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READY to go into REALITY with slave to be crucified! i mean, i am looking for a slave that wants to be crucified. thanks

Please don't forget:

I'd like to get to know an individual member better, can I invite him/ her to get in touch?

Yes, you can. But CruxForums is not a dating site. So make contact by sending a polite Private Message. Don't use public threads or members' profile pages.

How do I send a Private Message? Just click on the member's avatar, an 'ID card' appears, click on 'start a conversation'.

What if I receive an invitation from another member to get to know them better? Of course, whether you accept or refuse is up to you. But be careful. We strongly advise you not to send photos of yourself , email address or any other personal details, even if they've sent (what they say are) theirs, until you're sure you can trust the correspondent. Use PMs till
you're quite sure.

If you accept such an invitation and then something happens that makes you regret it, pull out quick, take the advice given below, and let us know what's happened.

What can I do if I send a member an invitation and s/he refuses? Nothing. End of story.

and more:
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