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Searching For Images - Image Search & Find Thread

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Oof! The first two images are . . . just . . . wonderful. They reach me, make me shudder at their horribleness and yet give me a wonderful, deep, yearning for ache. I see myself carrying my cross, straining under its crushing weight, terrified as I lurch toward my place of execution. Then I am nailed to the cross. Staring up at the beautiful blue sky as white hot burning agony boils at my wrists and feet. Waiting as my executioners prepare to lift me and my cross to an upright position. (Oh, what a feeling that would be!)


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These two I believe are meant to go with @Apostate 's story of the Greek Girls.
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Muncius moved to the other wrist, pounded in the other nail, and nodded at his men. They hoisted the patibulum and the suffering young woman up the length of the stipes. It slid into the notch at the
top with a thunk that made Adonia's head jerk and breasts jiggle. Her feet just reached the ground, enough for her to support her weight on tiptoe, and as the patibulum was being secured with rope she stood there, blood trickling down her arms, belly concave, ribs distended, her screams reduced to a series of choking gasps.

Good, thought Muncius. Less trouble with her kicking.

Spot. On. :eek: :babeando:

Yeah, WelshWebb had a feel for that story.


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I can help you with that! It sounds like you are describing the “Death” series by Cadre.

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That's good to hear ... obviously there's no reason why someone who did photoshoots and drawngs many years ago should have any duty to continue forever,but at least we know he's out there.


So far I've only seen one of his comics posted on this forum and I've been hoping to find his other works but with no luck



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Search for postings by @Briccone , and you will find more similar stuff!

As Madi says, Briccone, he can be found here and at the Foundation, and was on DA.

Does anyone know who created this manip? I know the background and crowd are by PhilX, the figure is based on those posted by Shaved, but who put them together?



Sorry it's taken me 6 months to notice this message Boyo. I believe the photographer is Markus Schmid, he used to post here and at Cruxfoundation but seems to have stopped. I believe these are more examples of his work

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Yes, he has stopped. Because he always wrote that nobody is allowed to post his pics elsewhere. But NO ONE respects his wish. NO ONE. And he has done many crux shootings with hundreds of pics.
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