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Meeting Anastasia

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Emily in the Hands of the Inquisition
"A jump in the void"
Such an artistic image! But the mechanics of the noose... the weight of the victim will pull it down to a vertical orientation. I can't post photos here of a real example, but here are some artworks with the right mechanics.


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Crucifier of Pixels
A would be victim being not so submissive this time? :D


I knew tonight would be an interesting night when I saw you had one of my slinkiest dresses laid out for me, I slowly went down the stairs with nervous anticipation. Then I opened the door to the play room and saw it. Oh my! You actually did it, you actually built a horse. I look at it very nervously and a bit excited. I know I agreed that if you built it I would get on it but I didn't think you'd do it.
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