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Pamela Smith's Trial

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Pamela Smith’s trial

In the mid 20th century Pamela Smith seem to lead a good life. Nobody ever saw her working but she always had cash to get what she wanted.

abbey 098.jpg

She had money because of her unique occupation- she was a hit woman for the city’s mob boss. One day he requested she ‘disposed’ of his current girlfriend. Armed with her trusty 1911 .45 pistol she went to the girlfriend’s apartment and put a single slug through her forehead.
assas 002 A.jpg

The mission was a success. The girlfriend was quiet dead. What Pamila didn’t know the dead woman was an undercover detective of the NYPD! Not only was she dead, Barbara Moore was the secret lover of Stan Goldman, the recently promoted chief of detectives. He called in his top detectives, even T. H. Tree who was serving a month’s suspension for interrogating a prisoner with a taped up telephone book (the prisoner was the mayor’s son and he passed out before he could talk).

Goldman didn’t explain about his relationship with Miss Moore but he told the team “I want the perpetrator caught and, Tree, you can use you unique methods.”
godfather 001 a.jpg

Tree went to see the mob boss figuring he was behind the hit. He was as honest with Tree as he could afford to be. He suggested that the bullet was probable from Pamela’s gun but good luck finding her. She is vacationing in the Florida Keys. Tree thanked him and went to the airport and chartered a DC-4 to fly him to Florida. He checked out the usual dives and quickly found Pamela. He arrested her and placed her in handcuffs and shackles and flew her back to New York.
cuffs 46.jpg


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Not only was she dead, Barbara Moore was the secret lover of Stan Goldman, the recently promoted chief of detectives.

SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! That’s classified information!!!

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Congratulations Tree, on the shortest appearance of Barbara Moore in any story on CF.

If only those verbose writers of other stories would........................................................


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Tree is busy back in New York. He visits a forger he knows and hires her to do extradition papers for Pamela’s removal from Florida. In the late 1940s long distance phone calls were not cheap and he correctly guessed no one would call Florida to verify the papers.

He also had ballistic ‘experts’ verify the bullet that killed Miss Moore came from Pamela’s gun. Of course, ballistic science back then could only say the bullet , ballistic science back then could only say the bullet might have come from her gun but Tree wasn’t bothered with facts.

Pamela would stand trial for the murder of Detective Moore…

court 5.jpg


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Pamela dressed for her trial in a very conservative fashion.

court 8.jpg

It didn’t matter. She was swiftly found guilty of murdering Barbara Moore. In her interview following the guilty verdict Pamela was almost jovial with the press- until the reporter from the New York Times pointed out she could be facing the death penalty. Her mood became surly and she refused any more questions.

court 244 A.jpg

The penalty phase of her trial came the following day. Pamela was sentence to death by hanging!
court 249.jpg

The judge was unmoved by her tears…


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While Barbara Moore was not in favor of capital punishment one can only imagine her satisfaction that the woman who put a .45 slug through her head has been sentence to death by hanging. It would not bother her at all that Judge ‘Hang em’ High sentenced Pamela to a slow, short drop hanging.

tree old.jpg

Pamela was taken to what is now known as Riker’s Island where in a week she will be hanged before paying ‘special’ guests. You see, when Judge H. High sentences a criminal to death they go to their execution wearing nothing more than what they were born with. Pamela will be hanged naked unless the higher courts overturned her sentence. They never do.

Pamela arrives at Riker’s island and her prison garb is removed on her arrival. She is photographed naked in front of the pegboard.

prison 255.jpgprison 256.jpg

Next she is measured so the noose will fit when she is hanged.

inspection 005.jpg

Pamela objects but the prison doctor ignores her.

Days before Pamela is to be hanged the guards even handcuffed Pamela and took her out to the gallows and test fitted the noose around her neck.

hang 062.jpg

They were pleased the noose fit her well and one even said “You’ll take a long time hanging by your neck before death pays you a visit.”

The night before Pamela’s execution she is visited by the reporter ‘Spike’ Sharp who is working for the New York Times. Spike was hired by the Times because of his work at the Crux Chronicle. He had a way of getting a good interview with a condemned prisoner.

Pamela was in no mood to chit-chat and didn’t answer any questions at first. Spike reached into his coat pocket and gave her a pack of Madame Wu cigarettes and a lighter. He tossed them to Pamela and she smoked one. She smoked a couple of the smokes and loosened up and gave Spike the interview but refuse to tell him who hired her to put the hit on Barbara Moore. Even a hit woman has some ethical limits.

The interview lasted almost two hours. At the end, Pamela lit up one more Madame Wu and asked “Are you coming to my hanging tomorrow?”

prison 211.jpg

“I’ve got a ticket for the press box. I wouldn’t miss your neck being stretched for anything” Sharp replied.

tree noir 004 A.jpg


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Pamela’s execution day, Riker’s Island

Pamela smoked most of the Madame Wu’s Spike Sharp had left with her so she could get some sleep before she was hanged. That morning the guards came to her cell to take her to the gallows. Still under the influence of the Madame Wu’s she asked them for a moment to use the bathroom.

prison 152 c.jpg

Pamela’s 10 days as a condemned prisoner of the state of New York had her modesty removed. She sat on the toilet and relieved herself for the last time with some privacy.
prison 079 c.jpg

She stood up and said “I’m ready to go.” She lit up the last Madame Wu she would smoke before she would wear the noose.

prison 134.jpg

“Not so fast, Smith. The warden wants to see you before you hang. Let’s put these on” she sail as she locked Pamela’s hands behind her back. “There, now you’re ready!”

prison 191.jpg

The guard escorted Pamela through the cellblock for the last time.

prison 137 C.jpg

Pamela is taken to the warden’s office. Except for her handcuffs Pamela stands naked before the warden.

“I have an offer to propose to you. You tell me who hired you to take out Detective Moore and, instead of hanging today, you’ll spend thirty years here” the warden said.

“I would rather hang than tell you who hired me” Pamela snaps back.

“Very well, dear. Deputy, take this bitch out to the gallows” the warden said.

prison 242.jpg

“And when you cut her down, measure her. I want to know how much her neck stretches!”


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“Very well, dear. Deputy, take this bitch out to the gallows” the warden said.

Pamela had steeled herself to be hanged to death. What would it feel like to choke on a rope? She needed have worried. Her execution was over and hour off. The guard took her to a holding room, removed the handcuffs, and tied her wrists behind her back.

“That’s really not necessary” Pamela protested.
hang 462 A.jpg

“Shut up, bitch. At least you can’t grab the noose with your hands tied behind your back” he said as he slipped an iron collar around her neck. It was part of a lead that he could guide Pamela to the gallows. Reluctantly, Pamela followed him to the gallows.

death walk 013.jpg

At the base of the gallows the brave front I have held fades. Fear fills me! These assholes mean to kill me. They force me to climb the steps up to the gallows’ platform.

h 614.jpg

Towards the top I resist their urgings. Even the holy men help force me up the final steps.
hang 798 b.jpg

Before me the noose I will hang from dangles before me. Without the guards’ help I walk to it.

hang 608.jpg

I show no resistance as the noose is slipped over my head.

hang 609.jpg

I don’t think the crowd can see my ass is puckered tight to keep my shit from flowing down my legs!

The noose is tightened around my neck.

hang 665.jpg

The rope sits heavy on my shoulders. It will have no trouble holding me above the gallows’ deck! I have been prepared to hang to death but the head guard reads my crime and sentence to the crowd. It’s not over yet!

hang 1010.jpg


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I stand naked before the crowd that waits to see me hanged.
hang 1032.jpg

Behind me is the guard waiting to kick the stool from beneath my feet. What is he waiting for?
hang 840.jpg

Suddenly I feel the bench fall from under my feet!

hang 845.jpg

I am hanged! The rope squeezes my throat. I try to scream but nothing but a guggle comes out. This rope will kill me!

hang 1035.jpg

Pamela fights to free her neck the noose. It is a futile effort that is enjoyed by the paying spectators.

hang 1046.jpg

Soon her struggles become as frantic as the rope tightens around her throat.

hang 481 f.jpg

Ten minutes have passed and Pamela gasps for too small of breaths. She had almost choked to death.

hang 384.jpg

A few minutes later her body goes limp.

hang 851.jpg

As she chokes to death her bladder releases.

hang 849.jpg

Pamela Smith has been executed in just under a quarter of an hour.

hang 1048.jpg

She was left hanging nude for two hours. It was a just execution for her murder of Detective Barbara Moore…

The end…
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