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Immorality is in the eye of the beholder.

It's funny. If you're US based, or follow US news, you'll know about Jerry Falwell Jr, his wife, and what's now being revealed.

I don't care about his kink. It seems to have harmed no one at the time, was enjoyed mutually.

The problem comes from the sanctimonious swill that is associated with it being found out, and the hipocracy.


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Hello Everybody. i'm crucifixion passionate. willing to meet people like me fascinated by the cross and any torture before or after it.
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More about me >
I am switch forever, intensely masochistic although with some limits. Always SSC. I love intense, hard and mercilessly torture...hard and prolonged
Pain,High heels ,Bondage ,Massoquism ,Spanking, Whips of a single tail and long even bullwhip.. Participate in erotic photography and filming and bdsm , Manual and device masturbation , handjob or forced bound orgasms, Torture of nipples of all kinds , Collar and chains, Hair removal /shaving ,all kind vibrators , nipple electrotorture (EMS TENS units) , Wives/shackles, Nipples Drilling Games, Master/Slave,Fetish Tongue,Sex Toys, control orgasm , Tease and Denial, Oral Sex, Suspensions all ways , Bondage, Rack, CRUCIFIXION, ElectroTorture, Blindfolded, Violet Band, cage, medieval torture and devices , femdom, 24/7, kidnapping, dungeon, severe punishments,
permanent and prolonged interrogation , prisoner and slave deal. Accept blood and skin marks.
What about crossword puzzles and sudoku?:jump:


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hi there, i'm new!
Wow! A few of us have Latin signatures, but I think you're the first to quote Cicero! It's great that you've found us, you'll discover a surprisingly lively lot of cruxers here, all of us curiously kinky, but with lots of other interests too and plenty of enjoyable, friendly chatter.


we were the last Carthaginians,
we taught the Romans how to properly do it!

A bold statement, specimeat, one guaranteed to result in your crucifixion!
But it's true! They didn't know how to do it right until the Punic Wars, this is unfaiiiiir ---uh... ooops?
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