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Nostalgia - Music

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Nice to listen to this again ! Procol harum was one my faves at the end of the sixties, beginning of 70s. A Salty Dog and Broken Barricades are their albums i like most. The others being sometimes too much emphatic and a bit pompous.

By the way, their excellent guitarist Robin Trower (quite underestimated among the great guitar heroes of that time) was one of the teacher of Robert Fripp, one of the most prominent guitarist of the progressive rock genre and much more than this : for instance, Fripp has played with David Bowie on Heroes, and with Brian Eno -former Roxy Music member- on many albums.


Don't know if there are any Joy Division/New Order fans here, but Peter Hook and his current band streamed a nice collection of old tunes several weeks ago. The band members were in different locations due to the coronavirus. A really wonderful set. These tunes take me back to my younger days....



As now we are talking about Belinda Carlisle (I still rely on a Google search whenever I need to spell her name... I keep forgetting there's an "s" somewhere even though it's not pronounced... ah, English!) and music nostalgia, I think it wouldn't be too inappropriate to post this song here:

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I was just browsing and scrolling a bit through this thread and it is sad that some links at the beginning do no more exist but anyway, I would like to add these versions to Marlene Dietrich's version on page 5 in this thread of this song ...

... because these are simply the best versions in my humble opinion:

By the way: If you are ever looking for an convincing example of our human craziness in order to explain "madness" - for example - to an extraterrestrial alien, just remember and mention that this song was the greatest hit of WW II, heard and loved by millions of soldiers in memory of their loved ones, playing the same melody in all their soldier's radio stations in the evening and really all soldiers were hearing this same beautiful melody in different versions ... before they went out to war during the next days and weeks, killing each other again.


By the way: If you are ever looking for an convincing example of our human craziness in order to explain "madness" - for example - to an extraterrestrial alien, ...
I believe it'd be sufficient to inform them - aliens, I mean - that we have those people who fancy about getting their wrists and ankles penetrated by nails, and fancy it so much as to make a whole community dedicated to the idea :p

Anyway, here's something I found yesterday when I was searching for the video of Belinda Carlisle which I posted above:

For some reason, I wasn't that big of a fan of theirs in their prime. It's not that I didn't like them, but it was more like the period happened to be an era so ripe with great many other musicians and mega hits and they fell a bit short of climbing to the top position of my long favourite list.

But seeing them active after all these years, and still looking and sounding almost as good as they were back then, I had to put it in my favourites playlist and show them my late respect by posting it here.


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Love the bagpipes in this nostalgic tune...

Well of course I wallow in that! It's interesting (to me as I know the place quite well, and I guess a good few others) to know a little of the background to that video: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mull_of_Kintyre_(song)
(incidentally, the video wasn't filmed at the Mull, and no that isn't High Park Farm, Paul's place - they filmed it at Saddell Bay, across the other side of the peninsula, much more green and sheltered, with views across to the Isle of Arran)

Here's a video of the fine road down to the lighthouse - the land on the horizon is Northern Ireland - the Antrim Hills and Rathlin Island

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