia felt the sphincters of fear loosen.
With a hammer blow on the table, the judge sanctioned the sentence and ended the trial by putting the condemned in the custody of Lieutenant Mahmud and his men.

It was the custom that before suffering the first public ordeal, condemned spent the night in a special cell guarded by the same eight guards who would lead them to torture. These had the obligation to prepare them. So a barber should shave the head to scratch and proceed to return to shave the crotch and armpits. All this to "facilitate the work to the executioners." Also one hour before driving them to punishment they should administer the corresponding enema and clean them thoroughly inside and out. Finally they would be drugged with a cocktail of stimulants. In fact, throughout the day they would have to drug themselves repeatedly to avoid fainting during torture.

There was still a lot of time left for that, the wait until the next day was going to be long and tedious, that's why the guardians used to have fun with the prisoners. Ahmed allowed it because he considered it a payment for the special services that these men would have to do with them.

As we said, the fame of these two masochistic lesbians had spread throughout the prison, so dozens of guards struggled to enjoy the privilege of "taking care" of them that night. Only eight of them had such a sweet task in luck, but that did not stop them from being corrupted so that several dozen other guards could take part in the nightly orgy.

In fact, just after the trial, Nadia and Luba were taken to the guardhouse where they were already waiting for about forty lustful, half-drunken soldiers who had paid good money for being there. Upon seeing them enter, the soldiers began to whistle and shout and in a few seconds they all repeated in chorus that the two women undressed. Probably the two lovers thought that they would be allowed to rest in their cage until the next day but they were wrong.
Smiling with cruel lust, a soldier began to rip their uniforms and in a few seconds two girls were again completely naked and defenseless before all those males out. These did not take long to pounce on them .....
Nadia felt like a lot of hands were rubbing and touching her whole body while separated from her lover. A drunken guard grabbed her by the waist and did everything possible to kiss her in the mouth.
The young woman resisted everything she could, turning her face away, but in the end she gave in and let that guy put her tongue inside while other perverts squeezed their tits and put their hands everywhere.
At one point someone forced Nadia to her knees and then the woman was surrounded by no less than six cocks that smelled of urine that she pushed back. Fleetingly, the young woman saw Luba kneeling between the legs of the men, who already had a dick stuck in her mouth, bulging her cheek. That made her dizzy with pleasure and he prepared to put the first cock in the mouth.
So Nadia went to suck all those cocks without order, surrendering to the orgy no matter who fucked. Meanwhile, the soldiers shook her brutally while continuing to tickle her tits until they were sore and entangle her in her crotch without any restraint.

In a way, that was paradise so longed for by the beautiful masochist. She was only an object of pleasure in the hands of dozens of completely unknown sadists and perverts. There was no password or safeword to free her from months of slavery, only the consolation that hier beloved Luba was running with her fate.
Some of those guys had to have balls full, because just sucking on it for a few minutes started to come in the faces of the two girls, transforming it into a disgusting bukkake. Nadia felt the warm dribbled drops hit her in the face and closed her mouth without being able to prevent part from entering it. In fact, seeing her spit, the soldiers forced her to open her mouth to come inside and swallow the sperm. Of course two girls obeyed.


Dozens of guys threw their seed thus, but logically the girls could not swallow everything so that a few minutes had all the face and body full of that viscous and whitish mess.

At some point, the guards must have seemed unpleasant to continue fucking with two sluts who were so dirty so they decided to clean them, but instead of the hoses, they took Luba by the hair and took her to her lover.

- Clean each other, you bitches.

- Yes, as if you were cats, ha ha.
tits suck.jpg
Despite the disgusting perspective, two women did not resist at all. Instead they started kissing and licking each other with passion, cleaning the sperm without resistance. At first they began to kiss and lick each other's faces sharing the semen with tongues, then Nadia put Luba's nipples in her mouth sucking the drops of sperm that had accumulated there. Then she returned to his mouth and two played a little longer with their tongues sharing the semen.

The guards were surprised by such submission, it was not the first time they fucked the condemned, but they had never seen so much willingness to fuck among them.
Without any order, two lesbians kept cleaning each other turning it into a sensual dust. In fact, after a while, Nadia licked Luba's pussy on the floor, with the excuse of leaving it clean.

Guardians let two lovers do a good time cheering with Nadia spanking to do their job, well until Luba was happy. Then, a guy who was already naked and very hot climbed Nadia's round ass with the intention of fucking her.

The instinct of those ignorant was directed more towards the anus of the women than towards their sex, so that without preparing her or anything, he prepared to sodomize the beautiful lesbian.
- AAAYYY, it hurst, you bastard.

Nadia raised the face showing a gesture of disgust. That guy did not even know how to give pleasure to a woman in the ass.

- Wait, wait a moment, then said Luba sitting up, let me prepare it.

Actually that was something they were used to but the guards were amazed to see how Luba gave a long rimjob to her lover. Nadia remained on all fours, but soon hit her face to the floor and opened her buttocks with her hands as humanly as possible so that Luba would stick her tongue deep inside.
Luba did the rimming as women like, licking alternately in front and behind, slowly but non-stop. Some guardians could not even close their mouths and stared dreamily at the two women making love, somebody just ran away from seeing that. After a while Nadia had the gesture full of lust because her anus was totally dilated while Luba sodomized her with a hard tongue.

There was the beautiful Nadia about to orgasm when a guard brutally separated Luba and replaced her tongue with his own cock.

This time Nadia screamed but of pleasure when that beast caught her with a single thrust. That gave rise to several more men were encouraged and then the orgy continued taking turns in penetrating the girls. They separated again from each other and were fucked between two or three at a time by all their holes.

They had been like this for almost an hour when suddenly someone interrupted them. For a moment, the men stopped fucking the prisoners because they brought them a third victim.

Nadia could not believe what she saw, it was Ahmed that brought Maria back.
Young Maria was dressed in short jeans and a sweater and you could tell she had cried a lot.

Ahmed took her by the arm to where Nadia was.

- Ha ha, I guess you'll have taken a surprise bitch, ......

Maria turned her face away and two tears ran down her cheeks.

- She already thought she was safe on the plane and about to take off when I arrested again personally. You had to have seen her face when the handcuffs were put on her and she was forced to get off the plane.

- You promised me ..... please ... and Maria started to cry again.

- This is not my fault girl, said the very hypocrite. The problem is that I had to notify the judge and he refused to ratify your pardon until he studied it in depth. Now he's on a moral surveillance mission in a fairly remote region so he will not be back in two weeks. In the meantime, he has ordered that the sentence be carried out as planned, so that you know what awaits you. Here Ahmed could not disguise a sadistic rictus.

- NO!.

- Yes whore, tomorrow you will be taken to the scaffold with your girl friends and you will suffer torture with them all day.

- No, please no. Maria knelt in supplication but Ahmed paid no attention to her.

Hearing that, Nadia and Luba looked at each other and could not help feeling some satisfaction.

- Well guys, I leave you here this slut, by the way, shave their heads right now and remove all the hair from the body that then you always have to be in a hurry. Then you can keep entertaining with them the rest of the night.

Ahmed left the guardhouse and the soldiers prepared to carry out the order. To shave the head of the three condemned had enabled a pillory located a meter from the ground and supported by several solid right feet arranged at regular intervals. While they were taking Luba and Nadia to the stocks, other soldiers were undressing Maria who did not stop crying and kicking as if that would help her.

On the other hand, the other two showed total submission and let them tie them to the stocks without resistance. Somehow, they accepted their fate better since they knew that disgusting Maria was not going to get rid.
Nadia and Luba collaborated in putting their heads through a trap hole and their hands into two smaller holes on either side of their heads. The ankles were tied to the legs by handcuffs, so that the two were crouched, with the pussy and anus open and dripping cum. When they were going to gag them with normal balls, one of the guards took out two latex jaws in the cock shape and laughtering and mockering they put them with the tip inwards. The two jaws were so long that the two girls had to abort an arcade when they were brutally put in and tied with a strap to the nape of the neck.
Then the barber approached began to cut Nadia´s hair. Young woman saw how the strands of intensely blonde hair fell from her head to the floor, while the guards in front laughed at her.

In fact, the barber did not take long to leave her completely bald and then went to Luba who was waiting helplessly to be peeled. Another barber took over from the first and soaped the head, the armpits and the pussy of Nadia to rush to the last hair with the razor.

Meanwhile, the other guards had managed to tear Maria's pants and sweater and after tearing her underwear they put her in the stocks next to Luba despite her raging resistance. In fact they had to break her with several touches of cattle prod so that he accepted to open his mouth and put another cock gag.
The barbers were very skill so it did not take long to strip three prisoners and leave them like a billiard ball. Then, as if they were in a hairdressing salon, they were approached with a mirror so they could see what they had looked like, while the guards continued to mock them and tell them obscene things.
- Oh, what a pity, with the beautiful hair you had! A barber said to Nadia, caressing her bald head.

The three girls were ridiculously bald and certainly, with their hair had lost some of their beauty. That was one more way to humiliate and dehumanize them on the gallows.

After the shaving, the guards released them and went back to fucking them again and again, until they got tired. However, when it seemed that their guardians began to pass them, someone proposed to play darts and then the orgy continued.


Obviously it was not the first time they played darts with the prisoners because everyone who was there, immediately understood what was going on.
For this purpose, they used some stocks similar to those that had been used with Japanese women who were tortured with wasps. Three girls were forced to place their tits in circular recesses of the stocks and then restrainted with long sharp needles. Maria had them a little smaller but busty Luba and Nadia were imprisoned by the stock, and their tits resembling large violet balloons.
That finally threw them back. The guards judged that it could be dangerous to nail Maria because her breasts were not large enough, so they released her from the stocks. In this way they took her to the other corner of the guardroom and there they tied her with her back to the men with arms and legs wide open. Someone brought a paint ball gun and they started shooting him in the ass and legs from ten meters away. Faced with the violent impacts of the paintballs on her backside, Maria began to scream and shake uselessly.
Meanwhile, Nadia and Luba continued to be prepared for the sadistic game of darts. On the top of the wood that closed on the breasts was another circular recess where they forced the girls to put their faces. Once this was done, they put on some infamous metal helmets that reproduced the faces of animals and that would serve to protect the face and neck of the darts.
The last part of the preparation was to paint some targets in the form of concentric circles in the breasts. These were painted in bright colors and with increasing numbers as they approached the center. Of course the number 10 reserved for a red circle that was none other than the aureole of the nipples.

Luba and Nadia were silent witnesses of the preparation of the sinister game and finally when the players were placed in position to throw the darts, one of them took a bird feather and began to tickle them on the nipples to be hard and stiff. So that they could see their goal better.

The darts had a short tip of little more than one centimeter and ended in colored feathers. At first, the guys were so drunk that when they were thrown they could not get one and all the darts were stuck in the wood. The girls looked terrified and helpless as those beasts pointed and threw their breasts as targets. At first they failed every time and the darts struck dry against the wood, stabbing at it. However, at one point one of the darts was stuck Luba in the right tit about three inches from the nipple.


Luba screamed like a riot and her scream was only extinguished by the helmet. The guys cheered the pitcher who had hit and continued with the game. Apparently, little by little they were hitting, because another dart was stuck in the left tit of Luba and almost immediately another one in the right tit of Nadia.

Two women were screaming in pain every time they dug into their tits those hateful darts that burned like fire. Up to thirty darts were launched in a few minutes and seven of them hit their target. Five for Luba and two for Nadia. Men laughed with joy every time they hit and one of them was pointing the results. Apparently, one who won would have the right to sleep with the two lesbians at the same time for an hour and in a bed.
Finally, the pitchers were left without darts, but that was no problem because they ripped off those that were stuck in the wood and on the breasts of women. They cried out again in pain when they took out their darts, and as they had turgid breasts, blood droplets immediately began to drip down in twisting streaks that soon dried up.

Then the fencers returned to the starting places and started a second round.


This time they were much more accurate and nine darts were stuck in the tits of two girls while only four of them failed.


This time Nadia's scream was especially loud and creepy and the girl trembled with pain and rage when a dart thrown with all the force hit her right in the middle of the left nipple.

- Ten points!.

- What aim, ha ha.

This time the pain did not stop the same and Nadia kept shouting and trembling, but that did not stop the shooters who continued throwing darts and hitting on their breasts. That was deeply humiliating, that your tits serve as a target to gang of drunken pigs that make you suffer just for fun. Nadia could see through the hood of the helmet how they pointed at her own breasts and every time they threw a dart her heart jumped. Many did not succeed but when one was nailed with all the strength felt a flash of pain throughout his body.


Two darts stuck in her two tits almost constantly and as those beasts had taken it with her another dart hit her squarely on the right nipple.


After trembling with pain again young woman could not help but piss on and faint. His head fell forward and the girl was helpless.

- Wow, she has lost his sense, how lucky she has been. Well, shoot the other one.

Immediately Luba received a rain of darts that hit her on the tits with a diabolical cadence.


Poor Luba screamed and shouted until they also hit her on the nipples, and she lost consciousness a few minutes later.

With the two fainting targets the game was over and the winner was proclaimed. He went to pick up his prize and to wake them up again he was taking the darts out of their tits.

- One, two and three, the guy jerked the two darts from her nipples and Nadia woke up with a cry of pain. Then they released the two lesbians, removed their helmets and the winner took them to fuck alone with them to a separate room.
The rest of the guardians who were already quite drunk take Maria to have fun with her. In fact, they untied her immediately and took her to where the others were. The girl came with the dirty face of having cried. Anyway, the worst was the ass that had it with small bruises from the impacts of the paint ball. One of the guardians who had been shooting her showed it to the others, turning it around so they would see her well.

- Well, and now, darts, precious.

Despite not having big boobs Maria did not escape the darts, these beasts forced her to stick her head in the stocks and thus knees and fours he painted a huge bullseye on the ass.
Obviously hitting him in the butt was much easier and Maria screamed in pain when they nailed her the first of the many darts with which they took aim.

After the darts, they decided to continue humiliating the lesbians, so they put them back in the stocks and one of the especially skilled guardians set about decorating their bodies.

Nadia was painted her face white and then two red circles on her cheeks. Then they put clown nose for what they used the ball of a gag. The lips were painted very thick and a deep red, then the right eye framed in a large bright green diamond and left blue. On the right eye they drew a thick black eyebrow making an arabesque and finally a tear. That makeup made her look like a clown with a gesture between sad and pathetic. The last addition was a curly pink wig.
Luba was also painted a clown's face but they also looked for some dressings to look like a sow, so they looked for a snout and false ears and where the crack of the ass was painted a pig's coiled tail.

Finally, Maria was also painted the face of a clown but she also had to wear a ridiculous medieval jester hat adorned with bells.

As Luba and Nadia had their tits still painted with the targets, they stuck several darts at them screaming in pain and they did the same in María's behind.

Once they were made up in that way, they let go of the stocks and handcuffed their hands behind their backs. Then they tied a chain in the waist forming a row with them. Finally, after gagging them with the jaws-penis walked through the prison by spurring them with giant barbecue forks finished in sharp spikes. Logically, many of the guards with whom they met wanted to abuse them and did so after paying the corresponding amount.
The humiliations and rapes still continued all night and when it started to dawn they decided it was time to make the toliette. In this way, an hour after receiving the consequent enema, they put three condemned in a van and took them to the city to suffer the ordeal.

(to be continue)


Instead of taking them directly to the square where the scaffold stood, three victims were taken to a distant place two kilometers away. Colonel Ahmed wanted them to walk that distance naked and chained in full view of the people.

Indeed, when they got out of the van, the three girls found that Ismail had been waiting for some time with the guards .

When the cruel executioner saw how they brought the three women, he gave a cruel laugh, because they were bald and naked.
- Ha, ha, ha, whores and bald at the same time, people will laugh a lot, kneel and hug the stick, ha ha.

Three girls obeyed, could they disobey?

- Come on, it's getting late, Ismail whirled his whip in the air.

Ismail looked at them satisfied. Then he took out his knives from a small box and went to Nadia.

First the guy laughed at her, patting him on the bald spot and mocking his face again.
Without disguising his sadism, Ismail pulled a thin chain finished in three clips of sharp crocodile teeth and made the claws dance in front of her beautiful eyes.

The executioner did not even say anything, instead he licked her nipples and nibbled them until they were hard.

Nadia closed her eyes excited of what her master was doing to her.

Ismail wiped the drool with the back of his hand and then pinched the nipples with the infernal jagged forceps.

With arms tied up, Nadia could not protect her breasts and Ismail's brute clamped both nipples at pleasure while pinching a good portion of meat. Nadia trembled in pain. Then the executioner twisted her two nipples just for the pleasure of making her suffer more.


Then teaching her the third clamp told her

- And now open your mouth and take out that tongue, whore.

Nadia understood instantly with a chill and this time refused to obey, but Ismail was not used to asking for a second time so he twisted her nipples in divergent directions again.

This time the girl cried with thick tears and panting she stuck out her tongue as much as she could. Ismail smiled obedience and after giving him a kiss and rubbing it with her clamped his tongue with the claw in the middle causing another scream of pain.

Nadia could not even think with that intense pain in her sensitive tongue, but she was before her master and had to show integrity. The young woman continued to distill tears but stopped stirring and remained still trying not to shake so that the executioner would continue with the torture.

In fact, Ismail finished preparing her by tightening the chain so that Nadia remained with her tongue exaggeratedly stretched out of her mouth and in danger of pulling both nipples at the slightest movement of the neck.

To finish the executioner spit on her tongue and laughing ordered another executioner to do the same with Luba and Maria. While they were screaming in pain, Ismail pulled something else out of the casket and showed it diabolically to Nadia. It was a long dildo full of protuberances from which hung three crocodile clips and a metallic cylinder bristling with sharp spikes.

The young woman did not understand at the moment what was going on.

- Open your legs well, he said threatening him with the dildo.

Then she understood and another shiver of terror ran through her body.



- I told you to open your legs, I will not repeat it, said Ismail after giving him a whiplash in the thighs.

Nadia had no choice and with difficulty opened her legs. Then Ismail penetrated him little by little with the dildo and even fucked him with him.


The young woman cried and shouted but allowed herself to penetrate without resisting.

- What a fox you are! Can not you wait to be fucked with human cocks?

And saying this he closed one of the clamps on one of the outer lips.

Nadia screamed again, barely keeping her balance and did the same when the other lip was pinched. Ismail was amazed that this bitch resisted so much, but that only encouraged him to go further.
Thus, when the third toothed pinch pinched her clit, the woman rolled her eyes and uttered a brutal shriek.

By the time she calmed down, thick tears fell down his face as the clown made the paint run. Then she noticed a slight prick on the inner side of he thigh. It was the cylinder of spikes that hung between her thighs ten centimeters below her pussy. And with that between the legs she would have to walk two kilometers !.

Ismail left laughing perversely with two other dildos for the other two slaves painted clowns.
While they were being prepared for the cruel march, dozens of onlookers had gathered and although the guards kept them at a certain distance, a good number of them approached the prisoners to see what they were doing to them.

Some insulted them and others told them to laugh or laughed at them, and there was no lack of those who masturbated openly. Also some encouraged the others to go to the square to see the spectacle of martyrdom of those three ridiculous foreigners.

Nadia and Luba were two trained slaves, however, neither of them had ever been exposed naked and handcuffed in the street in front of all these people, and less in such a humiliating way. That's why two were excited and ashamed.

Then a guy slipped between the guards and went straight to Nadia. At first he stood before her spectacular body but immediately his hands went to the round buttocks of the girl and he hugged her to kiss her in the mouth.

Then the young woman realized that she was a repulsive and deformed man, probably a retard or something like that.

- Ah, ah, a little kiss, a little kiss.

Nadia tried to get away by throwing her head to the side but could not do it and only managed to hurt her right nipple and tongue. Besides, because her tongue was out of his mouth, that nasty man began to lick, filling it with drool. The young woman protested by closing her eyes with a grimace, but she could not resist.

One of the guards took the intruder by the arm with the intention of throwing him out, but in this Ahmed appeared.

- Stop, leave him, ordered the colonel, and then he went to the retarded.

- What is your name?

- Yasim, ah, ah, Yasim.

- Hello Yasim, tell me, do you like the whore ?. The colonel said this, caressing Nadia's ass.

- Yes Yasim like ass fucking

- Do you want to fuck her ?, said looking at Nadia cruelly ....... I leave you.

- YES YES, the guy began to clapped with joy while the beautiful girl gave an arch of disgust because he still felt his drool on the tongue.

- Very good, then you can fuck her as much as you want, you can even sodomize her, but now you have to do us a favor, do you see this? Ahmed showed him a huge steel fork with two very sharp points, he observes.


The Colonel stuck Nadia's fork in buttocks and she jumped.

- Well, you are going to use this to take her to the place where they are going to crucify her, try it yourself.


Yasim took the fork and nailed it several times, all happy.

- Now say PUNCH PUNCH and return to nail it, you'll see what it does.

- Ah, ah, WALK WHORE.


Indeed, feeling again the odious puncture, Nadia tried to take a step, checking that the cylinder oscillated and punctured her thighs when she made the slightest movement. However, She did not have another and started walking.

The girl moved awkwardly in a hell of pain and humiliation and that Yasim did not stop puncturing her with the fork. It was not for less because the guy stood behind her and did not lose sight of her perfect naked butt. The colonel had promised him that he could sodomize that beauty and he was in a hurry to do it.

- POOK POOH ah, ah

Poor Nadia screamed at every pinprick while the drool fell unchecked on her tongue. This already hurt like hell and after a few steps had the inner side of the thighs raw.


Meanwhile more and more people crowded to the sides of the street watching the shame parade. Most of the people shouted and insulted the prisoners, but others laughed, spit, or threw them disgusting things like rotten fruit or worse. Once the procession passed by, people ran to the square to take a good place and enjoy the ordeal.
Two long hours lasted that walk after which the three condemned were literally exhausted.

As they approached the great square a dull and threatening noise was taking over Nadia's heart that began to beat uncontrollably. Then the young woman understood that thousands of people were going to witness her ordeal and that made her feel a terrible fear.
images (31).jpg
The rumor soon became a rumble and when the three young women appeared before their audience, a chorus of shouts and applause came from that vociferous crowd. There must have been thousands of people there and, in fact, the guards had to work hard to open a corridor through which the condemned could pass, walking clumsily and slowly with their few forces on the verge of exhaustion.
As they approached the scaffold, Nadia could see what they had prepared for them. What stood out most were three crosses of Saint Andrew located at the front of the stage and facing the public so that everyone could see the show well. The crosses had four shackles at their ends that hung from a few steel links.
To one side of the three crosses stood a complex panoply of which hung all sorts of whips and tongs.
On the other side was a table in which an executioner cleaned and arranged in an orderly manner various instruments of torture that Nadia could not see from where she was.
They had also arranged a large brazier in which they had foreseeably already lit the fire. There would still be a good time so that the executioners could have coals with which to heat their devilish instruments.


Despite being a few meters from the scaffold Yasim did not spare Nadia a few more punctures in the ass, however, soon ran out of the game, because a guard took the fork. Nadia reached the base of the gallows and exhausted knelt carefully.
At that moment, the young woman saw the three crosses where they were going to be crucified on the ground and she felt a chill in her back.


images (55).jpg
Near the scaffold there were also several pillories where the condemned used to wait for the beginning of the torment.

The three girls were released and left in peace for a moment, so no one could prevent them from removing the painful restrictions that had been tormenting them all the way.

Nadia started by removing the tongs from her tongue that hurts like hell, but that caused her to give a painful moan. Then she did the same with the nipple clamps. Very hurried the young lady took both breasts and bringing them to her mouth licked the nipples that at that point were so swollen and intensely irritated that they looked like two large strawberries. Finally that odious dildo. Nadia complained again when she released her lips but could not suppress a scream when she released the clip of her clitoris and took out the dildo. The poor girl spat on her hand and with the drool tried to relieve the intense pain that came from that area.

In this way, Ismail found him.

- Up bitch, stop masturbating, what will these people think?
The young woman did not hesitate for a second, she got up and automatically put her hands on the back of her neck and spread her legs with her feet on end.

- Heh, heh, you seem to like this, bitch, he whistles. Now you're going to be good and you're going to put your head and hands in the pillory to get all those guys fucked.

Nadia realized then that a lot of men had already formed a line and some discreetly gave a few coins to the guards. Indeed, they were selling them to the men of the public as if they were whores, but very cheaply.
Nadia got all horny at the prospect of being fucked in such a humiliating way and left the position of submission, looked at Luba and meekly herself placed the head and hands in the semicircular recesses of the trap.

Ismail then fitted the top wood and closed it on the bottom thanks to metal pins.
Luba and Maria also got caught in the pillories. Maria finally seemed to have accepted her cruel destiny. Besides, what other remedy did he have?
Once immobilized, they finished tying them by handcuffing them from the ankles to the legs of the stocks.

As they were tied, the three young women were left in a position that was certainly ignoble and uncomfortable: their legs were bent and separated from each other as if they were going to bend down to make a shit. Ismail stood behind him and could see the asses of the three perfectly aligned. Since they had their legs very apart, the three girls openly showed the holes of the pussy and anus open and available without a single hair that hid a millimeter of their soft skin.

In Maria the effect was not so impressive, but with those huge breasts, Luba and Nadia seemed behind two cows about to be milked with the breasts hanging obscenely. Also, if one noticed, he could see the entrance holes of the darts with which the two had been martyred that night.

The three had the inner side of the thighs reddened by the cylinders of the thighs and the labia and clitoris quite irritated. In spite of everything Ismail could see perfectly how they were already wet and distilling.

The rude executioner could not understand, those three awaited a painful torment in the next hours and were already horny lost.

- Come on, start when you want, tell the guardians, the embers will be ready in an hour, until then you can do what you want.

Then the guards allowed all the men who had paid them to go to enjoy the bodies of the condemned in groups of twenty. There was everything there, old, young, normal parents, real perverts accustomed to frequent the most exhausted prostitutes, repulsive and psychopathic types to whom a woman would not come within a kilometer.
All that scum surrounded the women and, taking advantage of the fact that they were naked and handcuffed, they began to abuse them in all possible ways. Again Nadia felt like a thousand hands touched her everywhere and pinched her especially in the most sensitive and irritated parts of her body. A familiar smell of a man's sex, a mixture of urine and semen filled his nose and the young woman saw before his eyes a glans that at that moment seemed gigantic and already with a drop of semen coming out from its tip.
The girl did not even want to look at her owner's face, stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of it, carrying a slimy drop of semen in front of her.

That was the only thing that could give her some pleasure at that moment, suck a good cock. And yet, in a few seconds they took it out of his mouth.

It was Ahmed who asked the man to give up the site for a moment.

- No, no, wait a moment he said, I promised Yasim that he would be the first, come here Yasim, here you have it all for you.

Poor Nadia had to put up with the urge to vomit when she saw Yasim in front of her face with her pathetic little chick out of her fly.

- Ah, ah, walk bitch, the guy said to him, smiling like an stupid and holding a small fork in his hand that he had obtained in a nearby bar.

- No, no Yasim, now leave that fork, then we'll give you the big one so that you can fuck the whore all you want, now enjoy her body. It's all for you.

- Ah, ah

Yasim laughed again and seeing on his right how Luba had already put a huge cock in her mouth, wanted Nadia to suck his penis.

- Suck, bitch, suck, and saying this he put his cock to his face, like everyone else, Yasim was circumcised, but he did not take care of the higine so that his penis was full of solid remains.

Nadia felt an arch of disgust and was about to vomit when the guy stroked her face with his cock. This time the young woman closed her eyes and squeezed her lips determined not to suck on such a hottie.


- Open your mouth bitch, shouted Ahmed imitating Yasim after giving her a strong shovel in the ass with a wooden shovel.

Nadia closed her mouth and tightened lips



- I told you to obey.

- Twelve shovels cost Ahmed Nadia to give in and with tears in his eyes he stuck out his tongue to lick Yasim's penis. That was nauseating and Nadia had to remove that guy´s cock to spit the solid remains that stuck to her tongue. Nadia did not want to get that loose cock that tasted like hell, however, little by little she managed to make Yasim hard and grow between her lips.


The guy must have his balls full and it was probably the first time he had a blowjob in his life, because after feeling dizzy and rolling his eyes, his legs trembled and began to ejaculate in his mouth. It seemed a lie, but that little guy produced semen like a horse. Nadia's mouth filled and although she tried to spit as much as possible, in the end she had to swallow a good amount of cum.

The delayed was so pleased by the fellatio that the same began to piss on the face of Nadia erasing the remains of makeup.

- AAAAHh, puaaag, so pig, stop pissing on my face, aaagg

The men who surrounded the beautiful woman did not stop laughing and with them Yasim. Somewhat impatient to fuck her, they gave the retarded a push and one in front and one behind penetrated the beautiful girl at the same time.
From then on, everything was like that, one after another, dozens of men demanded to fuck the women in the stocks, through the vagina and through the mouth, although there were also a few who, to their disgrace, chose the smallest hole.


Maria hated being naughty. When she arrived at the Krak she was still a virgin from behind and, despite having been sodomized innumerable times in prison, she was still not used to it and it hurt her a lot. Especially hated those guys who had fat as a blood sausage. Ahmed chose especially among those who waited for the one who had it bigger and before sodomizing it wanted the guy to show him the monstrous penis with which he was going to do it. He also forced her to suck it.

- No, no, please, put it in front of me, from anus not please, it's huge.

- Oh it's just to compensate you precious, and to thank you for the services rendered. The biggest cock for your tight little ass, ha ha.

Maria put it in her mouth without thinking and was felled with all her desires in the vain hope that the uncle would come.

Unfortunately for her, it was not like that and when that beast sodomized her the girl screamed and cried out in pain when she felt her ass was broken.

Of course, apart from penetrating them through all their holes, many of those in the line saw how Ahmed used the shovel and asked him for permission to use them. Of course the Colonel nodded delightedly.

That meant that the three girls received a lot of extra shovels in their asses so that the three ended up with red or purple buttocks.

After half an hour of rape, the three condemned were exhausted and covered in semen and urine. Then they threw cubes of water to clean them and let the women of the square approach the prisoners. Of course they did not use them to fuck, but they did give them kicks, beat them and spit in their faces while uttering all kinds of insults.

Finally, after another half hour of suffering the wrath of the women, Ismail told Ahmed that the embers were already ready and that it was therefore time for the condemned to go up to the scaffold.

Come on whore! Are you ready for the torture?


Start when you want henchman but you won't make me scream

(to be continue)


The guards released three convict girls of the pillory, but when free they immediately acquired the posture of submission. The prisoners were well trained. During their multiple rape, Nadia, Luba and even Maria had come several times.
- Get up them!, Ahmed ordered without mercy. The guards grabbed the girls by the arms and forced them up the steps of the scaffold. On the high platform awaited the executioners who kept their faces covered.
Ismail himself had put on a red hood that covered his face but distinguished him from the others as chief.

When they saw the victims on the scaffold he crowd burst into shouts and insults, asking that the show begin. For those people it was very exciting to see those three women completely bald and naked in the midst of more than twelve executioners fully dressed in camouflage uniforms and with their heads covered. It is as if they were even more defenseless and that awoke the sadistic desires of everybody.

Upon hearing that bellow, Luba and Nadia lacked courage for a moment and two girls embraced each other as if that were worth their protection. Many laughed and pointed at them, other people began to protest and the executioners intervened to separate the two lesbians. Obediently three women returned to put themselves in position of submission with the look down.

Lieutenant Mahmud went up to the scaffold with a piece of paper and asked the people for silence with gestures. Then when it was imposed, he took a microphone and began to read the sentence high.
Meanwhile, Nadia looked at what they had prepared on the table and a shiver of terror ran down her back. Next to several pliers, dildos and others, there were pears of angish: three vaginal pears and three anal pears, totally clean and shiny. Young woman had enough knowledge about instruments and techniques of torture so it was not difficult to recognize them. Next to them was a plastic cylinder filled with steel needles that were more than six inches long.

While the victims were given a cocktail of stimulants with a giant bottle, the lieutenant announced that the first thing was whipping them, which provoked a howl of enthusiasm in the audience. However, before that, Ismail wanted to humiliate them a bit more.
The executioner took Nadia by the arms and twisting them to the back took the young woman to the edge of the scaffold to show everyone her naked body. The executioner released her arms for a moment and caressed her slowly, moving her hands from her legs to her breasts with the intention of awakening even more the lust and sadism of those people.
- Slut, bitch, let's hangman do your job and whip her.

- Look, this masochist has a wet pussy since she knows what they're going to do, ha ha.
Actually, it was true that Nadia was quite excited, but most of what she distilled was the sperm of the multiple rapes. Ismail said something through the hood and after releasing her hands, she exposed herself to the people, spread her legs and opened her labia with her fingers so that everyone could see her pink sex.

Nadia had it strongly reddened and the clitoris still grown and stiff. Meanwhile a viscous, whitish liquid broke off from her sex and slid down the inner side of her thighs in large drops. The girl could not stand the shame of the terrible things that shouted all those men a few meters and had to turn his face closing his eyes.

However, the executioner would not let her, taking her by the chin forced the girl to look again at the people and gave another order in her ear.
The young woman obeyed and without closing her legs she looked at the audience again lasciviously this time, taking both breasts with her hands, playing with them and wobbling up and down. Again the shame and she covered her breasts with hands, but Ismail grabbed her arms and gave her two spankings. Slowly Nadia played again with her tits as if she were a stripper and after another Ismail's spanking she took her right breast to her mouth and began to lick her nipple until it was hard. Then she did the same with the other.

- Sow, .... disgusting bitch, .... look what she does, ..... whip her, executioner, the insults rained on her and also some rotten fruits hit her body.


Then Ismail slapped her, made her turn brutally and forced her to bend over. The beautiful girl placed a hand on each buttock and separated everything that could thus showing their holes to all those perverts. Apart from distilling sperm in both holes the most striking is that the hole in the anus had a deep red and still open of all the times that had been sodomized.
Despite the humiliation in front of that audience, Nadia was too excited. Never in his bdsm sessions had she experienced so much pleasure.

Suddenly Ismail took her in suspense and throwing her on his shoulder as if she were a sack, he walked Nadia around the scaffold to the delight of his audience. The executioner showed the impressive butt of the young woman, giving her a big slap and provoking general hilarity. At one point, Ismail ducked enough for the front row to touch her and caress her buttocks and thighs at will.
Finally he returned Nadia to the floor and then began to give orders so that the other executioners would proceed with the flogging.


So, pointing to Mary, he ordered them to start with her. Luba and Nadia were ordered to remain on their knees with their legs spread, their heads down and their hands on the back of the neck waiting for them to touch. Two girls obeyed without hiding their anxiety. Then Ismail ordered the executioners to take Maria to the place where she was going to be flogged.
This consisted of a rectangular wooden structure on a solid trestle whose vertices had four ropes anchored to the corresponding pulleys.
The victim was tied with an effect similar to that of a rack of torture.

Knowing that she was going to be the first to be whipped, Maria began to cry desperately, but offered no resistance when the executioners took her to the structure. While she was tied, two strong executioners buzzed two single tails against the air while looking at the naked body of the girl.
Meanwhile the people shouted rhythmically demanding that the lashes begin at once. Before that terrible bellow, poor Maria peed of fear right there causing many people to point with her finger laughing at her.

Once tied with the separated legs they approached a microphone to her that said some words. People were silent to hear it. Maria's jaw trembled.

- I- I a-po-logize to the Kemed people and their revolutionary government for my terrible sins and I thank you for allowing me to redeem my sins and crimes with pain and suffering. Please, have mercy so more mmmmMMMMhh.

The executioner interrupted her pleas by putting a ball gag between his teeth and brutally tied it to her by hurting her mouth. Almost immediately, four other executioners began to operate the cranks and magically the naked body of Mary began to rise in the air. Maria was of thin build but slightly athletic so that her stretching had to be very attractive to the populace that began to whistle and scream all kinds of obscenities.

- More, more, squeeze more, ordered Ismail with sadism.


The ropes creaked and Maria screamed in pain at the stretching of her legs.

- Stronger, do not you hear me?

Snorting and snorting the executioners tightened the cranks even more and Maria felt a crack in her joints and a strong pain

Evidently they had already stretched her to the fullest, and if they continued to dislocate the limbs, they stopped tightening and almost immediately began the lashes. An executioner was put in front of her and another behind her and after buzzing the whips they began to whip her at a signal from Ismail.

The first lash crossed her ass and the second one hit her in the belly. Maria endured these first two blows without making any sound but put a desperate gesture of anguish. However, the third lash released a sharp liberating cry and no longer stopped screaming or bellowing at any time. At first, the executioners gave her the lashes alternately, in front and behind, with an almost rhythmic cadence, but little by little they were accelerating the cadence so that there was almost no space left between one lash and the next. At one point they came to give both at once.

The people of the audience kept waiting expectantly, and uncharacteristically silent to hear the lashes hit the girl's body and her desperate cries of anguish drowned by the gag. In the face of such cruel punishment, the young woman kept shouting and letting out loud shrieks.

In a few minutes of torture, Maria had her entire body full of red, criss-crossed marks that had to sting a lot. The poor girl kept screaming in pain and asking for mercy. She could barely squeeze given the stretch and could only shake her bald head like a madwoman.

In principle it was planned to give fifty lashes, but no one counted and surely the girl received many more. However, when she was already in her twenties or so, the girl stopped screaming because she had lost consciousness. And that despite the stimulants. People murmured then disappointed seeing the bright red body of that beautiful woman, inert and suspended in the air.
Normally, when that happened they used to wake up the condemned woman by pouring very cold water on her, but this time Ismail had prepared something special. He took two objects from the table and perversely showed them to Nadia and Luba. It was two black latex jaws in the form of a double cock. Two young women submissively understood that they had to put on the jaws and they did it even though the phallus almost touched the bell with the tip. Holding the arch, two tied the strap around the nape of the neck. Logically the other cock projected forward of the mouth like the long horn of a unicorn.

Before proceeding, Ismail showed the two women with that so obscene in the mouth to provoke the crowd again. Then he took them to where Maria hung and gave them instructions that only they could hear.

At first they looked at each other, but as good submissives they obeyed almost at the moment.

Ismail had ordered them to fuck Maria with the dildos by her pussy and her ass at the same time. That's why Nadia and Luba stood between her legs one before and one behind and, crouching down, they prepared to penetrate her. Nadia who took care of the ass cost more, but Luba easily penetrated Maria's vagina.

So two lesbians grabbed Mary's legs and fucked her with their mouths, shaking their heads while she remained faint and still awake. Meanwhile, the executioners cheered them up by giving them flog hits in the ass.

Seeing such a ludicrous scene, people began to shout and protest by calling them lesbians and insulting them in the worst ways.

Seeing that Maria did not wake up, Ismail approached them and explained that it was a lubricant smeared the latex penises of a strange liquid. Actually it was an abrasive made from nettles and other plants. That's why, when they went back to penetrate with two dildos, María began to moan and when she woke up she started screaming like a crazy woman. Upon hearing those screams two girls made a gesture to remove the dildos but Ismail spurred them by spanking them.


Poor Maria screamed and screamed with that fire burning her sex and anus but the other two continued to fuck her animatedly.

Once awake at all, Ismail allowed the phalluses to be removed and the flogging resumed.

This time Maria was screaming for the lashes and also for that horrible stinging inside her sex. The lashes continued without mercy and in this second batch they gave her about thirty or so.

Finally, when after more than a quarter of an hour she fainted for the second time, the executioners stopped whipping her and immediately relaxed the ropes to release her and place the second victim in her place.

In fact, this was none other than Nadia, whom they tied as they had done with Maria. Nadia was not even removed from the gag by order of Ahmed, who had suddenly come up with another of his perverse ideas.
As we say, these public punishments sought to be exemplary. That is why they used to punish those immoral women in the part of their bodies with which they had sinned and, if possible, in the way they had sinned. In this way, when Nadia was tied with arms and legs separated in a large wooden wheel , they decided to tie to Luba stuck in front of her and looking at her, but yes, head down.

Ismail sensed what the Colonel wanted and smiled sadistically. While they were flogging them in the back, Nadia and Luba would pretend to be doing a sixty-nine in front of that crowd of perverts. But before Ismail made sure to return to smear the abrasive phalluses and then forced Nadia to put her phallus in Luba's sex then tied the back of her neck to her legs so he could not get it out.

Almost immediately Luba began to scream and shake uncontrollably to feel that painful burning inside her sex.

Then Ismail crouched and forced the latter to penetrate with the dildo of the mouth to his mistress Nadia and tied her by the neck causing the same effect.

- That's how they will learn, Ahmed said aloud to be heard, and the four executioners began to tighten the ropes.

Again the audience applauded with enthusiasm when they saw the bodies of the two lesbians hoisted in the air in that grotesque position.

Two girls did not stop moaning in pain and trembling for that fire within their sexes but in a few seconds the executioners gave them another reason to scream and began to lash them in an unmerciful manner.

The only good thing about that was that they got rid of receiving lashes ahead, but in compensation the executioners focused on their backs leaving them almost raw.

Nadia and Luba screamed in pain and both shuddered with the lashes. In addition, it was inevitable that two moved against each other and therefore they fucked each other with those hateful dildos. Unlike Maria, neither of them fainted and endured the scourging until the end.

When they were taken down, two women were exhausted from screaming, however, once they were free they could not rest, because the vagina burned them inside. The girls spit in their hands and caressed their cuddles desperately in order to relieve themselves, but only after a while did they realize that it was better to relieve each other.

Then, without bothering to do that in public, Luba stood up with her legs wide open and kissed them while Nadia bent over to lick the pussy.

Seeing her, the executioners laughed and instead of stopping they let them do it.
images (53).jpg1617950610391.png
Of course, people who were in the square and specially women protested again and insulted the lesbians . Two girls were so desperate for the burning that they ended up doing a sixty-nine this time lying on the scaffold. Only after a while of licking each other's cunts and calm down, the executioners separated them by slapping them.

Once the flogging was over, three victims were again shown to the public to see how they had been and the tremendous effect of the whip on their bodies. The lashes had become many places in ugly embossed welts that stung like hell. Nadia and Luba were shown from behind while Maria was made to turn around so that everyone could see her body painfully lashed.

Ahmed then ordered that the rest of the torment be carried out and that those sentenced to the crossings of Saint Andrew be tied.
In this way, Mary occupied the cross in the center. The young woman knelt, clasping her hands and asking for mercy from her executioners, but the only thing she managed to do was to excite them even more. Brutally they grabbed her between four and she was tied hand and foot to the ends of the two arms of the cross imitating with her body the shape of it.
Once bound, the terrified girl looked totally helpless and with her body completely exposed to the entire crowd that was just ahead impatient to listen her scream. At one point she could not take it anymore and hid his face by sticking it to one of his arms waiting to wake up from that nightmare.


One of the executioners removed the embers showing that they were incandescent and after that he placed a circular plate on the brazier. When he finished, he placed the long steel needles radially on the sheet with the tips inwards and the handles facing outwards.
images (12).jpg
Maria was shaking with fear when she saw that, but when she looked at the table she saw another executioner who was carrying two pairs of tongs. The poor girl began to deny desperately.

The executioner gave the tongs to a companion and both were placed on both sides of the cross so that people could see well how they tortured the girl.

In fact two executioners did not begin to torment her immediately, instead they began to caress her. In spite of that, Maria cried to the ground, asking for mercy.

- Please, do not hurt me, what are you going to do to me, mercy.

- Come on lovely, do not cry and drink a little, you have to have a dry throat.

One of the executioners offered her a huge bottle with a long rubber nipple.

- What, what is that?

It is a drug to numb you, so you will endure torture better.

- No!.

- I thought you would have a good drink, said one of them pointing to the brazier. What we are going to do now is going to make you wish that your tits had never grown.

Trembling Maria agreed to drink from the bottle while Ismail smiled. That was not to numb her senses but quite the opposite.

Laughing cruelly, Ismail took the bottle and took it from there to give it to the others, the two executioners who flanked Maria followed tormenting her psychologically.

- Come on, give me a kiss, beautiful, one said while masturbating and stroking her breasts with cold tongs.

Maria did not even consider resisting the kiss, she prefered they decided to fuck her instead of torturing.
Meanwhile, the other began to lick her nipples and then to stimulate them with his fingers.

While they were doing this to Maria, the executioners prepared to tie the other two condemned to their corresponding crosses, however, Ahmed intervened again. Decidedly the Colonel's perverse imagination was inexhaustible.

Ahmed approached two lesbians and spoke into their ears. They were ashtonised when they heard him, but after looking at each other they nodded.

Then two girls approached Maria while the two executioners left their place at an indication of the colonel.

- Excuse me, Luba pardon me for what I did to you, understand it, I did not want to suffer, ..... this.

- Do not worry, Luba told her, calm down, and the lesbian followed her kissing and caressing.

- Luba, my love, do not let them hurt me, please I ask you.

Maria did not stop begging but Luba did not answer her but insisted on kissing her and caressing her. Meanwhile Nadia crouched between her legs and began to lick inside of her thighs slowly.

Seeing what these three women were doing, a part of the public began to protest for that impure manifestation that was taking place in front of their eyes but others probably liked what they saw because they silenced the rest. Meanwhile, Ahmed enjoyed what was going to happen.

Nadia continued licking Maria's two thighs and on her trip to the crotch of the girl gave a few licks in the sex. Finally she stopped hesitating and started an intense cunnilingus.

- So, like this, ..... girls, make love to me, yesssss, .... you are very smart, you know? ..... look at how they look at us ... they ... like it, so not They will continue torturing us.

Nadia insisted so much with her tongue that Maria shuddered on the cross and was even about to cum.

- So, Nadia do not stop, yes, yes, I ... I come.

Then when it was ready, Nadia sat up and looking lasciviously at Luba invited her to suck her both tits at the same time. In fact two caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly so they would get hard. Maria also had them very sensitive.

- Do you want us to suck you, beautiful?

- Yes, please, yes, both at the same time ... I beg you to continue, do not let those brutes touch me.

Effectively both began to lick both nipples at one time and Mary writhed with pleasure on the cross. Two girls were very skilled so they sucked them insistently and at the same time they began to caress the crotch and masturbate it.


At that moment Maria was about to have an orgasm, but then Luba stopped sucking her boobs.

- You know Maria ?, she said changing suddenly attitude, I thought you loved me, but Nadia was right, now I'm remembering that you wanted to immerse me in boiling water and I want to do this.
And then Luba again put her nipple in her mouth but this time to bite her with all her strength.

- No, no, what are you doing? No, do not squeeze. NOOOOOOOAAAAAYY

Maria felt a sharp pain, saw her own nipple stretched between Luba's teeth and shrieked hysterically, fearing that she would rip it off.

Just then Nadia saw what Luba was doing and in turn bit her other nipple and stretched with her teeth threatening to tear it too.
- NNNOOOOOO, AAAAYYYY, help......... for........, stop PLEASE

Maria writhed on the cross but now in pain to the delight of the spectators while the women followed her biting her nipples.
images (30).jpg
People began to cheer on the two girls, crying out for them to get even smarter.

- Do you remember my nails, sow ?, Nadia said then, and began to scratch with them, first in the belly and then in the thighs while biting again the nipple.


- What, does it hurt, sow ?, Well, this is nothing compared to being punctured under the nails.

At the passage of the four nails remained four reddish wounds.

Seeing the tremendous scene, Ismail approached Ahmed.

- What has Coronel told you?

- That before starting gave them the opportunity to take revenge on that bitch. As you see, they have listened to me.

- Ha ha, excellent idea, but I'm going to suggest something else, nails and teeth are not much. In this way, Ismail approached two lesbians who were still slapping, biting and scratching Maria all over her body.

- Come to the table and choose what you like the most, the Colonel has given permission for you to torture her as much as you want.

- Really? Nadia said excitedly. Now you're going to regret being born, bitch, she said, giving Maria a slap.

Nadia approached the table waddling her naked body and provoking the audience's whistles. Then after shamelessly showing them her round ass she ignored them and picked up a pair of breast rippers.
- I think these are your favorites, right? She said to Maria threatening her with a cattle prod.

- NO, no, please, pity Nadia, listen listen, do not do it, nnoooobbblllllbbbl

Maria began to tremble without being able to articulate a word because without further ceremony Nadia put her cattle prod into the Venus mountain and applied a long discharge of electricity.

Luba picked up the other picana, did not know very well how it worked but also touched her with her legs and Maria gave a jump and a sharp cry of pain. Seeing how Nadia did it, Luba learned early and began to administer discharges throughout the body.

- No, no, agghh, no ... mercy, I beg you, aaaggh,

Two lesbians punished Maria by administering discharges everywhere without mercy. Slaps and pinches made her stick out her tongue and then they beat her with the prod, causing her a horrible sensation.

At one point two girls put the two prods on the nipples after exciting them well with the tongue.

- One two and three, they said funny looking at each other.


The discharge on her two tits at once was significantly longer and Maria rolled her eyes while her entire body trembled spasmodically.

This scene of torture rejoiced the public, and even those who protested before seeing them fucking, now encouraged two whores to continue tormenting their companion.

- Now between the legs, do it in the pussy! The front-row ones shouted impatiently.

Of course, the girls heard the request and ignored it, Nadia opened the lips of her vagina with both hands discovering her pink sex and Luba introduced the tips of the prod inside. Maria shouted hysterically that they had mercy but their pleas suddenly turned into screams and creepy howls.

Surely if it had not been for the “torture drug”, Maria would have fainted at that moment, however when they removed the prod from her pussy she remained conscious although exhausted.

At that time, Nadia decided to change the torment and after leaving the prods she chose two tongs offering one of them to Luba.

- Please, but not, please, do not you understand that later they will do the same to you?

- I do not care, bitch, I like to do these things, it's you who does not like it.


Nadia had pinched her belly and twisted it with the tongs.

Maria shouted and shouted, turning her face to the sky and shuddering with her body shining with sweat, but those two beasts did not stop. Luba took a painful pinch from his side and began to grab large pieces of skin twisting them to leave red marks.
Two women followed and continued to pinch her on the buttocks, then on his thighs, arms and tits, ignoring her desperate pleas.

Luba continued for a while more pinching her with the tongs, but Nadia got tired and went to look for something else, then returned with a lit candle and a little box. Nadia looked at Maria cruelly as she waved the box showing him that it was full of pins.

We can already imagine that Nadia wanted to take advantage of the circumstance to take revenge, but since Maria did not have her fingers immobilized she could not put them under her nails as she would have liked. Instead she did something else. She pulled out a pin and as he warmed it in the candle flame she said to Luba.

- Pinch the left nipple and pull it well.

- No, no, what are you going to do, do not do it, no.

- Gag the bitch, I'm tired of hearing her.

- NO, nommmmmhh

Luba put a ballgag inside and tied it to the neck with all her strength.

- That's better, now pinch the nipple and pull it well

Luba obeyed and pinched the left nipple with the tongs staring at Maria's suffering face. Then she smiled sadistically and pulled her into a shapeless hide.

Then Nadia showed Maria the pin that was already red and told her.

- This is about the nails.
images (25).jpg

Maria felt an excruciating pain when the red pin pierced her delicate nipple from top to bottom slowly.

Young Maria rolled her eyes as she shouted and thrashed against the cross, then she felt her head go away. However, the drug prevented her from fainting.

By the time she wanted to give an account, Nadia had another pin in the candle flame while Luba kept her nipple completely stretched.

- Now get ready, I think it's hotter than before.

Maria bit the gag and if it had not been in place she would have bitten her lips. Shaking with pain, a good stream of urine escaped her when Nadia pierced her nipple from left to right and his eyes went blank again while her whole body trembled from the intense pain.

- Ha, ha, the very dirty bitch has pissed. Now for the other, I'm sure now we get it to shit.

Luba let go of the left one, leaving it like a piece of flat skin still with the jagged marks of the pincer. Then she got ready to pinch the right and even when doing it she twisted it a bit while waiting for the pin to heat up.

So two lovers followed for a while, avenging Maria's betrayal and making her pay for what she had done to them in the torture chamber. At the end of all the young Maria had six pins stuck in the base of each of her nipples forming two stars and four more stuck in the tip inward. Two more pins were stuck in her clitoris and two other pins in the labia. From these hung two pesos of lead.

When Nadia introduced the fourth red pin to the tip of her right nipple, Maria finally had the fate of fainting. The public protested then disappointed to see the sweaty body of Mary faint and hanging limp from her arms.

That was the moment that the executioners took to end the session. Ismail grabbed a whip and whipped Nadia, implying that it was over.

Again Nadia and Luba obeyed and put on submission.

- It has been a good job bitches, you are worse than the executioners, but now it's your turn ...

(to be continue)



Among the shouts of public approval, Nadia and Luba occupied the other two Saint Adrew crosses to receive torment. They exerted no resistance, so the executioners took them by the arms and were able to place the limbs along the crossbars of the two crosses, stretching them to the maximum over their heads. After this they closed the shackles on their wrists. Then they did the same with the ankles so that both were completely immobilized. Then they were offered the bottle and two girls agreed to drink even though they knew what that meant.

Before beginning the brutal torment they brought a microphone to Luba to ask for forgiveness as they had taught her, however in Nadia's turn she surprised everyone again. His voice echoed throughout the plaza.

- Do not think I'm going to apologize to repressed sadists like you, I came here of my own to save my lover and I accept my punishment. I just hope you enjoy my torture and masturbate like pigs.

People shouted and insulted the condemned woman who dared to insult them.

Ismail did not have time to gag her so he tried to stop her by punching in the stomach. Nadia lost her breath for a few moments and the executioner took the opportunity to put a ballgag between her teeth and tie it tightly against the back of neck so she would not talk.

- Do you know what you've done, bitch ?, said giving her a slap, now the judge will extend your sentence, ..... maybe another year, ...... another smack in the face ...... and your friend with you. Well I hope you enjoy what we are going to do now, I assure you that you will regret having those tits.
Ismail moved away from her leaving Nadia helpless and totally exposed. Young woman did not have to imagine much what they were going to do in the breasts especially when she saw how the executioner stoked the embers in which those long steel needles were heated. While they finished preparing their torture, the girl closed her eyes and swore that she would try not to scream while she could. Then she felt crotch totally wet and the drops of vaginal fluid slid down the inside of her thighs.

The first thing was a few lashes from the front. For this, each of them was flanked by two executioners who used whips of knotted tails for this. After flogging them for ten minutes on the thighs, belly, tits and especially in the crotch, two young women were exhausted. Then the executioners put the whips in salt water and flogged them again for another quarter of an hour.
After that new flogging, Nadia and Luba had the whole front of their body streaked with lashes and both were panting with their own sweat, feeling their skin burning with the salt. However, their condition did not arouse anyone's mercy and the executioners prepared them for something even more cruel, so they put leather belts at the base of the breasts closing the buckle in the last hole.

While they were doing it, Colonel Ahmed explained through the loudspeaker that the judge had recommended punishing those women in the body parts with which they had sinned, first breasts and then crotch. The crowd approved clapping.
In only two minutes Nadia could see how her breasts changed in appearance. Now they looked like two spheres that little by little became red and then purple. Her nipples, already quite large, empitonized, almost doubling their volume. To her bad, young woman already knew what was coming now and that made her heart pump at twice the speed, then she looked briefly at Luba who had also prepared for the torture and seeing her breasts bluish because of the lack of circulation.

When she looked back at the executioner, he had already put on gloves so as not to burn his fingers and took a needle from the ones that had been heating up over the brazier for some time. These were very sharp steel needles about six inches long. In the head they had a wooden ball to catch without burning.

The executioner took out the needle and showed it to the crowd that cheered enthusiastically. Then he turned to Nadia and showed her cruelly close to her eyes. A shiver of terror ran through her. Her body was marked with reddish and purple lashes, totally bright with drool and sweat and the girl was panting with fatigue and anxiety. The breasts shone now turgid inviting the executioner to pierce them with the needle, in fact for that reason they had put the belt to her so everything would be easier. Suddenly everyone was quiet to hear the screams of the beautiful woman.

The executioner acted slowly but without hesitation, grabbed the right nipple and slightly stretching his chest began to drive the needle through the side of the breast by its right middle.

The people roared again when they saw the executioner stick the pin in her purple chest and introduce it little by little.

Young Nadia's body trembled as she writhed in torment. The young girl tried desperately to free herself from her bonds as she threw a tremendous scream into the air. That scream lasted for endless seconds until the needle came out the other side of the chest. The people cheered and clapped the executioner.

Immediately Luba suffered exactly the same type of torture and did not shout less than her companion giving another ovation to the spectators.

Nadia's face was streaked with tears and snot came out of her nose and dribbled down her mouth. Panting, she looked at her chest pierced by that fine needle and, seeing that the executioner had taken another, began to deny asking for mercy. Actually that did not help her at all and seconds later she would bawl again as they inserted the needle little by little into her other breast. This time she started peeing as she bit the gag and dug her nails into her hands trembling with pain and rage.

Of course, Luba experienced the same thing and she also screamed at the top of her lungs with her face directed to the top.
The torture of the burning needles was intentionally slow and cruel. The executioners took their time and as they were nailing needles put others in place to be heated on the sheet.
gabriele dungeon 873-1-_l.jpg
Neither Maria got rid of this, because they woke her with a bottle of salts and cruelly placed the belts at the base of her tits. Nothing else to wake up, Maria was disoriented but when seeing what they were doing to her companions she began to shout and, when she saw an executioner approaching her with a needle to the red her shouts were still more stentorian. After all, the girl was lucky that her breasts were smaller.

The sadistic torment lasted three quarters of an hour and the executioners did not stop until three women were completely faint with their breasts pierced by those terrible needles. Then they left them hanging from their bonds completely immobile.

The Crowd rested for a while, and some of them even took out foodstuffs that they had foreseen had brought because they knew that it would last for hours.

Meanwhile, Ahmed reviewed the condemned women inspecting their bodies and making sure they could continue to endure what was coming now.

The guy forced Nadia to raise her head.

- You think you're smart but you're just stupid, for what you said before you and your friend will spend two years at the Krak. In that time they will do these things to you and other worse, many ... many times.

Young woman looked at him with hatred and insulted the colonel. This could understand the insult despite the gag.

- It's clear that you do not learn, right? Now you'll see bitch. Prepare them for the pears.
The executioners removed the needles, thus reviving three women. Then they untied the three condemned of their crosses so that they fell exhausted to the ground and they remained made a ball protecting themselves with the arms the wounded chests.

Diligently the executioners unscrewed the crosses of San Andres and after removing them from there brought three tables that in their middle had two upright posts on both sides. On the cusp of these hung separate shackles.
An executioner urged Nadia to get up because they were going to put her to sleep on one of the tables, but she pulled away violently and after rising to her feet she staggered towards one of them. The executioners helped her to lie down and after tying her hands on her head forced her to raise both legs and tied her ankles to the two shackles held high. Finally, they put a very tight leather band along the belly.

Three girls were tied together, their legs held high and separated, so that they now showed the back of their thighs and their obscenely disposed crotch before the crowd. Since they did not have a single hair there, everybody could see with gynecological detail their sexes and sewers ready for the next torment. This one was going to be tremendously cruel: the pears of anguish.



The pear anguish is a creepy medieval instrument of torture that must have been invented by Satan himself. Decidedly, the devil must be a man because although the anal pear was intended for men (for example, the Sodomites) as for women; in the case of the vaginal pear, it could only be used with the latter.

The infernal artifact consists of a metal pear formed by three petals that fit perfectly together once closed. The closed pear is inserted into the cavity to be tortured and then thanks to a screw the petals can be opened little by little so that the cavity, whether the vagina, the mouth or the anus can be enlarged up to several times its size. In some cases the petals of the pear ended in spikes that could tear the inner walls of the vagina. We can imagine the tremendous suffering that could be administered with such instruments of torture that normally entailed immediate or deferred death because of the infection.
Of course, the pears used by Ismail and his henchmen were designed without spikes and were used in a manner, let's say, ... moderate. However, as Nadia and her friends were to experience, the torment would be equally atrocious.
However, while they were recovering for the punishment in their sexes, three girls were again fucked, this time by the executioners themselves. As Ismail explained to those who could hear him, they would have anus and vagina well dilated and lubricated for pears.

After fucking them again for about half an hour, they were covered in semen inside and out. Only then did torture resume.
This time they did not muzzle the women, because Ahmed wanted to hear their cries of anguish throughout the square. That's why they put metal "spider" rings tied with straps that forced them to keep their mouths open.

While Colonel Ahmed was explaining to the audience what the terrible torture to which the condemned women were going to be subjected, Ismail picked up a vaginal pear and showed it to the impatient public that once again shouted approval.

That was the first time they used these instruments of torture in public, so people were very intrigued to see how they worked. The pear in question was made of gold metal which made it look even bigger and on the other side it had a long screw finished in a flat handle beautifully set and decorated. In principle, the executioner showed the closed pear but then he gave it several turns with his hand and the three petals were opened to the maximum. A murmur of surprise arose among the people and some women involuntarily took their hand to the crotch to understand terrified how that worked.

With a laugh, Ismail closed the pear again and placed it on the table, picking up one of the small ones.
Remembering how Maria hated to be sodomized she was the first to experience the "pleasures" of the anal pear. Before proceeding with her, Ismail showed her how to open and close several times which caused her to deny hysterics. Actually nothing got rid of that. Helping with the fingers and since the girl had already opened it to be sodomized so many times, Ismail was introducing the pear for the anus which for the moment was not very painful, however, when he was already inside, little by little it was spinning the screw and the moans and crying of the young girl were slowly increasing in volume. The audience could see perfectly how the girl's anus opened to an end never seen.

The young Maria shouted hysterically, struggling helplessly in her bonds because she felt as if her back sphincter were broken with inhuman pain.

Ismail already had experience using that, so he stopped before tearing her sphincter, just as he did not loose the pear. Maria kept screaming and suffering. Taking her time Ismail went to find another anal pear for Luba and after tormenting her brutally left her the same while going for the third for Nadia.

The audience was certainly excited to see how three women debated at the same time on the platforms on which they were lying. Their back holes looked like small volcanoes and all those gathered there imagined the suffering that had to be causing that in the condemned.

"From now on these whores can be fucked by a horse," said Ismail, laughing.

However, what about the anal pears was only the preparation, now the real torture was coming. Ismail took one of the biggest pears and approached Nadia with her struggling to endure that horrible pain in the ass. The girl really felt that she was being sodomized by a horse.

Now the pear that the executioner showed her seemed enormous and that made her tremble with fear.

- Let's stick out your tongue and suck it a little, so it will not hurt so much to enter.

Nadia stuck her tongue out through the metal ring and began to lick and salute the metal helped by Ismail who was spinning the object.

- Very good, precious, well done, and now pray what you know.

The executioner helped himself to the fingers and, separating the lips from the vagina, began to penetrate him with the infernal wit.
Nadia jumped when she felt that cold in her lips. Anyway, Ismail did not want to introduce to the rough and even accepted to loosen something anal pear to which Nadia answered with a gesture of thanks. In this way, the executioner began to introduce the pear little by little, leaving it to lubricate well and the walls of the vagina were adapted to it.

Soon the experienced executioner sensed the growing excitement of the girl. Nadia's clitoris became stiff and her labia as the aureoles of her nipples bristled and these grew significantly emptying and getting hard. The executioner wanted to help her even more and as he continued to introduce the pear he moistened a finger and began to masturbate the clitoris very slowly.

Nadia's sensual response was a faint moan of pleasure. That was enough to finish lubricating the pear and let it enter until it touched the cervix. Ismail moved the pear in and out slowly but the object was so big that it did not allow him a long journey either. In spite of everything Nadia began to scream because she felt that the orgasm was approaching.
From that moment the executioner decided to start making his victim suffer and although he did not stop masturbating he began to open the pear working the screw slowly. At first the sensation remained pleasurable, but at one point, Ismail began to show slight resistance. The executioner smiled and pulled tight a little more. It was automatic, Nadia's face changed from pleasure to anguish. The young woman looked imploringly at her executioner, but then he made another turn by tightening the screw a little more.

Young Nadia writhed in pain.
In spite of that and while she continued to tighten the screw with the maximum slowness of which he was capable, the executioner continued masturbating her because he wanted the young woman had an orgasm in the middle of the torture. In fact and although it turns out to be incredible, it was. Nadia came for a while between howls of pain, and the walls of her vagina shuddered completely against the torture instrument.

Ismail laughed delighted that she had come, however, not for that reason he stopped torturing her with the pears. From experience the executioner knew that he could still tighten them a little more without risk and that is exactly what he did.

While poor Nadia screamed and banged her head against the wood in the hope of becoming unconscious, Colonel Ahmed calmly remarked that she had heard how some women subjected to this tremendous test claimed that the pain produced by the vaginal pear was comparable to the pain of giving birth. Of course Nadia seemed to be giving birth at that moment judging from her screams.

Ismail still followed awhile with her and when he thought Nadia had had enough he went to find another pear for Luba. After tormenting her mercilessly in an analogous way she introduced another pear to Maria. These two also came in the middle of the torment.

It would be long and tedious to describe the entire torture session that three condemned suffered. We will only say that after having a long time suffering, finally agreed to loosen something the tension of the anal and vaginal pears but only to place braziers under the handles so that the metal transmitted part of the intense heat to the internal organs of three young victims causing another kind of suffering.

Meanwhile, noon had arrived at last, and as the sentence dictated, the prisoners had to be crucified.



When the pears were taken out and untied, three were so faint that they had to be carried in their arms to the cross. The twelve executioners set to work and as the crosses were already mounted it was easy to tie them to their hands and feet.

Nadia could not resist while they were crucifying her. They placed her on the cross and stretching her arms like dead, they tied them by the wrists with a soft rope that did not scrape and scarcely squeezed. Once this was done they forced her to bend his legs and tied his feet to the wood.

The girl was very excited that they were finally going to crucify her, so she did not realize that behind her back was a wooden piece that had a rounded angle. A historian would have called it “sedile” and that little piece of wood would serve to prolong her suffering for hours.

Once bound hand and foot, eight executioners had to engage fully to lift the cross and place the base of it in a hole prepared for that purpose. The cross had a height of almost three meters and Nadia's feet were a meter and a half from the ground so the thing was not easy at all.

Two executioners stood at the base of the cross while four others pushed up the horizontal log to raise it. The men snorted and swore to lift it while the girl felt her weight make her slide down the vertical log stretching her arms. As the cross was tilted, Nadia's body slid further and there came a time when the cross was so upright that she thought it would fall forward. However, the ties of the arms prevented it.

The men took almost two minutes to hoist it and when people saw Nadia's beautiful naked body suspended from the wood, they began to clap with joy.
Finally the cross came to the vertical and the base entered the hole causing a violent shake that reverberated on the body of the condemned. Nadia felt a sharp pain in her shoulders that made her moan. Meanwhile, the executioners filled the earth hole and trod it well to weigh it down.
The young woman was hung high, crucified in front of all those people. The ties were not painful or unpleasant but the posture in which he was had been perversely designed. The way in which he had been tied allowed him to hang on his arms in a squatting position or stand up and overcome the top of the cross with his head. She also realized that the wood could sit on that ledge. But it was not very comfortable because it was a short plane very inclined and so that the rear did not slip had to do strength with arms and legs.
While she was in these she saw how they put the cross of Mary right while the people cheered for joy. In a few minutes they also raised the cross of Luba. The three crosses were at a distance of about two meters between them so that it almost seemed that the three girls could touch the tips of their fingers with their hands.

Nadia saw how all those people looked at her and heard all kinds of comments about her body which made her feel humiliated again. Up there, hanging up, she felt especially exposed and vulnerable but at least she could hide her sex from the eyes by joining her legs well.
Actually all those people were waiting for the "dance" to begin. Indeed, they did not wait. After the first minutes Nadia began to feel increasing pains in muscles and joints and began to change position to relieve them. At first she remained almost all the time hanging from the arms. The young woman kept her legs bent and projected forward, but after a while that made her feel pain and numbness in her arms and shoulders. That is why she began to rotate, swinging his ass on both sides of the cross.

Many smiled at that and some masturbated at the movement of her ass. Nadia noticed and involuntarily became excited again. Little by little, her legs became morbid due to the accumulation of blood and she began to feel the signs of circulation problems.

Then she began to feel another of the terrible effects of the cross, she could not breathe well. Young woman was already very tired of the tortures inflicted, but now every breath of air cost her a lot.
Then she understood what she had to do. She made strength with arms and legs and the girl stood "standing" stretching her body completely and surpassing with her head the cusp of the cross. People burst into cheers and applause cruelly mocking the victim's desperate efforts to breathe fully.

The first time he did it to Nadia did not cost her much and she even stayed on his feet for a long time because it eased his arms. However the fatigue ended up reaching her legs and little by little the girl decided to give up. However, instead of falling again she decided to sit in the little sedile. That was only a momentary relief, because the wood created a small inclined platform that forced the woman to make strength with arms and legs half-fold. So after a few minutes Nadia gave up and returned to the initial position.

In truth that was a perverse and slow torture, because the effects of the cross are cumulative. Young women each time held less time in the same position and the pains were becoming more intense. This was perfectly revealed by her gestures of disgust and her moans. The girls became increasingly difficult and painful to change their position and then returned desperate showing their discomfort. That's why it seemed like they were "dancing" all the time.

When they had been crucified for half an hour Ahmed approached them and told them how long they had been. Nadia looked at him amazed because she thought she had remained on the cross for several hours. That is another effect of the crucifixion, time slows down and minutes seem centuries.

After an hour of staying on the cross until the bravest condemned begins to cry desperately and that's what happened to Nadia. The muscles in her arms were already so numb, and her back hurt so badly that she could not stand up easily. Getting up was now very difficult and even on some occasions when she tried, she failed and had to sit in the toilet or crouch again crying in despair.
For the umpteenth time Nadia began her ascent to breathe and people began to cheer her up laughing and teasing. With the twisted gesture and strength with arms and legs tried to get up. While doing the titanic effort, she trembled with pain and after several minutes she managed with an enormous effort that her head would overcome the top of the cross. However, when she was about to get it, the forces failed her and she fell back desperately. Poor girl began to cry crying to be taken down from that infernal torment.

- Now you're not so brave, are you lesbian? Ahmed said. Do not worry because now we are going to bring you something to breathe better. Ismail, bring the horn.

Again a historian would have called that the "cornu", a special attachment for crucified women that could serve as a sedile. Ismail began to unscrew the wooden block and replaced it with the horn. This was a long curved black phallus that they screwed behind Nadia's back.

In the original position with his legs squatting and his arms outstretched, the horn was left in the middle of his back and was certainly annoying, forcing her to bend his torso forward. The young woman thought that she could place her crotch on the upper back of the horn riding on it and avoiding its tip that would be in front of the pubis, but that was designed so that the body of the woman could not fit between the horn and the wood. As she painfully checked after leaning on the horn, the only option was to place a buttock or a thigh on the tip of the horn and thus stay and breathe freely for a while.

The tip of the horn was not pointed but it did not blunt so that in the end it was also painful to rest the whole weight of the body on the ass or on a thigh. Finally the woman had only one perverse option for that infamous sedile to help her breathe: introduce the horn through the vagina or through the anus.
Ismail knew this perfectly and knew that all the women he crucified ended up fucking the horn sooner or later, it was only a matter of time.
Logically that was also what the public was waiting for and when Nadia let herself be penetrated by the horn people started to laugh at her, calling her a lesbian and a slut. The young woman could not help but moan, for the horn was quite thick and brushed the walls of her vagina already sore from the pear. Finally she could breathe a long time with that stuff in his sex. However, resting all his weight on him, the horn ended also pressing the cervix in a painful way so that the girl ended up taking it out and putting it into her pussy and anus alternatively.

Of course, Luba and Maria were also given other similar horns and finally were forced to fuck with them in front of all those sadists.

They had already been on the cross for two hours and the horns allowed the condemned to breathe better, but at the cost of tremendous pain in the sex and anus.
At that point the girls were already immobile for a long time and they were beginning to stop fighting something that Ismail was not going to allow in any way. For that reason, and, as the sentence dictated, he decided that the time had come to mark them with a red-hot iron.

(to be continue)



Ahmed announced it with a micro and another executioner removed the sheet from the brazier and, removing the embers, used a bellows to revive them. Then when they returned to acquire a reddish color he put the tip of the iron inside them.

When three girls saw what was waiting for them, they began to plead desperately that they would not endure such a terrible ordeal.

Meanwhile Ahmed placed himself under the crosses and began to discuss with Ismail which was the best place to put the mark: a buttock, the inner part of the thigh, over the pussy?. They could hear the discussion perfectly while the men talked coldly about it and caressed the area they were talking about, describing with their fingers how the brand would look. In the end they decided that each one would take it in a different place.
After a long while that continued heating in the brazier, Ismail finally extracted the iron showing that the tip was red, then approached with him near Luba who was going to be the first to try its bite.
Poor woman began to deny hysterical trying to break free of their bonds but that did not move pity the sadistic executioner who after a moment of indecision applied the hot iron on one of her buttocks. There he left the iron a few seconds to make sure to leave a good mark. Luba screamed and howled desperately and continued to do so even when the iron was removed.

Ismail put the marking iron back into the brazier and went over to inspect the brand, ignoring Luba's inconsolable crying. The brand was very small, a couple of centimeters and the executioner was satisfied because according to him he would heal well.

Meanwhile the people again clapped satisfied that these criminals received their fair punishment.
The sadistic executioners waited a long time for the iron to warm up again and then they set out to mark Maria over the pussy very near to clit. The poor girl urinated while they applied the iron, but she was lucky to lose consciousness.

The last one to prove that horrendous torment was Nadia. Ismail had the intention to mark it on the inner part of one of his thighs, where the skin is softer and where the mark would stand out more on her white skin. He imagined that the young woman would not let herself be marked there and keep her legs closed. For that reason he forced two executioners to take her by both legs and forcefully separated them.
barb crux 40.jpg
Knowing what was going to happen to her Nadia tried to resist by all means. At that moment she had the cornu penetrating her anus and the executioners prevented her from unlocking it. Then taking advantage of that they separated the legs to him to the force. Nadia could see desperate how Ismail approached with the iron red hot.

- No, my master, wait, please, there nooooo, there NOOOOOOAAAAAAGGG
The young woman gave a shrill scream to the sky shaking with pain when the red-hot iron touched her sensitive skin. Ismail held the iron for a few seconds and finally separated it from the leg, checking that it had left a small reddish wound.

Satisfied, the executioner moved away with the iron throwing him to the ground while behind the desperate sobs of Nadia were heard.
Once marked, three condemned remained at their crosses for two more hours. At the end of that time they were totally faint and no longer fighting but hanging from their arms with their heads fallen on their chests. Logically, the crowd realized that the fun was over and slowly left.

At that time, a doctor examined three women and recommended that they be lowered from the crosses to avoid a fatal accident.
Thus ended the first of the many ordeal that awaited Nadia and Luba. Two young women began to fulfill their long sentence in the Krak between humiliations and daily torments similar to those that had lived the first days, perhaps somewhat softened by the fact that now they had to be forced to sign any paper. In addition, their beauty made them become the sex toys of dozens of executioners and guards who used them at their whim at all times.


What an amazing build up to a huge crescendo of the brandings. I hope they suffer the irons again in their long suffering torturous future. They will never get out of the Krakk and deserve their collective fate!

Thank you, Sifax, amazing!



In a way Colonel Ahmed envied Ismail and competed with him to get from Nadia that degree of submission that the executioner had achieved.

Two weeks after his first crucifixion, the judge returned to the Krak and ordered Maria to be freed. This time the traitor María had more luck and could catch the plane that took her away from that nightmare. Regarding Nadia and Luba, the magistrate reconsidered their case and, taking into account the stubbornness and lack of repentance of the condemned, decided to extend sentence for another year.
Also when she heard Nadia's insulting statements, she ruled that the next day she would be taken back to the main square to be tortured and crucified again in public. This time Nadia suffered torment alone at the hands of eight executioner for more than twelve hours in a row before a cruel crowd. This time Nadia had to endure the "backbreaker" rack, and the water torture before the crucifixion.

For his part, Frederick Vouillé asked Ahmed to be accepted as an executioner in the Krak, something that Colonel accepted given the services rendered.
Meanwhile, the number of inmates continued to grow. Especially the days after the torture of Nadia and Luba a growing number of foreigners voluntarily surrendered to the Kemed authorities. Some confessed under torture that the example of those two masochists had decided to do something for which they had not dared until then.
crux 430 A.jpgbdsmlr-30181-rkl3CdUhny-og.jpgbarb crux 11.jpg
Most of them asked to experience the fully nude whipping and crucifixion in public.

So the facilities of the Krak did not give enough for all the prisoners and it was decided to open new temporary prisons for them waiting for the construction of another prison larger than the Krak.

Just one morning after the toilette and the morning exercise, Lieutenant Mahmud was ordered to move Luba and Nadia out of the Krak. The order came from Colonel Ahmed, who had been away for three days. Upon reading the order, Mahmud smiled because he understood that Colonel Ahmed intended to take two women to a rather more discreet place.

For the transfer enabled a van and ordered four guards to accompany him. The officer wanted to take those two beautiful women by himself and thus see the sordid torture chamber that Ahmed was told was preparing to have fun with them alone.

He quickly went to look for them in the courtyard of the Krak where the guards were choosing the prisoners who were going to suffer torment that day.

- Put those two whores in chains, said Mahmud, seeing them in a row, I have orders to move them.

After a month in the Krak, Nadia and Luba had grown some hair on their heads, both had marks of the recent flogging but the feeding had improved and the exercise made them fit so that they looked good . The mark that they made with the red-hot iron had healed and it looked perfectly: a small L of "lesbian", Luba had it on one buttock while Nadia had it on her thigh.
Obeying the lieutenant, the guards loaded them with chains with shackles on their wrists and ankles. These were joined together by a short chain with what the two had to walk with short steps and fully stooped.

- Come on whores, walk and give them a couple of rasps

- Where are you taking us?

- You'll see, the Colonel has prepared something special for you.
Two young women continued to walk spurred by the whips while the lieutenant delighted in how their breasts and buttocks trembled.


The soldiers climbed into the van, but at the last moment the lieutenant, who was already spliced to see them like that, decided that with two guards in the front would be enough. He got in the back with the two women and closed inside, it was obvious that he wanted to be alone with them and without witnesses.

Sure enough, when the van started, the lieutenant took off his pants and demanded of the two girls a "last service" ......
They had been half an hour's journey but it was clear that for Mahmud that was a very pleasant trip because at that moment the two prisoners were doing a double fellatio.

Suddenly and without warning the vehicle stopped.

- What happens? We have not arrived yet, why are you stopping?
- My lieutenant, there's a body on the road, let's see.

The lieutenant heard the doors of the vehicle and wanted to pull up his pants to go out and see, however suddenly two faint shots rang out.

- What the hell?.

Mahmud badly tied his pants and opened the door of the van Nadia and Luba heard a third shot. Suddenly the lieutenant was as petrified, turned towards them and then they could see the dart in his chest. The officer looked at them in turn, staggered and fell face to face with them. Two girls looked at each other without understanding.
Suddenly a guy dressed as a soldier entered the boxcar armed with a purchased air rifle. The man was wearing a hood on his head, covered his entire face.
Nadia and Luba felt afraid and thought they would be next.

However the man put his finger to his lips, closed the door and after giving a couple of blows in the front part of the vehicle it started up again.

At that moment, the man left the weapon and after removing his glasses began to remove the cloth.

- Do not be afraid, ..... they are only tranquilizing darts, that will sleep a good time.
- Frederick! It was about time, said Nadia with a smile.

After a short trip, the van stopped and after the door opened, the girls watched in amazement that a huge helicopter was waiting for them.
Frederick's mercenaries took them out of Kemed in about an hour.

Already safe in the helicopter and still loaded with chains two women were so excited that they did not even remember to cover themselves, instead they sat naked on the legs of Frederick Vouillé and covered him with kisses and each other ........ .

My dear Luba!,... my love! you are safe... I love you so much

To be continue
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