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Medieval Horrors

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Tribunica Potestas
The Little Brampton Ladettes(On Bdsmlr)

The mayor of London announced a Royal decree that football, or rather mob ball as it was then known was henceforth banned on the streets of London. The merchants were getting more than pissed off with having to repair broken windows and they weren't the only ones complaining. Kicking a stuffed pigs bladder between two opposing sides was now banned by Edward II on the streets of the capital.
It was a different story in Little Brampton however which was a law unto itself. They wouldn't have taken any notice of a loser like Edward who had recently lost heavily away to the Scots at Bannockburn. Little Brampton was fanatical about their mob ball. The female followers in the village were split into downers who were the LBL (Little Brampton Ladettes) and the BBC (Brampton Business Crew) who were the uppers. On match day no quarter was asked and none given. It was a very bad mistake , if not a fatal error to to be caught offside, that is if you were a LBL found drinking in a BBC inn. The LBL punishment was swift..strip em, whip em and hang em! as can be seen in this pic kindly sent by Polly Perkins.


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Tribunica Potestas
Agnes And Alice Webster (On Bdsmlr)

I think it’s about time we dropped in on Little Brampton to see how things are. I wonder if it’s quietened down any?

A picture is just emerging and if I’m not mistaken that looks very much like Agnes and Alice Webster being hanged and they were from such a law abiding family! I’ll just check the records.

Yes it’s those two all right. Found intoxicated on the streets outside The Hanged Witch by Margrave “Tankard” Tree a well known playwright, philosopher and part time witch hunter. He carted them off to the local jail house and gave evidence against them the next day accusing them of witchcraft. In their defence the girls claimed that Tree had spiked their lemonades and had attempted all evening to get them back to his house to perform lewd and outrages acts upon their naked bodies but being God fearing well brought up Pastafarians they would have none of it. This was hotly denied by Margrave Tree who appealed to his cousin Judge Jaquemon Tree for the strongest possible sentence preferably carried out before opening time. The Judge agreed, mounted his horse and led the two witches to their just desserts.
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There really is a village in Shropshire, England called Little Brampton. I'll be passing close by, but not through it, on my way by train to/from Hereford in October. A few miles away is Stokesay Castle, which is just the kind of place you'd expect to see witches tried and executed.



Tribunica Potestas
The M.W.T. (The Moskvitch Witch Transporter) Hosted on Imgur

It was a nice sunny spring morning but the citizens of Little Brampton awoke to the sound of rolling thunder as the first of the M.W.T.s passed through the sleeping village. They’d seen plenty of witch wagons pass through before but never one this size. The contract for the haulage of witches and witch meat had been up for renewal and had been won by Ivan The “ImageMaker”, nephew of the Tsar. Transporting witches across country to the capital (Little Brampton) of the witch industry required sturdy well made wagons and the local wagons simply weren’t up to the job any more. It was time to look abroad to Russia.

Ivan’s new model had four wheel drive, an open top and at least a 16 W.P. (Woman power) engine which was fueled mainly by vodka. A sound weekly whipping of all moving parts kept the engine in top condition. Since the engine surrounded the cart there was no chance of witches escaping and the open top did cut down on the weight.

Most citizens didn’t mind the extra early morning disturbance as long as they got a plentiful supply of witch meat. Some however did complain that the new wagons would damage the roads which were not built to carry such traffic. After many arguments the roads were strengthened and delivery hours restricted so everyone was happy.



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For lovers of public humiliations, degrade and cruel tortures at Inquisition time

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