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Palais-Royal Reno - A Study in the Modern Gaming Business

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

December 1, 2017 Palais-Royal Reno, John Marcum, Casino CEO

Friday morning, first thing, I always meet with my Hospitality Manager, Reggie Manning. Reggie’s job is simple but vital: track and please our most important guests. We call them the “100” although there are slightly more than that number. These guests (over 90% male) represent some of the greatest concentrations of wealth and power in the world. And they come here because we are under the radar of many in the media, and we offer them an exclusive place to indulge their “adult” desires. Between their gaming and other fees we receive, over 50% of our profit comes from them. Therefore, Reggie’s work is of the highest priority. We meet every Friday morning to go over who is still here and who is arriving.

“Well boss, you remember Mark Rothberg is coming Monday?”

“Yes, and he has a special guest coming from Eastern Canada? We’ll make sure he has a room for her and a facility for the “exercises”?”

“Yep. He says she will only need a bedroom for the night she arrives; she’ll be in the exercise room after that.”

“Really? This must be a fucking “cooperative” girl! Who else?”

“Julio Santeri from Napa arrives tomorrow for two nights. He requested Theresa from his last visit.”

“Is she fully recovered? That weekend was pretty intense?”

“Oh yes, the slut is even looking forward to it!”

“Gotta love Theresa!” Get her something special as a thank you from us after he leaves. Remember, I have a lunch meeting with Julio tomorrow to make plans for his “Crux Party” at the vineyard in March.”

“Right, boss. I know he’s looking forward to crowning his new “Miss Reisling” then!” We both laughed as we thought of the fate of last year’s, “Miss Merlot”.

“And Boris Strangehair is flying in from London on Tuesday for a long day before he goes to the White House for a meet and greet with the President. He hasn’t really told us what he wants. We’ll have a nice selection to greet him and then he can specify. And that’s what we have for now”

“Very good Reggie. Keep me up on how Mark’s exercise goes. He’s said these might become more frequent and include more of his senior staff and even some from Congress!”

“Righto boss!” Reggie let his English accent slip through as he left.

It looked like a good weekend. I needed to call Mr. Sing in Hong Kong to confirm his visit and requirements. But it was too early there to call now. So, I just relaxed back in my chair and let Sally continue to work her mouth magic on my cock. God, that girl was good.
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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

Saturday, December 2, 2017, Palais-Royal Reno, Count Room

The one major drawback of being a casino employee, even for the CEO, is that you never can have a normal sleep pattern. The business invented the concept of 24/7/365. The players will choose the most God-awful times to play, and the money is there and moving all the time.

One of the grunt jobs working your way up in management is supervising the drop & count (D&C) crews. The crew, wearing company coveralls without pockets (guess why) go around the casino, starting about 1AM. Pushing big carts full of empty drop boxes. When you slid a dollar bill into a slot machine or the dealer pushes you chip purchase down a narrow slot, it ends up in a drop box. The crew opens the slot machines one-by-one, under close supervision and, of course, surveillance cameras, and removes the box with money and replaces with an empty. The carts are then wheeled down into the bowels of the building and through a large, vault-like steel door into the count room. Once in the room, the door is closed and locked and the crew must wait for the shift chief of surveillance to tell them over a loudspeaker that they may proceed.
The next step is old-fashioned labor intensive. Open each box (they are numbered by the slot machine numbers) pull out the currency, sort by denomination, run the bills through a counter and announce the total by machine number to the supervisor who records on a tablet computer.
The bills are then stacked in slots on the wall by denomination and casino area.
big_1416539994_image.jpg When the crew finishes, two representatives of the Cage (the money department of the casino), who arrive toward the end of the count will allow them to leave and lock the door. Later in the morning, some currency will be distributed to cashiers in the cages as needed. The remainder will be bundled for armored car pickup.

There is always a member of management with the D&C; most of the time its junior management, but senior take some turns too. We do this because it is so important; we want everyone to know. Since its beginning, the casino business has known that people and cash are a dangerous combination. It doesn’t take much skill for one of these men to try to palm a $100 or put a $20 in his mouth. We can’t afford that to happen.

Between the procedures, the surveillance and the management oversight, we catch almost every thief. Of course, they are immediately fired. We forward their name to the Nevada Gaming Control Board
NevadaGamingControlBoard.jpg who puts their name on a “Black List” of persons who may not be employed in any capacity in any establishment in the state that is licensed for Gaming. Most other organizations consult this list when doing background checks for new hires. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for the person to work anywhere in Nevada. Although only legally binding in Nevada, the list is used by most Gaming establishments and many other employers world-wide. Their life is ruined.

As the thief is being escorted out, they are often deeply depressed and don’t watch their step on the escalators. They often fall and are injured. Those stealing larger amounts are more depressed and suffer more severe injuries.

When it’s a female thief, we encourage (force) them to offer their body to avoid being fired and made unemployable. In that case (for attractive thieves) they are taken to a special room when security and senior management thoroughly apply a rough sexual punishment for their crime. Unfortunately, you can never trust a thief. They are fired anyway. And also get injured. Sorta unfair that the girls suffer more. Too bad.

Our representatives go to their homes and take anything of value and sell it at one of the many pawn shops in town to recover our lost funds. No policeman or magistrate in Reno will listen to any complaint about that (it’s a Gaming town). They are left with nothing by the clothes on their back (in the case of women, these are usually badly torn. Actually this is a favor. It helps them start earning money to get a bus out of town.)

Long story leading to the fact that today was my turn. Observing the D&C for what must have been the 300th time in my career was less exciting than watching grass grow.

I kept my mind busy rehearsing my lunch with Julio and the preparations that would be needed for Mr. Sing's visit.

Back in my office to start the day at 6AM. I was hoping to take off early this afternoon after lunch with Julio.
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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

Saturday, December 2, 2017 Palace Casino Reno, Exec Dining Room

The executive dining room is on the 19th floor (20th is top) facing Southwest to the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains. In early December, the peaks were all white with snow, foreseeing a good winter ski season. Mount Rose shown in the midday sun. Named for the rosy glow at sunset seen from the California side, Mount Rose, elevation 10,785 is the highest base ski area in the Sierras at 8,260 feet. The highway to Lake Tahoe crests the Sierra at 8,911 feet, the highest all year route through the Sierras.
The dining room is modest sized and appointed. Taste but restraint is the motto throughout the Palais-Royal. A table to accommodate 5 sits in a bay window. Other, larger public and private dining rooms ring the West side of the floor.

Julio and I were having a quiet lunch of Pacific salmon, caught late Yesterday, packed in ice and flown on our private cargo jet to Reno this morning. Delicately smoked over a very low fire for almost an hour, and seasoned with a spicy chipotle Santa Barbara style rub that I knew Julio liked the fish was moist, tender and spicy. Served over a bed of saffron butter flavored Carolina Plantation Gold Rice, with tender locally grown Lima beans and accompanied by a bottle of Domaine Ramonet Montrachet Grand Cru, Cote de Beaune, Chardonnay (over $1,200 a bottle), it made an excellent meal. I knew better than to serve Julio his own custom California Chardonnay ($400 a bottle – Julio described it as “piss-water for the sinkin’ masses.”)

Julio’s grandfather was a war refugee from Sicily, who hooked up with other Italian refugees and began growing cheap grapes for even cheaper wine. But they had connections at Bank of America in San Francisco and were able to get favorable financing from the still Italian dominated bank (Founded as the Bank of Italy by Amadeo Pietro Giannini in 1904 in SF). And they were able to take over some competitors who got tired of having accidents. By the 60’s the Santeri name was on half the wine produced in California.
3500414537_51cdff6e4.jpgJulio’s father caught the move to premium wines early and using the funds from the jug wine business, started exclusive varietal vineyards in Napa. Today, Julio produces some of the highest rated wines in the world. He uses the money for his own special pleasures

After the initial pleasantries over the food, I asked how Theresa was serving him.

“Excellent, my friend, that girl can take more punishment than any whore I’ve ever known! But, I’ll have to let up on her this afternoon, so she’s still alive next time I come!” We both burst into laughter. I offered another girl for him to use, but he refused.

“I’m in love with Theresa! Not real love, but love for punishing her. It is my special treat when I come here and I’m most grateful to you!”

Then talk turned to his party in March. He holds it in a vineyard which is miles from anywhere, tucked in a cleft in a mountain, North of Napa. He has that vineyard for one purpose, Crucifixion. He invites a small group of like-minded friends, about 20 male and female. We cater it for him and make the arrangements for the girls. The girls think it is some kind of wine beauty contest. They compete by posing clothed and nude and pleasuring the guests.
We avoid hardened whores, trying to get naive, somewhat innocent beauties desperate for money. Some will do anything to win and some shyly decline. It’s only a decliner who will win.

The runners up are taken away, and are forced to drink a memory disrupting date rape drug and then driven home.

The winner is crowned Miss (whatever wine of the year Julio has chosen) and photographed by a bunch of fake news photographers. She has to wear a weasel bikini and a robe and sash saying Miss etc.; and she gets a check for $15,000! Julio can easily afford the money, but he doesn’t have to, the check is never cashed! After dinner, the real Pageant begins.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Mount Rose, elevation 10,785 is the highest base ski area in the Sierras at 8,260 feet. The highway to Lake Tahoe crests the Sierra at 8,911 feet, the highest all year route through the Sierras.
Mount Rose and it's twin, just south, Slide Mountain are part of the Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada. The Carson Range as well as the State Capital, Carson City are named after the famous Indian Fighter (killer(?)) Kit Carson. The Carson Range is the Easternmost part of the Sierras and stretches along most of the northern Nevada/California border. The State of Nevada gets its name from the name of the mountains, Spanish for snow-covered range; the early Spanish missionaries saw the white mountain tops in the distance.
Later the great photographer, Ansel Adams made many of his most iconic artist photos in the Sierras. Adams, pushed the technology of B&W photography to its limit in subtly representing an incredible range of tones from black to white. One of his books of photographs is called Yosemite and the Range of Light, I highly recommend you check it out at the library. The title is a pun used by Adams and his critics. It represents three ranges: the subtle range in his photos, the constantly changing range of light in the Sierra, and an alternative translation of their name (light for snow-covered)
Excuse the hero worship, but I was an avid amateur B&W photographer for much of my life, and that man's eye and skill were (in Homer's epithet for Achilles) God-Like.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Slide Mountain is named for its propensity for large! landslides. The Washoe Indian name for the Slide translates literally as "Mountain that fell on its Self." In this picture from the south, you can see the massive scar in the side where slides have happened.
1200px-Slide_Mountain_Nevada_(21580857351).jpgThe white streak snaking down to the valley was the path of the latest major slide, Memorial Day (May 30), 1983.The discoloration by the road is the remains of the debris (most has been hauled away. The slide cut off the only road from Reno to Carson City for a week. The debris flow in the canyon was measured as 30 feet high at the bottom of the canyon, and the rock fall volume was estimated to be 1.4 million cubic yards.
635678873110399197-rendc5-5f4rwxqrto7kfeaye34-original.jpgA horse facing death is rescued by a chopper.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

Sunday December 3, 2017 Palais-Royal Casino Reno, Infirmary

Hi there, I’m Reggie the Hospitality Manager. My British accent is supposed to give the place some class! My job is to bow and scrape to all the nobs who visit the Palais-Royal. Not that I mind. The pay is great, John is a fine boss, and perks can be very tasty.

John wanted me to tell you how I handled things when Julio departed.

Late Sunday afternoon, Julio checked out. (Actually, he just left. People like him don’t have to do anything). He came over to me in the Lobby to say thanks.

“Was Theresa satisfactory?”

“God, Yes! That girl is incredible! Thank you so much for letting me use her!”

“Our pleasure, Julio. John said to tell you that we should have the draft plan for the party to you within a couple of weeks.”

“Very good! I hope you and John will join us?”

“Even if it wasn’t with such a good mate, I won’t miss that action!”

We shook hands and he entered the roof elevator for his Heli ride to Napa. I went straight to the infirmary to visit Theresa.

I had arranged for a crew to be ready the moment Julio left the exercise room to go and grab Theresa and take her to our infirmary. Knowing Julio and Theresa, I didn’t want to wag off before getting her medical attention.
Aberdeen-Royal-Infirmary-refurbished-theatre (1).jpg
Our Infirmary is probably the best equipped outside of a hospital, anywhere. The Director, Dr. Aiken, board certified in both Plastic Surgery and Emergency Medicine, is the perfect man to attend to our girls who’ve had a rough session. Theresa would be treated and pampered for at least a fortnight before she was ready to go back to pleasing clients.
As John had directed, I’d visited Rogers Jewelry, the best in Reno, to get Theresa a “little” thank-you. I settled on an 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plique-a-Jour brooch in the shape of an owl with cabochon blue Sapphires and Emerald as the eyes and nose. It’s an antique dating from the 1940's. It cost a pretty penny, £2,700, but Theresa loves owls. John met me in the infirmary and we presented together. She was very pleased and smiled sweetly between the grimaces of pain as they sterilized her wounds.

If a valuable employee or client cannot be handled in the infirmary, we would transfer them to Renown Health, the premier hospital in the region.
For the rare girl who got pregnant and wanted to keep the baby (yes, some girls are stupid), we send her to St. Mary’s the other area hospital which specialized in unwed mothers.
For girls injured badly by over-eager clients, we airlift them to Santa Eulalia del Río hospital in Sacramento, CA which specializes in cut and burn injuries as well as major reconstructive surgery.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

Monday December 4, 2017 Palais-Royal Casino Reno, Surveillance Control Room

Rob Peepers, Head of Surveillance. John Marcum, our CEO asked me to tell you about Surveillance at Palais-Royal and our recording of Julio and Theresa’s games.

First, Yes, that’s my real name. John likes to joke that names can be destiny like mine and Bozo the Clown! I think the Seinfeld comparison is a little overstated.

But, you are right to think that surveillance professionals are squinty eyed voyeurs. At least I am.

I have worked at several casinos including some top-level properties in Las Vegas. I can tell you our system at Palais-Royal puts them all to shame. For example, our Camera Density (measured per 1,000 square feet) is three times the next best!

All our cams are all 8K. We are currently approved to switch out all cams with new 18K models before the end of the first quarter. For comparison, HD resolution is about two megapixels (1920 pixels horizontally multiplied by 1080 pixels vertically gives you 2,073,600. Our 8K have 20 megapixels. The new cams will be 200 megapixels!
All images are recorded in enhanced digital format, and retained for at least a year. The best recordings of a sexual nature are retained indefinitely. For storage, we use a highly secured data farm located somewhere (I have not been told specifically) in Eastern Europe.
We also have state-of-the-art video manipulation equipment as well as the best people at using it. Our two best are from Germany, where they seem to really know this stuff.

As far as the Julio/Theresa recording, I and my senior managers have reviewed these carefully (we are responsible to report “Must See TV” to the rest of Senior Management). I will not report on the entire 27 hours of their session (that’s right, with the exception of time out for lunch with Marcum, Julio worked on Theresa none stop for a day with no sleep! John has also asked that I omit certain details that we don’t want to disclose about Julio’s tastes just yet.

I can tell you that his favorite device in the exercise room is the wheel of pain, a motorized, rotatable x-bondage cross.
Wheel of Pain.jpg
Most of our clients that are in to BDSM will punish the girl first and then have sex. Julio is one of the exceptions. He greeted Theresa at the door with flowers and thin mints. Then they sat on the couch and drank a couple of glasses of some fancy French Champagne (Don’t ask, I never drink the stuff – wait, my deputy does drink the stuff…1998 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay Blanc de Noir – whatever)

Then they began to undress each other slowly and moved to the round, king-sized bed. Now this next might sound strange, but you’ve got to remember that I’m a natural voyeur and have watched literally hundreds of these scenes. Julio is really good in bed! He takes his time and arouses every inch of skin on his lover. And his prowess once inserted, is amazing. Not that Theresa, being a professional is left behind. All in all, the two of them could be porn stars!
Another kink of Julio, (we are paid to learn our clients’ tastes) is he likes to cut clothes off his partner with his whip. After they recovered from love-making, he left for lunch with John, and Theresa put on a red string bikini for him to whip off.

When Hospitality was informed that the lunch was almost over, they took Theresa to the exercise room and bound her spread-eagle to the rotating cross, and then left her for Julio.
Rather than trying to summarize hours upon hours of activity, I’ll give you some highlights. When Julio returned, he kissed Theresa tenderly on the lips and started the cross to rotate about once every 40 seconds. He then went to the whip rack and chose 4-Foot Snake whip he had custom made. A few swings and snaps. And he was satisfied with the action.
I should point out that Julio is a true master with whips. He claims to practice at least an hour a day (on dummies) and I believe it. He is deadly accurate, laying the whip within an inch of his target every time. He also has remarkable control, able to cause the same whip go all the way from caressing the skin lightly, to deep, vicious cutting.

With many hours ahead with his darling Theresa, Julio at first concentrated on a display of precision whipping. He endeavored to cut the bikini off the rotating girl while causing minimal damage to her flesh. I have used a whip quite a lot, and I could never imagine trying, let alone succeeding at such an attempt.

If you think about it, it would take 5 or six perfectly placed cuts to dismember a bikini. I have watched this part of the session twice, and still cannot believe what I see. After 12 snaps, the bikini fell off. Theresa, who had remained stoically silent throughout, showed only slight red marks where the whip had impacted skin while cutting fabric.

Now Julio began to work the whip over the wonderful body of the naked girl (yes, I have a thing for Theresa; everyone in Surveillance does!) For the next half hour, he took his time, using the sharp cutting whip to caress her flesh. Marks hardly more than love bites slowly rose on her flanks, her thighs, her breasts and her belly. All this while she continued to rotate around and around.

Julio took a sip of the chilled champagne and said, “Would you like a like more insistent attention, my dear?”

“Oh my God, Yes,” Theresa moaned, “You’ve got me so hot! I want to hurt!”

Julio turned down the speed to one rotation per minute. Now he slowly and carefully upped the ante as he laid lash after lash on her defenseless body. He still avoided any cutting. Red streaks began to appear over more and more of her body as her groans and moans of pleasure increased. After an hour of this. He hung up the whip and came up to stroke tenderly at her skin. Theresa begged him to whip her cunt, but her refused, saying, “All in good time, girl. We don’t want you cuming too fast now do we?”

Let me skip ahead to the final scene of their lovemaking, for that it was it truly was, a kind of lovemaking.

Theresa was strung up by ropes from the ceiling and around her ankles, stretching her into a classic spread eagle whipping position. She wore a collar, specially designed to avoid choking while holding her head upright even at the point of exhaustion. Both Julio and Theresa wanted to look in the others eyes as the session came to a climax.

It was surprising to me that the girl was still conscious after almost 26 hours of continuous torture. Her entire body from shoulders to ankles was covered by a lattice work of angry whip marks. Many welts by this time had overlapped and were bleeding. Her breasts and cunt were particularly cut up. Sweat and blood drenched her body which was slumped in her bonds. Shivers of pain constantly shook her as her breathing was hoarse and labored.

Julio took from the rack one of his favorite, and most destructive weapons, an 8ft, 16 Plait Kangaroo Hide Bullwhip. Kangaroo leather is one of the toughest leathers available. It is four times stronger than cowhide of the same thickness. Julio had it custom made and it cost something more that two grand. I knew it was the end of the session when he would grab this whip. Too much use of it could permanently maim or even kill the victim.
He walked up to Theresa and gently lifted her chin, “Are you ready, Tesoro mio?”

Ti scongiuro, ‘I beg you,’ (Theresa has learned some Italian to please Julio). She gasped. “Ti scongiuro FERISCIMI!” (HURT ME!)

“As you wish, Amore mio.” He stepped back about six feet, shook out the coils and drew back the hideous weapon.

Julio drove the bull whip forward to encircle her small waist. The tip cracking into her belly just right of the navel. Theresa surged in her ropes and let out a deafening scream. I hadn’t thought she had that much strength left.

Julio waited for her to settle and then cracked an equally powerful lash around her chest to snap the tip into her right nipple releasing a spray of blood. He waited for that tortured scream to die and then delivered his final blow, a crack around her hips, driving the tip into her left thigh, just beside her pussy.

Throwing down the whip, he raced to her, smothering her face with kisses as he pledged his undying love. I have been told to suppress the rest.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

December 4, 2017 Palace Casino Reno, Exec Suite A

Call me Mark, just Mark.

I am so pleased with this place. Three reasons:

First, it is significantly closer to my home and office in Palo Alto than Las Vegas. And my time is fucking valuable! (My accountant said I should count it as $250,000 an hour! This new Palais-Royal in Reno, is a 45-minute helicopter ride to a landing on their roof (very considerate).

Second, and more important. Even the best Casinos in Las Vegas are overrun with Harold and Edna from Madison, Wisconsin, pulling the penny slots and gawking at the “celebrities.” Palais simply turns those away at the door. Indeed, you almost have to be on an approved list to be allowed in.

And third, and most important, they got a special state waiver here on the Washoe County ban on prostitution. None of the squeamishness you get in Vegas when you try to fuck a bunch of sluts in your suite. Palais not only doesn’t mind, they supply you with sluts and whatever. Along with special rooms equipped for any perversion. I gamble a lot here, but it’s the sex that keeps me coming back.

I won’t tell you my companies name, but let’s just say we’re very big in “social media.” Let’s just use some fake initials, BF.
bf logo.png
Our clients on BF share with us an incredible amount of personal information. Our business makes money by mining that information so we have a staff of very good “hackers.” I and a few other in senior management use this information for our own entertainment. I don’t feel bad about doing this. If these dumb cunts want to put online confidential data on a web site invented and run by slightly over-age “Frat Boys,” they deserve what they get.

Over the last few years, I have used data to blackmail sexual favors from young women. But this has been limited. Until a couple of months ago. My boys are always trolling for new data and new openings. One of them came to me and explained what he’d found; he knew I’d like it.

One of our BF clients was staffer on another “social” website. A kind of BDSM site, specializing in heavy stuff like crucifixions. This Bimbo thought she was so cool, being a “staff” member that she bragged about it on BF. The slut had all the keys to that other site saved on her cloud file with my company! It was almost as if she thought “fine print” was unreadable! With the info she so carelessly left for us, we were able to hack into that other site and download the total database. It matched a lot of my interests. Then we employed our data tools to identify members on the BDSM site with name, address, social security number and much more. This was exactly the opportunity I was looking for since I have wanted to expand into hurting these tramps.

Today I’m seeing the first “member;” one from the Canadian Maritimes. She at first thought we were just spamming (“This is Microsoft technical support and we have detected…”) but we quickly quoted to her some of her more outrageous fantasies. Before the call was over, she agreed to fly to Reno, (at my expense – I’m such a nice guy) to act out her fantasies. Turns out the kind of shit these people imagine are so alien to their everyday lives, that they would rather die, than let their friends, employers or family know how perverted they are.

Some of the whores might enjoy the shit I’ll put them through. But I don't care.. I’ll enjoy it.

Just informed slut “K” is here. Gotta go.

December 4, 2017 Palace Casino Reno, Lobby, John Marcum

I hung around the lobby when I knew Mark’s “bimbo” (his words not mine) would arrive. This was a whole new idea of getting non-professionals in and I wanted it to go well.

The limo pulled up and “K” got out. First impression of her face was of a classy young woman. Tasteful make and hair (long, mid-way down her back). Small at about 5’3” and just over 100 pounds, she was well put together without being voluptuous. As she walked into the lobby, I saw she had a quite sexy and short crop top, that barely came below her breasts. She was clearly unused to being in public with it as she constantly was tugging at it to keep the “girls” covered. She wore a pair of tight, stretch black jeans that hugged her body and accentuated every curve. K also seemed unused to walking in the 5-inch heels. But they made her wave her ass wonderfully.

The combined look of a normal, nice looking young lady, dressed like a streetwalker was very sexy. I wondered how she would like what Mark had in store for her?


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Staff member
One of our BF clients was staffer on another “social” website. A kind of BDSM site, specializing in heavy stuff like crucifixions. This Bimbo thought she was so cool, being a “staff” member that she bragged about it on BF. The slut had all the keys to that other site saved on her cloud file with my company! It was almost as if she thought “fine print” was unreadable!

Oh Shit. This is worse than crashing the site :confused::facepalm:


Terra Nova Tramp
The limo pulled up and “K” got out. First impression of her face was of a classy young woman. Tasteful make and hair (long, mid-way down her back). Small at about 5’3” and just over 100 pounds, she was well put together without being voluptuous. As she walked into the lobby, I saw she had a quite sexy and short crop top, that barely came below her breasts. She was clearly unused to being in public with it as she constantly was tugging at it to keep the “girls” covered. She wore a pair of tight, stretch black jeans that hugged her body and accentuated every curve. K also seemed unused to walking in the 5-inch heels. But they made her wave her ass wonderfully.

What are you doing looking at my ass as I walk by ? I thought you were a gentlemen:);)
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