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Sentenced 3

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Assistant executioner
Not that they complained but a lot of the guards at the private prison felt it was over staffed; there was so little that they actually needed to do. With the connectivity between both the cells and prisoners, and the computers running everything automatically, and checking the automation worked hundreds of times a second, far better than any human could do all they really did was sit around and read manuals just in case there was a problem in the system and watch what was happening in the cells on monitors, there was a manual override but no one yet had ever had to push it.

And in general nothing happened, sometimes they might see a woman move to try and improve her position or fidget but most were so securely held in place in was quite a rarity and would have several guards watching. And then twice a day the whole building quickly came alive as the prisoners toilet break and feeding took place. Women slid along rails as chains pulled them from other rooms in to positions over the toilet and feeding began.

The only ones who actually received food were prisoners on the top tier of each wing, and all the guards agreed they were happy the canteen provided a different meal for the employees. The food the prisoners received always looked and smelt bad and often rotting before it was given. The diet had been invented by a Norwegian doctor specialising in maximization of food usage. The food was rotten in order for the right bacteria to form and while it made most of the convicted women ill the first few days they quickly adapted to their new diet of human waste due to the additive’s, nutrients and specialised chemicals added at the processing stage, one meal given on the top tier could feed up to 250 women, each of whom ate and evacuated in to the toilet and then down a feeding pipe to another inmate, the process repeated over and over in a different cell till everyone had eaten. Here it was collected and re-added to the meal served the top tier prisoners, helping to reduce costs and overheads.

To do their job properly the guards had to take an impassive stance and be careful not to get involved personally in their work, some regimes visited on the prisoners was admittedly harsher than others, but everyone had committed crimes against society been found guilty and made a choice to be placed here rather than a normal prison for far longer periods of incarceration. They were there simply to guard them and nothing else.

Yet some prisoners, they had in the archives the file of every woman in a cell and some made interesting reading when they got bored, while all had had their day in court did invoke some pity amongst some of the staff. Like prisoner 04981 they never knew their real names, some thought she shouldn’t even be here, until a year ago she hadn’t had so much as a parking ticket and then something happened she ended up in court charged with over two hundred offences, mainly writing bad checks, unpaid bills, obtaining property under false pretences and other misdemeanours and offences taken in to account.

Her defence that her handbag and her identity had been stolen had cut no ice with the D.A especially as according to the court transcripts on the stand she admitted in the cases where there was video footage of the woman it did look like her and simply denied it was her, which it seemed neither the D.A judge or jury believed. In the beginning with her defence lawyer, although with just the text it was hard to be sure it seemed she was pleading with people to believe her, she claimed there was a missing police report where she told them her bag had been stolen and she hadn’t found out about the thefts till she received a bank statement and described the horrors of cancelling and renewing cards, changing bank accounts, her driver’s licence, having to almost renew her entire life and that she’d reported that to the police. But the police theory was she had spent the money herself got in debt and tried to reclaim it from the bank.

She’d received from the judge 25 to life or 4 years in a special prison where all she had to do was hang around and contemplate the errors she’d made that had led her to his court room. What bothered some guards was that when she arrived and the prison had a strict no speaking policy she’d told everyone she saw she was innocent, even as they soldered the rings shut to cauterize the holes in her labia she begged to be let down and claimed it was a miscarriage of justice ,that she was innocent, most thought if she was in one of their cells then she was guilty others for the first time were having doubts, not that there was much they could do either way, everyone just hoped she’d settle in quickly and do her time, because she would do every day and possibly more if the computers detected her trying to tamper with her bonds, when she had accepted what the guards knew was a deal between hard time or a few years in the private prison, sitting or hanging around, it was couched in terms of doing easier and shorter time time no one could refuse. And on accepting the deal the women waived the right to appeal and signed a non-disclosure agreement, any mention of their treatment even though a civil case would violate parole and bring you straight back to the prison if talked talked to anyone about what had happened during your stay. And no lawyer had ever been permitted inside the jail, and there was no visitor rooms as there were no visitors, friends and family you could complain to about your treatment, once you were in then you were in for the full sentence.

And the idea of a woman being hung in a soundless tiled room like a scarecrow, hands forced in to fists and locked inside gloves, and twice a day pulled out from the wall by the chains connected to her labia to use the toilet and make the conscious decision to find the feeding hose and take it in to her mouth and voluntarily bite down, squirting the vile smelling and tasting congealed mush that had passed already through 6 other women and swallow, knowing you were going to be passing the muck along to another poor soul trapped in the prison. The only saving grace was when pulled back by the chains connected to a metal waist band the computers timed things to the micro millimetre and didn’t put extras stress on her lips and knowing that would be her routine for the next for years was a soul destroying experience of pain and suffering that altered everyone, even the guards guarding and watching her dramatically. Especially if she could be innocent
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