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Do we have a yoke thread?

We have joke threads, but no yoke threads :rolleyes:


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Cinemas then showed a B-movie (though we called them films), followed by an interval (rush to the front to buy my one ice cream of the week) then adverts (Kia-ora anyone?) then short films like above. Finally the featured A-movie we had really gone to see. So all films had to show the censor certificate at the beginning, even travelogues etc.
I also recall these long preludes of often two or three short films : a short fiction story, an animated film (Bugs Bunny or so) and a documentary, mostly. And one or two trailers. Today, only the adverts and the trailers have remained.


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Well I'd rather Nether Wallop than Lower Slaughter. I've not visited either, though been near enough to see the Slaughters on a signpost (in the Cotswolds) - incidentally, they're named from a 'sloe-tree', blackthorn - not sure about Wallop ... think it's the name of a stream, like the Piddle down in that part of the world. I have been to Lacock - Lacock Abbey, a Cruxton-like folly
Found this place in Gloucester.


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Even to someone who remembers the 50s pretty well, that soundtrack is cringeworthy. I guess it was made to indoctrinate us country bumpkins that London was a vibrant, fully-functioning city, whereas the truth was that vast blocks were still bomb-damaged and fenced off.
Yes, I think I spotted a spot of bomb-site in a shot near St Paul's, with a rich growth of colourful weeds.
I can't believe that London even in 1950 was so exclusively white and middle-class-looking as that film shows it,
certainly the East End and Docklands were far more cosmopolitan, and had been for centuries.


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I can't help but feel amazed how London looked almost modern back in the 1950s. Here's what my country looked like in roughly the same period for comparison. It almost feels like it was in a different world:

I know I shouldn't get political, but I can't help thinking there's a mood among some in Britain that wants us to go back to the way things were in 1950 as shown in those films posted by PrPr - and I've a horrible feeling we're heading more in the direction of Korea in 1950 :(
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