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Crucificand is a word I like.

@Eulalia gave me her learned opinion:

“Crucificands would be more correct, reflecting the Latin gerundive -
'(those who are) going to be, are fit to be, etc., crucified”

And @Barbaria1 wrote the perfect definition.

“I think it works nicely in English. Especially in that we are all going to our deaths on the cross willingly”

I relly like to think of myself as Crucificand
Crucificand is a word I like.

@Eulalia gave me her learned opinion:

“Crucificands would be more correct, reflecting the Latin gerundive -
'(those who are) going to be, are fit to be, etc., crucified”

And @Barbaria1 wrote the perfect definition.

“I think it works nicely in English. Especially in that we are all going to our deaths on the cross willingly”

I relly like to think of myself as Crucificand
Is there room for one more? I’m having severe FOMO here… :roflmao:


As we wanted to die crucified together, we absolutely do not want to be separated and it is decided that we settle on our stems and our common patibulum!

My left wrist and my wife's right wrist will be fixed in the wood of our cross with a single nail because in this way we will always touch each other.

So I put my arm and, immediately after, I feel my wife place hers on mine.

We do not look away and closely follow the actions of our executioners.

We smile at each other as the tip of a very long nail is placed on my wife's wrist!

This is really the beginning of our fantasy!

A hammer rises and falls violently on the head of the nail!

Immediately, it is horror because our flesh is pierced by this point of steel!

The pain is abominable and we cannot help but a cry of horror that must be heard for miles around.

A few hammer blows and it's done, we are both united to our patibulum, until our death, the three of us have become inseparable, us and our cross!

Although the pain is intolerable, I give my wife a face that is supposed to be a smile but she doesn't have time to respond as she lets out another horrible cry!

Her left wrist has just been nailed too!

I see tears running down her face and my turn comes, quickly, it's all with my right wrist to be united with the wood of my cross!

Never again will we use our upper limbs which are henceforth one with this damned cross that we have dreamed of so much.

Let the storm pass, wait and hope that the awful pain we are feeling calms down.

We move our legs, cross them, spread them apart without worrying about onlookers who contemplate our completely offered privacy!

It only lasts a short while because our tormentors have not finished their work!

My feet are grasped and positioned on either side of my stipe, my knees are bent to keep my legs open all the time and expose my cock and balls!

They do the same to my wife who, shaved like me, can only show everyone her cunt overflowing with cum.

More damn spikes digging into the flesh just below our ankles!

The pain when they nailed our wrists was nothing compared to what we are feeling now!

It’s total horror!

Without the drugs that we have in the body, I think we would have faltered and passed out because the pain is so great!

But it is over, we are well and truly nailed to our cross!

No need to complain or ask for mercy, no one will come to our aid and, moreover, it is we who wanted it, wanted it and we knew that we were going to suffer excruciatingly!

Now, a little patience and hope that the pain will ease a little and allow us to live our crucifixion.


A few moments without moving and with the help of the drugs that we have been injected and the searing pain that was ours calms down a little and becomes bearable!

I ask my wife how she is feeling and she tells me that despite the pain she feels good in her head, that this is what she really wanted.

She knew she was going to suffer terribly but it was absolutely necessary, we did not choose the less cruel death!

Now she's hoping she can go through the same orgasms as the crucified she's seen before!

She is happy, thanks me for allowing her to live out her greatest fantasy and for accompanying her, that she loves me more than anything.

This is all very well but we will soon be drawn up with our cross and our pain will surely resume!

My cock is still so stiff and hard and I think one couple is watching us more carefully than the others!

I see them speak, take off their clothes and walk towards us!

The woman comes towards me, crouches down next to my face, giving me a full view of her shaved pussy and sticking it to my mouth!

Without hesitation, I start to lick her and play with my tongue against her clit!

Immediately, she gives me a respectable amount of love juice while growling some pretty filthy messy words!

She pulls back and, straight away, impales herself on my cock which was just waiting for that!

Her ride is fantastic and it doesn't take me long to send her a large amount of sperm deep in her vagina!

Happy, she thanks me and wishes me a happy crucifixion!

This is when I notice that, like me, she wears the same necklace around her neck, a sign that soon she will also be nailed to a cross.

Her husband who also wears the same necklace first gave my wife his cock to suck before penetrating her violently, giving her an orgasm before pulling out of her vagina and going to cum in her anus.

I ask the woman when it's her turn and she tells me it's for the next day!

Perhaps I would still be alive to witness her crucifixion!

In my turn, I wish her a good crucifixion!

My wife looks even happier and confides in me that for a moment she felt no pain and really had a terrible orgasm.

I am happy for her and wish her many more before our end.

For now, everything is going according to plan and now I am waiting to be able to dominate the crowd from the top of my cross!

I hope our tormentors will soon erect our crosses.


We didn't have to wait long!

No sooner had we recovered from our nailing and the pleasures that followed when our crosses began to be erected.

Given the width of our double cross, it was really very slowly that our ascent began.

Weird feeling because, in addition to the pain, I was wondering if I was going to stand on my cross, if my nails would support my weight and also if my limbs were not going to tear?

But everything went well!

Of course, the higher we got, the heavier and heavier our body felt and pulled on the nails causing flashes of pain from our wounds and spreading throughout our body!

The worst moment was when the stems fell into their anchor points, causing a terrible shock.

But finally, this ordeal over, we dominate the world!

Now everyone can admire our body, we show it, we give it away!

Throughout our agony, we are available to the crowd and we want these people to take care of us.

It takes a while for the pain from our erection to subside a bit!

All in thoughts, I had forgotten our friends from the day before who are crucified in front of us, a few meters away!

They are still alive and I ask them how their crucifixion is going!

I see they are having difficulty breathing, but in a whisper, the woman answers me anyway!

She tells me that she is in tremendous pain, that her limbs are crippled with cramps and that breathing truly becomes an unimaginable ordeal!

Fortunately, she adds, on the day and night they just spent on their cross, they enjoyed tremendously and that is the most important!

To die is nothing if it is to die of pleasure!

I know that we are also going to suffer a lot, more and more, die but we have to go through it if we are to make this fantasy come true.

As if the cross did not yet make the people who join it suffer enough, guards armed with iron bars arrive near our neighbors opposite in order to break their legs and thus accelerate their end!

A few bangs and a few crackles and horrible screams of pain and our friends have their lower limbs shattered just below the knee.

They no longer have to lean on their legs and therefore fill their lungs with air.

It's short-term suffocation.

Lucky for them, nice spectators come to take care of them once again!

Maybe it will be their last enjoyment and maybe they will even die during this delicious moment.

I know that in a short time we will also be in this state.

I was brought out of my morbid thoughts by a gorgeous blonde with full lips who was sucking my cock exquisitely.

i cant hold back for long and squirt but she doesn't swallow my production and goes off to spill it all over my wife's pussy before sending her to heaven with a skillful tongue.

We must make the most of these moments as our end is drawing closer and closer.


« Ô temps ! suspends ton vol, et vous, heures propices !
Suspendez votre cours :
Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices
Des plus beaux de nos jours ! »

(“O time! suspend your flight, and you, auspicious hours! Suspend your course: Let us savor the quick delights Most beautiful these days! ")

I have in mind these few lines from Alphonse de Lamartine, a French poet who express the feelings I feel when I am nailed to my cross!

I really want to take every opportunity that comes before I die.

My wife smiles at me, she has just reached an orgasm with a man now coming towards me!

I am logically not bisexual but the passionate way in which this man strokes me while swallowing my cock in his mouth is really delicious!

I feel my penis vibrate, I feel my cum ready to squirt but it has a way to prevent me from ejaculating and thus prolong this divine moment.

I push myself forward, try to encourage him to induce this ready-made ejaculation but he continues to play with me!

This wait is really very exciting!

I have never felt such pleasure!

Finally, he insists and receives all my cum in the back of his throat.

He tells me to look at his cock, that he too is very horny and that, if that had been possible, he would have liked to screw my asshole!

Although I only had one experience last night in the prison, I really want to!

He then starts to masturbate and cums on my feet!

I sincerely wish I could feel that hot liquid inside me, but I'm happy with what it gives me.

I think I regret not having experienced this kind of sexual intercourse sooner, but it is too late.

My wife saw me cum under the caresses of this man and confirms my idea that all forms of intercourse are to be experienced.

She has always loved getting fucked from behind and tells me it's a shame not to find out until now!

She thought I would have loved it because many times when we were having sex she would stick a finger or two in my anus causing me to have special reactions.

As I think about all of this and try to recapture the enormous pleasure that I just felt, the sun is starting to go down on the horizon!

Guards arrive with buckets of ice water and start spraying us.

Striking, at the beginning, we appreciate this shower which gives us a little bit of vitality and allows us to believe that we are resisting our cross when in fact it is only intended to prolong our suffering a little.

Then come the moment when we are given a drink!

We greedily swallow this fluid intake which does us the greatest good.

We know we will get more water before tomorrow morning and make the most of the moment.

My wife then tells me that her bladder is bothering her but that she feels embarrassed to be satisfied like this in front of everyone.

I find that this is a natural need and since we will not take the release for a pee, we need to move past any humiliation we may be feeling.

In my case, cock erect, my urine stream is spectacular and makes the crowd laugh!

Seeing me, my wife also lets herself go and releases a powerful stream of urine.

Here we are, we are going to begin our night on our cross but I do not believe that we will be able to recover because, whether it is day or night, the cross knows no pause and will make us suffer, will lead us little by little towards our death. .


The sun has now set and night has fallen!

It feels good not to feel that damn sun burning our skin anymore and we feel a lot better.

Torches have been lit and their flames reflect on our skin, drawing moving figures on them.

So our friends who died earlier seem to come alive.

The crowd is less dense but the spectators who remain are the most excited, especially those who wear the necklace designating the future crucified.

My wife looks serene!

I ask her if she is in pain and she replies that of course, but for the moment it has become quite bearable and that she still wants to cum, that she would like to be able to feel my cock penetrate her, bang her then then ejaculate.

She feels her pussy wet all the time and impatiently waits for a man or woman to come and inflict gentle torture on her.

I tell her that me too, my cock is still hard and erect and, despite the number of times I have ejaculated, my balls are still full.

During this lull, my whole life goes by in my head and, strangely, I only see beautiful moments.

I ask her if she remembers our first time?

Like it was yesterday, she replies, when in the car I first sucked you off before you rip my panties off and take me like a whore, violently, quickly.

It was short but very intense.

I also review this incredible adventure which is the cause of our situation today!

When we made love at the foot of the crosses where people were going to die!

Really, there is not a long way between sex and death!

Besides, while enjoying, don't we die a little?

Pleasure, of course, but it's a certain death all the same.

Finally, I must avoid moving too much on my cross to try to recover as much as possible and extend the adventure as long as possible.

My wife is also trying to recover but a couple are heading towards us!

They are beautiful, they are young and certainly have desires that will concern us!

This is the young lady who walks over to my wife and starts to penetrate her vagina and anus with expert fingers! Her thumb massages her clitoris and my wife tries to spread her thighs as far as possible to facilitate this exquisite penetration.

Her tongue replaces her thumb as her man pushes his cock into his girlfriend's asshole!

Seeing them, my cock is reaching a maximum stiffness and size especially when I realize that the three of them are cumming.

Now go take care of my husband, my wife told them and, without hesitation, They position themselves in front of me.

This is the man who begins to gently massage my balls and masturbate.

His wife crouched down between us and, while stroking herself, took her man's cock in her mouth.

This one does the same with my cock!

It’s absolutely delicious and I cannot resist this mouth and squirting for long, I believe, at the same time as he himself pours himself into his wife's mouth as she relishes the cum.

Here are two who will realize that the orgasms one experiences while being crucified are much stronger than in other situations.

Perhaps one day they will decide to experience the cross which is unique in attracting people, they are like spiders that weave their web around you and never let you go, escape them.


The night drags on, making time seem to go by more slowly.

With the exception of a few people who fell asleep on the spot, it was only the guards on duty and we, of course, were awake.

I would have liked to doze off a bit but my cross does not allow me to do so, it keeps me alert permanently, reminds me that I am here to suffer.

And suffer, now I suffer!

There isn't a muscle in my body that is at rest!

The cross is so made that, when it holds someone, it does not let go and gradually wears it out!

Why did you choose her when we know her cruelty, her sadism?

One of those responsible for the crucifixions walks around the crosses with a team and examines the crucified one after the other!

It makes depend some whose decomposition is too advanced and whose smell spreads all over the site!

For others it is liberation with a fatal blow.

Arrived near us, he imposed an additional injection and plans to break our legs in the course of the morning.

We have of course heard what he said and we are delighted with this injection which will allow us to live better until our scheduled end!

If I count correctly, it must be about 18 hours since we were crucified and if we can still hold about 10 hours, that will be fine.

We are here to die in the constant pain that undermines us and now we wish that our ordeal did not last too long.

Happy yesterday to see the sun go down, we want to see it rise and appreciate the faint dawning light in the east which announces the arrival of day.

We know that our death is approaching, that the sun will bake us back, but light is like a medicine that cheers us up and allows us to continue the adventure as long as possible.

And we will fight!

Certainly against an enemy sure of his victory, but we will resist.

My wife tells me that she is happy to see the day break, that she knows it is the last but has no regrets!

She tries to move her right arm a bit so that I can feel it on my left.

The fact of feeling her so alive cheers me up and gives me a boost in morale to endure the rest of our fantasy.

Now is the time for refreshment.

With large buckets of cold water, the guards watered us and gave us something to drink!

We need to be presentable when the bulk of the crowd returns following the new crucifieds of the day!

Besides, here they are!

There are three women and two men,

They are very handsome with their beams on their shoulders.

In our pain, we are going to attend their crucifixion, we are really in the best position to appreciate the spectacle!

It promises to be awesome.


In constant pain, which has become bearable thanks to the last injection that has just been given to us, we follow the beginning of the crucifixion of these new arrivals.

Their scourging must have been very intense because they are very marked and seem to have all the trouble in the world to stay up and get to the place of their crucifixion.

I notice that the two men, although they are erect, have their cocks and their balls tightened by a cord which gives their lower bellies a color giving on the mauve.

For the women, it is their breasts which are tight and are also purple and the skin as transparent, shiny.

They must be super masochists to have been subjected to such torture before being nailed to their cross!

Finally, everyone does what they want with their body!

My wife has her gaze fixed on these people, and me too, and I guess like me, focusing on the pains of others lets you forget about your own.

The sexual parts of the men are now freed and the five condemned men mix at the feet of their cross!

We are once again very excited by this show and, fortunately, a couple as excited as us come to relieve us by lavishing us delicious mouth caresses!

We appreciate this intervention and enjoy almost the same time as the five newcomers.

Now is the time to pin them down and the pain they feel is manifested in horrific screaming.

Here they are erected and, directly, the executioners install on their crosses impressive cedillas, long and pointed, double for the women.

Directly, the executioners ensure that these cruel dildos penetrate the crucified.

As if that weren't enough, women's tight breasts are pierced with long needles while weights are attached to the men's genitals and testicles.

I am attracted by one of the women who has very beautiful breasts and especially by the ends which are very long and which extend areolas also well developed, to this one, they add very tight clamps before piercing the ends with hooks from which weights are hung.

I hope for them, and especially for this woman, that they have asked for calming injections or else their suffering will be intolerable.

The crowd is like hypnotized by these people who love to suffer while we still try to struggle to be able to contemplate them and see how they will endure their cruel ordeal.

But ours is not over!

The time has come for our ultimate torture!

Two executioners come towards us to break our legs!

I send a kiss of encouragement to my wife, whose gaze expresses terror!

Positioned in front of us, the two men await an order from their leader to carry out their task.

I feel my wife's wrist shaking against mine!

She tells me she's very scared, she'll close her eyes!

We don't wait long, all of a sudden my right leg is broken just below the knee and my wife's scream tells me she has a broken leg too.

The pain is excruciating and our cries are shrill, which does not prevent our executors from inflicting the same fate on our other legs.

It's over, our legs are dead and no longer useless!

There is no longer any question of pushing on our nailed feet in the hope of filling our lungs with air, it is short-term asphyxiation guaranteed, death!


I feel myself weaken, I begin to no longer want to struggle and let myself go and die.

My wife is in as much pain as I am and has difficulty speaking!

She still tells me that she is happy that I agreed to let her fulfill her ultimate fantasy and to have accompanied her.

I tell her that's okay and that, too, is how I wanted to end with her.

My breath is short, but my cock is still erect and I guess my wife is still wet so much.

Will we still have the opportunity to cum before death takes us away?

We hope and would even like to leave this land enjoying it!

I will not have much of the opportunity to appreciate the spectacle offered by the newly crucified who seem to be in great pain with their nails, of course, but also with the foreign bodies which are introduced into them and which must destroy their anus. and, for women, sex as well.

Here everyone chose their own death and if they had chosen to experience additional suffering, they must endure it, but personally I feel that my cross makes me suffer enough.

The end of our journey on earth is near!

My heart is beating harder and harder in my chest and certainly won't resist any longer and I breathe harder and harder!

But here are our slaves coming towards us!

The man walks over to my wife and begins to stroke her clitoris while the woman kneads my balls, masturbating me gently.

Their mouths quickly replaced their fingers and I felt a skillful tongue playing with my cock!

Two fingers get lost in my anus and, from the inside, reach my prostate, causing little lightning flashes all over my body.

The sucking on the head of my penis is getting more and more intense and the way it kneads my balls really electrifies me!

I hear my wife's cries of pleasure, I see her rear up, pull on her nailed wrists before falling back against her cross!

Her head then falls back on her chest, she just gave up the soul!

This last enjoyment was too much and she really died of pleasure.

I won't survive him for long, I can feel my sperm rising and my heart racing!

I don't feel any pain anymore, I'm on cloud nine!

My cum spurts out, I experience extreme, endless enjoyment!

Then all of a sudden everything turns black except for an intense glow that irresistibly draws me in.

I am no longer on my cross, I fly, I die.

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