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If his videos are on YouTube,then it may be the reason why ??


Here is an question. So I looked through all of my statistics on the Videos I posted on "Crucifixion Experience". I found one common denominator, here it is

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In every case spike in audience retention happens during the nailing of the victim to the cross. Looks like people skip the first part, then watch the nailing, and don't necessary care about watching the victim on the cross.
What do you make of that?
Well it is a 'high' point. Many people enjoy that cruel bits.


Crucifixion is your destiny, you belong to the cross. Trust me, once we start pounding those nails into your wrists, you will forever regret saying that, but it will be too late.

@Rufuss I will defiantly bring really nice spikes don't you worry about that. It looks like we can get a good team together for your crucifixion, it seems like @dfg42 has an idea for raising you on to the stipe. Is there any other volunteers that would like to join the squad? Someone will need to hold him down while I nails his wrists. It will be a scene no one will want to miss.
Loinclothslave has lots of experience being whipped. Perhaps it would add to the citizen’s humiliation if a lowly slave was to wield the scourge against him? Will happily assist with any physical or unwholesome labour....
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