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Donna was a young woman who tried to assassinate Caesar in a coup. But she was arrested, beaten, raped, and condemned to die on the cross
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Donna femina iuvenis erat quae Caesarem in seditione interficere conata est.
Sed apprehensa, verberata, rapita atque ad crucem damnata est. :p


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Queen of the whores

She was the queen of a rebellion of barbarians who wanted to take Roman territory by murdering their landowner Claudios. She was taken captive, had fun with her, they met her and they put a crown of puas ... to later crucify her.
A bit tricky this one, as the subject keeps changing in mid-sentence :confused:
But this flows nicely:

Regina meretricium

Regina barbarorum rebellantium erat, qui terram Romanam possessoris occissione Claudii Claudiani occupare volebant. Sed, Philopoleme capta, illi milites inluduerunt, et spinisque coronata cruenta, deinde crucifigenda erat.

Queen of the Whores

She was the queen of some rebellious barbarians, who wanted to take over som Roman territory by murdering the owner, Claudio Claudianus. But, when she'd been captured by Philopolemus, the soldiers had their fun with her, and then, crowned with thorns and bleeding, she was going to be crucified.


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"In Via Doloris Nolee" (Nolee's Via Crucis)

This painful wrist now must load the cross (patibulum), to the place where it will be nailed and raised


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