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Palais-Royal Reno - A Study in the Modern Gaming Business

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December 18, 2017, Palais-Royale Reno, CEO’s Office.
I'm the smartest SOB you ever met! Have I ever come up with a plan for Messaline! You will recall that she is our new supplier of custom wood for crucifixions. I've been texting back and forth with her, and she seems anxious to visit here in Reno. And she keeps hinting, no, actually stating that she's a "whip addict." I have just set it up for her to get together with one of my best customer groups.
They call themselves the Silicon Avengers. There are about a dozen of them in this club. To join, you have to be 1. A wealthy ex-wife of a Silicon Valley Billionaire. 2. You divorced him after he cheated on you with at least one sweet young thing. 3. You want to beat the shit out of any precious young thing as revenge. Palais-Royale provides, at a substantial charge, the perfect venue for them to work out their hostility.
They meet about once a month or so at Palais to organize, have a spectacular lunch, dish the dirt on their ex's, and, if possible, whip a pretty young woman. The problem is, even for a fair amount of money, few super-attractive women are willing to endure the severe whipping they inflict. Whores and professionals are too jaded or marked up to suit them. But Messaline might be just right. She's 26, a knock-out, likes the girls, and claims to have almost no limit to her endurance.

It is set for two weeks from now. Messaline's 'friend' Judith will be coming along. It's not clear whether Judith will be protecting Messaline from too harsh a punishment or using the whip some herself. Either way, this is going to be profitable for the Casino and a lot of FUN!


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Yes, it's promising ! I dont think that Judith will wear any whip, but she's coming to control that Messa will get out of this Palais yet alive : she could be very affected :( if it was not ...
Anyway, Messa is already starting her role, she has bought the cape that she'll wear to be presented to this society ...


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Oh, yes. A very promising thread came up from deep hibernation.
Meanwhile Eulalia quitted her job with that morons that didn't recognize her true value and moved to another town. Without leaving a trace.
And now we won't see her suffering.
Who is responsible for this lapse ?

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December 19, 2017, RenoAir Flight 1526 Chicago to Reno

Judith and Messaline had a long day. They had arisen early to get to the Angers-Saint-Laud station on the other side of the city. They boarded the TGV there at 9:45 this morning for the leg to Paris. Then the Air France flight AF136 departed Aéroport de Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) right on time at 3:40 PM. Even in First Class, the almost ten-hour flight was taxing. They landed in Chicago at 6:16 PM local time (CST), which was 11:15 PM at home. They breezed through Customs without incident and took the shuttle from the International Terminal to Terminal 3. There they proceeded to gate G9 to wait for their flight.
At 7:45 PM, boarding began, and, booked first class, they entered in the first group. Promptly at the scheduled time, the RenoAir, MD-80 pulled away from the gate for the four-hour flight to Reno, Nevada. The seats were comfortable, and the flight crew friendly and attentive. It was late for dinner. Therefore they were offered the "wine and cheese" service. The French girls didn't have much hope of the quality of these on an American regional airline. However, they were pleasantly surprised as the steward produced a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut accompanied by tempting white marble and oak trays of French cheeses: Comté vieux, Brie de Melun, Camembert from Normandy, Gaperon, Mont d'Or, and Bleu des Causses. Each sported a small bunch of grapes and, of course, the sacred baguette.
As they savored the fine cuisine, Judith looked over at Messa, admiring, as she always did, the radiant blonde vivacity of her lover.
"Are you nervous, ma chère?"
Messaline looked back, her blue eyes deep with love. "Un peu. You know how I am a whip addict. But, these strange American women. What will they be like? Will I be able to stand it?"
Judith took her hand in hers reassuringly. "You have more strength than you know, petite. You can endure beaucoup."
"What if I can't? Will you be there pour moi?"
"Oh for sure. I will be there pour votre sécurité," said Judith with a sly smile.
Messaline giggled and smiled back. "Pour ma sécurité? Ou votre plaisir?"
Judith leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips while squeezing her hand, very firmly, but not brutally. "toutes les deux ma chère."
After they finished their wine and cheese, the girls were very tired. The attendant brought pillows and blankets, and they both were soon asleep, holding hands under the covers.

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Brother of the Quill
December 19, 2017, Reno International Airport
The two French girls were sleeping peacefully when the pilot's voice came on the PA:
“Ladies and Gentlemen, you will observe that the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign has been lit. We are beginning our approach to Reno. Reno International Airport is at 4,415 feet (1,345 meters) of elevation. Local time is 9:55 PM, temperature – 30°, skies clear. It appears to be a beautiful December night in Reno. There may be a slight amount of turbulence on our approach. Thank you for flying RenoAir, 'The biggest little airline in the world.’”

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Messaline, who had the window seat, opened the shade to see this strange new place. The cabin lights were still dimmed, giving a vivid view from above of Reno at night. Judith leaned over and slipped her arm around Messa's shoulders as she, too, peered out the window.
The sight dazzled the girls. Though only a moderately sized city (Metro population 410,000 – versus 300,000 for Angers), Reno sprawls out over a large bowl, surrounded on most sides by mountains. The lights of the city and surrounds presented a spectacularly large display in the night sky. Bisecting the center, from East to West, was the well-lit corridor of Interstate 80. Running south of this was Reno's central casino hub, Virginia street (named for Reno's road to Virginia City and the Comstock). Along this could be seen the glittering, colorfully illuminated towers of the casinos. One in particular seemed to stand out as newer and even brighter than the others.
Judith pointed it out to Messaline. "Je me demande si c'est le Palais Royal?"
Before Messa could answer, a hard shock of turbulence tossed the plane like a kid on a trampoline. Two more sudden moves left the girls quite alarmed.
A man wearing a big Stetson hat and sitting across the aisle noted their discomfiture (he had been surreptitiously observing the two Gallic beauties for a while now). "Don't you worry your pretty heads, mademosels (sic). There's often a shit load of turbulence coming into Reno. The altitude and the temperature gradient in the high desert cause a whole passel of air currents. The pilot can ride it out. He’ll be used to this bronco. Reno is one of the safest airports in the whole damn US of A!"

The girls thanked him (though they both thought him a bit little smarmy) but continued holding tight to each other as the plane continued the roller-coaster ride circling to the South of the airport and approaching to the North, just skirting a large round hill.
"That there is Rattlesnake Mountain," the man informed them. "Not as many rattlers there as used to be, but keep your pistol handy to shoot if you hear a rattle!"
After several further jolts, the plane touched down as softly as could be and taxied in only a couple of minutes to the terminal. Though neither girl was religious, both said a silent prayer upon landing. "Dieu merci!" said Messaline.

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Brother of the Quill
December 19, 2017, Reno International Airport

The cabin door was opened promptly and the First Class passengers exited without delay. The girls walked down a short corridor to down escalators that took them to the arrivals lounge. They were surprised to see a large bank of slot machines in the center of the area with shops on the periphery. One large machine with a golden wheel of fortune on top kept repeating in a breathless voice, “Wheel...Of...Fortune!” In front of the exit doors stood a smartly liveried chauffeur, holding a neatly printed sign, reading "Paskell & Judith."

“Come this way, Mesdemoiselles. I’m George. I’ll have you at the Palais Royal in 12 minutes.” He directed them out the nearest doors to the VIP parking area. He took their baggage tickets and handed them to another man. George assured them that their bags would follow immediately. Outside, under pleasant radiant heaters, the evening chill was barely noticeable. The chauffeur showed them to a white Cadillac stretch limousine with the tasteful Palais Royal Reno logo on the side. He opened the passenger door, allowing them to enter the spacious and richly appointed interior. "Merci," said Judith.


Judith and Messaline sat comfortably on the soft, kid-leather seats and looked around the limo's opulent interior. In front of them, was a fully stocked liquor cabinet, with delicate crystal glassware. Judith spotted a bottle of Cabernet d'Anjou. She was impressed that these Americans understood the finer, more complex, and fruity taste of this wine from near her home instead of the more common and sweeter Rosé d'Anjou. Despite their earlier indulgence, she couldn't resist opening this bottle and pouring for each. They clinked their glasses and drank a toast to their upcoming adventure. Outside, the limo pulled onto Virginia Street from the expressway and proceeded leisurely between the towering glitter of casinos with names such as Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, Eldorado, Harrah's, and Club Cal-Neva. At last, it turned right into a generous turnaround entry to a magnificently lit Egyptian themed Porte Cochère. The car stopped, and a red-liveried doorman hastened to open the door and help them out.
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“Come this way, Mesdemoiselles. I’m George. I’ll have you at the Palais Royal in 12 minutes.” He directed them out the nearest doors to the VIP parking area. He took their baggage tickets and handed them to another man. George assured them that their bags would follow immediately.
Judith said : " Mmmmmm! Messa, have you remarked like he's "chou" this George ! If I was not lesbian, he could give me some ideas ... "
Piquant son fard , Messa pinched the ass of Judith and muttered : " Shut up Judith, otherwise I leave you !"

PS : Piquant son fard = becoming red by shame


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December 19, 2017, Palais Royal Reno

Judith and Messaline made a display that stopped everyone within sight. Both were shod in black, platform shoes (Judith's were part of knee-high boots). Judith wore her beige travel attire of a short pleated mini-skirt and a loose-fitting cable-knit sweater and carried her favorite Chanel satchel. Messaline had on a plain black top and short black pleated skirt, covered with a beige blazer. While Messa was noticeably taller (5'9" vs. 5'7.5"), Judith somehow seemed to dominate the pair. Prancing like top fashion models down a Paris runway, they strode into the lobby, carrying their wine-filled glasses imperiously with them.

Inside they were met by a party of four: in the center, a tall, well-dressed man in his early forties; to his right, a short, jolly-faced gentleman of about fifty. To the left, a tall, slim woman, in her thirties, in a skin-tight dress with a bright smile, and, on end, a younger man in a chef's white coat. The girls were a little surprised that such a welcoming committee would be present at almost midnight.

"Bonsoir mesdemoiselles. Bienvenue au Casino Palais Royal de Reno. Je m'appelle John Marcum, PDG (Président Directeur Général) du casino, said the man in the center. He continued in English, "I am afraid that is the full extent of my French. I hope you are fluent in English?

"Oh yes," replied Judith. We appreciate your effort to greet us in our tongue. However, we are quite conversant in English. I am Judith, and this is Paskell." Judith used the ‘incognito” that Messaline has chosen.

"I'm most pleased to greet you in person, Paskell. Our communications have left me eager to see you in person. And may I say you are more lovely than your pictures indicated. And, Judith, you are a vision of beauty." With that, he bowed and kissed their hands to giggles from the girls.

"Let me introduce the senior staff with whom you will interact. Reggie here is Hospitality Manager. He is responsible for your complete satisfaction. He can get you anything you wish. Jill Reagan is our Head Casino Hostess. She will be personally looking after you during your stay and liaising between you and the Silicon Avengers. Finally, Jacques Moreau - Chef de cuisine, who shall prepare whatever you desire in terms of food and drink. Jacques ran a restaurant in Provence, which was awarded three stars in the Guide Michelin Rouge, before we hired him.

The girls and Jacques greeted each other in French before John spoke again.

"It is very late Angevin time, and I know you would like to relax. Jill will show you to your room, Penthouse D. I look forward to seeing you in the morning and discussing your stay here."

The girls thanked him and gladly followed Jill to the elevator while admiring her shapely ass in the stretch glitter dress.


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December 19, 2017, Palais Royal Reno

Messaline whispered to Judith, "Are you thinking that we could do with her?"
Judith whispered back, just a little louder so that Jill might hear, " Of course, Messa. Who wouldn’t wish to make love with a woman with such an ass?"
Jill heard and smiled but didn’t say anything. She used a proximity card to open the private penthouse elevator and ushered the girls inside.
Giggling as they entered the elevator together, Messa said, "After all the travel, I require a nice hot shower. Do you think that the showers here are large enough for three persons?" she said, winking at Judith.
Judith laughed and winked back, “Of course, in a fancy palace like this. And the bed also!”
To the French girls’ surprise, they stepped out of the elevator and into their suite. Jill met their questioning looks by handing them two proximity cards. “This elevator only responds to these cards and the door to this suite only to these programmed. Service staff enter, discretely by a service elevator in the rear.”
Amazed as they were by this level of privacy and luxury, the two were blown away when they turned to see their ‘room.’
The “D” penthouse, though the smallest of the luxury floor units, was 3,700 sq. ft. (340 m2). Sixteen-foot ceiling, multiple levels, and floor to ceiling windows with a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding mountains greeted the visitors.

Jill proudly showed off the luxury features, including three bedrooms, a mini-kitchen and wet bar, as well as an impressively stocked wine bar, all complementary.

Messa asked shyly, “May I please see the master bath?”
“Of course, replied Jill, leading them into the marbled room with whirlpool bath and twin vanities.
“Oh, good!” cried Messa when she saw the bidets. Judith, though, was attracted to the massive, walk-in shower. A full glass wall with two doors enclosed eight separate, computer-controlled heads at different heights and several built-in benches. She turned to Jill.
“After our trip, I think Messaline and I wish to take a long, sensual shower.”
“But, of course,” replied Jill.
Boldly, Judith added, “Would you be so kind as to join us? That is, unless you have other duties.”
Jill smiled submissively and looked up and down Judith’s lovely figure. “My only duty is to serve you.”
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