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Searching For Images - Image Search & Find Thread

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You haven't searched enough it seems. I have several mature and 1 elderly lady crucified in my timetravel thread.

No impalement of the mature+ ladies though

Added bold to clarify my answer
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Crucifier of Pixels
Added the elderly lady to the thread mentioned above, thought i posted it there before, but appently that was somehwere else :(



Is there an official site of Beyondbent ?​

I remember a few years ago I had found some pictures from an artist called Beyondbent .
Like here :

Do you know if he has an official site ?
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Someone posted this image recently, but I can't find which thread it was from, so apologies to the poster.

The lady was familiar, very familiar

I remember her appearing in an old modelling magazine from the late 70s or early 80s - Baracus, this might be up your street too.
So I had a look and yes, the drawing is a straight copy of the old Phoenix Miniatures bound slave girl from their Lost World of Atlantis series.

She must have left an impression on the artist as she did on me all those years ago . . . . for some reason that escapes me . . . . . . .

Anyway, good news, these figures are once again available!


Set 3

1. Unknown
2. Annie (Arkady)
3. Unknown and new to me - great find!
4. Model name not known (Boundheat)
5. Krista Kass
6. Unknown
7. Carmen Paintoux as Camille in the film 'Martyr' (Vermeerworks/Red Feline)
8. Unknown
9. Raimonda (Arkady)
10. Model name not known (Passion of a Goddess/Ramon Martinez)
Thanks for the info!
Do you know where to find the set of Annie by Arkady? It´s also featured in the e-zine 8/07

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