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Rebel´s Fate (a story inspired by Jastrow´s drawings)

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When Adonia recovers enough, Quintus decided that they would continue to torture her at the same time as her young sister. To do this they forced her to ride the wooden pony and even hung weights from her ankles.
For her part, Callia had woken up after torturing her tits with the pliers. From the rack the young woman could see her poor sister's contorted face and wondered how long they would continue to question them. The fact is that it was true that they did not have an accomplice, they had received the letters and did not even know their content. Better if they had had an accomplice because confessing his name could free them from torture.


Very good carnifex, if despite the burning claws the prisoner does not want to talk, her pussy will have to be worked. It seems narrow and very sensitive, this whore has recently lost her innocency.

The carnifex began to touch and caress Callia's sex, masturbating her slightly. Yes, you are right legatus. This is better sir, so the pear of anguish will have more effect.


Do you know what this is, traitor? He said, showing her the pear, when you have it inside your pussy you will have wished you had not been born.

No, noo.

Come on, hurry up, canifex, I can't wait to hear her screams again.
No, no, please.

At first Callia only felt the unpleasant contact of cold metal against the walls of her hot vagina. However, as soon as he got used to it, he began to moan with pleasure.


Ha ha enjoy your bitch lover you'll soon hate him

Give it a spin ccarnifex , I want she to taste how it hurts.

At your service.

Ha ha, you can see that the inventor of this device does not have a vagina, said Quinto when he saw the woman's gesture of anguish.

Another spin.

Tighten a bit more, said Quintus through gritted teeth sadistically.

The young women continued screaming without being able to move a muscle and the torture continued. The labia were tight and between the gaps in the semi-open pear you could see the inside of the girl's vagina.

Callia's eyes were blank and her face was contorted with pain.

While continuing to tighten the screw, the carnifex put his hand on her belly to check that the pear was tightening the walls of her vagina from the inside.

Ha ha, it is said to hurt like childbirth

PLEASE,.....STOP....STOP....I CAN....NO....,MORE

Are you going to talk?
I'll.......I con.......fessss.... what....ever.....you...aahhhh

The prisoner has fainted, sir.

Well, make her awake, now we will torture her sister again.



After suffering on the torture rack, Adonia was on a hellish ride on the wooden pony.


All the weight of his body plus the weights that had hung from her feet fell on his crotch that was pressed against a sharp wooden wedge


The pain was very intense in her sex but it spread throughout her abdomen unbearably. The girl begs her executioner for mercy to no avail.

Come on, if you confess who your accomplices are, I'll let you get off the wooden horse.


Come on, executioner, said Quintus, don't be so nice to her.

Adonia had her arms tied behind her back but the executioner began to pull the rope and the woman had to raise her arms behind her back, acquiring a strappado posture that pressed her sex even more against the wedge

Come on, talk and I let go of the rope, talk whore!.
I don't know anything, I don't know anything, AAAAYYYY.

Then the executioner placed a rope with a sliding knot at the base of her left boob and pulled with all his force down, crushing her sex and clitoris against the wood.


The torture continued with her ample breasts, the carnifex grabbed two skewers with the incandescent tips and pricked both tits at the same time.
The girl screamed with all her might for mercy over and over again but the torture didn't stop until Adonia lost consciousness.


The two sisters were interrogated for hours just for the enjoyment of the sadistic Quintus. When he finally got tired of that game he allowed Aurelius to give them a way out.

The tribune had compiled a list of the most beautiful and wealthy women in the city. Adonia and Callia had to denounce them as accomplices and traitors if they wanted to escape the torment. Of course all of them were innocent. All this was only an excuse to justify to the emperor turning them into slaves and thus seize all their riches.
The people will love to see how wealthy aristocrats are subjected and humiliated like slaves in public and finally crucified. Let's put on a good show for them.

Yes, that way we will get richer and more popular with the common people of the town, they blame the rebellion on the rich.

Ah Aurelius, apart from riches, don't forget their slaves and especially slavegirls, the latter will die on the cross with their mistresses.

Yes sir.
Centurion Macro, form several platoons and go arrest the women on this list. Do it discreetly and arrest them all at the same time at their homes. It will be easy for you because it is surely the last thing they expect in the world, but I don't want any to escape.

Ha ha, those rich patrician whores don't know what to expect.

While the various groups of legionaries went on their night hunt for new rich slaves, Adonia and Callia were finally let to "rest" in a dungeon and recover from torture.

The two sisters justify having sold all those completely innocent women with the idea that they could not be the only ones to suffer because of the freedom of their city.

However, that rest did not last long as two hours later, eight legionaries naked and drunk arrived to the dungeon.

It was a contubernium of eight soldiers in charge of taking them to the place of execution. The soldiers who manned the fortress that night had drawn lots to take charge of the two beautiful sisters. The luckiest contubernium were in fact the "owners" of the two condemned women and they could do with them whatever they wanted before and after crucifying them.
The two girls saw all those erect cocks in front of their face and felt in noses their disgusting smell. However, they decided to cooperate with their rapists under the threat of continuing the harsh torture to which they had already been subjected. So the girls were fucked and sodomized so many times that they lost the count.
Finally, after more than three hours of being raped, they were left alone. While waiting for their owm crucifixion, the two girls literally drenched in semen consoled each other.

Meanwhile an as Aurelius had foresaw, the innocent women of the list were surprised and haunted one by one in their own domus.
The women were surprised in their privacy by all those brute soldiers armed to the teeth
Julia Marcia, in the name of the emperor you are under arrest.

How dare you tribuno?, I am patrician.

You are not roman citizen any more, you are slave and traitor.
But....but slaves may be tortured and......and crucified. The girl almost peed all over herself when she came to that conclusion.

Yes, you're right, I see that you know the laws well, undress and tie her up.



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You are not roman citizen any more, you are slave and traitor.
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But....but slaves may be tortured and......and crucified. The girl almost peed all over herself when she came to that conclusion.

Yes, you're right, I see that you know the laws well, undress and tie her up.

Hmm... sounds like a Tree story here!!!


The different platoons of soldiers were distributed throughout the city to hunt down the women on the list. However, the one who had the luckiest was Centurion Macro who was going to arrest Flavia Hortensia to her elegant and rich domus. She was celebrating the end of the siege with an orgy reserved for the richest women in town.

When he realized what was happening inside the domus Macro had his men surround the house.

Let no woman escape.
extras-bring-extended-orgy-of-nude-women-to-spartacus-0435-18 (1).jpg729_1000.gifextras-bring-extended-orgy-of-nude-women-to-spartacus-0435-20.jpg742_450.gif
When the centurion entered the atrium, he found an orgy scene in which mistresses and slaves intermingled in a bacchanal of naked bodies. Macro smiled lustfully.

For their part, the elegant and wealthy ladies were neither surprised nor frightened when they saw the brutal soldiers and executioners of the centurion. In fact they were so horny and horny from watching the crucifixion and torture of their companions that they wished they would join the party.

Centurion, to what do we owe your visit? Do you want to join our party? Centurion, to what do we owe your visit? Do you want to join our party?


No, my lady, I am not here for pleasure but for duty. Consider all of you arrested.


Soldiers capture them and tie them up.
The women then saw in panic how the legionaries drew their swords and the executioners surrounded her armed with whips and shackles.
Come on, aristocratic bitch, undress and give me those clothes so rich that I'm going to give them to the first whore I meet


Come on, take them all women, don't let them escape.


Some women screamed in terror, covered their nakedness, and others tried to escape, but to no avail.


Come on, girl, you'd better take your clothes off if you don't want me to slap you a couple of times and rip you off myself.
Yes yes sir


Ha ha, so naked you don't look like a noblewoman, but just another slave, because of the hands behind your back I'm going to tie you up with this.


Some patrician women wanted to show a little dignity to this mob of commoner soldiers and decided to undress without waiting to be told. They also offered their arms for the executioners to tie them up.


I don't understand why they detain us. We are only slaves and we obey our lady but we know nothing of treason.
Ha ha, innocent? Shut up and obey bitch. Stand with the others so that the executioners tie you down.

Yes sir.

Once tied up, the soldiers pushed the women out into the street. Once understood that they were going to take them naked and bound in the presence of their neighbors, some patrician noblewomen began to protest in terror, but the soldiers forced them to do so.


The hunt for women continued through the richest domus of the city.
Some patricians were caught by legionnaires performing intimate acts such as bathing or sucking their slaves' dicks.

In these cases the lustful legionaries did not even have to undress these patrician sluts but instead tying or chaining them.

Others, on the other hand, maintained their dignity as upper-class women.
Thus they undressed themselves trying to keep calm and aparently unfear, ....
or were helped by their maids who, because they were old and ugly, were saved from dying on the cross.
In other houses the legionaries took advantage of the opportunity to rape or torture these women in their own gardens and thus make up for not having been able to do so when taking the city.
In some cases they amused themselves by pitting maids and ladies against each other. Thus in the rich house of Pulceria they allowed her to be tied to two columns and savagely flogged by their own slaves who thus took revenge for ancient offenses. Pulceria was in her thirties but had a gorgeous body and the legionaries got fat from seeing a naked woman whipping another. Then both mistress and slave were bound and led to crucify.

They didn't even spare little Camila, almost a girl who had just turned eighteen and who had hidden from the soldiers in a cupboard.

A slave denounced her to the soldiers in the hope of saving herself from the cross.
In this way little Camila was deflowered after being scourged and then tied to a cross in a cross while the soldiers, executioners and even the old servants of the lords of the house raped her in turn.
Camila raped during her brutal deflowering but not even her youth and innocence saved her from being crucified.


Crucified Amazon

A slave denounced her to the soldiers in the hope of saving herself from the cross.
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In this way little Camila was deflowered after being scourged and then tied to a cross in a cross while the soldiers, executioners and even the old servants of the lords of the house raped her in turn.
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Camila raped during her brutal deflowering but not even her youth and innocence saved her from being crucified.
Oooooooh ! It's me here !!! ... and my Judith behind me ... !


The orgy in Flavia Hortensia's domus continued but in a very different way. Now the noble women, .... the rich matrons, the prim daughters of the patrician families were naked and bound like their own slaves.
Before being taken to the praetorium to be tried and sentenced to death, they became for several hours the sex toys of the soldiers who had accompanied Macro.
They were also fucked by their former servants who were allowed to take advantage of their former owners.
Flavia Hortensia herself was at that moment tied with her arms and legs open to two columns of her peristyle. The woman was completely naked and her body covered in marks from the lashes that her own butler had given her.

I had dreamed of this many times madam, said the butler, and I will not miss your crucifixion for the world, but first you will know what my cock tastes like.
In the neighboring intercolumns were her friends, Pulcheria, Elena, and so on, the same women who had come down the day before to make fun of the crucified girls and who had paid for the servants to fuck them at the crosses.. Those cruel women had also paid the executioners to stick hot needles in their tits.
Now they were the ones who howled and screamed after experiencing what the whip tasted like on their own skin
Her beautiful sister Domitia had to taste the dirty cock of an ancient gladiator in the very triclinium in which she had enjoyed so many times.
After the orgy of several hours, the girls were in chains waiting for their executioners to take them out to the street and show them to the town naked and humiliated.

The young women were terrified by the ordeal that awaited them in the next few hours and days but they were also horny with their hot and wet pussies from forced sex and from being forced to appear naked and bound in front of everyone.
Surely more than one girl had dreamed something similar every night while masturbating.


The patrician women, innocent of the rebellion, were forced to walk completely naked in chains in front of the mob that was fighting to see them.
Although the submissive behaviour of the prisoners the soldiers had no mercy and did not spare them whipping or jabbing their spears in the ass or thighs.

The people felt a strange pleasure to see all these haughty women reduced to slavery and punished in so cruel way and consequently insulted and made fun of them.

Thus, the poor women in disgrace had to also endure insults, spitting and even thrown excrement and rotten fruit at their faces.

Seeing the favorable reaction of the people, Centurion Macro decided to take advantage of it and made the legionaries took his prisoners to the city market.
Once there, he made the chained women go up to the podium where slaves were used to be exhibited for auction.

The girls trembling with fear in front of all that vociferoud crowd and tried to keep calm and hold back the urge to cry, but the people would not stop screaming or demanding their torture and death.
Although the chains many girls tried to hid sex with hands but to increase their humiliation, the executioners not only made them to show themselves naked, but also forced them to show intimate orifices by opening their labia with their fingers.

Then people screamed crazily calling them whores and worse.

The next was even worse because the women were forced to turn around, show their butt and bend over, spreading their buttocks with their hands.

People then laughed when they saw their anus perfectly and some made gestures as if it smelled bad.

Yuck, their ass smells like shit! Executioner, make them lick each other with their tongues!

Ha, ha, good idea but the owners have to lick the servants´ shit holes!.
So the girls had to be submited to that terrible humillation in front of everybody

After having fun of the prisoners for half an hour centurion Macro wanted to unnerve the crowd.


Leal people, here are the culprits of your misfortunes, they are the wives and daughters of the men who rebelled against the emperor and who have brought the ruin to this city, what torture do you think they deserve?
The cross !,

Yes, Crucify them! ....

first the rack!, ... the flagrum!, ... the red-hot irons !.

The girls were terrified and humiliated, they did not understand the attitude of the people, but they themselves had been cruel to the girls who had been hanging from their crosses for two days and now they were going to suffer the same or worse torment.

Anyway, somebody caressed her wet sex secretly .....


So after subjecting them to this aditional humiliation, the women were taken to the praetorium to be judged by the legatus. Quintus would decide which of them would be crucified and what torture they would be subjected to before their execution.


Once inside the praetorium the prisoners were separated into two groups.

On the one hand the former noblewomen had to appear in front of the Legatus to be judged

On the other hand, the slavegirls and servants were led to the dungeons where the carnífex received them as the spider waits for the fly.
Fresh meat!, he exclaimed when saw so many naked girls. How many slaves do you bring me, centurion?


Ha ha, it's a good loot. I announce that you will no longer be the property of your former masters but slaves of the Emperor's legatus Quinto Maximo.
You will be glad to know that the legatus has forgiven you, ....so that unlike your traitorous owners....... you will not be crucified.....

A sigh of relief rose from some throats, but the carnifex never stopped smiling.

you wont be crucified.....today. In return each of you will receive fifty lashes, and then you will be locked in the dungeons with the others. Ah!, after the whipping three of you will go to the torture chamber to the Legatus´entertainment . Guards! proceed to the scourging.

The girls looked at each other in alarm.

We are innocent, we are not traitors like our owners.

The one who spoke received a smack across the face that made her fall to the ground.
That doesn't matter, you are now the property of Legatus Quinto and he will do with you what wishes. Start with this cheeky!, seventy-five lashes instead of fifty, so she'll learn to be quiet.
The guards took the slaves to different dungeons and corridors that they had been using as improvised torture chambers for several days, there they tied up and began to whip them without further ceremony.


The girls were tied in various ways but preferably fully stretched out with their arms and legs spread so that no corner of their anatomy would be free from the blows of the whip. The soldiers had acquired enough experience in two days to verify that the women who were flogged tried to close their legs to prevent the lashes from touching their sex.
Soon the fortress was filled with the cries of those poor slaves, many of whom were then experiencing their first serious flogging.


Theoretically they had been sentenced to fifty lashes, but in fact no one counted the blows and all the slaves were flogged to exhaustion.

Meanwhile in the main hall, the Roman general "dispensed justice." In front of him were twenty naked and bound women, they were the most select of the families of the rebellious city.

From the room the cries and screams of the whipped slaves were listened as well as the unmistakable crack of the lashes hitting the skin and the laughter and mockery of the soldiers.
The chained aristocrats sweated and trembled with fear.

Quintus made them wait an eternity making him read some papers and disregarding them. Then he looked at them smiling and enjoying their beautiful naked bodies.

Who are the convicts?

Aurelius introduced them one by one. The youngest was Camilla, eighteen, and the oldest Flavia Hortensia, thirty-two.

Despite the abuse already received and being dirty and disheveled, all of them were very beautiful.

The general was wondering whether to have all of them crucified or just some. He would gladly spend the next few weeks in the torture chamber with some of those beautiful young women, playing the same game he had played with Adonia and Callia. The noble girls would be subjected to long and painful interrogations on the rack or another devillish torture device in which they would have to confess their crimes, only that these did not exist, the perverse general knew enough that all these women were innocent.


Unfortunately Quintus could not fulfill his sadistic dreams due to his obligations. Theoretically, he had already pacified the city so his mission was over and he could not delay his return to Rome with his troops to report to the Emperor.

Consequently, he sentenced the twenty women to death penalty. At least he would make a good show with them and ordered the executioners to begin torturing them with the utmost cruelty possible .....
By the authority I have received from the Emperor I sentence you to be crucified today before the walls of your traitorous city. Before that you will be flogged as tradition dictates and you will have to carry the patibulum on your shoulders completely naked to suffer the humiliation and rejection of the citizens.

No, no, please, no......

Shut up! I'm not done with you yet..... as your crime of treason has been tremendous, your death will also be terrible and once you are crucified there will be no mercy, your legs will not be broken to hasten your death and you will be subjected to other tortures for hours and days.
The girls began to moan protesting that they were innocent and that they had not betrayed the emperor. It was precisely Flavia Hortensia who protested the most. This made Quinto to change his mind and decided she would not be crucified.

The sadistic general looked at her cruelly and instead of the cross he sentenced her to be impaled and if she survived the impalement, she would be roasted slowly over a bed of embers as if she were a pig.

The woman was silent but her expression of terror was such when she heard her cruel sentence that she began to insult the general.

Executioner, said the legatus upset. Take to the market place and torture her in front of the people, she will be the last to be executed.

At your command, general.
To the Cross r.jpg
Flavia screamed and kicked as they led her away but her screams were lost in the corridors.


Logically the rest of the prisoners fell silent, dead of terror.

Ha ha, as the softness of your skin you are suposed you have never been subjected to a flogging by a profesional. Before you provide the touch of the whip on your skin you will see a flogging. Normally before a crucifixion the executioners use flagrums with metal tips that literally flay the skin, but in your case they will use flagrums finished in knots which will allow the flagellation to be longer. Executioner bring the two sisters.

Callia and Adonia were taken out of their dungeon and into the courtroom. There they were tied to a post against each other. The young patricians then saw the bodies of the two sisters covered with torture marks and their orifices dripping semen.

The girls were so broken that they offered no resistance when they were tied up with their arms raised. The executioner began to whip them alternately with a six-tailed cat ending in knots.
Greek Girls 07.png


After giving them more than thirty lashes alternately, the two sisters had their backs, assholes and thighs covered with new reddish and bruised lash marks.

The girls could not watch how they were whipped in such a cruel way, their heart pounded in their chest and they had to make an effort not to burst into tears and ask for mercy on their knees.

The generalQuintus explained among desperate screams that the flogging not only serves to prevent the victims from exerting resistance during nailing, but it would turn the crucifixion into an inferno since any brush of the whipped back or ass with the rough wood of the stipe would cause their peel.
Greek Girls 08.png
In fact, the two sisters screamed again when the men who were watching them began to fuck them from behind, brushing the skin of their asses with their armor.
Greek Girls 09.png

No, please, let me alone, it hurts too much.

Come on! your asshole is wet and thigth, it has not reject my cock, ha, ha.

images (24).jpg

You have to know that these two bitches who suffer in front of your eyes are the ones who have denounced you.
At this revelation, the condemned women looked at the two sisters and their sorrow and compassion turned into hatred.


Well it's time for you to try the whip, take some outside and flog them in the courtyard, the others will suffer right here, I want to hear how you scream.



Centurion take these prisoners outside and let them receive all the lashes that the executioners want. It starts with this insolent woman who dares to look me straight in the eye.

No mercy...
At your service Mr.

Twelve of the condemned were dragged into the courtyard of the praetorium where the legionaries had already prepared the instruments of torture. Thus they had arranged various tail whips as well as single tails and bullwhips. Some of the whips were submerged in jars filled with salt water and vinegar.
hqdefault.jpgc 0004 (1).jpg
The executioners of the legion, most of them from the lower classes, enjoyed their sadistic work especially if it was, as in this case, of torturing beautiful women of the nobility.
In this way, while some victims were tied to the posts waiting for their flogging to begin, others were tied to the posts of the whipping with their arms tied above their head.


The tormentors saved the vinegar and salt-soaked whips for later and started with dry whips for now. Soon the unmistakable sound of whips tearing through the air was followed by their impact on bare skin and the howls and wails of doomed women.
1Tough93013 Vanessa_the_Barbarian_Queen.jpgEpisode9.2.jpg
The rest of the legionaries began to clap and cheer for the executioners while the girls who awaited their own flogging cried desperately at what was going to happen to them.
More than one pissed out of fear


At the same time that the praetorium courtyard became the stage of a chorus of wailing, crying and desperate cries of the poor scourged women, the general had his own particular "whip party" while enjoying the sexual services of one of those beautiful noblewomen.

As an old pervert, Quintus chose s sexual toy the youngest and most innocent, Camila, the beautiful nubile who had lost her virginity only hours before.
At first the girl did not understand what the legatus called her for or why they freed her from her chains. Anyway, she fidgeted when that disgusting old man looked at him with ill-concealed lust. She only understood what he wanted from her when he pulled out his fat, smelly penis, full of meandering purple veins, and ordered her to kneel in front. Suddenly a disgusting smell reached her nose and Camila wrinkled it up, a sign of the tear it gave her.


In any case, the girl had no choice but to obey when she heard the first lashes and the desperate screams of the condemned women behind her.

That was the first time that the young Camila had to do such a dirty act and probably if she had supposed she would have to do with a man she had always imagined a handsome and brave young oficial in his twenties o thirties and not an old man whose cock tasted like piss.

However, judging by Quintus' sighs of pleasure, Camila soon learned to fellatio like the best whore.

Meanwhile the general enjoyed a heavenly vision for a sadist like him. Two beautiful naked women, a brunette and a blonde, experienced the first flogging in their life provided by a pain professional.

Camila couldn't even dare to turn around to see the ordeal. She did not even dare to stop the blowjob as those two girls were screaming and crying as if they were crazy, Their howls and requests for mercy interspersed with the dry cracks of the lashes against the flesh.

Camila only dared to raise her eyes and saw the evil expression of sadistic and lustful desire of the general that did not miss any detail.

The two girls were being flogged at the same time by two executioners using resin-impregnated tails flagrums. The effect of leather on their skin was devastating as they were literally peeling the skin in strips from the shoulders to the upper thighs.

The girls would not stop screaming as their faces warped in pain. Tears and drool fell from their faces staining the front of their bodies. While they were being whipped and despite having their ankles and knees tied, they both shook like worms on the hook while their muscles contracted in reaction to the lashing. At one point the blonde lost her grip and even pissed on herself. The executioners took their time and methodically flogged them leaving diagonal marks from right to left indicating that both torturers were right-handed. As we say, those marks were going to turn the crucifixion into a real hell.

Finally the sight of torture and Camila's continuous sucking worked the miracle once more and the old man had a deep orgasm that was demonstrated in the large amount of semen that he spilled on the nubile's face.

Just then the flogging ended as the two victims almost hung unconscious from their bonds. The executioners put down their whips and woke them up by pouring buckets of water on them.

Then they were untied and carried outside to tie the patibulum on their shoulders and take them to be crucified.

Immediately it was Camila's turn, she was not even given the opportunity to clean her face.

The executioners took her by the arms and tied wrists to chains that hung over her head.

Then they pulled on the opposite end so that Camila's slim body was stretched to the extreme.

Next to her, the executioners placed another brunette a little older than her, apparently the two girls were going to be whipped together like the previous ones.

The executioners stretched so much that young Camila had to stand on tiptoe, then tied her ankles and knees together so that the girl could not kick.
While they were preparing her for the torture, the young woman surprised herself because apart from feeling fear and nervousness, she realized that her nipples and clitoris were stiff and hard while her crotch was wet and the drops of vaginal liquid slid between her thighs. Although she didn't know it, Camila was horny.
This time, instead of two executioners, the girls were flogged by a single one who gave them the lashes alternately. That allowed the torture to be much longer. In addition, apart from flagellating them from behind, the executioner stood in front of them and gave several lashes on their tits that left horrendous cross marks.




Camila trembled with pain and rage at each lash and screamed as if they were crazy directing her face to the ceiling.

It was as if each lash was a burst of pain that lasted for endless seconds and immediately began a terrible sting, as if the skin burned with each whip hit.
u and a friend 2.gif
The general smiled seeing how Camila's precious white body until that moment pure and clean as snow was covered with horrendous red marks. The girl contracted her muscles with each lash and her wails and moans sounded like heavenly music.

The two victims looked at each other anguished hoping that each lash would be the last, however that torment seemed to have no end.

However, at last it ended and the two bodies were left hanging by their shiny bonds of sweat and tears while the two young women took air in exhausted gasps from the great amount of lashes they had received, the executioner calculated that each one had received sixty or seventy.

For a few moments Quintus observed the beautiful body of Camila now tortured and spoiled and calculated the possibility of sparing her life and making her his sex slave, the fellatio had been so sweet ... but that doubt only lasted a few moments, sadism overcame the lust and ordered the executioners to untie them and take them with the others. Of course, Camila's crucifixion would not be missed for the world.


romandecadence67.jpgunnamed (19).jpg

After being raped by her guards, Flavia was brutally dragged out of the Praetorium into the market square, which at that time was full of people.

The people were very upset since the prisoners had entered the praetorium and it was rumored that the legatus would take little time to judge them and condemn them to the cross.

One of the centurions had assured them that once they were crucified they would be tortured in different ways and that even one of them was going to be impaled and roasted alive over low heat. Logically, people did not want to miss this cruel spectacle and waited impatiently for the condemned to be brought out with their crosses on their backs.

That is why the people began to fight the soldiers when they placed a Saint Andrew's cross on the top of the platform for the slave auction and cheered even louder when they took that naked woman out because they imagined that the show would begin imminent.


In the shouting of the people Flavia was forced to climb to the platform and there she trembled with fear when she saw what the executioners had prepared for her as she felt the warm sperm sliding between her thighs. Next to the cross of San Andrés the executioners awaited him with their flagrum of knots. The young woman looked at the whip and felt her sphincters loosen because when she passed through the courtyard she had already seen the others flogging. Beside it was a brazier where irons and other instruments of torture were heated.

The girl was so paralyzed with fear that she did not even resist when the executioners tied her wrists and ankles to the four ends of the cross. Flavia could only look incredulous at those fierce and cruel people who until that very day had been her neighbors demanding like crazy her torture and death.

What is my fault? I am a nocent, I am not a traitor, he told his executioner who was only concerned about tying his victim well so that he could not move during the torture.

Flavia was not only terrified but deeply humiliated to suffer the torture in front of all that crowd she knew. There were even some women who laughed at her and how her open sex dripped sperm, while some men masturbated very excited by what they were watching.

Gabriel Roman arena 121.1-.jpg

Flavia didn't even see the first lash coming to her tits and howled in pain, twisting her face against the sky.

The audience applauded the executioner and asked for more lashes, totally mad.

Ha ha, welcome to hell traitor.



The flogging was long and cruel. Flavia's naked body received more than forty lashes amid the rejoicing of the people who did not stop shouting or applauding for the show.

However, what followed was even worse because when they got tired of the whip, the executioners placed the brazier next to the cross and the young woman could feel its tremendous heat. Flavia glanced toward the brazier, her eyes almost bulging at the already red-hot irons.
No, no, please, not that, she said without oder taking her eyes off the embers as if hypnotized.
One of the executioners turned a red-hot spit making sure it was red hot and before burning it with it he showed it to his victim, bringing it closer to the face so that he could see it well.

Where do you want me to touch you with this?


Don't you decide? I will do

Bravo,......... bitch,........ suffer as a pig...... roast her alive, ha ha.


Not all the public who saw Flavia's torture were contrary to her. Among the attendees there were people against what was happening but most were silent out of fear.

Roseta, a friend of Flavia's who was not on the lists, was so outraged by the torture that she saw that she dared to protest.
There is no right to this, that sadistic lackey of the emperor has savagely tortured an innocent woman.


Do you dare to criticize a high official? Who are you? Tell me your name.

Do you dare to criticize a high official? Who are you? Tell me your name.
Dirty soldier! who do you think you're talking to? I am the daughter of one of the duumviri.
Oh yeah? By me as if you are the queen of Egypt, you are under arrest.


Violently the soldier kicked him and Roseta fell to the ground.


Roseta was left on the ground coughing with a severe pain in her belly and unable to breathe
Let's take her and take her to the Praetorium. He will answer for his insult before legatus Quinto
images (5).jpg
No, no....

But it was late, two soldiers grabbed her and dragged her to the praetorium before anyone could help her.



Who is this woman? Why are you bringing her here?

Legatus, she has publicly criticized you, called you the emperor's lackey.

Is that true? How dare you?
No, I did not mean that, ... it was a mistake, ... Flavia Hortensia is innocent and ...

Are you criticizing a judgment of a magistrate "cum imperium"? That is high treason. It is clear that this city is full of rebels.

No, not true, no.

As you are suspected of treason, you should be questioned. Soldier, lead her to the torture chamber


After tying her hands, Rosetta was led into the torture chamber by several soldiers and executioners
Let me, let me go please, I have done nothing

Rosetta was seized by three executioners who prepared to whip and rape her right there .
The men shook her well, taking advantage of the fact that her hands were tied and after playing for a long time, they undressed her, tearing off the tunic.

They too got undressed because they planned to rape her while torturing.

Have you seen how beautiful this aristocrat is?, said one executioner pinching her sensitive niple. Yes, she's also horny since she knows we're going to rape her.

No, please don't rape me, I'm a virgin.

Haha. She is a virgin, we have hit the jackpot.

It is a shame to crucify her, we would make a fortune in the slave market selling a virgin as beautiful as this.

Crucify?, What the hell are you speaking about?

Crucify, Impale,....perhaps you are condemned to death sumerged in boiling oil or flayed alive, ha, ha, who knows?

NO, NO, I am innocent, I have made no crime, NOOO

Don´t be afraid, my girl, if you accept to cooperate and suck my cock we don´´t start to torture you until Legatus arrive.

Torture?, no, don´t hurt me please, I will do whatever you want.

That´s better, on you knees bitch.
Dungeon Degradation 12 14.jpg
And poor Rosetta was forced to suck and make blowjobs and rimjobs to all those disgusting guys.
A Shameful End.jpg
After an hour of blowjobs poor girl full covered with semen. she was brutally dragged away by the executioners who tied her hands to a chain that hung from the ceiling. and they pulled her up off the ground.
The executioner looked lustfully at her perfect body and her smooth skin without a single mark. She was just wet and stained with drops of cum that trickled from her face all over her naked body and dripped slowly from her feet in slimy threads. This time the executioner set out to go slowly and not rush with the torture.

Are you ready for the whip and the hot irons, bitch?

But, I have collaborated, I have done what you want, you have promised that you would not torture me until ...

Why would I keep my word? Don't you see what situation you are in? Well, we'll start with the whip.




Ha, ha dance, bitch, dance.

And Rosetta started to pay with the whip for being so imprudent.
gabriele dungeon 652-1-.jpg
After being whiped and raped again for another hour the executioners changed "el tercio" (this is an spanish expresion when the torero changes the tool during the bullfighting) so that they started to "touch" her flesh with red hot tongs.
gabriele dungeon 579-01-.jpg
After an eternity of screaming and screaming, Rosetta was tortured with the irons for another hour, and finally the executioners decided to put her over the rack. Nobody questioned her while the ordeal.
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