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Palais-Royal Reno - A Study in the Modern Gaming Business

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

December 8, 2017 Palace Casino Reno, Exec Conference Room

Following up on my lunch with Julio, I sat down with my department heads who would help execute the game plan for his party. Present were the following:

John Marcum - CEO
Jeff Sears – CFO
Reggie Manning - Hospitality Manager
Jacques Moreau - Chef de cuisine
James Barker - Security
Bill Ramkin - Chief Engineer
Ivan Smirnov – Special Projects
Jill Reagan – Head Casino Hostess

First, Jacques told us the preliminary menu outline he had prepared. It sounded good. Of course, Jacques had run his own restaurant in Provence which was awarded three stars in the Guide Michelin Rouge. That’s why we hired him. After some minor discussion, he was allowed to leave the meeting. His real work wouldn’t begin until much nearer the event when he could count on farm to table ingredients in Napa. We don’t involve him in the seamier sides of the business. I don’t think he knows what sex is. We want him to concentrate on getting that third star for our bistro, L'Auberge.

Bill spoke up, “Chief, I’m still looking for a new source of wood. We can’t have the patibulum split like it did last year when we pounded the spikes in! Think how bad it would be if the stipes split!”

“Remember, we had to get bolts to hold the wood together to retain the nails. So embarrassing in front of the snooty guests!” added Ivan.

“I may have the answer,” I said. I have made contact with a French supplier called, Bois de Crucifixion Français Premium, Premium French Crucifixion Wood. As the name says, they specialize in this type of lumber. They have old growth oak just for this purpose. Bill, I’ll give you the contact info on the owner, Messaline. Get in touch with her and confirm specs availability and price.”

“Right boss. The standard we’ve used is 5” X 5” X 7’. With the Oak we’ve used, that’s about 50 pounds. If her oak is denser and stronger, we would modify the numbers”

“Don’t haggle the price. If it’s good, Julio will be glad to pay. Also find out if she’s available for the dates. March 27-30. She sounds like she might be a ‘playful’ addition to the party, if you know what I mean. Says she’s a whip addict!”

“OK, want me to fly to France to check her out myself?” Bill gave his cute, I can nail any girl, look.

“Won’t be necessary, I’ve gotten photos and vitals to pass along to Julio. He’s paying, he gets the first crack!” The raucous laughter that followed wasn’t just because I’m the boss.

Then Jill discussed how her team would decorate the space and tables. She proposed a theme of “Tiberius’ Villa on Capri.” I don’t know much about that, but it sounds nice and decadent, and Jill was a master at this. I never second guess her decorating. She’s our “Queer Eye!” (and actually, a Lesbian, not that there’s anything wrong with that - a surprisingly large number of our whore’s are lesbian. Go figure!)

Jeff then took the floor and presented his early budget estimates. He asked several of the others questions about their costs and then promised to get me a first estimate for Julio by the end of the week.

Reggie asked, “Why did’t you ask Jacques about his numbers?”

“Oh, he is worthless with money. He always gives me a number which is about a third of the cost. I’ve found the most reliable way to go is to take last year’s food cost and add 10%. That’s been very close the last three years.”

Jeff then took his laptop and went back to his office. This left me with Reggie, Ivan, Bill, and James to discuss the most delicate part of the preparation; obtaining suitable girls.

Every year it seemed impossible to find enough of the right candidates. Yet every year we somehow had an adequate slate to present Julio, who made the final cuts.

That they be young, 18-25, pretty, have good figures and eager to get money and fame was of course essential, but it was the exclusions that drove us wild. No professionals: whores, showgirls, experienced models, porn actresses, etc. They could have no close friends or family connections. Preferable for them to live alone or with a roommate with little contact, no current boy or girl friends, no family in the area and if possible no contact at all with family. Not only was it hard to find girls with these restrictions, but we then needed to do background checks to confirm the facts were true.

“John, I’ve been looking into some leads I got from HR. They suggested that temp seasonal girls might fit our profile. Girls looking for Christmas Break, Spring Break or summer jobs.” Said Reggie.

“I like that,” Jeff said. “They will come from out-of-town, even overseas. A 21-year-old girl who wants to work and earn money over vacation won’t be a social butterfly or a slut. She wants money, which is good, and she won’t be too experienced, otherwise she’d be with her boyfriend or at the beach fucking.”

“I like it,” I said. “What if we put out a bogus ad at a bunch of cheap colleges and foreign employment agencies that serve like the Czech Republic, Poland, etc. Temp over Spring break, needed bright personality – very good pay, room and board provided?”

“We could rent two offices, one in Sacramento and the other in Oakland to do interviews,” suggested Reggie. “If we make the ad sound good enough we could get a big turnout. The receptionist can tactfully screen out the dogs and the sluts. Then we could talk to the remaining sweet young things to see if they fit.”

“And the employment apps can be tailored to get what my people need to do the special background checks.” Added Ivan.

“I like it. Reggie, you take the ball and get going. Interviews over Christmas break should be perfect timing to draw candidates and prepare for March.”

“Right, John.”

“And, everyone. I remind you. Absolute security. There must be no trail back here. Office, ads interviews, no one can tie to us if it slips up and someone later looks for the bitch!”

“Yes Sir.” Nice crisp reply!

Jon Smithie

The rest of the 19th floor is made up of various themed game rooms. These include; a Moorish Seraglio, a Gothic Dungeon, a Scottish Castle, an Spanish Inquisition Room, Roman Crucifixion (sans nails*), a Gestapo (8 Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse) / NKVD (Lubyanka)** interrogation room, a South American Police torture room
Hey, wait a minute! What about a game room with an American flavor? How about "The Rendition Room", where the CIA boys make their noise, or maybe "The Guantanamo Beach Fun n' Sun Room", where you can indulge your passion for surfboarding, skateboarding, or waterboarding?"

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Hey, wait a minute! What about a game room with an American flavor? How about "The Rendition Room", where the CIA boys make their noise, or maybe "The Guantanamo Beach Fun n' Sun Room", where you can indulge your passion for surfboarding, skateboarding, or waterboarding?"
An interesting thought. So far, our best customers tend to classic historic settings. We've had requests for the "Black Hole of Calcutta" (not really a good torture room), Tower of London, Bastille, and a Moorish gallery (they made some reference to how they liked a story called Barbary Pirates).

We will gauge any interest for an American theme.

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royal Reno

December 9, 2017, Nevada Gaming Commission Office of Rick Demarco, Carson City, Nevada

I got very little sleep last night. I’m now totally convinced that Haymaker has screwed this up almost beyond recall. Just when things were going so well. Haymaker will pay. We need him here now to sweep up the shit after we get this resolved. But as soon as that is done, he's retiring, out of the way to some place like Montana! And soon after he gets there, he’ll have an accident. Not fatal (though possibly), but enough so he’ll never be able to come back here or forget what a shit mess he made.

So we are going to have to fix this. I have some ideas. First, I need to talk to Boris. Which he doesn’t like. I unlock the bottom drawer of my desk and take out the untraceable burner phone. I punch in the long code number and listen to the ring. It will be evening there.

Boris comes on. “Da, Rick”

“Boris, you will want to know. Our man at GCB messed up and sent a newbie agent who isn’t “in” to the Palais Royale. We can’t take her off, she might get suspicious. John and I have a plan to manage this. If it doesn’t work, she will have to disappear. If that’s the case, I’ll contact Phil.”

Silence for about 15 seconds. This all was standard with Boris. He wanted you to have a plan and implement it. Just let him know it was happening. Then he thought.

“Da. Phil will let me know if he’s involved. I’m not happy this happened. Will ‘our man’ be corrected?”


Khorosho. You did right to let me know.” The line went dead.

OK, it has gone worse sometimes. Whew!

Time to call John.

“Marcum here.”

“Hi John, Rick. I met with Haymaker and Agent Merida. I ‘ve got the audit pushed off two weeks or a little more. I flattered the hell out of her and hinted at rapid promotion if this goes well. Haymaker is going to try to turn her during the two weeks.”

“Think it will work?”

“It might,” I said, “But I doubt it. She believes she’s God’s fucking gift to the GCB and she wants to show everyone else up. I could probably get the other agents in the office to 86 her for a round of M&Ms they hate her so much. Of course, they’d pay me if it included fucking her brains out!”

“Yeah, she’s got one sweet ass, but what do we do with it?”

“I know we can’t just take her off the audit. She’d be too suspicious and she might find out stuff behind our back. It’s better to have her where we can see her. So we’ll continue toward an audit. I’m sending you her personnel file. Have Smirnov’s people do her background, the usual connections approach.”

“Sure. That mean you want to make her disappear?” asked John.

“I don’t know. I’m hoping there’s another way. But we need to be ready. Hey, I just thought, she lives in a seedy apartment the other side of Carson City. Must be over an hour drive each way to Palais even with good traffic. I’ll have Haymaker tell her it’s approved policy for an agent to have free room and board at a Casino while auditing if its further than an hour from their home. This way we keep her there under 24-hour surveillance and Peepers techs can intercept her cell calls. We’ll know the instant she gets frisky.”

“Great idea, Rick. We’ll have a special room available with extra listening devices. I see her file just came through the network hook-up. I’ll get Ivan right on the background check.”

“Good,” I said.

“Maybe we can sneak by this time. The coverup in our books is very good and she is a wet-behind-the ears, rookie!”

“She might be new, but she has a ton of book-smarts. Half her classes for her Masters were stuff I can’t pronounce. Do you know what the Sogdian script for the Manichaean sacred texts is? It says here it is related to the Syriac branch of Aramaic!"

"Not a clue, boss."

Anyway, no matter how well you’ve done the books, a 20% skim along with the transfers to our ‘investors’ doesn’t hide easy.”

“You’re right Rick. We will have EVERY option ready when she arrives.”

“Thanks, John, knew I can count on you.”

December 9, 2017, Palais Royale, CEO Office

“You’re welcome, Rick. I’ll let you know what Ivan finds.”

Dammit! I was right! Ms. Eulalia Merida had landed right back square on my lap! The best I could hope for is that somewhere along the way to handling this, I’d get her on my lap literally.

I also wanted to have a hand in teaching Haymaker a thing or two when the dust had settled. Where was my tire iron?

I called Ivan into my office, explained the situation and gave him Merida’s file. He knew exactly what to do. We wanted to know her connections; family, friends, roommates and co-workers. Who would miss her if she just disappeared? Same as we did for Julio’s wine queen. Same reason. He left to get right on it.

I sat and thought about the situation. It was fucked-up, but we should have the tools to handle it. Then my mind wandered to Eulalia. It would be interesting if we had to break her. She had just the body type I like to work over. And then having her on my lap for my enjoyment, not my bother! This might turn out very good!

I leaned back in my chair and let Sally do her thing. Shit, the redheaded slut gave great head.images.jpg I ran my fingers over her back and felt the welts from earlier. Her groans as I scratched at them drove me very close. Then the thoughts of Eulalia suffering sent me over the edge.

God, I love this job!
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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I am now much closer to the father than the son! Already three score years and ten!

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royale Reno

Saturday December 9, 2017 Kathy’s Home, Canadian Maritimes

This morning, I sat for an hour at my window, drinking tea and looking out of the window on the ocean. Here there is no warm Gulf Stream, just the frigid Labrador current, bringing cold water from the Arctic and frequent fogs. December cold has settled in. This morning we had bright sun with a temp of -3C. With luck, we’ll hit +3C this afternoon.

The ocean is so beautiful, with its blues and greens and grays, as it rolls in and breaks on the rocky shore only to be hurled backwards. It is hypnotic. It speaks directly to my soul! It pounds over and over on the seemingly permanent rocks in what seems a fruitless attack. But we know, in the long run, the soft, liquid sea will overcome the hard, brittle rocks.

It’s only today that I can really confess to myself how I feel after the experience in Reno!

As the doors opened on the elevator to the penthouse suite, I was more frightened than at any other time in my life. I could almost feel my knees shaking as I stepped, unsteady on those horrible, sexy 5-inch heels, into the suite. My mouth hung open and I almost stuttered, “Holy Shit!” I never dreamed a hotel room could be like this! It was like stepping into what I envisioned a Beverly Hills mansion must be like! So large! So opulently appointed! So beautiful! Across the room I’d entered were 14-foot floor to ceiling windows looking at spectacular, snow-covered mountains!

Still stunned by the suite and shaking with fear and arousal, I turned toward a gentle voice, “Welcome, Kathy, I’m so glad you’re here!” And there he was. The man, himself. A year or two younger than me. The founder and majority owner of the biggest social network company in the world! Fabulously rich. (Face it. For most women, great wealth or great power are strong aphrodisiacs; He had both!)

Mark (he asked me to call him that when I was trying to stutter out his last name) led me to a couch, upholstered in what seemed to be herringbone white silk and sat me beside him, overlooking the spectacular view. He held my left hand tenderly in both his. I was sure he could feel my body trembling. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. I was so thankful that he didn’t stare at my chest, breasts only partially covered, or at my crotch, the jeans wet in front from my love-juices. I wondered if he could smell my arousal?

“Kathy, you are such a lovely and sexy lady, I have been dying to see you in person! I know you have many secret fantasies that you cannot act out in your little, conservative town. But here, in this room, we can share anything! No matter how forbidden!”

My pussy seemed to quiver at his words. I held his hand and stared back into his soft blue eyes. Maybe he would be gentle with me. But was gentle what I wanted?

“I will be your master and you will be my slave while you are here. A loving master and a beloved slave. But a slave needing harsh punishment and strict control. Don’t you agree, slave?”

I could barely draw breath to answer. I whispered, “Yes.”

“OK, slave, please begin to remove your master’s clothes. Start with my shirt.” He stood in front of me. He took my hand and helped me to stand. In my heels, I stood an inch taller than his 5’7”, but emotionally, he towered over me. I gently pulled the tail of his collar-less T out of his jeans and peeled it up over his head.

Mark was in good shape. Not ripped, which I find off-putting, but trim and toned. “He probably works out,” I thought. Then I almost laughed at myself – he could afford a chain of gyms and a crew of personal trainers!

He let me stand for a moment, admiring his torso. The fit, manliness a few inches away did nothing to lessen my intense excitement.

“Now my jeans. Slowly Slave Kathy.”

My fingers seemed to have turned to wax in my passion. I fumbled at the belt buckle and finally got it open. Then I popped the jean button and opened it to get at the zipper. I had been trying not to look, but the bulge on the jeans was unmistakable and very stimulating. As I slowly lowered the zipper, I could feel the swell underneath and the curve of his underpants came into view. They were leather! I almost swooned. I swear! A grown, modern woman almost fainting at the sight of a man’s prick filling leather briefs! What was wrong with me?

I bent down to pull down his jeans and slip them off. I stood back up, looking in his eyes, trying not to drool at his body. What was my problem? He was good looking with a good body, but not all that special after all. No, it wasn’t his body. It was his wealth and power. His power over me. The way I had been made to arrive, dressed like a whore! Calling me his slave. I had never been so sexually aroused by a man (or a women) in my life!

“Good. You follow commands well, slave. Now take off your jeans. They seem a little damp.” He said with a little-boy smirk. I slid them off and stood before him in my “Yes Daddy?” crop top and nearly sheer (and soaked) silk panties. Now he looked at my body. He inspected me like a new item he’d bought. Mark walked slowly around me, examining every part of my body. Occasionally touching me somewhere, not erotically, but with the light touch of someone evaluating a new purchase. I felt my cunt almost squirt with wetness and desire.

Mark stood in front of me and put two fingers under my chin, bringing his face close. “Yes, slave Kathy,” he whispered in a deep voice. “I know I’m going to enjoy getting to know your body and working you over. I hope you get much pleasure. But I won’t worry about that. You are only here to please me and to suffer!”

It was hard not to shout, “GOD YES!”

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royale Reno

December 16, 2017, Palais-Royale Reno, CEO’s Office.

John Marcum.

I’m on my third cup of coffee for the morning at 8:43. Ivan Smirnov and I are going through his background report on Eulalia Merida. As we discuss her, I can’t help day-dreaming of Eulalia on her knees, using her…

The phone rang. Rick DeMarco. Here we go. I switched on the speakerphone.

“Yeah, Rick, you’re on speaker. Ivan’s here” “Hi, Ivan.” “Hi, Rick.”

“John, we ready to talk about Eulalia Merida.”

“Yeah, I was about to call you. Ivan's got his report.”

“Haymaker really fucked this up, but that’s water under the Virginia Street bridge, if you know what I mean.”

“I do. Is our friend overseas still on board?”

“Yes, he said go ahead and handle it how we want. “Wet” if necessary.”

“Wet? Well, it might come to that.”

“We can’t let this screw up the operation. Even if the nosey bitch has to pay the price!”

“Agreed. What’s the story on the girl? How did she get here?”

“I got that from Haymaker. About two months ago, he was given permission to add one to his staff. He was given a bunch of ‘suitable’ candidates, but somehow, some moron in HR decided to throw in Ms. Merida’s resume. I think he took a look at her picture and was smitten. Then he interviewed her and seems to have drooled all through it. She is a looker!”

“That’s an understatement. I always think of fucking any decent looking woman when I meet her. When I first saw Eulalia, I got an instant erection and for a moment could only think how nice it would be to slip it up her ass!”

“So did I – same place!” exclaimed Rick. 'Great minds lust alike!' She is just dripping with that cum-fuck-me look!”

“That’s a reason to hire her as a whore, or a stripper or even a waitress, but not a GCB agent. How did that happen?”

“Unfortunately, Haymaker must have been more drunk that usual when he interviewed her. He said she was dressed in a tight, short, low-cut dress and kept leaning toward him. He could barely keep his cock in his pants and couldn’t take his eyes off her chest.”

“A drunk, a moron, a lecher. That’s our man at GCB!”

“Not for long,” Rick said in a serious voice. But we need him there until this is cleaned up.”

“Agreed. What about the broad, what’s her background?”

“I got her personnel record and it looks good for us. She’s from some hick town in the Upper Mid-West, went to University of Wisconsin where she majored in Linguistics – whatever that is.”

“Have anything to do with blow-jobs, a highly educated tongue?”

“Don’t we wish. No. She graduated with honors but immediately had a massive fuck-fight with her folks, real religious nuts. She wanted to date a Jew. They went bananas. Well, the Jew was ‘hurt’ and broke off with Eulalia and moved away. She told her parents she never wanted to see them again and moved out here with no forwarding info to anyone.”

“How do we know all this?” I asked

“She spilled her guts to the GCB recruiter. Was proud of her independence!”

“I got the impression she was full of herself. No one back home knows where she is? That could be good.”

“My thoughts exactly, John. She came out here with no savings and no job. What’s Ivan gotten on her?”

Dobroe utro! Rick. We confirmed a lot of what you said. Her folks seem to have disowned her as a heretic slut and she had few friends back there. Even the people she worked closely with at the University didn’t know much about her and didn’t want to. One quote - ‘smart-ass, super-competitive cut-throat bitch!’ Others weren’t quite so negative.”

“When she arrived here, she moved into one of the weekly motels in south Carson, you know the ones where the homeless and the hookers live. Nothing down and pay by day or week. Only thing she could afford. She probably hopes that after a couple of paychecks she can move into something clean.”

“This sounding better.’ I said. “Rick, I know those places well. The staff couldn’t care less about her, probably think she’s another whore. I could slip the desk clerk a $50 (if he’s sober) and he’ll forget he ever heard of Ms. Merida. And they never fill in registers! We’ll have her move in here as you suggested and her trail will be a cold, dead end. But what about her fellow workers, Rick? Will they miss her?

“I talked to a few while I was seeing Haymaker. They’ll miss looking at her butt, but they all hate her. I mean really hate her. It seems she is totally stuck up telling them all what they’re doing wrong and even telling a few they should be fired for loafing off! She’s ratted two out to Haymaker for padding expenses.”

“You’re shitting me, Rick! She did!”

“Yep. He told them so they could cover it up. What a dumb cunt! They won’t ask any questions if she is fired or quits without warning. They will just exchange the ass shots they've taken of her at the water fountain!”

“Yeah, Rick. I think a ‘wet’ option might be very safe. What do you think, Ivan?”

“She’s perfect. Wish we could get a girl with as little to trace for Julio’s party!”

“So we all agree,” said Rick. “Haymaker has talked to her and that might do it. She will be at you place tomorrow afternoon. We put a rush on the audit, so she would have to practically live there. And now she’s agreed to Haymaker’s advice to take a comp room. Anything to get out of her fleabag.”

“OK, But I’m going to watch her like a hawk. The first hint that she suspects anything and I’ll ‘101’* her. And something, else, Rick.”


“I just thought, before we go wet, we need to be sure to find out anything she knows and determine if she’s told anyone. And seeing how stubborn she is, that might take a lot of effort!”

“I think you got an excellent point there. I would like to help there.”

“Of course, boss, just what I was thinking. There will be plenty of her to go around.”

“Gotta go, John. I’m sorry it all drops on you, but no way around it.”

“That’s OK. Just mention it to our friend overseas when its bonus time!”

“I’ll do that. Oh, wait. I didn’t tell you the gem item of all!”

“What’s that?’

“While Ms. Eulalia Merida was pouring out her life story to the recruiter, guess what else she said? She’s a virgin!”

I almost choked on my coffee. “What the hell! We got a 24-year-old virgin to take care of? Maybe the job won’t be that bad!” We both laughed hard and made a couple of lewd jokes at Eulalia’s expense and then hung up. I went to bring Jeff up to speed so he’d be ready for her arrival. A virgin! A fucking drop-dead sexy virgin! Am I reliving some twisted Seinfeld episode?

*NRS 465.101 Detention and questioning of person suspected of violating [gaming regs]

Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
Palais-Royale Reno

Monday, December 18, 2017, BF Campus, Palo Alto, CA, Executive conference room.

Mark R.

Again, the champion! I bested each of my executive team members in electronic pong!OccasionalClearcutBaleenwhale-size_restricted.gif An oldie but still a goodie game. Now it was 10:48, and time to get down to serious business. I called the team to sit on the bean bag chairs around the conference table and asked them to get out the files I’d distributed on Friday.

Sally Q – COO
David C- CFO
Kris S – CPO
Mike A – CTO

“I thought today we could sort these Ladies into some kind of order if we want to get moving on planning another session.”

“Fine by me,” said Kris. He was always up for a new experience. He had an active and nasty imagination. “You haven’t told us how the session with ‘Kathy’ went.”

“I’m waiting to get the video tapes edited and then I’ll give you all a show and tell. But I will say she is very hot and very submissive, and I can’t wait for the next time to see how much farther I can push her.”

“Remember you promised me a whip if she comes back,” chimed in Sally. She was really into punishing other girls.

“Everyone will have plenty of opportunity. That’s why I called this meeting. I think it would be interesting if we all worked over the next girl together!”

“Let’s get started!” said David.

“OK. I got you the files of 11 girls from CF including Kathy. These are not selected as the best or only. They are just the ones to date that we have researched and found with major blackmail possibilities. You see I have the list alphabetical here on the smart board:

Dorothy Brown
Eva Inanna
Little Sis

“Let’s narrow our selection to three or four. Everyone writes down four names on your pad and pass to me.”

“David, you’re our numbers guy, you add them up.”

“OK, here are the top finishers – Kathy 4, Messaline 4, Barbara1 3, Willowfall 3. Erin 2.”

“I’m going to eliminate Kathy, she will come back later; [groans]; Marcum has asked for Messaline to be kept off the list for now. He has some special plans for her. [more groans]. OK, OK, French girls are nice but not the only fish in the sea!”

“We need to hold Barb off too,” said Kris. We are planning a very special game with her. She thinks she’s a great IT wiz. We might have fun suckering her in that way.”

“IT Wiz?” laughed Mike, “Isn’t she the one who crashed the whole CF site several years back? And chief, isn’t she the reason we have all this data?”

“That is not for general discussion,” I said with a chuckle. “Let’s just leave her off this list. I promise you all that we will get an excellent ‘crack’ at Barb, and the others we’ve left off, before very long. One victim at a time, boys!” I quickly added, “and Tomboy!” Sally nodded with a smile and moved her arm as cracking a whip.

After a brief discussion, Willowfall was chosen as the next contestant in our own private, “Hunger Games.”

“I think she’s be a good choice,” said David. “She’s very sexy but can be very feisty too. It’ll be interesting how much we can dominate her.”

“Give me a whip and I promise I’ll break her,” said Sally in a deep. Sexy voice.

“OK,” I said. "Willowfall it will be. We’ll get started in getting her out here."


There was an unfortunate incident in the casino office the other day,
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Which has caused a slight delay in posting. Be assured! Willowfall (and Messaline) will be visiting (and suffering in) Palais-Royale soon!
I just found this thread. Maybe I missed something but it seems the last post was 14 months ago. Was the story continued somewhere else?
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