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My body

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My body

From the first person.

Today, on April 1, and as usual on the 1st of each month, a monthly scheduled execution takes place.5% of the female population aged from 18 to 23 years is killed.This time, I was also chosen by the lottery method through the central computer,I was shot.In the morning I wake up and go to the mirror to comb my hair.A beautiful eighteen-year-old girl looks at me from the mirror.I look at my body and wonder at the perfection of nature's creation.Two already formed breasts of the second size with perky protruding nipples ripen on it.A thin waist that smoothly turns into smooth narrow hips.On on slender legs, sexy calves erotically wrap around the shin, connecting the ankle with elegant feet with ridiculously protruding fingers and small heels.Between the legs there was a narrow,not yet touched by anyone, crack.Above it is a narrow strip of fluffy hairs.A sporty tummy.Elastic ass with dimples on top on the sides. And all this beauty must perish.I don't want to die,I want to live and enjoy this flesh.When I am put to death my young body will be skinned and all sorts of things will be done:handbags, leather shoes,thongs.Everything else will be ground up and made dog food.I get dressed and go to the liquidation center.There are a lot of girls there.Here is one called, she is hysterical, afraid to go, but nothing can be done.Here comes the nurse m calling me.I go into the office.Strip naked, " she said.I take off my top,pull off my shorts.With difficulty, I unbutton my bra and take it off.Then, embarrassed, I pull my panties down to my knees, then they they fall by themselves.Stepping out of them, I sit on a bench and take off my sneakers.I pull off my white socks and sniff them.How nice they smell.At this moment, I am experiencing sexual arousal.Come on, girl, face the wall-the executor orders.I drop my socks,go over,stand against the wall.My left hand involuntarily reaches for my genitals.Fingers begin to tickle the clitoris. My gaze falls again on my slender legs,a beautiful pussy that has never known a male organ in itself.Flat tummy, elastic breasts.How do I not want to die,I want to live, enjoy this unique body, masturbate, have sex, experience an orgasm.It's a shame.Girls who did not get into the lottery will enjoy life,engage in sex.Everything will remain as before and I will not be there.Well, is the girl ready-the performer asks.Yes, I'm ready,I answer.My legs are starting to tremble noticeably.With trembling fingers, I habitually bring the matter to the end.Everything that is happening makes me so excited that I'm coming.My whole body is in convulsions of orgasm.I hear the click of the shutter-No, no, I don't want to go...I manage to shout.- A shot.At this moment, my consciousness leaves me.All my thoughts and feelings are scattered into thousands of small fragments.I'm falling into an eternal void.In the last seconds of my life, I experienced an incomparable orgasm and a little pain from a bullet. I have already ceased to exist.My mind left me.But my body is still trying to give me pleasure.My tender labia are still rhythmically opening and closing, pushing out the fragrant nectar.The walls of the vagina compress the cervix from which white fluid is still spewing. The elastic chest with the swollen nipples sticking out provocatively to the top is tense and shaking. My heart is still beating.But now it makes its last push of blood through the body and freezes. But I don't feel it anymore.I don't care anymore.My trembling naked body, which still did not want to part with life, after standing for a second, knelt down and twitched several times in convulsions stretched out on the floor. She was a beautiful girl, she would have lived and lived, " the nurse said to the executor, watching the last rhythmic contractions in the area of my vagina.Then my body and the bodies of the girls who were shot before me were loaded onto a cart and sent to the recycling shop. Fantasies:It's like I'm in my dead body but I don't feel pain and I can't control it. They brought me and the girls to the workshop.There were five women working on the butchering of corpses.Five pairs of hooks hang from the ceiling.They will hang me and other girls on them.Because killing a girl is much faster than removing her skin.Two hooks were released.The woman took it and pierced my left leg between the ankle and the heel,then the right one.The winch began to lift my body until my hair hung above the floor.The butcher first cut off my head.It will be embalmed and sold at auction.Then she let me go a little lower, so that it would be more convenient for her.The woman took a knife and cut it around the shin about ankles.Then she led them from the side of the calf to the buttocks,then along the center of the back to the neck, after walking through the shoulders, I got to the hand.Then she did the same with the second leg and then with her hand.The woman pulled the skin off my legs like stockings.It is possible to remove the skin like this only from young girls.In some places, a knife was required.Then she carefully separated the labia from the clitoris.Then she cut out around the anal opening.She separated the skin from the buttocks with a knife.I pulled off my skin to my breasts like a T-shirt.Slowly she hugged her chest.I pulled the skin off my hands.Finally, my skin from my body falls to the floor.The cutting woman rolled it up and put it in a common pile of still warm,tender, excitingly smelling girls skins.A truck has arrived there and will take her to the tannery.My disfigured body was taken off the hooks, brought up and thrown into a huge meat grinder. At the tannery, the most beautiful and well-groomed skin removed from the girls is chosen for the production of sex dolls.Mine was also chosen.After processing, it will be dressed for a silicone dressing, processed and sold.Now a part of my body will again bring pleasure to someone.Someone will touch, caress my smooth, delicate skin, but I will not feel this bliss.After embalming, my head will be displayed in the window of a store selling sex dolls to attract customers.I had a pretty face with beautiful eyes,a turned-up nose,inviting lips and a charming mouth, for small her hair was dripping down her ears.The bullet hole was sealed.My previously thinking and feeling brains were extracted.How sorry I am that this is my former head.My carcass, dumped on the conveyor belt, was slowly approaching the sharp, spinning knives.At first, my legs were dragged there.the feet began to grind.So beautiful.The skin remained only on them.Small fingers,ankles, rounded heels,smooth soles.All this turned into a disfigured mass.Just recently, with socks on them, they looked very erotic.I admired them.I loved footjob.Sometimes I took off my socks and sniffed them.From them came the the pleasant smell of my charming feet.I masturbated and brought myself to orgasm.Then it began to absorb the legs,The Guys always glanced at them.Perfect caviar, charming knees,fascinating thighs slowly disappeared into the predatory mouth of the meat grinder.So it began to grind my favorite hole.How much pleasure it has brought me in my short life.I only regret that only to me.Tearing the elastic ass and tummy, sharp knives got to two protruding mounds and began to pull them mercilessly.Already without skin, it is not as attractive as before.My body that gives me pleasure almost eighteen years turned into minced meat for dogs in one minute. The clothes taken off by the girls before their death will be sold to fetishists.Someone will sniff my socks and enjoy the smell of my former, once real body, which I did not appreciate so much before I got into the lottery.Why I had to die.What have I done wrong?I'm even still a virgin.My parents years ago received sexual pleasure at my conception.Experienced an orgasm.Why was I deprived of such joy?If they had used a condom then I would not have been in the world and I would not have experienced such a strong sexual pleasure and thirst for life during my killing through execution.From an orgasm, I was born.With an orgasm and left him.Nature gave me a beautiful body.Why was it taken away from me.I'm only eighteen years old.I had my whole life ahead of me.Fucking lottery.How madly I want to find myself again in my beloved young body.To experience all the pleasures of possessing it.But this is no longer possible.It's very, very disappointing.Girls.Value your life and your body.They are the only ones you have.There will never be any more of them. So my only,beautiful,young,unique,desirable,pleasing body,Created by nature eighteen years ago, disappeared from the face of the earth. Christina.- The murdered girl.The former owner of my unique body, now no longer existing.
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Why shoot the girl?It was necessary to inject her with a special drug so that she could endure the pain and not lose consciousness.And then you could skin her alive.And then you need to turn the girl upside down and pour boiling oil through the funnel directly into the uterus, then into the vagina, and then into the rectum.And finally, the girl will look beautiful if you put her anus on a huge stake ,and burn her vagina with a burning torch.
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