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I completely agree, historically man were crucified naked. I know for Jewish people nakedness was really humiliating factors because of the culture and law. But for Greek and Roman's they seemed to embrace the nakedness, like they would go swimming nude or we can see many statues of naked people, so it makes me wonder if being naked on the cross for Romans were not as humiliated as for Jews.

For me, I prefer the loincloth because of how I was introduced to crucifixion. But I fully understand that if I was crucified by Roman's I would have been fully nude. And that's the part I haven't spent much time thinking about, because for me it would be the second level of humiliation.
naturally every one should do what he likes...... And the humiliation is the reason. I think today it would not make sense to use crucifixation for execution, because many people do not longer consider being nude or even penetrated anally by cornu as humiliation. We should make a poll for getting an answer to that.


I always been curious how they select people to be crucified in the movie scenes, curious to know how the auditions work for the films like that.
Your crucifixion work is impressive. Perhaps consider recruiting a team somehow to make short story productions for a "mature audience" nature depicting Roman and/or contemprary crucifixions. I would be humbled & honored to be crucified with you.


Here is the first prisoner you asked for Pilate!!!
What is his verdict?
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Here is the second prisoner!!!
What is his verdict?
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What about the third one?
All three must be CRUCIFIED!!!
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I want to be crucified with you. In highschool a lot of guys expressed their sense of identity by hanging spontaneously on climbing bars or placing themselves in a cruxform saying they were crucified. I think the fascination and intrigue with crucifixion is widespread.
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