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Now This Just Isn't Funny

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Concerning how to wear masks ...

unnamed (2).jpg ... Germany has some regulations how to wear masks and how to travel with it - based on different regional legislations of our federal states similar to the USA:

Ashampoo_Snap_2020.11.05_19h20m39s_005_.jpg ... together with our travel regulations ... Ashampoo_Snap_2020.11.05_19h19m59s_004_.jpg ... it is almost impossible to do something wrong.

And we Germans are easily getting used to all circumstances in our new "lockdown" and we are also having some "déjà-vus" again:

Ashampoo_Snap_2020.11.05_19h19m32s_003_.jpg Ashampoo_Snap_2020.11.06_01h22m10s_002_.jpg


In a part of Germany called "Ostfriesland" it is said that the police is checking the speed by ear:
"Officer, what is the speed limit on this road?"
"And how fast was the culprit?"
(Inhaling deeply)"Awhoooooooommmmmmmmmmm..."
Some years ago, in England, the Police augmented a similar sign with another one which stated "Fifty motorists caught and prosecuted this month"
Underneath it, a graffiti artist wrote "And no fucking burglars".


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ok so #3 is a little late but still . . .

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