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Searching For Images - Image Search & Find Thread

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Long ago there were posts of drawings by welshwebb. I remember one drawing, were a female slave had her hands bound behind her back, a rope between her cunt and in the background a female slave was leed to her crux site along some crucified slaves. In another one a female lies on her cross on the ground ready to be nailed and in the brackground six slaves are crucified alongside the road to town. Does anyone have the links to these drawings?


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Thirty minutes, damn! Great job Malins for getting those exact images too. (mods can you please move this thread to the “searching for images” thread please?)


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Yes, these are the pictures! Thank you so much :bdsm-heart:Malins. I had a lot of pictures of welshwebb, unfortunately i lost all of them. Do you have more?

WelshWebb's drawings
- this is an incomplete collection.

Moderators may want to move this later to its own thread, dedicated to his drawings?
Has anyone heard from him in the last years?

The two requested ones...
017.jpg before_the_nails.jpg

some Celtic warriors of his
And here some female warriors against the Romans, ... drawings by WelshWebb
celtic_warrior_maid02.jpg getting_ahead02.jpg

the story of how virgins and dragons fit together is a lot more complicated and someday needs to be told,
dessert.jpg dragon.jpg dinner.jpg

The Summoning...
(I'm sure the witch-hunters are just around the corner...)

Three triple crosses
this_side_of_the_Danube.jpg romanjustice_Three Crosses.jpg Female Passion Play v.2.jpg
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(At least when it comes to my collection, which is not complete.)

Well not quite, there are a few drawings left that have underage characters in them ... in the shape of bystanders as the condemned pass a crowd, as servants for a powerful Roman, or as visitors at a crucifixion site. I'm no comfortable with posting these as they go against the forum rules.
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