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Ponygirl and Beast of Burden

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A pair of teams to be proud of
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All the best,
That first one is the work of an artist named Iron Hawk, who's praises I shall begin to sing now.

I've been obsessing over this series he has on deviant art, link is HERE!!!!

The concept is that little goblins capturing women and training them to be their mounts. The main characters appear to be a goblin scout named Yish and her mount Pixie.


I encourage you to zoom in on these pics, specifically on the pony girls eyes. In a lot of them she looks angry and indignant, but in number #7 she appears to having an orgasm, even though all her mistress is doing is putting war paint on her. There's a little bit of writing to go along with his art, but IronHawk is mostly telling the story of this world with his images.

I really want to go in deep on why I love his work, despite never really having been into the pony girl genre before. I think there are things I like about this that can only exist in fantasy world. There's the traditional dehumanization of a girl. They've restricted her movement and took away her ability to speak. She's kept completely naked, which I love, as sometimes pony girls can get covered a little too much in black leather. There's a paragraph in #1 that stated that Yish was very minimalist in decorating Pixie. And she's essentially being uses as an horse.

But I think the first thing that strikes me is the practicality of her usage instead of being a novelty. They are the perfect size to be mounts for their goblin riders, and their intelligence is probably put to good use too. There's another bit in #1 that says that Yish is proud of Pixie being flat chested, which "Is ideal for a hard-running scout pony." It gives one the impression that these pony girls aren't just going to be used for rides in the park and pushes mine carts, but are going to be involved in some epic adventures.

Something else I love about this setting is the idea that the goblin and her mount have a connection that you would see in an actual horse lovers movie like Hidalgo or War Horse. I doubt the former warriors likes being naked and ridden around by a little creature she could squish by sitting on... at first. But looking at something like image #10, and thinking about the fact that Yish probably has to go on long journey's without any other goblins in her duty as a scout, I think the fact that they are constantly together forms a bond that is not one of equals, but of affection. The slavery here is not a bleak as what can be seen with mine and quarry slaves, and there's no pointless cruelty from their masters. By the way, I think those stories of the mine and quarry slaves need the pointless cruelty, to add to the dehumanization of the girls, but it's not needed here, because they are different species. Despite their permanent enslavement, there's still the possibility of joy for them, though it is the joy of an animal, and there doesn't need to be a constant guard to prevent any of them from taking their own life.

Which finally brings me to the final thing I find strangely appealing. The fact that Pixie is kept in a state of constant nudity, but is not seen, at least by the goblins, as a sexual being. They admire the girls beauty the way we might admire the beauty of a tiger or an eagle, but there doesn't seem to be a sense that they think about their sexual needs, or if they do it's related to their performance as a mount. Going back to #7 again and seeing Pixie's eyes roll up in sexual frustration that her rider seems to be oblivious of is a perfect example. I can see the mount falling in love with the rider, and the rider being charmed, like the way none of us deserve the love of our dogs. But the girls are important to the goblins, and in a sense they are extensions of themselves and a source of pride. The pony girls are an essential part of their masters and mistresses identity.

I love this world that IronHawk has created and I wanted to share it with you all. I'll leave you with all the questions I still have about it that I've been pondering.
  • How does she drink water during rides?
  • How do they sleep when away from camp? How is the pony girl secured?
  • How rebellious is she now?
  • What happens when a friend from her past see’s her?
  • What happens when an enemy from her past see’s her? Is she a goblin enemy too?
  • What is her relationship to her rider? Does it grow overtime?
  • What happens when she feels sexual urges? Does the goblin fulfill them as a reward or consider it proper maintenance?
  • What happens if she falls madly in love with her rider? Would she be jealous of a goblin male trying to court her?
  • When is she allowed to speak?


That first one is the work of an artist named Iron Hawk, who's praises I shall begin to sing now.
Firstly I have to tel you THANKS for colaborate and add some new stuff in this thread
I also like the art by Iron Hawk. He has very good ideas and there are a good ambience in his pictures.
However, I dislike his ponies or models because they look like boys (teenagers) and angels not very proper to be slaved for wars. And particularly I don't find them exciting.
Definitely I prefer a more savage world and less romantic.

Anyway, I appreciate your input and I hope you can add more stuff soon


I do like the romance. Appreciate it.

I do want to clarify about the flat chested model, I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be a young woman in her early 20's, nice warrior lady type, who just happens to have a flat chest, which is valued in that society because it's easier for her to run.
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