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oho metaphor in metal can yummy gummy like whiskas meow nya :oops: :cat: :conejo: :mouse:
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They do say that the Gypsies, sorry Roma people, eat hedgehogs.762px-Igel.jpgEuropean hedgehog from Wikipedia.
Also in Peru, for example, Guinea pigs are thought a delicacy.Two_Adult_Guinea_Pigs_(cropped).jpgTwo adult Guinea pigs ditto.
I remember a TV program where they went into a local Peruvian home, the walls were Adobe (dried mud) and the guinea pigs lived in tunnels in the walls, coming out for a warm by the fire. The householder picked up one to show to the interviewer and proceeded to discuss how good it would be when his wife had cooked it.

(Recipe, wrap dead hedgehog in damp clay and bake in the embers of a good wood fire. This pulls the prickles out. Though personally I have never felt the urge to try.)

PS: note for Rias - If you want to keep your kitty food to yourself (or your pet cat) do no leave where a hedgehog can get it, they just love cat food.:hmmm:
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