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Rebel´s Fate (a story inspired by Jastrow´s drawings)

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This story is inspired by Jastrow´s crucifixion drawings (although I will use another drawings). They are hot, specially those where a crucified girl is fucked or molested by lubric rapers who take advantage of being helpless .


The rebel city had resisted the siege of the Roman legionaries for two months, but the intense bombardment of catapults and ballists had weakened the walls and made the assault imminent. Besides three triremes had just arrived with reinforcements that blocked the port, preventing the arrival of any aid from abroad

The desperated besieged leaders asked for a truce, they knew they had no other choice.

Quinto Maximo, Roman Legatus and Emperor Army Main General demanded that in exchange for a four-day truce the besieged had to deliver ten young virgins among the young noble women of the city . They would become sex slaves for serving seven thousand soldiers. He made this demand thinking that this condition would not be ever accepted,....patrician fathers and matronas would never accept their daughters to be sold as slaves for they knew what those sadistic legionaries could do with them.

Althought to Legatus´ surprise ten young beautiful girls volunteered to give their fellow citizens a break.
Doomed Trio.jpg
According with the treaty, the girls were handed over to the Roman troops naked and bound. When legionaries saw that row of beautiful young girls naked and bound began to cheer and shout like crazy as they beat their shields rhythmically with their swords.
arrival of the new galley slaves2.jpg
As they approached naked and bound to all those brutal men the girls felt their hearts pounding against their chest as their crotch got wet and warm.

The ten girls served as sex slaves to the besieging troops for four days. Each of them was fucked by eight hundred sex-starved soldiers in brutal gangbangs.
During that period, Claudia, the beautiful elder daughter of one of the rebelion leaders became Quinto´s personal sexual slave

Finally when the orgy finshed the legatus ordered the girls were crucified in front of the rebel city walls. This was done to undermine the morale of the besieged and to show the city's young girls what awaited them if they fell into the hands of the Romans alive.

Of course before crucifying them the girls were savagely flogged with flagrums and they had to make a complete turn around the walls, carrying the patibulum on their shoulders naked and disgraced.
I Love a Parade 2..jpgFinal Walk 7 3.jpgFannia 2  714.jpg
The girls had to walk and whipped and stabbed in the backs and thighs with spears.

Their relatives could see from the walls the sadistic procession of their daughters with heavy hearts and they cried desperately when the carnifex crucified them one after another with the help of the executioners.
About to Begin.jpgNailed 10 5.jpg
The desperate screams of the girls when they were being crucified were confused with the blows of the mallets against the heads of the nails and the sobs of the mothers and grandmothers when they saw what those brutes were doing with their daughters.


Claudia was the last to be crucified and by order of the legatus the cruel executioners paid special attention to her.

So she was walked around the walls completely naked and crowned in thorns. But before being disgraced in public the sadistic Quinto, who had enjoyed her young body for four nights made she had her arms hung from the ceiling and her legs spread wide open and stretched to the limit so that no corner of her body was safe from the whip. The man paid with a gold coin to the torturer in order to work properly the entire body of the girl and enjoyed the first flagellation of the former patrician teenager.

03 Regina Walk to the Cross.jpg
After being flogged for twenty minutes the young woman walked with her arms tightly tied behind her back at the wrists and elbows with wet ropes. The carnifex carried her laughing and mocking by pulling the end of the rope inserted between her buttocks and her labia. The rope was so rough that it was about to skin her crotch, but the girl endured the pain with dignity because she did not want to show weakness in front of her fellow citizens. Her ankles had also been tied with a short rope to prevent her from fleeing away. Claudia stumbled because of the short rope in legs and the meat of her buttocks and breasts trembled like gelatina so that her executioners had stiff dicks from seeing her walk like this.

It seems incredible that a girl of only 18 years old has those huge boobs, I can't wait to suck those hard nipples.

You´ll taste them as soon she is crucified , SSHHHHACK, take it bitch, faster, SHHAAACK, FASTER I SAY.

Claudia trembled with pain and anger as she received the lashes on her ass but did not beg or ask for mercy. She could only think that in a few minutes they were going to crucify her and she knew perfectly well that the cross was one of the worst torments. The girl knew very well that begging was completely useless
02 Regina Debased.jpgs-l400.jpg97061815-corona-de-espinas-entre-cruz-martillo-con-clavos-como-símbolos-de-crucifixión.jpg

Finally after an hour of painfull and humillating parade the young girl was taken to the place where her cross rested on the ground and saw, sweating with fear, how an executioner drilled into the wood to facilitate the nailing while another sharpened huge black iron nails against a stone.
A few meters away there was a brazier where tongs and irons were heated.

The girl was also surprised because she was sweating while her crotch was all wet and her nipples hard as stones.

Macro, the centurion in charge of the crucifixion iquettes, smiled sadly at her.

Somebody told me that you are the daughter of the rebels, I hope your mother sees how I fuck you in front of all your compatriots, ha ha.

You pig!

Look what we have prepared for you, do you see that brazier? I see you have guessed the tongs are for your boobs, ha,ha, your nipples are grown and wrinkled. After fucking you on the cross, I will pinch your nipples with those hot pliers.

Do what you have to do henchman, don't think I'm going to beg you.

Well let's not waste any more time, canifex, crucify her.
Aided by four tormentors, the carnifex cut the bonds from Claudia's arms and threw her down on the cross trapping her arms against the gallows.

The executioners drove the nails into their wrists with hammer blows, and the irons easily entered the carpal tunnels, digging into the wood.



The intense pain immediately removed the dignity of the young woman who began to scream and howl like an animal whose skin was being torn off.

The poor girl made great efforts to try to free herself and kicked like crazy but it was all useless. With a few more blows, the nails drove through the head and secured the arms against the patibulum.
1 (454).jpg
After this it was the turn of his feet. The executioners used two nails, one for each foot, and drove them through the insteps on both sides of the stipe.


The carnífex was a true expert, driving the nails between the second and third toes just at the end of the metatarsals. That detail was going to turn his crucifixion into a real hell.


The pain was even more intense than in the arms so that Claudia lifted her body arching it and falling on the cross as if she were crazy.
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This is looking good. Please do continue.




From the city walls her parents and relatives heard the desperate screams crying unable to help her.

The executioners watched with satisfaction how little bleeding had occurred and between them they put the cross upright, fitting the base of the stipe into the deep hole made for this purpose. Then they wedged the cross upright while Claudia wept and moaned, begging to wake up from that horrendous nightmare.

Yet that was real. The reason that the girls had been crucified in crux humilis and with their legs spread and bent was to facilitate their rape and torture by the executioners.

Centurion Macro smiling aproached the girl and he took both her tits with his fingers, Claudia's breasts were so big and fleshy that they barely fit in her hands.
Regina on the Cross 4  8 5.jpg
Now I am going to introduce the cornu deep in your anus, I hope you know how to appreciate the privilege of having a sedile appropriate to your condition as a whore. That will allow you to endure, alive on the cross longer, ha, ha.

07 Regina Lost in Pain .jpg
Although Claudia had already been repeatedly sodomized by the legatus, the insertion of the cornu up her ass was extremely painful.
By Jupiter, this rebel is a masochistic whore, look, she likes horn, she has a clit and nipples hard as stones. Are the irons ready?

Yes centurion, here you are.
The carnifex had finished animating the embers with a bellows and pulled out red-hot tongs.

Very well mark her right tit with the pliers, but just for a moment.



The horrible hiss of red-hot metal against the skin could not cover the screams of poor Claudia, who as a reaction rose to her feet and pulled her cornu from her ass.
A Not-So-Comforting Thought 7 7.jpg
Ha, ha, then I'll leave you in the hands of carnifex and his hot toys, but now I'm going to fuck you.
comforting the doomed a.jpgCucumbers and Crosses.jpg
As if that were the signal for the rest, the legionaries began to brutally fuck the other crucified women.
Ha ha, beautiful redhead, you're wet and hot, you can't fool me.
No, don't touch me, no, please.

Come on precious, you're looking forward to it.

Not me. AAAHHH

Ha ha, you're cumming and just touching your pussy a little.


A Different Point of View  8 24.jpgA Good Day's Work.jpg18B9B4BA-0E8F-4341-A059-A5180A2D6457.jpegtit whipping 2r.jpgpillaged.jpg
For ten endless hours, dozens of soldiers and torturers took turns fucking the crucified girls or torturing them with whips and hot irons.

From the walls the defenders could hear in terror the desperate screams of the daughters of the nobility of the city without being able to do anything to help them.
01 Regina at the villa.jpgB3C406C2-86E7-44B3-90A3-B89BE4180C84.jpegrosetta1.jpg
However, not everyone took the show so badly. Some women watched the scene from the safety of the walls with a mixture of fear and sexual arousal.
Some of these women left the walls in silence and in the solitude of their room, they undressed and masturbated, imagining what the soldiers would do with them when they conquered the city.


58 (11).jpg04 Regina at Dawn.jpg
At sunset the Legate Quinto approached the cross where Claudia had been in hellish torture for ten hours. When the man saw the naked girl crucified in that forced posture his old cock got hard.

The body of the beautiful girl shone with transpiration and her big tits shook at the slightest movement. The skin was literally plowed with lashes and there were burn marks here and there.
05 Regina's Day Begins.jpg
The girl's anus had been nailed to a huge cornu since morning so that she inadvertently sodomized herself at the slightest movement.

Days before, her pussy had been shaved in such a way that now her reddened labia and her stiff clitoris were perfectly visible and pierced by three needles with which the carnifex had tortured her three hours earlier.

The drops of semen did not stop distilling between the lips of all the rapes that the girl had suffered on the cross ... thirty or forty,.... she had already lost count

Following Legate´s orders, the carnifex had dedicated all his skillsto the leader pretty daughter, aided by two more executioners.
Next to the cross there was a brazier full of burning coals and on a table a flagrum and other instruments of torture were arranged in an order.

The experienced carnifex had wisely acted on the young woman's body, applying the hot irons and lashes slowly and on different parts of her body and leaving moments of rest in between in which the legionaries and executioners could fuck her at will.

Quintus examined the condemned woman's body although the suplice it was beautiful.
11 Regina is Almost Gone.jpg
The girls looked like if she were asleep but when Claudia saw the officer, she opened her eyes with a thread of hope and dared to speak.

Please ... make them ... kill me ... I can't take it anymore.

No dear, he said, grabbing her breast with his hand,. Quickly death would be too good for you. You have just started your ordeal. Executioner! How long do you think she will last?

She is a strong and healthy girl, if is given enough to drink she will last three days and three nights on the cross, ... maybe four.

06 A Visit With Regina.jpg

Have you heard, rebel? I'm going to calculate the hours for you, seventy or eighty hours of hell, ha ha.

Noooo, .... please don't.
Your Honor, the pincers are hot again, said the carnifex who loved his sadistic job finishing heating up some big black tongs . If you want, I can twist her nipples without ripping them off, ... they is very sensitive, I have already verified it, this slut has come a couple of times while I have twisting the nipples with cold pincers.

The girl looked longingly at the general, shaking her head and he hesitated for a moment. Claudia's nipples looked like two reddish strawberries and bigger than normal, if they applied those hot irons to her it would burn her nerve endings and the fun would end.
A Not-So-Comforting Thought 7 7.jpg
No carnifex, said Quintus, these beautiful tits deserve to be subjected to the torment of the red-hot needles, but you will do it to her tomorrow morning. I want she think in the needles all the night. And now twist her both nipples at the same time with cold tongs , I want the city to hear how this whore screams.

To you command.
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images (13).jpg
The carnifex obeyed his general's orders and took a few moments to take the appropriate tongs from a long panoply he held. They were blacksmith's tongs with long handles and blunt tips so that they could catch Claudia's fleshy nipples without cutting them.
images (12).jpg
The skilled executioner offered identical tongs to his assistant, and they both positioned themselves flanking Claudia's cross.
Neither of them paid attention to the desperate pleas of the girl and at a signal from the carnifex they caught both nipples at the same time, including the areoles and the tips of the breast.
Then they squeezed with all their might and twisted them 360 degrees while the girl howled and cried with suffering. The pain was so intense that in her vain attempt to loosen the nails the girl got up on her legs unlocking the cornu from her ass.

The executioners twisted her sadistic-faced nipples and then pulled both of them outward threatening to rip them off.
09 Regina's Unwelcome Guests2.jpg

Quinto smiled with his cock to burst seeing how the girl twisted her naked body on the cross while the tears and drool fell from her mouth mixing with the sweat of her body.

Come on, more, press more, said the very sadist clutching his teeth.

Then someone stopped the torture.

It was Claudia's father who began to insult them from the wall, imitating his poor daughter.
Cowards !, pigs !, you dare with a defenseless woman, come here and fight like men.

That made Quintus order his men to stop the girl torment. She stopped screaming but began to cry uncontrollably.
Do not shout so much, traitor, tomorrow my soldiers will show you what they are capable of, they will storm the walls of your rebellious city and I advise you to die during the fight or take your life because if you fall into my hands I will have you crucified as your daughter .

Pig! You had no right, the pact was to sell her as a slave.

And as such I have had her crucified, the law allows me to do with my slaves whatever I want, they are my property.

At least kill her now and stop her ordeal, you should also give us another day of truce so that we can collect the corpse of our daughters and give them an honorable burial.

Another day of truce ?. Give me five more slaves and I'll give it to you, ha, ha.

And rise more crosses? You must be crazy.

Yes, ha ha, I don't think any of them would dare to give themselves up as a slave after seeing what we have done with these.

The women of my city are braver than a coward like you.

Yes? Then I propose something treacherous......................... If a hundred of your women agree to become my slaves, I will forgive your city.

You lie!

I swear to the gods!

In reality, Quintus was bluffing because he knew that no woman would dare to give herself up as a slave after seeing the horrible torture to which Claudia and her companions were being subjected.

Claudia's father didn't believe it either, so he didn't add more and just made a signal with a course at him and then disappeared behind the walls.

Ha ha, cowards, and the Legate turned to resume young Claudia's torment.
The next hour the sadistic general began to personally torture Claudia by sticking small pins in her nipples and fucking her on the cross. Incredibly the young woman had an orgasm during her torture.

However, someone interrupted his sadistic entertainment again

Sir, sir, it's amazing. The one who came running was Centurion Macro.

What's wrong? Can't you see I'm busy?
It's incredible sir, the rebels surrender.
What? Quinto pulled his already flaccid cock out of Claudia's pussy.

The rebels say they surrender the city immediately but only if you respect what you have promised.

I do not understand.

You have sworn that if a hundred women are handed over as slaves, you would forgive the city,..... well,.... there are a hundred who are willing to do so.


In fact, more than 230 have been presented, but they themselves have made a selection and have chosen the 100 youngest and most georgeous.

Suddenly Quintus understood ...

What? Are they crazy? Haven't they seen what we've done with these? ..... surely the rebels have forced the girls.

No, they have assured me that they are all voluntary, as I told you, more than two hundred have volunteered.

Quintus didn't understand anything, but now he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He was a man of honor andbesides had sworn by the gods so he had no choice but to respect their word.


The general would have liked to conquer the city and enrich himself with the loot, but now he could not. He gritted his teeth with rage and grabbing the flagrum he began to whip Claudia, however, she was already exhausted from so many tortures and on the fourth lash she passed out

Quintus realized it and throwing the whip away he run to tent to give instructions to his officers.
11 Regina is Almost Gone.jpg
Finally poor Claudia could rest for a while


The surprise was also for the leaders of the rebels. The oath of the Legate spread throughout the city so that it did not take long for the first volunteers willing to sacrifice themselves to save the city from complete destruction.

Among them were all kind of women from aristocrats to servants.
Many female slaves volunteered for their masters believing it was their obligation to sacrifice themselves for their masters.


Other female servants were not really volunteers as they were forced by other servants to free themselves from the crucifixion.

The incredible thing is that some patricians agreed to surrender as slaves prey to lust after seeing the spectacle of the crucifixion. Silvia Ulpia noble woman of an ancient gens patrician was mad with lust every time she imagined herself a prisoner of the executioners of Quinto.


Matrona Domitia was washed by her slaves before being arrested by legionaries. The hot woman in her thirties she didn't want to be dirty when she was naked in front of the legionaries.

Other women shared their most intimate masochistic desires while masturbating.


On the other hand, other volunteers said goodbye to their lovers, fucking with them for the last time hot with lust for what they were going to do in the next few hours.

images (6).jpg
Finally the volunteers heard the rhythmic footsteps of the legionaries entering the city and understood that they were coming to arrest them. Some were on the verge of peeing in fear and many asked their relatives to tie them up to prevent fear from causing them to flee.



Although the rebels had surrendered, the legionaries entered the city with drawn swords and in combat formation as they did not trust the defenders.

Despite their victory, they had orders to respect the life of the citizens as well as their houses and wealth. stealing, looting or raping was prohibited.
The soldiers were well organized and while some maniples took the towers, the walls and replaced the rebels at the city gates, other groups had the mission of arrested the prisoners and gathering them outside the walls.
whitfield-obit-jumbo.jpgSin título.pngtumblr_meeyh9RWle1rmxpdwo1_1280.jpgerotic-slave-girl.jpg
With the legionaries came the executioners and slave traders who brought the chains and ropes. Their order was to completely undress all the slaves and load them with chains or tie them, however they were very surprised when they saw that most of the women were already waiting for them naked and bound with strong knots.

As we say, they themselves had asked their relatives to tie them tight in case at the last moment they repented and tried to flee or hide.

When the girls saw that these beasts were coming for them, many of them had their hearts racing with a mixture of fear and excitement, however, at no time did they resist, but they behaved like submissive lambs.
01.pngJunia & Latona are taken..jpg
Those who were arrested with their hands free by the executioners were handcuffed in the most brutal and cruel way possible with their arms aligned behind their back and their wrists and elbows tied. The girls moaned as the wet ropes twisted their shoulder blades and knots dug into their crotches or constricted the base of their boobs until they were blue.

None of them were going to try to escape but they also tied their ankles together with short ropes. That forced them to walk with short, clumsy steps which the soldiers loved.
Sin título2.pngnaked_slave_market-2739.jpg
Likewise, the use of the whip was totally unnecessary, as the girls behaved with submission and obedience, but despite that the executioners whipped them and jabbed their ass and thighs with their pilums just for the pleasure of making them suffer.


At first the Romans led the prisoners outside the city walls into their own camp to count and properly inspect them.
On their way to the camp the volunteers passed in front of the crosses where the daughters of the nobility continued to suffer nailed to their crosses.

After more than twelve hours of crucifixion and despite the fact that the executioners had provided them with sediles, the condemned danced on their crosses without ceasing in search of a moderately supportive posture.
The girls were quenched by thirst as their executioners gave them very little water in wet sponges o clothes that they brought to their mouths on the tip of a spear. It was also dirty water mixed with his own urine and semen.
285B2234-0A47-4E98-9B49-0F6138C2C45A.jpegHooked on a Cross  8 9. jpg..jpg
The cornu prevented women from suffocating but it was brutal torture to have to fit the asshole into those thick appendages that sodomized or fucked them

terrified rebel.jpg1A028361-AC82-49C3-B29B-94DE3F7F1F4E.jpeg
Others had been fitted with sharp wooden wedges that racked their crotches when they dropped their full weight on them.

One Last Breath 2012.jpg
Some crucified women still have the strength to fight and stand on their nails shaking in pain just to be able to breathe freely for a few seconds.
Adonia revisited 2.jpg
Others, however, let their entire weight hang from their arms with their legs bent and apparently reluctant to suffocate little by little.


Many girls would not stop crying or complaining and asked their executioners to take them down from the crosses or finish them off once with a tense gesture of pain. Normally the executioners endured a while of lamenting laughing at them but in the end they silenced them with a few lashes.


However, in other cases their gesture was equivocal as they seemed to be in an ecstasy of pleasure, as if they were experiencing a long orgasm that lasted hours.


02517696-519E-45D4-9AF5-84F00D33A85D.jpegSquirter.jpgmolested%201.jpgtouched revised.jpgTormented 12 2..jpgpillaged.jpg
Most of the time the executioners ignore their victims for hours, but others, "their favorites", were not left alone and received all kinds of annoying attention, so the soldiers who passed by would not stop fucking them or else They were tortured with whips, hot irons, torches, or tongs.

New Arrivals.jpg
The women who passed handcuffed by the crosses were scared to death by what they saw and some were even deeply sorry for having given themselves as volunteers to suffer the torture of the cross.
A Daughter Beholds Her Fate.jpg
However, others would not stop dripping vaginal fluid between their very horny legs and eager to cling to similar crosses and receive the brutal attentions of those sadistic executioners.
In reality, neither of them could do anything to flee from the torments and orgasms that awaited them in the coming days.


As we say, the new condemned were taken to the Roman camp and found the soldiers very busy.
The blacksmiths were hammering incessantly in their forges, making or repairing dozens of nails.
images (4).jpg261496138_1.jpg
The girls sweated with terror at the sight of those huge, pointed, rusty nails destined to pierce their feet, their hands and their wrists.
images (5).jpgimages (6).jpg
A little further on were the carpenters cutting, planing, and debarking wood.
images (14).jpg04.png
Dozens of stipes were stacked, while some girls had been recruited to help transport the leggings.
images (7).jpg
They had also prepared stakes to impale some condemned


As soon as they arrived at the camp, some women were so exhausted from the walk and the lashes that they knelt panting, however the soldiers shouted orders at them and pulled them, tying them in different ways while waiting for the massive crucifixion for which they were preparing to begin. .


Legate Quinto saw the scene satisfied. His clumsiness had prevented him from ravaging the city and getting rich booty but his right hand, the tribune Aurelius had made him understand that a hundred young and beautiful women could be a source of wealth, at least they would fetch high prices in the slave market.

Anyway, Qunto was a sadist who liked to rape and crucify women, so he was not resigned in selling them and was planning the best place for mass crucifixion. The most suitable was the path that led to the main gate of the city and the esplanade in front of it. The crosses would be placed on both sides of the road and in front of the walls in two perpendiculars.


The executioners shown the girls the main torture tools, the nails, the flagrum, the crown of thorns.

They explained to their scared victims the different types of flagrums designed to flay the skin with each blow. They added that some flagrums ended up in blades and skewers and their effect was devastating since it could tear off skin and even pieces of meat. However, they were also shown other less forceful whips that allowed a slower and longer flogging.

They also showed them the "cat nails" and rackets and held them close to their skin. The executioners explained that they would use them cold or heated red hot and that they would scream for a quick death when tortured in this way.
The girls were sweating and shaking totally defenseless as they felt the slight pricks of the torture instruments on their tits


They were also shown different types of pincers, some of them bristling with teeth like the jaws of a wolf or a crocodile.

The girls trembled in fear as drool fell from their gags, wetting their bare skin
The executioners also showed them the "bear claws and scratched them lightly with them.

Most of the girls already deeply regretted giving themselves to these sadists and some had to make an effort not to piss right there in front of the torturers.
rzJHAmE.jpgmedieval-torture-device-iron-spider_1_cda49d7710fb722529f7fc638861ac2c (2).jpgmedieval-torture-device-iron-spider_1_cda49d7710fb722529f7fc638861ac2c.jpg08_05_2017_ppdfkfjg78rt_by_vico4444_db8kmgs.jpg
The executioners explained with special detail the sinister use of the breast rippers and the "spider" with which they were going to tear their breasts once they had been heated to red hot and they placed them on the breasts of those bustier
Finally, the condemned women were shown the pear of anguish. the girls didn't need much imagination to guess its sinister utility.


The soldiers were organizing and choosing the most beautiful and desirable women.
Each girl was left in charge of a contubernium, that is, a group of eight legionaries who would be in charge of scourging her, tying patibulum on her shoulders, and whipping her to the place of crucifixion. Once there they would excavate the hole where the base of the stipe could be inserted. Theoretically, the crucifixion process itself was intended for executioners who were true experts, but there were so many condemned that centurions and optiones who already had some experience were allowed to do the job. Likewise, the members of the contubernium would be in charge of "taking care" of the prisoner once she was crucified and they promised that she would last as long as possible.

In exchange for all these occupations, the girls would have to satisfy the contuvernium with sexual favors, blowjobs and they would have to allow themselves to be fucked by them in all their orifices with submission and obedience.
Obviously it was more pleasant to take young and beautiful girls. Sometimes the arguments became violent and the legionaries had to play dice.

descarga (2).jpg

One brutal tracian soldier carried on his shoulders two gorgeous girls
By Jupiter, how old are these girls? Surely they are virgins, why have you chosen them? You know it is bad luck to crucify a virgin.

Well, we will have to make sure that they are not virgins any more.

You're right, kneel bitch and suck my dick.
The girl did so submissively and delicately began to lick the optione's cock with the tip of her delicate tongue.

As all the women were naked there was no diference among slaves or patrician matronas, but Domitia knew

who confessed to the men of her contubernium that she was a noble woman would be much harder on her. They would fuck her more savagely and surely they would torture her more cruelly, so she did not hesitate for a moment to tell the brutal centurion who had touched her.

Don´t touch me plebeyans, I am a noble woman!

So an aristocrat? Ha ha, you can tell, you have very thin skin to be a worker, ........on your knees whore! Before the whip you are going to suck our cocks up to let them empty.


I won't fucking minion, you'll have to force me.

Yes you are right we are going to start lowering your fumes with a few lashes.
stocks pillory whip 001.jpg
And while they tied her to the pillory, Domitia felt her crotch wet. The seven men watched her with their stiff cocks as the centurion chose the whip. Domitia prayed that she was penetrated during her flogging.

Take it madam!







Two soldiers approached her face while they flogged her and taking their cocks out they pissed ordering to open her mouth. She obeyed by swallowing part of the pee, and when they finished whipping her she wiped their cocks with her tongue while someone she didn't see was fucking her from behind.


First Rape.jpg

Domitia's flogging ended in a spectacular gangbang in which the eight members of the contubernium fucked her in all her orifices.
Finally covered with semen from head to toe, the men put a crown of thorns and a loincloth on her because a noble patrician had to be properly dressed at her crucifixion.

However the soldiers were interrupted by tribune Aurelius who issued new orders. All the slaves were to be led back to the city and locked in the dungeons of the Praetorium until further notice.

The legionaries were confused and frustrated as they planned to have a good time during that "crucifixion party". It was the least they deserved after two months of fighting in that grueling siege.
Consequently, they again arranged all the slaves in long lines like herds of cattle and whipped them to the praetorium.

This building had not only been chosen for its thick walls and high ramparts but also because it was the city jail and was equipped with several dungeons. Probably such a high number of prisoners would be crowded into the dungeons, but that didn't worry the guards much.

Aurelius had finally convinced the legate that it was better not to crucify all these women immediately.
You cannot return to Rome immediately with half your army as you have to make sure that you pacify the city and completely cleanse it of traitors. Meanwhile you can have fun with some of these slaves in the torture chamber of the Praetorium.

The torture chamber? Have you seen it?

Yes, you will like it, I myself will make a selection of victims for you to have fun with for several days ... Aurelius knew perfectly the sadistic and perverted tastes of his general ...

Later you can take the slaves to Rome and have games there in the amphitheater. The highlight of these will be a massive crucifixion in the Arena, you'll see, you'll get rich with the crowd´s money

Yes ha, ha, you are right

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The female slaves finally reached the sinister praetorium and were forced down through dark corridors. They were finally housed in the dungeon where they were overcrowded.



Since there was no room for all of them in the dungeons, many women were put into tiny cages in which they could not even move,
in some cases several women were put in the same cage.
prison 3.jpgplaatsen_157.jpg2h.jpg0000828440.jpg
The rest were tied up in awkward postures or with their arms raised while Aurelius went through the review to select the first victims.
Come here beautiful, the general wants to know you better.

Finally the first women were led to the torture chamber of the praetorium where Quintus awaited them.
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The girls stood laden with chains as they watched fearfully as the executioners prepared the torture instruments.


The first victim was already lying on the torture rack


Minutes before Aurelius showed his general the torture chamber of the Praetorium. It was a very well equipped place, but what impressed the Legatus most
was in the back of the room

torture rack.jpg
By Jupiter, a rack!, and it seems to be in perfect condition!
58 (12).jpg
The old sadist's eyes glittered with lust, apart from the cross, the torture rack was his favorite instrument. With the excuse of interrogation, many times he had many made a beautiful naked girl tortured on the rack just for fun and pleasure. He had even had a woman executed on the torture rack on occasion.

Have you ever seen a execution on the rack Aurelius?

No sir.

It is an intentionally slow and cruel procedure. The girl is lying down fully naked to fuck her or to torture the part of her body you wish and all the times you wish, meanwhile victim´s body is stretched inch by inch until her arms are dislocated, then you can make the same to the rest of her joints: knees, ankles and wrists and finally, if the victim did not die, muscles and tendons are already torn. In this terrible process, the human body could be stretched several centimeters over its original size.

It must be a worth spectacle.

Yes indeed, but in this case I don´t want to die the girl, as you say they are money in the pocket, it is only for fun. So, bring me one of those slaves, he ordered Aurelius ..., no better, bring me two and order three executioners to come.

Aurelius went to one of the dungeons and carefully selected two female slaves who might be to the general's taste.

Minutes later two beautiful young women were presented to the general so that he could choose between them.


Quinto looked at them with desire, the two girls have a beautiful body, one was blonde and the other brunette. They for their part were terrified.

I announce that one of the two of you will be tortured tonight on the rack, the other will have to suck my cock in the meantime. Do you have any preferences ?, he said mockingly ..... I already imagine that you both prefer my cock, ha, ha., So I'll choose myself ..... it's a difficult decision, let's see ..... ., if you the brunette, to the rack, I want to hear how you scream.

NOOO please have mercy, but the executioners caught her and laid her on the torture rack.

The executioners ignored her pleas and after laying her down on the rough wood of the colt they tied her ankles and took her by the arms to tie them in turn to the other end of the sinister device.

No, no please.... I beg you.....
Meanwhile Quintus interrogates the other while stroking her bare skin with a cane.

What is your name?

A ... apollonia, sir.

Apolonia, what a nice name, have you ever sucked a cock?

No, ... I've never done that, ... I'm a virgin sir ...

Well, while I watch your partner being tortured, I want you to suck me off.

Apolonia glanced at the way her partner was being prepared for torture and did not even consider refusing.

Very well Apolonia, he said, taking his member into the air, kneel down and suck.

Yes, yes what you order my lord.
And Quinto felt first the timid licks of the young woman's tongue on his old cock.

His member smelled bad and it must have seemed very unpleasant to the virgin girl but he did not even complain but kept sucking it until he put it in his mouth.
Meanwhile they already had the other girl totally immobilized on the rack.
58 (12).jpg
Come on, start tightening the wheels but little by little, there is no rush.
Click, click, click, and the rack started with the unmistakable rhythmic noise of the brake, while the girl's slim body, glistening with perspiration in the candlelight, gradually stretched.

Quintus narrowed his eyes as he felt a nice warm wet massage coming from his crotch.

Are you sure you've never sucked on it? Come on, stronger slave if you don't want to take your friend's place.


Ha ha, I see that it hurts, huh little one? executioner! two more teeth.

Yes sir.

click, click

Quinto had to make an effort not to cum on Apolonia's face


unnamed (8).jpg

Legatus Quinto continued to enjoy his sadistic pleasures in the torture chamber while the young woman was tortured on the rack and Apollonia sucked his cock.

At that moment they brought more slaves who came terrified when they heard the desperate cries of the girl who was asking for mercy in vain. When they saw what they were doing to her, they became even more terrified and even resisted entering the torture chamber but it was all useless.


Let them hang them there so they can see what awaits them. All will go through the colt.
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And the girls were tied to some rings that were on the wall to see up close how they tortured the poor girl who had no guilt.

Quintus had given his orders and they would all pass through the rack that night in an endless orgy of pain and blood.

Click, click, click


The executioners squeezed the wheels to a very painful point but were careful not to dislocate his shoulders. Despite everything, the pain was very intense in all the joints and the girl had a hard time breathing.

001 (4).jpg
Anyway, that was only the first part of the torture, as the executioners left her with her body stretched to the limit while they prepared the braziers to heat the needles to red.

Stop,.... stop... please, I can´t stand....more

The executioner had no intention of stopping the torture and after caressing the naked body of the girl shiny with sweat he planned how and in what order he was going to stick the red-hot needles.


And taking one of her breasts, he pierced it with a hot needle.
The torture of the needles took half an hour and Quintus came up to three times on Apollonia's face who did not stop giving him blowjobs.

Sir, the prisoner has fainted, said one of the executioners, moving the body of the young man full of metal needles.
Poor Apollonia then saw that both breasts had been pierced with dozens of needles and the same had been done to her clitoris and labia.

What do we do, wake her up and continue?

Do not remove the needles and untie her, she will take her place, she said gesturing towards Apollonia.

NOOOO; Please, not that, I have given you pleasure and I will continue to give it to you.
Bitch, what is left over here are whores like you willing to give blowjobs to get rid of torture. Let's lay her down on the rack I want to hear her scream.


And in a few minutes it was Apollonia who was lying on the torture rack while the other prisoners saw with tears in their eyes the terrible fate that awaited them.
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