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Ponygirl and Beast of Burden

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Ponygirl and Beast of Burden

Hi folks:

I would like to start a new thread to share some stuff and opinion about ponygirl scene.

I enjoy watching women working very hard. There are different choices to work: mines, pulling carts, treadmill,..... whatever you imagine.

I would like to share some samples and ideas about this topic.

I want to start with one of my favourite artists: Thorn None like him has such ideas about ponygirl and beast of burden. In spite of the fact that women faces are always very similar...

All the best,


There are two aspects of this I like. One is the classic ponygirl. John Willie was some great examples, which I'll try to find. The elegant harness, the bit in the mouth, the check rein pulling the head back. The ponygirl in action. Smooth, high stepping, pulling a light cart.

Then the other aspect. The mine slave pulling the cart full of rocks, or the farm slave pulling the plough.

Both of them straining and sweating, chest heaving...
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