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Graf von Kreuzigung
I really hope Rias is allright, and that we will see her back soon.

Let's however not immediately think about the worst. Other members have vanished suddenly, for personal reasons, I presume, which had nothing to do with the Forum.
Well I am really gutted that the last two occasions I had a chance to talk to her I missed her by about half an hour. I expect we might have to make do without Rias for a while but I am sure her return will be widely welcomed.




Venator imaginum
Totally missed this thread :doh: I've been concerned about her as well, no posts in "Anime Cosplay" for quite a while, she was there everyday. We have PM'd several times, she is a very sweet person and stays with Mama all the time. I've heard nothing from her but hope for the best. :(
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