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My sketches to enjoy

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Hair and Nails
I'd suggest you use a bigger sheet of paper to start. That way when you get to all of the fiddly details, you can be looser. I think you are also better suited to pencil drawing so far. I'd suggest getting some pencils of different hardness, and going from light strokes to darker shading and detailing strokes. Don't be afraid to use reference, especially for hands and feet. Sometime the easier thing to do is to take a picture of your own hand in that pose, and copy it out on the paper. Also, don't forget to sign your name. Your work deserves that much.


Assistant executioner
First, i'm loving them!
Yes, tell me. Nothing is perfect.
OK, once said that, i'd also suggest you to work the hands and feet and also something that is important to me as a girl on the receiving side: :p your executioners are barely sketched at best. i for one would also love to see well-developed executioners just like your girls are!!! ;) (And, after all, an artwork is a "whole", every little detail contributes to the entirety of it.)


Hair and Nails
Well you seem to understand how to sketch an agonizing crucifixion.

Love the cross necklace in the first picture! and those curled fingers!! Great work.

(sign your sketches!)


Staff member

When I first saw this 1944 Prince Valiant comic in collection I wished the Fair Ilene or Queen Aleta would have been the one displayed thus.

Thanks for fulfilling an old fantasy of mine, wusel. ;) :babeando:


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