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November, the month of the crucifixion!

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Today, October 31, in the prison we do not celebrate Halloween!

Those condemned to crucifixion are each chained in their cell!

Tomorrow begins their fateful month, thirty convicts will be executed day after day!

Men, women, young, old, all are lost in their thoughts!

The guards are going to have a lot of fun again tonight because they can dispose of their prisoners as they see fit!

Tomorrow, around 10hoo in the morning, the prison door will open on the first victim who will come out naked, will be flogged in the public square then will be weighted down with a patibulum that he will have to lead to the top of the hill where he will be nailed to his cross.

The executioners have full rights over future crucified people throughout the day until their cross is erected which implies the possibility of rape and lashes at any time.

Once crucified, no more abuse will be applied to them and they will begin their slow and painful agony.

They will no longer be provided with food or drink.

The deceased crucified will remain exposed on their cross until December 5, when they will be dependent and cremated together.

The Supreme Judge will attend all crucifixions and will be able to intervene at any time in the event that a possible problem arises.

Everything is ready ! The party will be able to begin.


November is the Cruelest Month
by Jamie Moore

November is the cruelest month
Reminiscence forced of things far gone and
Bitter foreshadowing of what is to come

The leaves have lived up to their name
The trees, a shell of what they once were
The grass clings to its last hope
The temperature makes its empty threats

The beauty of Autumn deteriorates
She is haughty and cruel
We were strung along for so long
But like all good things
Her presence is too fleeting

We try to rationalize her departure
We didn’t need her anyway
Her sister is far more beautiful
Autumn was never committed
We will look for someone else
What luck!
Her sister is coming
Her name is winter!
But alas, how could we love
Someone so bitter and cold?

November is the cruelest month
Joy is attacked in a dark alley
Melancholia does the mugging
Bitterness steals the Hope
November tears apart the heart
With a ruthlessness unseen
In any other month.

The days are soon so short and cold
The landscape is so barren
There is a hint of snow
But it is more like rain
It is so unfortunate to see
Nature’s beauty going all to waste

The thirtieth is here
Judgement Day has arrived
It is only possible to conclude
July was great if too hot indeed
January hard but nearer the end
September its usual lovely self
One month stands alone in its horror
November is the cruelest month


Sunday November 1st: Messaline

Today, the feast of All Saints, the bells of all the churches in the country are busy ringing.

The one who will inaugurate this month of November is a Frenchwoman who, precisely, has always appreciated the chapels and therefore their bells and who was sentenced to death for lesbian love that is totally prohibited in the country.

Her blonde hair is the first thing the crowd notices as her whole body is remarkable!

It's a gem that's going to be nailed to a cross today.

It is out of love that she will be executed today because she has so far followed a Cruxsistanaise named Judith who has completely disappeared and therefore could not be judged or condemned.

It is therefore alone, without the love of her life, that Messalina will have to face her cross and all that precedes it,

starting with the flagellation. Messaline's body is very quickly covered with red stripes that his pale and milky body brings out!

She seems more affected by the weight of her patibulum that has just been loaded onto her shoulders than by the lashes she has just received.

Each step she takes to get to the place of her crucifixion is a real feat, as the stones of the path tear the soles of her feet.

In addition, it is already the third time that she has tripped and her knees are bleeding but the summit is approaching.

Arrived, she collapses, exhausted.

The heat is overwhelming and a terrible thirst grips her.

Her wrists are slender and cute and, in heartbreaking screams, are pierced by steel nails in less time than it takes to tell!

The worst are her ankles which are then nailed by making sure that her knees are well apart so as not to hide anything of her privacy.

Things did not drag on and her cross quickly found itself upright.

Her suffering is unimaginable, but she opens her eyes wide and scrutinizes the crowd, which does not lose any of its dire situation.

Suddenly a shock!

Judith is there, in the audience, in tears but not knowing how to do anything.

Messaline's heart began to beat more intensely when she saw her love present to see her die.

She closes her eyes and surely thinks of the moments of happiness that she lived with the love of her life and, strangely enough, starts in her a process which takes her towards the pleasure,

The famous orgasm of the crucified one, the formidable orgasm that only the cross could give her!

Her agony will therefore begin and when death comes, she will have Judith in her head and in her heart.


Graf von Kreuzigung
November celebrates the death!
In the Low Countries, November is also named the Slaughter Month.
Because in November, farmers used to slaughter their pigs.

It is all very convenient for what is about to happen.
There have been rumours that the overcrowded death row of Cruxistan prison will be emptied in November.

One convict every day! One crucifixion every day!

We thought it was a rumour. We hoped it was a rumour.
Although… this endless stay in the dungeon, this endless waiting, this endless abuse by the guards, is also a torment.

The population does not care. Whoever ended up here, has deserved it. That's the public opinion. We are valued even less than pigs.

Now, evening falls of November 1st. We all have heard that a woman convict, named Messaline, has been taken from her cell, and brought outside prison. She did not return! We fear the worst for her! Since we all got condemned to death on the cross, we know what it means. We have to live at most a month. The November slaughter has started.

Terror has invaded our minds, since even the prospect that the suffering here inside will come to an end, is overtaken by the harsh knowledge that our cruel fate is nearing.

There is silence in the cells. Soon the guards will come to torment us again.

But now, everybody is thinking :
“Will I be next, tomorrow?” On whose cell will death knock tomorrow?


Monday November 2: Marcella

Today is the day of the dead and the atmosphere is not very happy!

However, many of them were there to watch the day's performance!

Marcella is what we call a beautiful woman in the prime of life but with low morale following all the events that are happening in the world now, pandemics, wars and she said out loud what people thought softly and it did not please the authorities who immediately found a "good reason" to arrest, judge and condemn her to the cross.

Here in Cruxistan, justice is expeditious and the crucifixion has always been in fashion.

After a painful incarceration during which she served as a sex slave to the guards, it is therefore naked, like all convicts, that she appears in the square in front of the prison to receive her flogging, the first stage of her execution.

She knows that there is no other possible way out than death to her ordeal and it is therefore resigned that she waits, attached to the post, for her executioner to carry out his task.

The thongs of the whip mark her directly and the pains she experiences are very intense!

Fortunately for her, the goal is not to make her die under the whip and it is in a correct state that she was detached before loading her shoulders on her patibulum which seems to weigh a ton!

The whip still accompanies her during the perilous and painful journey to the top of the hill where the other part of her cross awaits her.

She has time to contemplate the crucified of the day before who is still alive and who seems to be in great pain, but she is then positioned on her cross to be nailed like the one who will be the neighbor during all her agony.

The executioner thinks it good to give her advice but she doesn't care and tells him to do his job quickly!

The faster it will be done, the faster she will be freed from this world where nothing holds her back.

The work is therefore quickly done in pain and, although she feels searing pains in her wrists and then her feet pierced by nails that look gigantic, she is happy that it has been done and appreciates the upright position even more. that she took her cross from the top of which she continues to insult the crowd by claiming that if she finds herself in her situation, it is because, unlike them, she shouted out loud the truths that it is not good to reveal.

Now, overcome with pain, she begins her long agony, hoping that it will not last too long because she feels ready to give her soul back to the devil.

Marcella on her cross .


Crucified Amazon
"Ooooooh ! It's you Marcella ! Alas, it will be not for a long time ; I'm more and more exhausted by the pain, each movment brings me more sufferings, the nails rasping my bones, my tetanized muscles ... All is made in this supplice to destroy you step to step !
Never mind, try to stay proud, Marcella : they can have our bodies but never our spirit !"

Messa et Marcella (1).jpg ...

Baron Von Sade

"Ooooooh ! It's you Marcella ! Alas, it will be not for a long time ; I'm more and more exhausted by the pain, each movment brings me more sufferings, the nails rasping my bones, my tetanized muscles ... All is made in this supplice to destroy you step to step !
Never mind, try to stay proud, Marcella : they can have our bodies but never our spirit !"

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I'm getting a sudden feeling that at the end of the month, we're going to have a GORGEOUSLY crowded picture!


I was looking forward to the inaugural mounting for days, and then, over the weekend, I waited in the conversation Group and nothing came through. Had I missed it? Had there been a postponement, maybe even an unexpected national lockdown! But today all came clear. A new thread ... of course! And so now I have caught up and I am not in anyway disappointed. Two wonderful executions with plenty more to come and I will not miss another word!

Of course having arrived at the scene, you can see that I have wasted no time in having Charlotte incarcerated, naked of course, to await the two agonising weeks until she too is mounted on the cross for the baying public to enjoy.

Great work everyone, especially of course of host, @piraland ...


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Tuesday November 3: Cire

The public generally likes better to contemplate the sufferings and the death of women on the cross but does not disdain, especially women, to admire virile men undergoing the torture of the cross especially for the reactions which lead them to have erections. sometimes phenomenal during their crucifixion.

The one who is going to be crucified today, Cire, is what you can call a mobster!

With his accomplice Loxuru, who will be crucified in the coming days, they have multiplied the hold-ups, settling of scores and are normally found among those condemned to death.

When this notorious mobster appears naked in the square, he is greeted directly by a stormy crowd who hiss at him and insult him who better!

He really doesn't seem to care and walks towards his flogging pole with an air of indifference as if what is going to happen to him is normal given his past actions and therefore accepts the punishment that will be imposed on him.

This man, interposed between the many condemned women, will therefore undergo his flogging and is chained to his post.

It is customary in Cruxistan for women to be appointed to execute men and the executioner of Wax is therefore a species of Amazon only dressed in a very short leather skirt with high boots coming up to the middle. thighs.

She is really very sexy and must please the condemned man whose cock is soon to stand proudly.

The executor likes it because, being extremely sadistic, she already knows where she is going to direct the thongs of her whip in order to make her victim suffer as much as possible.

And sadistic, she really is because all her blows are successful!

Cire's back is directly marked by the thongs of the whip which then are directed to the most sensitive places, the inside of his thighs, his cock and his balls!

The unfortunate man can only scream in pain as, strangely enough despite the blows he has received, his cock is still stiff and hard.

It is with a lacerated body and a little bleeding that Cire will undertake the climb to his Golgota!

The lashes continue to rain on him the whole way, but he gets there without too many problems.

Lying down and firmly maintained on his cross, he attends a real dance from his performer who does not hesitate to rub her shaved pussy on his face but the only purpose of this is to position and drive the four nails that her sadistic temptress held in hand!

It's horrible the flashes of pain that run through his body and make him scream!

Now, removing the piece of leather that serves as her skirt, she impales herself on Cire's cock telling him that she loves death row cocks because they are harder and firmer under the circumstances.

While rubbing her breasts, she erotically rides the poor crucified one until she comes to a loud orgasm which at the same time causes her victim to ejaculate profusely.

Disdainful, she gets up, runs a finger over her pussy and brings it to her mouth as if to test the taste and the quality of the sperm inside her.

She turns around and beckons to bring the Wax Cross vertically.

In an instant it is done and Ciré has just joined the two crucified who preceded him and are still alive.

Looking at hers, and despite his pain, his cock is still straightening!

His agony can begin and he greatly appreciates the presence of ladies by his side!

He will die, thanks to this, with pleasant images in his head.


Ciré on his cross .
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