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Paskell's Saga-episode 5

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Crucified Amazon
In this year 2113, alone in front of my computer, 1.jpg

I’m yet thinking about this woman, looking at me tied to my cross…
But, I want to vary my thoughts, so, I open my "Stories’Box"…

"Paskell…Paskell…": I hear this name getting out of the box!
No doubt, my box is full of stories about these girl and there is a new narrative coming…
This Paskell was living around the 17th century, in France…
She was the wife of the Marquis "de Castelney" and they were going to Versailles to live in the new palace of Louis XIV, King of France, (1638-1715), and called the "Sun’ King"…

In this epoque, the Royal Court had reached the most of wealth which it could exist and being a courtier was a wonderful privilege, and the life was divided between many delicious occupations:



… and also, special but nice feasts…7.jpg

It was in such a feast that Paskell met Yupar; Yupar was a servant, coming from Asie and specially destined to be used in this kind of feast...7 bis.jpg

It was during these soirées that she met Paskell...8.jpg

and the two women got together in friendship, soon becoming love...9.jpg...


Crucified Amazon
Untill that a day, they exhibited their leaning in front of the Court: people shammed to see nothing ...10.jpg

... but some of them were beggining to speak and the rumor was soon arrived in the ears of the Justice's Minister...11.jpg

"Then, what is it possible to do? It's not a crime, only an offence..." he said...
Fortunately, in a remote province, a poor and daft Marquis was instigating a conspiracy

and wanted to kill the King...12.jpg

So, the Minister decided to indict Paskell and Yupar as accessories of this conspiracy.
Then, they were getting to the torture'chamber to sustain an interrogation...13.jpg

Paskell was the first !She was very frightened and ashamed to be nude...
She was tied to a wheel and tortured with red iron...14.jpg

She was screaming, terribly suffering, and, during this, Yupar was caged , listening her

supplications to stop the supplice...cachot chateau.JPG

Finally, they sqeezed her breast and she confessed all what they wanted...

Then, it was the torture of Yupar; they asked for her to confirm what Paskell had said, but she dont knew what she had said!!
So, the torture was starting...

...but when they inserted the choke pear into her vagina and when she felt her intimate fleshes exploding with the pressure of this terrible instrument, she screamed:
"I confess! I'm with the conspiracy! Ooooh, pity, stop this torment...!"
Obviously, it's a flendish story, but wait the end, you'll see worst...
The minister did not know what he could do to discard of Paskell: she was noble, but woman and her felony, in fact, was not true; she was only "lesbian", not really in the conspiracy...
So, they decided to crucify her in a hidden place of the park of the castle of Versailles,
without spectators...exept two laughing soldiers: five hours later, she died...
As to Yupar, being servant, she was the ideal victim to be used as an example of the absolute power of the King Louis XIV:
she was condemned to be burned in Place de Grèves (Paris), in front of the people...
Her yells sounded during ten minuts in the air of Paris...

Then, the Marquis "de Castelnay" disappeared, bringing with him the little girl (Paskell) gave birth by his wife three month ago; nobody never saw them and knew where they could be going...21.jpg...

In this year 2113, this hard story troubles me, but something else also disturbs me:
this woman...18.jpg

No doubt, another episode is coming soon...



Crucified Amazon
Well, like my next episodes were lost in this catastrophe, I re-post the missing episodes, step to step, for your happiness, I hope...

Messaline 1 A.jpg


Episode 6

In this year 2113, oh, sorry ! You’ve surprised me, I am not in front of my comput, but on my fucking’ machine…
I let you guess for what it’s used; certainly you’ve never seen such a machine, but, in 2113, everybody can buy it; it also exits in a male’s version…

But you're not here to see my favorite pleasures: you want a story? You'll have it!
Yesterday, I'd a radio'contact with this woman!
She asked me for a meet at her home and I am just near to start...
The road is easy, since I've purchased a "spatial-temporal machine" that I've put on my bike...
She receives me in her garden, with a "dress" allowing no doubt about her intention!
You know, me, never I say "no"...
In fact, she wants to offer me a job, a crucifixion's contract...
She's very convincing in her arguments for my decision...​
3.jpg 4.jpg
So, I suscribe this contract:
I shall be nailed to a cross during the show of different groups of Hard-Rock, one time per month and I'll be paid M10,000 each month (M= Mondial, it's our money in 2113)​
...to be continued...​



Crucified Amazon
Then, when the first concert is beginning, I'm not very proud...
I'm carried to the scene, I'm naked, nailed (I scream but the music is so hard that nobody can heard me; then, two hours of suffering are starting...
Soon after the concert, I'm put into a regenerating machine, in which I'm staying one or two days; then, when it's finished, I'm like "new", entirely ready to begin again!
And the concerts are following each other...
We met sometimes very strange groups ....​

...and sometimes, LittleSiss (it's the name of the woman with who I've signed the contract) is going with me to be crucified, for the fun, but not often, she does not want to be exhausted like it's coming for me...​

...to be continued...​
Messaline-from the year 2113...


Crucified Amazon
Episode 8
Well, the crucifixions were following more and more exhausting !​
They ‘ve found a new regeneration’machine, so delicious, but I knew that I’was too used​
and I’d more and more difficulty to stay alive…​
1.jpg However, the public was always enthusiastic, mostly the girls ! I’m asking myself why…​
Then and fortunately, we’ve met a girls’group with which we’ve signed a new agreement…​
I’was not nailed, but only roped and not for the full concert…But these girls were amazing, sure !​
But a sect was keeping us under surveillance, a sect​
in which peoples were worshippers of the true cross and, obviously, they couldn't like us!​
So, we were denounced to the police of mores which came, at the end of a show, to apprehend us...​
Policemen were commanded by a policewoman...ricknamed "The Tigress", and you'll can see that she had not robbed her name !​
We were quickly driven to the police's building, and, like I was the crucified woman, the Tigress wanted to interrogate me in first...but the interrogatory was a few..."special"!​
...to be continued...​

The Tigress took pleasure to do suffer her victims: she was a really sadistic woman and I thought that I was started to live a very bad moment...
And it was !
Really, she knew where a woman could suffer and it was apparent that she took a great pleasure to torture a woman'body !
Obviously, not me...
She altered the tortures, each day...
Needles...7.jpg Electrotorture...8.jpg

A day, after a sceance, she became tender and whispered to my ear:​
"Dear, it seems that I shall not see you; you've been comdemned and you'll die tomorrow..."10.jpg
I think that you've noticed that I was using of the preterit : it's because I'm remembering that !​
Actually, I'm nailed to my cross, the night is arrived and I can see that also the wolves !​
11 (2).jpg
I didn't know what happened to the other members of the Music'Group, but , when they dragged me to this place for the crucifixion, I could see two of them, already crucified...​
I think that they're yet died, because they dont move and the wolves seem to be more interesting by them than by me...for the moment!​
I hope, but I'm frightened, that they could devour me when I'ld be yet alive !​
Ooooh, how I'm suffering !​
To crucify me, they have used square nails : so, when I get up to breath, the bones of my wrists are scraped by them and the suffering is more intense !​
I remember me when a first nail was put into my wrist : I was screaming ! They were laughing !​
They said: "You were mocking our God, Jesus-Christ, in the past! You'll die like him, now, in an awful pain !Good night, naughty bastard ! Have fun with wolves and ravens..."​
Messaline- August/2013


Crucified Amazon
:confused: In fact, the precedent episode was the Episode 7...not finished...
So, there is the end of it .....

Episode 7 (the following...)
Suddenly, I hear a violent scream !
A wolf is attacking a crucified girl and I think that she’s not dead !​
Then, I can see it…Firstly, I’m frightened, but it not seems vindictive: it is here, that all ! It’s waiting , What? Who? I don’t know…​
The day dawns, the mist is there, smothering everything, when a flap of wings makes me out of my torpor...
The white Wolf rises, threatening: ravens are there! My pain is awakened by the movements that I make in trying to free myself: futile attempt!​
I am nailed on the cross until the death and, then, the ravens will be able to
shred me...
"Are you sure, Paskell?"… I does not dream! I heard a voice!
"Yes, Paskell, you have, of course!"
I whisper: "Who are you? Can you help me?I dont dare to believe..."
"I am which always follows you, Messaline" says the voice.
"In fact, Messaline, Paskell, what importance? These girls are the same,
you know it! And me, Grey Elf or LittleSiss,do you see any difference?"​
I whisper: " Please, have mercy, Elf ! I cant more suffer, I'm near of ...the death...help me...
"Are you joking, Messa? Remember you ! What were you searching when you were going to the Center?!" Says the voice...​
"I think that you're a pampered little girl...I wanted to drive you to a wonderful fate when we signed our agreement; you could attempt the greatest fame with me! But, no! You've prefered
getting out with these naughty girls who were contending the freedom'women....
Hé!Hé! You're paying the price for that! So, stop to imply that you're a victim, Messa!
All the "Paskell" of your story'box have known a bad end, but all of them were proud !
You are not a "Paskell"! You're just a " little messaline"..."
Hearing that, I arch my back, I close my eyes ... I dont feel my pain, I already would want to be dead: "little messaline"! What an insult !​
I wished so to be the Crucifixion'Star, known in the whole world...
Show them like a Star can die! I'm Messaline,nailed to her cross, exhibiting her nudity and her pain in front of people!​


Crucified Amazon
Look at my nailed wrists...so fragile, spiked, covered with blood......
Kiss them!​
Look at my my lips, so tender, so offered ....but imploring...
Kiss them !​
Look at my breasts, so pump, erected ...but searching for air...
Kiss them !​
Look at my belly, my pussy...totally opened to your....tortures...
Kiss them !​
Look at my feet, so delicate... spiked to the wood...
Kiss them !​
Then, the voice restarts:" Well, Messa, you've understood: you're becoming a real crucified woman !
Come back to your community, in the year 2013 and continue to tell us your wonderful stories of Paskell, or can I say...Messaline ?
This arrow will drive you to our world! Welcome among yours ..."​
Messaline- September-01/2113...or 2013...


Crucified Amazon
Episode 8
Hello everybody !
I'm returned in our year 2013; it was difficult to communicate with you from the future, and have I the choice ?
Sorry, for the moment, I'm playing basketball with my friendsgirls of the University, but,
then I'll be at home, I'll open my comput to see if a wonderful story could appear ....​
...to be continued...​
Excellent story Messaline, you really draw us into the world you create and make us feel along with your character on her journey of discovery. A triumph :)


Crucified Amazon
Well, it's allright ! I'm alone in front of my computer...
... and, suddenly, something is coming...​
It's noticed:​
France,in the year 1793 :​
Judged guilty by the « National Convention » of the french Revolution, the King LOUIS XVI is condemned to death and guillotined on January-21/1793 in the Revolution’place in Paris…​
Paskell was living in a pretty village called "Tiffauges"...​
Was it a hazard? I think no; remember you, in the first episode-part2: it was here that Gilles de Retz had his castle where another Paskell was killed !​
Paskell was the daughter of a baker; she was dextrous and hard-working, so she often help her father to cook the bread...5.jpg
In the village, merchants, who were coming to the market'place, were talking about the death of the King and they also said that a révolution was beguinning...​
Some of them were also talking about a new machine , "the Guillotine", which was used in some great towns to eliminate the Clergy and the Nobility: so, people could more easily follow the Revolution and it rule: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"...​
But some of the Aristocratic men of the country were absolutly against these principles and they called people to resist in front of Paris'Parliament: they had killed the King Louis, they'd killed "GOD" !!!​
Then, they were training an army to deliver the France and Paris from these demoniac bastards!​
Paskell was very pious and , for her, the order was etablished by God, so, the King was his representative on hearth...​
So, she followed them and was going on the roads with a great knife and a bludgeon!​
At the beguinning, there were only some ambushes where the peasants'troops (called "Chouans") could easily to overcome the little secondments of the revolutionary army...​
But, quickly, Paris send a real great army against the rebellion...​
Chouans were brave...9.jpg
...but in front of such an army, they were quickly massacred !​
10.jpg .....​

Pursued, tracked, Paskell and her father were quickly caught by a troop of Republicans...11.jpg
They summarily roped her to a cross, along a way, and her father was pierced by a bayonet... Then, they tortured Paskell with a cutlass, saying that she could join her God !​
Her dying father looked at the supplice of his daughter; Paskell died some hours later...12.jpg ...​
......alone on her cross...​


Crucified Amazon

In front of my computer, I'm crying...
Why these young women are dying too soon ?
Why my comput is always showing these "nightmares" ?
I'ld want to see happy stories...but...
I'll try again, later, and perhaps it could be better...

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Crucified Amazon
Hi all !
I have not seen you for a long time, but today, it is not me* who will tell this story...
(* In fact, yes, it's me but I make Tree speaking...)
You will get to know my real job and you will see how hard this world is !
But for you I open my computer, this famous "Stories'box" which made you already dream ...

Alone in front of my computer...1.jpg

Hello! Let me introduce myself: my name is TheHangingTree, but all my friends call me Tree...
I am private detective and these recent days have me a bit pissed...

Since some months, killings of prostitutes have been committed in our city and the police could not find the culprit...
When I decided to participate in this inquiry, I knew that it wouldn't be easy: serial killers are not my specialty. I'm rather nailing married women and that sort of things...
You know, I have long worked on behalf of the IMF as a crucificator and my job was well done: I was the specialist of crucifixions.
It is probably for this reason that my friend Inspector Gunner asked for me, informally, to investigate the matter, because prostitutes died all crucified, but alas, not in good conditions: it was often a slaughter!


Then, a month ago, I went to the scene of the last crime:it was in a construction site where they built a car factory , I believe...
I was looking for some forgotten clues, I wanted also to put me in the position of the killer and see why he chose this place...
As I had climbed down a staircase, I found myself on a terrace facing a completely naked girl riding on a railing!
God! She was beautiful! 4.jpg

"I told him: " Hello mademoiselle... "(I'm always polite with women)".. .but what are you doing here? '' »
She replied:" You see well, I masturbate! The men, that I meet, come to me only for their pleasure: so I have to satisfy me alone! »
I was dumbfounded...
She continued:" My name is Messaline and I am prostitute... rather called a CallGirl. I was in the street first, but I quickly realized that to make money,I needed to be much more than a simple whore... »

You know me, ladies, I've seen many strange things in my life, but this girl was very astonishing!
I asked: "How do you practice your job, now?"
She replied: " I've my own dungeon where my clients are coming; they could torture me or be tortured, if they prefer; they could also use of my slave Barbaria, obviously under my control ! She likes very much to be whipped, and she has astonished me when I've seen what she could support!" 6.jpg

Intrigued, I wanted to know more; I asked: "Can I, a day, see your dungeon and , why not, assist to one of your sceance ?"
She replied; "Oh, Mister Tree, understand well : it's not a public show, but you seem so
"sympathique" (in French in the text, = nice) that I invite you to follow me: I've a rendezvous in one hour; we've just the time to get away to my house!
Where is your car?"
I answered: "In front of the building, dear..."
"Well, take it and wait me: I'm coming soon!"
She smiled and get away, doing a gentle sign with her hand...7.jpg

Dearly, this girl had all that I could hope to arouse me...
I was staying in my car since ten minuts, when I heard a violent klaxon and she was going near me in laughing and driving a nice convertible...

1 A.jpg ...
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Great Messa! This is innovative ... and just imagine...our Tree in a a starring role. Calling Hollywood?


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Don't flatter him too much. It will go to his head. Remember he is still recovering from the head wound inflicted on him in the Great Slave Rebellion. We need to treat him with care, or he will have us all hanging from a cross again.
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