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On The Recurrence Of Forced Sex Thematics In Roman Crucifixion Art And Literature

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Then he lowers down and rubs his hard cock along her slit. He smiles evily at her. "Let's see what that fastidious cunt can take. With a hard thrust he pushes his hard cock all way into her body. She screams and writhes, tries to use her hands to push him back. The pain in her wrists from the nails gets so intense that she cries out in pain this time. Big tears roll down her cheeks while the soldier pumps heavily into her. She feels like he wants to nail her with his cock to the ground. After many thrusts he writhes and moans loud when he shoots his load deep into her body. With a grunt he gets up, puts his cock away and takes over her left ankle. The next soldier kneels down between her legs now and opens his raiment. His cock is hard and errect. Without a word he lowers down, rubs the head of cock along her entrance and then pushes in. He fucks her with long hard strokes. He grunts loud when he shoots his load into her body. He hesitates to get up, his cock still stuck in her. He smiles and mocks her: "How does that feel, spoiled brat? How does a real cock feel?" She answers with tears. That makes him angry and he slaps her cheeks - left, right, left again. Then he gets up growling "ungrateful bitch". He changes position with the third soldier who waits unpatiently for his turn. He crawls hastily between her legs and starts to pump into her immediately. It takes only a few thrusts and he shoots off his load. He breaks down over her and breathes heavily into her ear. The other soldiers laugh and pull him off. Then they grab the patibulum and raise her. She moans loud in pain when she now hangs from her nailed wrists. She whimpers in pain. Then the patibulum falls into place what causes another shock of pain to her. One soldier grabs her flailing right leg and holds it against the vertical bar at the side. The other one grabs a nail and the hammer. He puts the sharp pin of the nail to the soft skin of her foot and swings the hammer. With one mighty blow of the hammer he drives the nail through her heel. She cries out in horrible pain. Her left leg flies through the air because the third soldier forgot to hold it. She hits the soldier holding her right leg. He curses and grabs the whip. He shouts at the other soldiers to get off and beats her up with the whip across her spoiled body. She screams and wirthes in pain. When he calms down he grabs her free leg, presses it against the bar and shouts at the other soldier to nail it to the bar. He grabs nail and hammer, puts the sharp nail against her heel and laughs evily when he swings the hammer. With a hard blow he forces the nail through her sking, flesh and bones. She screams in agony while the soldier swings the hammer again to drive the nail deep into the wood to make sure she cannot get her leg free again. When they are done the soldiers step back and watch the poor girl dancing on the cross. Then one recognizes their cum dribbling out of the girl. They laugh and mock her up as a whore who cannot even hide what she is doing....


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A couple of Phlebas manips from a few years back.

They really are among his best. :babeando: :clapping:



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You will have noticed, Bob, that the angle of the legs and feet have changed, as has one arm, and the hands and head obviously replaced. Did you notice that the breasts are not Alice's but Caprice's?
Yes Phlebas, her right arm is flipped and duplicated to represent the left, providing symmetry; the feet and shins shifted to fit a straightened, upright cross, and the breasts and throat are recognisably those of Caprice, which have been very neatly blended into Alice's upper body.
I have made several manips of both models, and I can confirm that this is a good example of body blending, and deceptively convincing photo manipulation. Nice work! :)

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