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53 BCE - Slaughter of the Eburones
"Castra Aduatuca"
It must have been hard, travelling about subduing tribes and crucifying their women

Caesar reports that he burnt every village and building that he could find in the territory of the Eburones, drove off all the cattle, and his men and beasts consumed all the corn that the weather of the autumnal season did not destroy. He left those who had hid themselves, if there were any, with the hope that they would all die of hunger in the winter. Caesar says that he wanted to annihilate the Eburones and their name, and indeed we hear no more of the Eburones. Their country was soon occupied by a Germanic tribe with a different name, the Tungri. However, the report of Tacitus that the Tungri were the original "Germani" that came earliest over the Rhine, and the way this matches the description by Caesar of the Eburones and their neighbours, leads to the possibility that they survived under a new name.


It must have been hard, travelling about subduing tribes and crucifying their women
Thank you, Phlebas!

The king of the Eburones was called Ambiorix.

Statue of Ambiorix on the main square of Tongeren.

Since 57 B.C., the region seems to have been pacified by Roman troops, but in 54 B.C., the assassination, ordered by Julius Caesar, of the Gallic chieftain Dumnorix, and the difficulties linked to a disastrous wheat harvest lead to discontent which turned against the occupier then in winter quarters. This is the starting point of an uprising of the Eburones, commanded by Ambiorix, as well as several other Belgian tribes (Atuatuques, Nervians...), at the instigation of the Trevire chief Indutiomaros. Thanks to a stratagem, Ambiorix drags the XIVth Roman legion of Cotta and Sabinus into an ambush and annihilates it at the battle of Aduatuca, between Glons and Boirs, in a deep valley. This defeat was the most important setback suffered by the Romans in the Gallic War. Then Ambiorix and his men march on the camp of Quintus Cicero, brother of the famous statesman of the same name. The Roman troops, under siege, hold firm. Caesar intervenes just in time to deliver them.
(From Wikipedia)
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