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Other Forms Of Execution

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Various methods

queen_and_princess_executed_02_by_enhjorning-d8tjmw7.jpgother mother-and-daughters-1.jpg012720vz9492x4zrwen4zl.jpgAwaiting Orders - 1.jpgother the_fate_of_criminals_5a_by_pannonianshadow_dcfcm8j.jpgother 3386957_8_o.jpgGo executioners platform(silhouette).jpggar Stephy's Turn_1.jpg
There are 2 ways I woul be executed. I both case just because I smile to someone who's watching me. No matter the reason. Just cause I wasn't modest and i didn't lowered my sight.
One being stripped naked and impaled up my arse.. Keeping my vagina untouched and deny the pleasure of being deflowered in some way.
The second one is being naked on a mobile wooden horse equiped with a pulley and a large dildo. Pushed through the streets, everytime the wheels are running the dildo bangs inside me, taking my cherry, hitting to my cervix, destroying it and going in my unusefull uterus. Making me agonize until I am dead for bleeding. Obviusly the horse should be run by my mother who's the one who reported my sin.
In both ways my chest should be branded with the word: sinner.


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Graf von Kreuzigung
Hi, I’m Barb. Strange isn’t it? I mean that a petty thief like you is sentenced to meet the same fate as a murderess like me. There’s just no justice in the world is there?
Three strokes rule for thieves (3x convictions equals murder).

Gasp ... gurgle ... that’s me in the center ... gahhhh ... @Eulalia on my left ... gasp ... groan ... but who is that handsome dude on my right?
Well, if no one volunteers for the position, I would!:D:rolleyes:


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Also, can anyone tell us what those white things are in the basket? I guess probably not Chinese fortune cookies :p
It is steamed bun(饅頭). A Chinese staple food similar to bread eaten in the West. It is said that whenever a prisoner is executed, the executioner sells some steamed bun that dipped in the prisoner's blood. People believed that eating these steamed bun soaked in blood could cure diseases. :sisi1 It looks like there's a lot of steamed bun there for the executioner to make a lot of money.
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